Best Ceramic Dutch Oven

5 Best Ceramic Dutch Ovens (Reviews Updated 2021)

A Ceramic dutch oven is a very reliable cookware to have in your kitchen. Although it can’t be tagged as an essential cookware, having one is never a bad idea. The best ceramic dutch oven can transform an ordinary recipe into the most delicious meal yet if used correctly. Dutch ovens are not only great for stews and soups, but they can also be used to bake snacks, create deserts, and cook tasty baked beans.

There is very little a ceramic dutch oven cannot do in the kitchen as far as cooking is concerned, so many regard it as a versatile cookware. If you don’t have a ceramic dutch oven as part of your cookware collection, we advise you to buy one today. If you are already planning to buy one, this review is written to help you identify the best dutch ovens from among the long list of dutch oven brands in the market.

Best Ceramic Dutch Ovens

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Here are our ceramic Dutch oven brands.

1. Best Choice Ceramic Heavy Duty Dutch Oven

Best Choice Ceramic Heavy Duty Dutch Oven

Best Choice ceramic dutch oven is a heavy-duty 6-quart dutch oven covered with an enamel ceramic coating. This oven is ideal for small and large scale cooking. Are you planning a family get-together or a feast? This dutch oven will handle whatever food you plan to add to the menu. You can bake with it, braise or roast food. Best Choice is a versatile piece of cookware that will not disappoint you.

Best Choice is also a multipurpose oven suitable for electric cookers, gas stoves, microwave ovens, and induction tops. No matter the cooker, this oven will sit well and cook food just fine. Best Choice can handle temperatures as high as 480 degrees Fahrenheit comfortably. If cooking speed is essential to you, you will also appreciate how fast your food cooks in this ceramic cookware. The construction allows for even heat conduction, distribution, and retention.

The two-sided handles also make it very easy for you to hold this oven, especially when it is very hot. And as for ease of maintenance, the non-stick surface is very easy to clean. Removing stains from the surface does not require scrubbing, as stains and food particles leave the surface when you wash with a soft sponge.

Why do we like it?

  • Large cooking bowl
  • Versatile and multi-functional cookware
  • Quality design
  • High-temperature resistant feature
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2. Puricon Ceramic Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Puricon Ceramic Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Puricon is a dutch oven with an attractive red color. This flexible ceramic oven is ideal for baking, broiling, sauteing, and braising. If you are looking for a cookware that can be classified as a jack of all trade and a master of all, you are looking at such a cookware. Puricon is made with cast iron, which is a very good conductor of heat. In this oven, your food will always come out just right. Rather than have parts of the food overcooked and the other part not properly cooked, this dutch oven’s heat distribution is even and well distributed.

The design is quite practical and thoughtful, with a perfect lid supported by a very convenient handle. The two handles are sturdy and very wide, and they allow you to carry the oven without scalding your hands. The porcelain metal coat of Puricon does not change the taste of food, neither does it absorb the smell. Once you are done with your food and wash the partidcles off, it becomes as good as new with no leftover odor or stains.

This cookware by Puricon is a multipurpose utensil not only for cooking but for serving food too. Placing it on a dinner table surrounded by guests is a sight to behold. A must-buy to enrich your cookware collection.

Why do we like it?

  • Ergonomically designed for comfort
  • Very durable cast iron material
  • Brilliant red color
  • Oven safe at 540 degrees Fahrenheit
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3. Neoflam Kiesel Ceramic Casserole Dutch Oven

Neoflam Kiesel 1.5 Ceramic Casserole Dutch Oven

Neoflam Kiesel is a 1.5-quart ceramic dutch oven for cooking your casserole and other recipe types. It has a non-stick coat and an anti-scratch feature that protects the surface from scratches as you stir your condiments using a steel or iron cutlery. This dutch oven can serve as a stockpot for your stews and soups. And also a clay pot for storing food and other ingredients.

The manufacturer has constructed this dutch oven using eco-friendly materials from natural elements. The materials are non-toxic and non-reactive. To further enhance user safety, all materials are lead, PFTE, PFOA, and Cadmium free. The pigments are also 100% natural to ensure healthy and safe cooking. Cooking with Neoflam is fun because it is very easy and convenient to use. The lid has a tiny vent for excess heat release, and the glaze has a zero crack feature that prevents the possibility of seepage and maintains its cleanliness.

Neoflam is lighter than the average cast iron dutch oven, but it can retain and distribute heat as well as any cast iron cookware can. We highly recommend it because it is safe, eco-friendly, and quite affordable.

Why do we like it?

  • Shock resistance feature
  • Very safe cookware
  • Attractive color and construction
  • Can work with all types of burners and cookers
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4. Blue Diamond Ceramic Dutch Oven

Blue Diamond Ceramic Dutch Oven

Blue Diamond’s Big Batch ceramic cookware is a user’s delight. Why so? Simply because it offers the user several user-friendly features, many other dutch ovens do not possess. For starters, this dutch oven is nearly 50% lighter than traditional dutch ovens made of cast iron or other kinds of heavy metal. Secondly, forged with premium aluminum, its body heats up two times faster than cast iron dutch ovens.

