Best Champagne Flute

5 Best Champagne Flutes (Reviews Updated 2021)

Can you imagine parties and celebration without popping a bottle of some fine quality champagne? If champagne is one of your staple beverages at parties, you should also consider the right serve ware. Staunch wine lovers can swear that the champagne glass is as important as the champagne itself.

If you are looking to impress your guests with your advanced mixology, you need a champagne flute. These flutes make the formal gatherings and events more sophisticated and complete. However, it can be hard to get your hands on the perfect glass. To aid your search for the best, we’ve laid out our five favorite champagne flutes. Keep reading!

Best Champagne Flutes

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1. Aspen & Birch Modern Champagne Flutes

Aspen & Birch Modern Champagne Flutes

If you are going through a list of the best glassware brand, there’s a high chance of Aspen & Birch being in it. Aspen & Birch are world-class glassware producers.

They enjoy a loyal international customer base. You can even spot their glassware in many fine-dining locations.

If you are looking for a chic and fancy champagne flute for your next get together, look no further. These champagne flutes are stemless and come in a bundle of six per pack. Aspen & Birch use a high-quality 100% lead-free crystal for this collection.

We feel these modern champagne flutes are quite worthy of bragging and some show off! This glass has a long and sleek stem. The stem is easy to grip and ensures that your warm hands do not affect the drink’s temperature.

Despite having an all-modern design, there’s also a traditional touch to it. You will also like that these champagne flutes are hand-shaped and mouth-blown. It isn’t like the typical mass-produced glassware; each piece is unique. This glass is an example of outstanding craftsmanship. You’ll also adore the packaging of these delicate glasses.

The all-black extravagant box makes this champagne flute an exceptional gifting choice. These champagne flutes have a 6 ounces capacity. Their structure is unique and different from all the others in this list.

Why do we like it?

  • 100% lead-free crystal make
  • Stylish, classy, and crystal-clear appearance
  • A thoughtful gift for all types of occasions
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2. Schott Zweiesel Tristan Crystal Champagne Flute

Schott Zweiesel Tristan Crystal Champagne Flute

The Schott Zweiesel Tritan Crystal Champagne Glass is a product from Germany. Schott Zweiesel is one of the leading crystal glassware producers who excel in technology, style, innovation. This brand is serving in the glassware industry for more than a century.

We love the subtle and simplistic design of the Tristan glass. This material combines zirconium oxide and titanium oxide to have a beautiful result. You can trust these glasses to not lose the color, sheen, or etching for a long time.

This brilliant and vibrant champagne flute is resistant to breakage. It can transfer, conduct, and refract light more effortlessly than any other crystal champagne flute in the market. What’s more, this flute uses patented laser technology for a thin and neat shape.

These champagne flutes are both dramatic and classy. Its look can complement and collection of tableware or serveware. On top of everything, this flute garnered a near-perfect review from its past buyers. As for the quantity, this glass holds about 7.1 ounces.

You can buy these glasses in a set of two, four, five, or six. Besides having durable manufacturing, these glasses use six laser points to retain the bubbles in your drink. The best part about the Tristan Crystal Champagne Glass is that they are dishwasher safe.

Why do we like it?

  • Continous bubbles with the 6-laser point structure
  • Sophisticated and elegant Tritan crystal body
  • Available in multiple set sizes
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3. Tossware Plastic Champagne Flute

Tossware Plastic Champagne Flute

There is currently a deep saturation of glassware brands in the market, but only some of them show expertise and quality. Tossware is one such brand that possesses both characteristics. These champagne flutes are breath-taking and a great bargain.

Several champagne lovers argue that this Tossware flute is one of the finest in the market. Moreover, Tossware sets a higher standard for the glassware industry by being eco-friendly. This thoughtful approach towards the environment gives them an edge over other champagne flute producers.

This Tossware champagne flute is available in 12, 48, and even a whopping 252. Hence, if you are looking for bulk-buying, you know what to do. Despite falling into the budget category, these glasses do not compromise on user experience. The capacity of this champagne flute is nine fluid ounces.

Also, each unit is BPA-free for the user’s safety. Unlike other low-end flutes, these are shatterproof and stemless. One unique and edgy feature of this champagne flute is the Pop ‘n Lock feature. This feature allows easy and safe glass stacking for convenient transportation.

All environment-conscious buyers should know that these champagne flutes use recycled plastic. These crystal clear glasses do not break and crack easily like other delicate pieces. You must know that these glasses only allow gentle hand wash.

Why do we like it?

  • BPA-free champagne flute glasses
  • Shatterproof and 100% recyclable flutes
  • Patented Pop ‘n Lock for more comfortable transportation
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4. Marquis by Waterford Champagne Flute

Marquis By Waterford Champagne Flute

If you are a fan of intricate craftsmanship, you might fall in love with the first look of this champagne flute. This Marquis by Waterford Champagne Glass exhibits a stunning design. If you think that champagne flutes are all simple and straight, this one will change your perception.

Whether you are hosting a formal party or a casual event, this champagne flute is perfect for both. This unit employs only lead-free and safe crystalline. It can accommodate up to 9 ounces of liquid.

If you find a gift for a fellow champagne-lover, you can consider this set of champagne flutes. Moreover, these come gift-boxed, which makes them more ideal for gifting. Apart from champagne, you can serve some spumante, mimosa, and a variety of sparkling wines in this.

