5 Best Cheese Slicers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Cutting the perfect slice of cheese requires proper expertise, and not everyone has it. When guests are over, and you are in a hurry, it can be hard to make a perfect slice. However, everyone loves to serve even and smooth cheese slices to their guests. For this, it is better to depend on cheese slicers.

With the best cheese slicers, you can make this task much easier. Not only does it reduce your effort, but it also reduces the time in which this work is done. To find the best cheese slicers, we have reviewed some of the top products. You will also find a buying guide that will assist you in your purchase.

Best Cheese Slicers

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1. Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer

Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer

Cheese lovers will need a cheese slicer that can cut different types of cheese. These cheese variations will also have variable thickness and strengths. With the Bellemain adjustable thickness cheese slicer, the task will be made very easy. Made from strong zinc alloy, the cheese slicer shows immense durability.

There is an adjustable metal wire which is used to cut the cheese. This cheese wire can be adjusted in three variable positions. This feature has been given to provide customers with the ease of cutting different cheese types. Therefore, whether you are cutting a thin cheese or a thick one, there will be no issue.

The next feature that makes the cheese slicer very favorable is the smooth handle. When cutting cheese, the handle needs to be comfortable, or it becomes a hassle. You will find another replacement wire in the package in case the first one gets damaged. That means you do not have to buy a replacement wire of your own for some time.

The cheese slicer does not require sharpening like your traditional knife. You can simply place the cheese under the wire and cut through. This cheese slicer makes your job very easy, especially when you are in a hurry.

Why do we like it?

  • Adjustable wire to accommodate variable cheese thickness
  • The package comes with another replacement wire
  • Cleaning the cheese slicer is very easy
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2. Westmark Germany Multipurpose Cheese and Food Slicer

Westmark Germany Multipurpose Cheese And Food Slicer

Westmark Germany is a company widely known for its high-quality products. The multipurpose cheese and food slicer are no different in their quality and durability. This cheese slicer has an ergonomic design and is made from long-lasting materials. You will be impressed by the craftsmanship of this cheese slicer.

The stainless steel blade and aluminum cast handle are the two noticeable things in the cheese slicer. Equipped with an ABS-constructed board and adjustable scale, the cheese slicer is a great addition to your school. This adjustability makes cheese slicing an easy task and that also of variable thickness.

A unique feature of the Westmark Germany cheese slicer is that it is multipurpose equipment. Not only can it be used for slicing cheese, but it can also slice certain vegetables and fruits. This equipment is very versatile and will be a handy object to be near cooks. Though the cheese slicer may not win in the design department, it does win in functioning.

The company also provides a five-year warranty on the cheese slicer and can repair or exchange the product during this period. However, you will not be disappointed with the product’s functionality when you use it.

Why do we like it?

  • Equipped with an adjustable stainless steel blade
  • Can slice cheese and other food items
  • The company provides a five-year warranty
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3. OXO Cheese Slicer

Oxo Cheese Slicer

The main problem with cheese slicers is the wires’ durability, which does not seem to last long. With the OXO cheese slicer, you will not face this problem since the wires are heavy-duty wires and long-lasting. The package offers you replaceable wires, but you would not need them for quite some time.

Unlike the other products that we reviewed, the OXO cheese slicer has its wire on a special wheel. There are molded end caps present on the wheels that secured the position of the wires. The wheel can be moved to change the wire’s thickness to cut different cheese slivers. Some users may have to use the slicer a few times before becoming comfortable.

Equipped with a special handle, use of the cheese slicer is made very comfortable. With a little practice, you can use the cheese slicer swiftly to cut different cheese types. You just need to slightly change your hand position to cut cheese in different slice thickness.

The OXO cheese slicer is the perfect option for those people who have frequent guests over. This handy cheese slicer gives you perfect cheese slices in very little time. Moreover, cleaning the cheese slicer is very easy, and so is changing the wire when needed.

Why do we like it?

  • Wires are long-lasting and heavy-duty
  • Simple adjustment of the wire to change the thickness
  • The design of the cheese slicer is very durable
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4. Prodyne Thick Beechwood Cheese Slicer

Prodyne Thick Beechwood Cheese Slicer

Prodyne has been in the market for quite a few years and has made excellent cheese slicers. The 805b thick beechwood cheese slicer is a star product of the brand. This cheese slicer has a very classic design and is made from durable material. Moreover, the company is famous for making products out of natural materials.

One of the biggest reassurances provided by the brand is the lifetime warranty on the 805b. A great thing about the material used is the shock-absorbent property and hard-wearing capability. Your slicer would not slip away while being used due to the presence of the base non-slip rubber.

