Best Cheese Plates

5 Best Cheese Plates (Reviews Updated 2021)

Are you looking for a unique cheese plate to enrich your party tables? Do you want a casual cheese plate to pass around during a movie night? Irrespective of your purpose, there are varying types for everyone in this best cheese plates review. These charcuteries are the perfect addition to any gathering for serving snacks like cheese, crackers, and fruits to complement drinks.

That said, with the hundreds of cheese plate options in the market, you are sure to get confused while choosing one. Though you may find multiple alternatives to be attractive, you must keep some aspects in mind while picking cheese plates. To solve your problem, we have selected 5 top cheese plates and taken the time to review each of them. Now you can opt for the one that suits you the most!

Best Cheese Plates

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1. Aidea Wood Cheese Plate Divided Serving Tray

Aidea Wood Cheese Plate Divided Serving Tray

Are you looking for the best cheese plates to serve and carry snacks without the fear of dropping them? The Aidea Wood Cheese Plate is the perfect option to pass around munchies without letting them slip. Moreover, it is made from 100% Acacia wood, so you need not worry about its durability.

What makes it different from others of its kind are the multiple sections of this plate. It has four large divisions for arranging numerous types of cheese and snacks without mixing up. Additionally, you also get a dip portion in the middle for sauces or other liquid assortments. Thus, this 12-inch cheese plate is ideal for serving a whole lot of snacks, including nuts, crackers, cheese, and dips.

What’s more? With the authentic acacia wood construction, this plate features a unique design of natural wood grain. Hence, adding a classy touch to your food display. Also, the Aidea Wood Cheese Plate features an extra-smooth surface, so you need not worry about food particles sticking on it.

The cheese plate is topped with a layer of olive oil that makes it last long and eases maintenance. You can also wash it with hands, without much effort as the wood will not soak much oil.

Why do we like it?

  • Multiple sections enhance food presentation and management
  • 100% Acacia wood ensures unique looks and durability
  • Considerably reasonable prices
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2. Shanik Cheese Board

Shanik Cheese Board

If you want a lavish set of cheese plates and accessories, the Shanik Cheese Board is the best option available. Apart from looking exquisite, this charcuterie is also tremendously useful. It features an Acacia wood platter that houses a marble slate, ceramic bowls, and stainless-steel knives. Thus, you get a whole set of nothing less than the top-quality, aesthetically-pleasing products for the ideal presentation.

The platter features three large white ceramic bowls that you can use to serve sauces, dips, fruits, nuts, and more. Plus, you get two long sections with elevated sides so that your crackers, bacon slices, etc., do not slip off.

What adds a touch of versatility to the Shanik Cheese Plate is the black marble slate. You can place different types of cheese here along with other snacks. Now you can bid farewell to cheese pieces sticking on your wooden plates as the slate is pretty easy to clean. Plus, the plate has a handle on each side for ease of use. Thus, it gets full marks in comfort and maintenance.

When you remove this slate, you will find a set of 3 stainless-steel cheese knives, neatly-tucked for saving space. Thus, you get a complete serving set right here.

Why do we like it?

  • It comes with multiple bowls and accessories
  • Marble slate ensures ease of cleaning
  • Three types of serving sections make it highly versatile
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3. Royal Craft Wood Unique Bamboo Cheese Board

Royal Craft Wood Unique Bamboo Cheese Board

The Royal Craft Wood bamboo cheese board is one of the most practical cheese plates you can get. Whether you are organizing a  late-night movie session or party,  this cheese platter will serve all your purposes. The plate set includes cheese cutlery, raised edges, curves for small-sized appetizers, and a large area for serving cheese.

The tray offers deep sections on both sides to place crackers, fruits, nuts, and other appetizers. So, you need not add extra bowls. Additionally, the 17-inch plate gives you a large space to serve multiple types of cheese and enjoy with your friends.

The plate is also space-saving as it neatly stores four knives in a hidden drawer. Adding this cheese plate to your table will instantly add a dash of style to your food display. Moreover, it comes with handles on both sides, allowing you to carry it around without any trouble.

What makes it one of the best cheese plates is its sturdy, 100% organic bamboo construction. It will stay as good as new for years to come as it is water-resistant. Moreover, it requires you to take minimum maintenance efforts. You can either wipe it clean with a damp cloth or handwash it seamlessly. Plus, the quality wood will ensure cheese bits do not stick to the plate.

Why do we like it?

  • Space-saving design
  • Organic bamboo construction that lasts long
  • It comes with a 4-piece knife set
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4. True Round Marble Cheese Plate

True Round Marble Cheese Plate

Are you looking for something other than the usual wooden plate? The True Round Marble Cheese Plate is an exquisite crockery piece that will add class to your food table. You can use this beautiful tray to serve a variety of assortments in the most presentable manner.

