Best Cast Iron Fajita Pans

5 Best Cast Iron Fajita Pans (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Cast-iron pans are found in many homes. Some houses still use pans dated well over a century, and they need to change their cookware set if you ask me. The best cast iron fajita pans have become an essential tool for chefs. These pans are used for frying, searing, baking, and even making eggs. Cast-iron pans become effective non-stick cookware when used over time. Their non-stick attribute is due to the pre-seasoning (a coating of polymerized fat) of the pans by the manufacturers. They require special care in cleaning and maintaining them.

Cast iron pans withstand more heat than stainless/ aluminum cookware. This makes them ideal for cooking meals that require high temperatures. Due to their high heat absorption, these pans are safe and do not release toxins even after the temperature passes 500 degrees. Compared to the non-stick pans, cast iron lasts long and survives many generations. Although it takes a while to preheat these pans but once preheated, it retains the heat for a long while. With that out of the way, we review 5 of the best cast iron fajita pans in the market. We understand that choosing from among a large number of pans on sale can be a little unnerving. However, our review will simplify the process for you.

Best Cast Iron Fajita Pans

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1. Victoria Cast Iron Fajita Pan

Victoria Cast Iron Fajita Pan

The Victoria Cast Iron Fajita Skillet is harmonious and has an attractive design. It has a long curved handle for better grip and leverage. The curve on the handle ensures user safety, and you can easily flip it to transfer food.

This fajita pan is pre-seasoned with 100% non-GMO Flaxseed oil. This flaxseed oil does not contain any PTFE or PFOA or toxic chemicals that pose health risks. Once you buy and install it in your home, you can start using it immediately. Flaxseed oil is a vegetable oil; therefore, it is a perfect natural easy-release seasoning that becomes more effective with time.

The safety measures embedded in its design make it one of the best fajita pan brands online. Victoria Cast Iron Fajita pan can be used over different firetops and energy sources such as gas, induction, electricity, oven, grill, or even a campfire. Its versatility makes it an ideal cookware for your home.

Why do we like it?

  • Very safe cookware
  • Does not crack or warp
  • It has a very harmonious design.
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2. Cuisinel Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Fajita Pan

Cuisinel Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Fajita Pan

Pre-seasoned cast Iron Pan has a well-textured and smooth finish. The smooth texture allows for even heat distribution. As you already know, even distribution of heat guarantee well-cooked meals. Precise heat distribution also makes it suitable for ovens, stovetops, and even grills. It will also interest you to note that this cast-iron Pan is multi-functional. It can be used to fry, bake, grill, braise, sauté meats, and caramelizing vegetables.

The cast iron material makes the Pan outlast years of constant washing and cooking. Thereby making it unusually reliable and strong. It comes with a tempered glass lid that prevents heat loss, and it also locks in the flavor of your food. The addition of a lid makes this Pan suitable for making casseroles.

Pre-seasoned Cast Iron fajita pan’s glass lid also regulates the temperature of your meals. The cover increases the multi-functional purpose of the Pan. The transparent lid allows for easy monitoring of your food while it is cooking. This fajita pan is highly recommended for its durability and its efficiency.

Why do we like it?

  • Functional glass lid
  • multi-functional value
  • The smooth surface ensures even distribution of heat.
  • It can withstand any temperature.
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3. Old Mountain Fajita Pan Set

Old Mountain Fajita Pan Set

The fajita Pan Set is shallower than most pans. The slopy sides of this Pan make it great for transferring meals to other utensils. The placement of the handle also aids food transfer. The handle is designed with security and safety measures in mind, and no matter the weight of the food in the Pan, the handle will not falter. For extra safety, the manufacturer has fitted it with a quilted hot mitt.

This set comes with a wooden tray for protecting the countertop of your kitchen, further balancing, and securing the Pan to prevent accidents or hazards in the kitchen. This Pan set retains heat better than many other cookware of its ilk. It has been pre-seasoned with layers of polymerized oil to ensure even heat distribution and can be used immediately after purchase.

The Fajita plate set is easy to clean and store. With hand wash and warm water, you are good to go. You will also like its low maintenance and durability as well as its stylish and overall design.

Why do you like it?