So as you can see, with this ceramic cooking wonder, you can speed up your cooking in less time and with less effort. It is also very easy to wash. Its signature non-stick coating allows you to rid it of stains and particles with ease. If you are too tired to wash by hand or you notice after your cooking session that the oven is covered with tough stains and particles, you can throw it into your dishwasher as it is dishwasher safe too.

This safe metal utensil is toxin-free with a durable ultra-modern ceramic coating that will protect the surface from rusting, scratching, or cracking. The pressure-resistant lid is made of glass, so watching your food as it cooks on the fire is another benefit of its design.

Why do we like it?

  • This dutch oven is broiler and oven safe
  • It is ideal for all stoves except induction tops
  • Large cooking bowl
  • Lightweight
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5. Vesuvio Non-Stick Ceramic Dutch Oven

Vesuvio Non Stick Ceramic Dutch Oven

Vesuvio non-stick dutch oven is a ceramic dutch oven with a non-toxic ceramic coat. This dutch oven has a safe oven lid that will trap heat in for faster cooking action. The ceramic coating does not contain dangerous carcinogens that flak off under intense heat and drop into your food. The materials used in constructing this cookware are free from Cadmium, Lead, PFOA, and PTFE.

Thanks to its rugged build and heat-resistant feature, you will enjoy cooking with Vesuvio in your kitchen. The 3.7 mm thick aluminum base is thick and durable. Spotting an 8-quart stockpot, the material ensures that heat is evenly distributed at all times. Vesuvio can also withstand extreme temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This ceramic cookware will not crack, scratch or warp, neither will it change color with age.

It is also very easy to maintain using mild soap washed under running. We are also certain that you will like the 1-year warranty attached to this product. If Vesuvio does not meet your expectations, you are allowed to demand a full refund, but that is unlikely to happen due to this oven’s premium performance.

Why do we like it?

  • Beautiful and lightweight
  • Very thick build
  • Longlasting shelf life feature
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Ceramic Dutch Oven Buyer’s Guide

If you want to buy a ceramic dutch oven, you need to take your time. It does not take a special skill on your part to identify a good dutch oven but what you need is information. Knowing where to look for a good dutch oven is only half of the equation. The other half is knowing what to look for. As you already know, there are so many dutch oven brands in the open market, and they all promise buyers quality. For someone like you who may not have too much experience with cookware, all the ovens will look similar, thereby increasing the likelihood that you might pick an inferior product.

We understand these challenges, which is why we have decided to create this buying guide to help you make an informed decision when next you shop for a dutch oven. We highlight the essential features to look out for, and we believe that if you use this review as a guide, your chances of buying a very good dutch oven is bright.

Heat retention

The first thing you want to examine is the heat retention feature of the oven. Not only that, you also want to see if the oven can conduct and distribute heat evenly. The best ceramic dutch ovens have three essential features as far as temperature is concerned: heat conduction, retention, and distribution.

If the dutch oven heats up fast, your food will cook fast. If heat is evenly distributed, your meals will also be properly cooked all around. While you may be unable to examine this feature first hand, you can draw inspiration from previous buyers who have used the product and posted reviews about it. Using their experience as a barometer, you can then make your own evaluation of just how good the ceramic dutch oven really is.


What dutch oven size are you looking to buy? That should depend on the size of your household. If you have a family of 8, you will need a large sized oven. If you are cooking for yourself and one or two others, a much smaller oven will suffice. With that being said, we recommend that you think of the present and the future as well. The possibility of hosting more than a few people should also be factored into your planning. Holidays, get-togethers, and backyard parties will draw a lot more people than you are used to.

A ceramic dutch oven with a 5-6 quart size can comfortably cook meals that will satisfy five people, but to feed more mouths, you will need to go for an 8-quart oven and higher. Larger 20-quart ovens can feed more than a dozen people, but you wouldn’t need cookware so large for your domestic cooking.

Interior design

The interior design and color is another thing you want to look at. Darker colors are great because they hide abrasions and scratches, but you will not be able to see your food clearly when on the fire. Lighter colors make for a clearer view but grazes and scratches become visible. Furthermore, the color of the interior tends to influence food color. Darker colors make food browner than lighter colors. Lighter colors may also show signs of discoloration if the construction materials are not of the highest quality. On our part, we recommend darker colors, but the choice is yours. If you buy a very good dutch oven, the possibility of discoloration will not even arise.

Lid Design

Check the lid’s design to ensure that what you are about to buy is quality cookware. Some lids are specially designed to improve the taste of your food and not only to trap heat or to protect contents from contamination. Spiked lids are very good because they have undersides covered with round spikes made of metal. Glass lids are also very popular because they allow the user to see what is being cooked without the need to open the oven.  Whatever you choose to go for, just make sure that the lid is functional and has heat-trapping features.