It is a round, white marble cheese plate with a pinch of grey and back, adding an element of flair. The platter has an extended section that serves as a handle for ease of use. Plus, there is also an attached string loop to hang the tray for saving space. Needless to mention, it will look as beautiful on your kitchen wall as on the dining table.

One of the best things about this marble plate is the ease of maintenance. It has an extra-smooth texture, so you do not have to worry about stubborn food particles that stick to dishes. So, you can serve all the different types of cheese without any concern. You can handwash it with soapy water in no time.

To top it all, it is a perfectly reasonable serveware. So, you can get one for yourself and another as a gift for your close ones. Rest assured, everyone will love its minimal look!

Why do we like it?

  • Unique, white marble construction
  • Aesthetically-pleasing as well as practical
  • Budget-friendly prices
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5. TOSCANA Cheese Board

Toscana Cheese Board

If you are bored with the rectangular platters but still want a wooden cheese plate, this is an excellent alternative. The TOSCANA cheese plate gives you the functionality and durability of hardwood while being different in design. Its round shape makes the plate look attractive and stylish—perfect for food presentation.

The plate comes with four handy stainless-steel cheese tools to cut and serve varying types of cheeses. It offers a space-saving design, with the lower compartment reserved for cheese knives that you can close when not in use. Plus, its top section has a recess along its circumference to prevent any food item from slipping off. So, you can serve multiple types of snacks and nuts without any worry.

What makes it one of the best cheese plates is its endurance, letting you use the tray as a chopping board. Rest assured, it will not ruin even after prolonged use. Moreover, you can easily clean it with soapy water or just with a damp cloth, requiring minimum maintenance.

Another useful feature of this cheese plate is its thoughtful design. The lower compartment is shaped such that it closes to leave a section that makes for a perfect handle. Therefore, you can pass it around seamlessly.

Why do we like it?

  • Unique design with traditional durability
  • It comes with a set of four cheese serving tools
  • Space-saving lower compartment
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Cheese Plates Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are a fan of cheese or not, a cheese plate serves as an ideal tray for serving snacks. That is, along with being the unparalleled option for serving cheese to go with wine. Moreover, it not only fills its primary purpose but also does it in an aesthetically pleasing manner. It will add life to your food table during get-togethers and serve as the perfect company to wine and gossip.

Though a cheese plate is not the fanciest piece of crockery in your kitchen, it certainly will be a useful one. Moreover, you cannot serve cheese on just any other tray or plate, as an unpleasant presentation can instantly ruin everyone’s appetite. That said, you must keep some attributes in mind while picking the best cheese plate. We have listed here all the major ones!

Looks and Design

The prime feature that you must look into is the look of the cheese plate. You are purchasing it for serving food in a presentable manner, so make sure the tray itself looks decent enough. These may range in colors and shapes, offering various designs.

You can choose a simple rectangular cheese plate that is relatively spacious as it does not lose space due to divisions. The simple, minimalistic plates also come in round and square shapes. Alternatively, you can pick one that has various sections to keep each item and different cheeses separate. A yet another option is getting a platter with bowls that are perfect for dips and sauces.

Material and Durability

While considering the design of the cheese plate, you will automatically have to choose a material. You must pick one that is robust, durable, and also easy to maintain. Here, you will come across options like wood, marble, ceramic, or quite seldom metal. So, which is the better material? It ultimately depends on your preferences.

While a wooden cheese plate is one of the most lasting ones, it has actually become quite common. If you want something unique and eye-pleasing, a marble tray is an excellent option as it is also rare. However, though it will not absorb any odor like the wooden boards, it is relatively heavy. Other available options include ceramic plates that look beautiful but are not too durable.


Do you want to serve cheese and appetizers for two or a group? Are you looking for a cheese plate for get-togethers or daily use at home? Answering these questions by yourself can help determine the right size of cheese plate for you. Also, you might want to take into account the varying types of cheeses that you want to serve. Another reason why considering the size of a cheese plate is essential is storage.

You must remember that choosing a plain rectangular cheese plate will give you the maximum serving space. So, if you prefer more serving room, get a plain-surfaced plate. Alternatively, you may opt for one with sections if space does not hold much importance for you.


The accessories that you get with the cheese plate make for a very important feature. From the number of cheese tools to the bowls for sauces and dips, the extra items always carry plenty of value. Moreover, some of the best cheese plate sets also include trays, chalks, and marker tags to enhance the overall look.

That said, though accessories like bowls add to the versatility of the plate, it decreases the main serving area. Additionally, you might already have several cheese knives, in which case you will not need a complementary set of these.

Functionality and Maintenance

Yet another essential aspect to look into is the functionality of a cheese plate. If you are confused about this feature, the functionality here refers to the ease of use. It includes the presence of comfortable handles, space-saving features, etc.

Apart from that, the best cheese plates are also easy to maintain. They have a smooth, quality surface that prevents food particles from sticking. You can use a wet cloth or warm soapy water to get rid of all the odors and cheese bits. Thus, it makes cleaning effortless for you!