This champagne flute has one of the most delicate and detailed crystal composition. Besides, being Italy-produced glassware, there are no doubts about its quality. You’ll also be surprised to know that this collection belongs to the 1990s.

Apart from the timeless design, the classic cut pattern of the stemware. Waterford Markham also boats of offering a full crystal flute with a substantial clarity in the Marquis. Buyers should also note that the manufacturer only recommends hand wash for these glasses.

Why do we like it?

  • Elegant and intricate design
  • Lead-free crystalline material
  • It makes an excellent gifting option.
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5. Prestee Plastic Champagne Flutes Glasses

Prestee Plastic Champagne Flutes Glasses

You can save up a chunk of cleaning time with these outstanding disposable Prestee Plastic Champagne Flute Glasses. Besides, everyone loves an elegant and sophisticated champagne flute as it comes with an air of royalty.

The Glitter Gold Company makes the most impressive champagne flutes with the sturdiest plastic. Owners and party hosts do not have to worry about broken glassware with this champagne flute. These flutes are well suited for parties, nightclubs, and bars.

If you often host parties at your home, you should put this fancy champagne flute on your wish list. These gold glitter flutes feature an ergonomic design that ensures a firm grip. Apart from ergonomics, they are also light-weight for easy handling.

Many buyers turn skeptical at the word plastic, especially if it’s attached to their glassware. Thankfully, these Prestee Plastic Champagne Flutes Glasses have a BPA-free body. To aid cost-effectiveness, these flutes are washable and re-usable.

Be ready to receive lots of compliments from your guest with that glitter exterior. A pack of one yields 100 champagne flutes. If you are looking to host a party with plenty of guests, you can buy more packs of these budget-friendly champagne flutes. With that kind of look and quality, this product is a bang for the buck.

Why do we like it?

  • Ergonomic flute glasses
  • BPA-free and durable plastic
  • Disposable and cost-effective
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Champagne Flute Buyer’s Guide

You can’t ensure the correct purchase only by knowing the best products. It’s is better if you try to understand all the features of a champagne flute before buying. Besides, the range of champagne flutes makes shopping for them an arduous task. Interestingly, the champagne flute also contributes towards keeping the bubbles intact. The champagne flute not only carries aesthetical appeal but can also make a difference in taste.  Here’s a buying guide that will take you through all the considerations you need to make while buying a champagne flute.

Bubble Preservation

The trademark of quality champagne is the bubbles. Many buyers are not aware, but the glass’s shape has everything to do with bubble preservation. The champagne flutes have ‘nucleation sites’ that are effervescence points.

These points have laser-engravings that traps the bubble in your glass for a little longer. Eventually, the bubbles will detach from the engravings or fibers and travel upwards. The flutes are better than any other style for preserving the bubbles.

Also, you should check the number of laser engraving for this reason. The Schott Zweiesel Tritan Crystal Champagne Glass on our list has a 6-laser point structure.


Champagne is a delicate, easy to drink, and light beverage. The champagne flute you pick should reflect the same qualities. The drinker must feel comfortable and carefree while holding the champagne flute. For comfort, the champagne flute must be ergonomic and light-weight.

In addition to ergonomics, the flute should also be easier to take a sip from and thin. On the other hand, the stem should be durable and sleek. It should also be able to carry the weight of the filled bowl.

The shape of the bowl and the rim should play and sync well to offer a positive experience. It is also ideal for checking the capacity of the champagne flute before buying it.

Maintenance & Durability

The champagne flute you pick should be thin but not too fragile. It should not crack with just a simple hit. When you are buying a champagne flute, it’s essential to consider its lifespan. It’s not smart to compromising durability for look and aesthetics.

Additionally, you should also look up the maintenance requirements for the champagne flute. Most of the intricate and delicate glasses only allow hand wash.

However, if you have a busy lifestyle, there are also some dishwasher-safe options. Our list of products has a mix of all and will surely suit your requirements.


Before you head out to buy a champagne flute set, it is necessary to determine a budget. The champagne flutes can differ in quality as well as price. If you have an extensive budget to spare, there are plenty of classy options. These expensive options are great for small and formal gatherings.

However, you must not relate low price with low quality. A champagne flute with a small price tag is capable of offering a great feel and vibe too. In the end, you should make sure that you are investing in something worthy.


Just like wine glassware, the champagne flutes can also be stemless or stemmed. In champagne flutes, the bowl is narrow but deep, the base is smaller, and the stem is sleek. The availability of the different shapes and sizes of a champagne flute can be puzzling.

Whichever champagne flute you pick, it should be easy to drink and hold. If the champagne flute is difficult to sp from, it might disappoint the drinkers. The style of the champagne will affect the taste of the champagne as well.


Whenever you buy any product, the first thing you check is the material. That is the same case with champagne flutes. When it comes to champagne flutes, the most common material is crystal. Crystal is a brilliant and elegant material that accentuates the champagne’s color and bubbles.

Crystals are perfect for formal parties and events. However, even BPA-free plastics are gaining momentum in recent times. Plastic champagne flutes do not break easily and are much cheaper than crystals. Contrary to widespread belief, even plastic flutes can have a sophisticated feel.