Equipped with a black arm and handle, which is completely integrated into the cheese slicer, it makes slicing very easy. Moreover, the company provides a full warranty on the cheese wire as well. That is why the package does not come with any replacement wire. In case of the wire breaks, the company will replace it for free.

Cleaning the slicer is easy, but it needs to be hand-washed. You should not put the cheese slicer into the dishwasher since it can damage the board to chip. Moreover, the wire or handle can also get damaged during the washing process.

Why do we like it?

  • Lifetime warranty provided by the brand
  • Integrated arm and handle with durable cheese wire
  • Non-slip rubber base
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5. Fox Run Cheese Slicer

Fox Run Cheese Slicer

If you are looking for a more elegant addition to your kitchen equipment, then the Fox Run cheese slicer is the one for you. Made from durable marble with exquisite patterns, this cheese slicer is very attractive. The cheese slicer’s marble surface has white and grey strokes, which add to the attractiveness.

If you have a marble countertop, then you should surely love this cheese slicer. However, the marble cheese slicer is not only about the design but also about the functionality. This model is equipped with a wire made from long-lasting stainless steel. This wire can cut through both hard and soft cheese easily.

In the package, you will find two more wires for replacement. Another great thing about the marble surface is that it does not absorb moisture or unpleasant odor. Due to the coolness of the surface, the cheese would not sweat and remains firm. This makes it easy for the cook to make proper slices.

Even though you cannot clean the cheese slicer in the dishwasher, you can easily wash it by hand. All you need is soap and water using which you can rinse. Moreover, the cheese slicer dries very easily due to the marble surface.

Why do we like it?

  • Attractive and durable marble construction
  • Equipped with a non-slip rubber base
  • The package has two wires for replacement
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Cheese Slicer Buying Guide

Cheese slicers are a very important element in your kitchen. It is handy equipment when you need to get perfect cheese slices without much effort. It is an easy job for people who have used cheese slicers to choose the right product. However, for first-timers, it is not that easy when it comes to purchasing the right model.

To choose the right cheese slicer, you need to look for some important features. Without these features, you may end up with a simple model that does not last very long. You need to invest in a model that would not only function properly but would last for a long duration.

Ease of Use

It is not hard to use a cheese slicer generally; however, some models might be complicated at the initial stages. With these models, you need to practice a few times before they become handy. Moreover, you need a model where the handle would comfortable to hold and fits easily.

Since most of the cheese slicers come with adjustable wires, you need to ensure that the adjustability feature is easy. You must be able to just change it with one movement of the hand. It is better not to opt for any model with complicated features that take time to change.

Long-Lasting Built

Durability is an important aspect of any product. You do not want to spend money on any item that would wear out after a short time. That is why you need to be very cautious while choosing the model. It is always advisable to check for reviews and customer ratings when opting for the cheese slicer.

You should also see the warranty that the company provides. Generally, brands that have the utmost trust in their product’s durability will have a longer warranty. However, this may not always be the case, and you need to have your judgment. Make sure that the material you choose is durable.

Adjusting Thickness

You will not be slicing only one type of cheese using your cheese slicer. That is why the product you buy should be able to adjust to different thicknesses of cheese. When choosing the cheese slicer, make sure that it has adjustability options. This means you can change the slicing level according to the cheese thickness.

You also need to see that the adjusting function is easy and not very complicated. Moreover, you may need to change the slice thickness for the same block of cheese. The adjusting should be possible with a slight angle change or a small dial or knob while slicing.


Uniformity and evenness are the keys when slicing cheese. If you had to make uneven slices, you could have done it with a traditional kitchen knife. But most people invest in cheese slicers since they love the perfection it provides. Uniform cheese slices also look very good when you are serving a plate of cheese for your guests.

For this, you need to see that the wire of the product is uniform and attached properly. The angle should not be wrong, and there should be no loose portions. Ensure that the model you have chosen can provide even cheese slices at all times.


The blades and wires present in a cheese slicer are very sharp since they deliver even quick slices. That is why you need to be very cautious when handling a cheese slicer. You could get seriously injured if you do not handle the cheese slicers with care. However, there are some models which are more dangerous than their competitors.

You can understand which models are safe and which are not from the look of it. Ensure that the cheese slicer you choose has a properly sized handle so that the wire or blade is not too near your hand.


A cheese slicer’s work is exactly what the name suggests, and that is to slice cheese. But who does not like a product that offers a little more service? When opting for a cheese slicer, you can go for slightly more versatile models. First of all, you should check that the model can slice both soft and hard cheese and even large blocks.

Some models can also slice fruits or vegetables. These are the ones that you can go for, even if they might be slightly pricey than the other basic models. However, with these models, you would be able to do so much more, and the product will be worth its value.