5 Best Cheese Boards (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Do you love hosting parties and get-togethers? Are you looking for the perfect platter to serve cheese, appetizers, and fruits with wine? The best cheese boards are the ideal option for all your meals, big and small. It is not only handy for all kinds of snacks but also adds a touch of class to your food layout. Needless to say, the food presented well looks all the more scrumptious.

So, how do you pick the top option from the countless ones in the market? Getting confused among thousands of reviews and suggestions is natural. That is why we have taken the time to filter 5 of the best cheese boards from the lot. Be it usage, material, or quality—these are top-notch from every angle. You will also get an extensive buyer’s guide to further aid your buying decision.

Best Cheese Boards

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1. Picnic at Ascot Patented Bamboo Cheese Board

Picnic At Ascot Patented Bamboo Cheese Board

When looks, ease of use, and large space go hand in hand, you cannot ignore the product! The Picnic at Ascot Patented Bamboo Cheese Board is the ultimate blend of these features along with many more. It is a mid-priced solution to your cheese and appetizer serving requirements.

The round-shaped 100% bamboo board reflects high quality along with being spacious enough. It has an 18-inch diameter so that you can serve a plethora of delish food items on one board itself. Moreover, it has a hidden drawer storing three stainless steel cheese tools, adding to the ease of use.

The highlight of this Picnic at Ascot Patented Bamboo Cheese Board, however, is its innovative design. The round platter closes up, taking a quarter of its total space, proving to be considerably space-efficient. Once you are done using the board, you can fold it to store it in a small drawer neatly.

What’s more? The board is perfectly-easy to clean. Its fine bamboo texture prevents food chunks from sticking, allowing you to clean seamlessly with a soft cloth. In case you want to wash it, do so with a light-coarse sponge and soap water instead of a dishwasher.

Not to mention, the natural wood also ensures longevity, so you will not have to purchase another board anytime soon.

Why do we like it?

  • Comes with a 3-piece set of cheese knives
  • Folds into 1/4th its size for compact storage
  • 100% natural bamboo ensures longevity
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2. CTFT Cheese Board and Knife Set Bamboo Charcuterie Platter

Ctft Cheese Board And Knife Set Bamboo Charcuterie Platter

A well-decorated cheese board can instantly elevate your mood, be it on the dining table or a picnic spot. The CTFT Cheese Board is one of the best cheese boards for all your occasions—a party or a family meeting. Plus, it is extra-large and has curved sections to prevent nuts and other tiny snacks from slipping off.

What makes this board one of the top options is its variety of accessories. It has four different types of knives for cutting and serving different kinds of cheeses. These are neatly tucked in a hidden drawer containing extra space for placing bread, fruits, or other items. Thus, you automatically get an increased serving surface.

That is not all. It includes two ceramic bowls that let you serve dips and sauces with ease. Plus, the board has curved areas on all four sides to fit nuts and other dry fruits without slipping. The set also includes two slate labels and chalk markers. These accessories not only help to recognize the different types of cheeses but also enhance the décor.

What’s more? The CTFT Cheese Board is made from 100% natural bamboo, so you can rest assured of its quality and durability. Topping it all, the tray comes with four rubber feet providing grip to the board.

Why do we like it?

  • Multiple cheese serving tools
  • Includes ceramic bowls for dips
  • Rubber feet prevent slipping
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3. Royal Craft Wood Cheese Board

Royal Craft Wood Cheese Board

If you are looking for a perfectly-reasonable cheese board with all the key features, this is it. The Royal Craft Wood Cheese Board is big enough to house multiple types of cheese, fruits, meat, dip bowls, and more. Despite being notably cheap, the board is 100% organic bamboo, made to last long.

It comes with two platforms on the sides for serving nuts, bread, and other appetizers. Now you can also serve dry fruits without the fear of dropping them. Therefore, it has the perfect in-built design, so you need not put a lot of effort into decorating the platter.

There is more to the Royal Craft Wood Cheese Board. It has a handle on each side, allowing you to carry the board around conveniently. Now you do not have to worry about the grip or stability of the tray. Furthermore, it has a reversible design, allowing you to use the flip side as a chopping board or tray.

To further level-up user experience, the quality bamboo of the board makes it very easy to clean. Additionally, it will allow you to cut and slice cheese without developing cracks or ruining your knives. You get all of this without the remains or odors of food.

Why do we like it?

  • Complete value for money
  • Comes with two trays on the side
  • Handles for convenience
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4. Smirly Cheese Board and Knife Set

Smirly Cheese Board And Knife Set

The Smirly Cheese Board, knife, and fruit platter set is downright the best all-rounder deal you can bag. It is not just a platter, but everything you need to serve appetizers. Moreover, the entire kit is of top quality, so you do not have to worry about its durability.

First of all, the board has two extra palettes tucked inside. You can slide them out like a drawer and use them for serving crackers, dry fruits, meat, and more. Next come the two serving bowls, perfect for dips and sauces to go along with appetizers. Thus, you do not need any extra crockery or another cheese board to accompany this one.

