Best Chef Hats

5 Best Chef Hats (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Chef’s hat, or toque Blanche as it is officially called, is an accessory that every professional chef adorns. Toque Blanche is a French term that means white hat, and that is what a traditional chef hat looks like. The chef hat is a part of the chef’s uniform, and without it, a professional chef would not be complete.

There are some restaurants where the chef hat is provided with the uniform; however, you have to buy your own in some places. When the choice is left to you, the real confusion starts since there are multiple options. This guide consists of the best chef hats reviews along with a buying guide. This will help you make a choice and add the right chef hat to your uniform.

Best Chef Hats

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1. Hyzrz Chef’s Hat

Hyzrz Chef's Hat

The Hyzrz chef hat is a traditional white chef hat and comes in a pack of 2. This hat consists of a blend of cotton and fine polyester. One thing that creates a major issue is the fit of the hat, which is solved by the adjustable elastic band.

The Hyzrz chef’s hat is suitable for any scenario, whether in a professional setting or a one-time event. This chef hat is very comfortable and will ensure that your head stays sweat-free and cool the whole day. The hat comes in a free size which fits both large and small heads.

Like most chef hats, the Hyzrz chef’s hat can be both machine-washed and hand-washed. One issue with machine washing hats with rubber bands is that the band may become loose. To avoid this, you need to wash in a low setting to not stretch the elastic.

When machine washing that hat, you need to ensure that you put similar color clothes with it. Since the hat is white, not washing it properly or with other colored clothes would stain the material. Moreover, this hat is available at a very affordable price but in good and durable quality.

Why do we like it?

  • Blend of 35% cotton and 65% polyester
  • Free size with back elastic band
  • Convenient washing options with both hand wash and machine wash
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2. Keklle JoyFamily Chef Hat

Keklle Joyfamily Chef Hat

While most chef hats are made from polyester, the Keklle Joyfamily chef hat is made from pure cotton. This is one of the first favorable features of this hat since cotton is a very comfortable material. Whether you are a high-ranking professional chef, a part-time chef, or a baker, this hat would be perfect for you.

The cotton chef hat would keep your heat comfortable even in a heated environment. This hat has a rubber band feature that is adjustable and ensures correct fit. Due to this free adjustability, the hat can be suitable for both kids and adults.

The package includes five similar chef hats, which means you can change them when you wish. Moreover, these hats are very durable to the 100 percent cotton material used. It also makes it easy to wash the hats both by hand wash and machine wash. However, the rubber band might become loose if the hats are machine washed frequently.

Another great thing about this hat is the one-year manufacturer warranty. If you face any issues in the span of one year, you can immediately contact the manufacturer. Once the problem is assessed, the manufacturer may refund your money or provide you with a new set of chef hats.

Why do we like it?

  • Pure cotton breathable material
  • Rubber band adjustability fit for both adults and kids
  • Easy to wash and ensures long term durability
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3. Sunrise Kitchen Supply Chef Hat

Sunrise Kitchen Supply Chef Hat

Most people know that chef hats are traditionally white, but several chefs like to opt for black chef hats. For chefs who prefer black chef hats, the Sunrise Kitchen Supply chef hat can be a great choice. This chef hat has a diameter of 5.5 inches and a height of 4 inches.

It is said that as the rank increases, so does the height of the chef hat. However, this short chef is more of a trendy choice for people who want a stylish alternative. Despite the shot height, this chef hat is very elegant and made from the best material.

The hat’s top section consists of mesh fabric which helps in keeping the head cool and breathable. This ensures that the chef is comfortable despite the kitchen’s heated environment, and the hat dissipates moisture and heat.

At the back of the hat, there is an adjustable fastening strip that gives perfect fitting. This is a very good feature since the chef can adjust the setting according to their head size. Moreover, this chef hat is very lightweight, which is essential when working the whole day in the kitchen.

Cleaning this hat would not be a hard task, and you can wear it every day. This durable chef’s hat would be the perfect choice for chefs who are looking for stylish options.

Why do we like it?

  • Adjustable fastening straps
  • Mesh detail for dissipating heat
  • Trendy and stylish
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4. Chef Works Unisex Chef Beanie

Chef Works Unisex Chef Beanie

Chef Works is a very well-known brand in the industry and is known for its high-quality products. Here listed is the unisex chef beanie from the brand. This is another chef hat on this list which is black. The shape of the hat is like a beanie and not like your standard long chef hat.

The hat is made from 35 percent cotton and 65 percent polyester. This blend makes the hat very durable and breathable. When working in the kitchen the whole day, you need a hat that keeps your head cool. This hat from Chef Works gives this benefit and makes sure that heat and moisture are dissipated.