That is not all. There is a third drawer that neatly stores a variety of cutlery for all types of cheeses. It has four stainless-steel cheese knives, four sampler folks, and a wine opener, eliminating the need for cutlery or tools. To top it all, this drawer also includes two slate labels and marker chalks for naming the varying kinds of cheeses.

The list is not yet over. Being the best cheese boards out there, this Smirly Cheese Board set also includes a separate fruit tray. You can use it to serve more appetizers and cheese or an array of fruits to go along with cheese and wine. Isn’t that the best combo out there!

Why do we like it?

  • Includes a host of cutlery and accessories
  • The board and side trays make it spacious enough for a large spread
  • Comes with a complimentary fruit tray
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5. Cuisine Wonders Large Slate Cheese Board and Knife Set

Cuisine Wonders Large Slate Cheese Board And Knife Set

If you want something different than the basic wooden cheese boards, this ceramic one is for you. The Cuisine Wonders cheese board is a large, black-colored ceramic board perfect for adding variety to your serving set. Whether you want to use it for a get-together or daily snacks, it is one of the best cheese boards.

While black color perfectly blends with all your crockery items, this pack comes with a cutlery set of its own. You get three white ceramic bowls in this beautiful kit, suitable for serving dips, sauces, jellies, and more. The pack also includes four stainless steel cheese knives that hold anti-corrosion properties.

The Cuisine Wonders cheese board is an entirely eco-friendly option as it does not contain any chemicals. So, you need not worry about food safety. Furthermore, the slate includes four bumper feet to prevent scratches and ensure stability.

One of the best things about this flat board is you get a relatively larger surface to accommodate multiple appetizers. You will also get two soapstone chalks to label all the items, adding to the convenience and presentation. Moreover, owing to its stone material, this is one of the easiest to clean and maintain.

Why do we like it?

  • Looks different from others of its kind
  • Comes with multiple bowls and knives
  • Stone material is easy to maintain
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Cheese Board Buyer’s Guide

Whether you love hosting parties and get-togethers or preparing eye-pleasing food presentations for home, a cheese board is downright essential. It is the perfect kitchenware for those movie nights, evening teas, or just late-night wine and snacking. However, picking the best cheese boards from the available options is like finding a pin in a stack of hay.

Well, to ease your choosing work, we brought you the top 5 options. Also, to save you from further guesses and trials, we have prepared a concrete buyer’s guide for you. Now you can weigh all your requirements and options to select nothing but the best. Here you go!

Material – Quality and Durability

The prime aspect that you need to weigh upon while buying a cheese board is its material. You must look for something that is safe enough to serve food while simultaneously reflecting quality and durability.

Even if you bag the platter at a reasonable price, you certainly do not want it to ruin within a few uses. More so, as you will be using knives and other steel tools on the board.

The top cheese board material options are bamboo and slate. Bamboo is highly durable as well as renewable. However, you must always look for a 100% bamboo stamp. On the other hand, slate or stone boards are eco-friendly as they do not contain chemicals and quite easy to maintain.

Design and Look

You are purchasing a cheese board not just for serving but also for a beautiful presentation. That is why its look and design holds the utmost importance, to further make your food appear more appetizing.

Apart from looks, the design also represents its ease of usability and storage. For example, you may get boards with handles to carry around easily or round ones that fold up for compact storage.

The most common designs that you will get your hands on are rectangle and circle. Here, though the latter may seem smaller in size, it wins over the rectangular one for an attractive design.


Another essential aspect of the best cheese boards is their size. To determine what you exactly require, you must ask yourself a few questions. Do you want a platter for two or a big group? Are you going to be using it for small batches of snacks or a large serving?

Though most cheese boards come of similar sizes, some might have additions—making the overall space comparatively larger. For example, you may choose a platter with additional drawers that you can use for serving purposes.

If you prefer large size over appealing looks, a plain cheese board is the most suitable option. It will let you serve a larger quantity of food.

Complementary Accessories

Complementary is always good, and when it comes to the best cheese boards, accessories only make your work easier. Moreover, they also make your platter set look all the more elegant.

For example, some boards come with ceramic bowls with dips, while others include multiple cheese knives. You may also come across options with all of these, along with wine openers, forks, label tags, and chalks, etc.

In this case, undoubtedly, the more, the merrier. If you purchase a board that comes with all these accessories, you will be saved from another shopping spree!

Value for Money

Though a cheese board is not all that expensive, a quality one may be slightly pricey. Therefore, you need to thoroughly compare all your available options and weigh out their features. Most of all, you must ensure the value that you receive from each of these products.

The best cheese boards for you are the ones that include all the features you want. It must be durable and of good quality, along with being correctly priced. Moreover, if you do not have cheese knives and dip bowls, the most optimum would be one that does.

Apart from that, it must meet your expectation of design as well as size. If a cheese board has all the aspects you wish for, paying a slightly higher price is considerable. It is better than regretting not buying your most favorite cheese board!