Another great thing about this chef hat is that it does not stick to the head. There is a gap between the hat top and the wearer’s head. This ensures that the cold air plays in the area and the heat evaporates. It is essential when you are working in a hot environment all the time.

The hat’s top area is made from Cool Vent fabric, which is another reason for the comfort. There is also an internal sweatband and a rubber back, which adds to the adjustability and comfort.

Why do we like it?

  • Top portion made from Cool Vent fabric
  • Beanie style hat which is stylish and comfortable
  • Ensures heat evaporation and filtering back of cold air
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5. New Star Disposable Flat Chef Hat

New Star Disposable Flat Chef Hat

New Star is another well-known brand that deals with foodservice products. The line of best chef hats provided by the company is exceptional, and the disposable flat chef hat is no different. This is one of the most budget-friendly chef hat options on this list.

A disposable chef hat may not be a suitable option for full-time professional chefs, but part-time chefs can use them. If you do not have to work in the kitchen every day and only need chef hats for a special occasion, this is the one for you.

The material of the chef hat is breathable and very lightweight. This chef hat has a traditional design with a height of about a foot and with pleats. The hat is made of non-woven fabric and works well to keep your hair restrained.

Since these hats are disposable, you do not have to worry about washing them. Once you have worn this hat, you can just throw this away get a new one. There are 10 hats in this set, and this makes it a very economical solution.

Even though you can opt for this hat when you have to wear it every day, it won’t be a very suitable option. These hats could be a great alternative for professional chefs when they do not have their regular chef hats washed.

Why do we like it?

  • Disposable hats
  • Made from non-woven fabric
  • Breathable and sweat-resistant hats
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Chef Hats Buyer’s Guide

A chef hat is a very important accessory when you are in the kitchen. For a professional chef, not only is it a part of the uniform, but it is also considered to be a practically safe option. There are hundreds of chef hats in the world, but you need to be aware of what you are purchasing.

Even in a chef hat, there are certain features that you need to look for. If you do not know this, you will probably end up buying low-quality hats for more prices. To help you out with this, we have laid out a buyer’s guide.


A kitchen is a place that stays hot and enclosed most of the time. The environment becomes very humid due to the enclosed area and the continuous cooking process. Chefs stand near the fire most of the time, and sweat is a common occurrence. That is why a hat is necessary to ensure that hair and sweat do not fall into the food.

Insulation is the first criterion in the best chef hats so that the air circulation is good. Even if the chef is standing next to the stove, it should become bearable. If you are a small-time cook, you could opt for disposable hats since you do not need to stay in a long kitchen.

On the other hand, professional chefs need a more durable solution since they spend every day in the kitchen. In such a scenario, the chef hats’ insulation needs to be checked to provide the chef with comfort.

Material and Design

The next thing that you need to look for is the material of the chef hat and the design. You need to ensure that the hat’s material is such that the chef is comfortable wearing it. Moreover, the material should be breathable so that the chef does not sweat excessively underneath it. Since the chef will be wearing it for a while day, this factor cannot be overlooked.

The material of the hat will also affect its durability. If you go for a cheap hat that does not have high-quality material, it will wear out very soon. So you need to look for high-quality materials even if you are going for a budget chef hat.

The design of the hat is completely dependent on the personal preference of each chef. Some chefs like their uniforms to be stylish and emphasize the design of the chef hat. On the other hand, some chefs would rather go for durability than on the design.

Usage Frequency

The frequency of how much you would use the chef hat is very crucial in deciding the kind of options you could go for. Some people are part-time chefs, while some do it as a full-time career. Some people need to wear the whole uniform for some special events.

You need to consider all these elements when you are buying a chef hat. According to the situation, you need to invest in a chef hat. Part-time chefs could opt for hats that are disposable and fall in the mid-price range. However, professional chefs need a high-quality hat that they could wear for a long time.

If you are using a hat daily, you need to invest in a moderate to high range hat. In such cases, a low-range hat would not be good for you. Make sure that the hat you buy is a long-term investment that would not wear out easily.

Durability, Comfort, and Adjustability

All of these factors, i.e., durability, comfort, and adjustability, are dependent on the materials and design of the product. For high-quality hats, you will find polyester and cotton materials that are lightweight. Moreover, these materials would mostly consist of elastic bands or Velcro for adjustability.

Due to the quality and adjustability, the hat would fit properly and also prevent any moisture build-up. This would not instigate perspiration or hair fall when you are cooking. When working in the kitchen the whole day, you would not want to wear too tight or too loose a hat. It should be the right fit so that chefs do not have to fidget with it the whole time.

You should always opt for the best chef hats if you are a professional chef. No matter which chef hat you buy, comfort should be your priority. This is essential for both professional and part-time chefs. Even if you wear the chef hat for special events, you should ensure that it is very comfortable.