  • The shallow nature of this set ensures easy transfer of food
  • User safety guaranteed
  • Advanced heat retention
  • The additional wooden tray protects your kitchen’ countertop
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4. New Star Foodservice Commercial Grade Cast Iron Fajita Set

New Star Foodservice Commercial Grade Cast Iron Fajita Set

The Commercial grade Cast Iron Fajita Set includes a  7-inch oval pan, a potholder, and a walnut-stained wooden base. It has been pre-seasoned with a good factory seasoning that makes it non-stick. It is, however, paramount that it is also coated with oil or spray before use. This helps to increase its shelf life.

Commercial grade cast iron set is one Pan that becomes stick-resistant with constant use. This Pan requires low cleaning maintenance as hand washing with warm water does a perfect job. It is excellent for deep frying and searing. The Pan also sears steak well, stirs eggs, and releases cornbread easily. The ease at which food slides off the Pan is as a result of the gently sloped sides.

Commercial Grade Cast Iron Set is easy to handle than other traditional cast iron models. The weight difference between the old cast iron set and this fajita set makes it more maneuverable when tilting and lifting the Pan. It comes with a decorative chili-pepper handle mitt. The mitt protects your hand from hot temperatures as it is a good conductor of heat.

Why do we like it?

  • Factory seasoned.
  • It is stylish and classic with its chili-pepper handle mitt.
  • Very easy to handle.
  • It is perfect for deep frying and searing.
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5. TableCraft Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Fajita Pan Set

Tablecraft Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Fajita Pan Set

The Tablecraft 17″ Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Pan Set is suitable for restaurants and homes. It allows you to serve quality and delightful meals. It has been pre-seasoned with polymerized oil to give it a rustproof finish. The Pan is coated with layers of polymerized oil to prevent meals from sticking to the Pan. Its non-stick surface is not prone to scratches and cracks. It is, therefore, durable and lasts long.

This particular Pan is suitable for a grill, stovetop, or oven.  It is produced from commercial quality cast iron and is built to last. Table Craft is among the range of pans that are easy to clean and maintain. We also like the fajita skillet and a wooden base in the package

The Tablecraft 17″ Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Pan Set is easy to maneuver. It is also lighter than the traditional cast iron. Due to this weight, the handle is designed to ensure easy handling and safety when transferring dishes to plates. The handle is firm and provides extra security when taking the Pan off the stovetop or when draining oil from the Pan. The handle is curved at the sides to give a good grip near the base.

Why do we like it?

  • It is pre-seasoned with polymerized oil.
  • The body does not rust easily.
  • Relatively easy to maintain and clean.
  • Ideal for restaurants and home kitchens.
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Cast Iron Fajita Pans Guide

Cast iron Pans are used for many purposes in the kitchen. However, what you intend to use it for, determines what model or type to purchase at the store or online. For instance, if you want to deep fry, it is better to look for cast iron fajita pans with a-bit-of depth so that most of the ingredients can be submerged in oil. For most beginners, it is advisable to shop for pans with double handles. It will enable easy transference of food. However, many factors affect the easy handling and comfortability of the Pan. Here are some of the factors to look out for if you want to buy the best cast iron Fajita pans.


Cast Iron fajita pans are already pre-seasoned. The material used in pre-seasoning varies from manufacturers. Some can be seasoned with polymerized oil, whereas others are pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil. The pans pre-seasoned with polymerized still require you to prepare them with oil or spray before use. Pans pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil can be used immediately after purchase.

It is advisable to note if the pans are evenly seasoned. An evenly well-seasoned pan has an even tone of color without darker specks or blotches. It comes in either black or brown color. An unseasoned pan comes in silver-gray color and, most times, are not non-stick pans. So if you want a pan that you can use without the need to polish it further, you may want to go for the version pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil.

Easy to maneuver

To determine if a cast iron pan is easy to maneuver, you must look out for the handle, the weight, and the shape of the Pan. Most fajita pans are lighter than the traditional ones. This is to ensure easy carriage. The handle also plays a vital role in this. A handle with curved sides is preferable, as it enables better grip. Pans with two handles are very comfortable and easy to use. Pans with double handles are ideal for beginners.

The shape of the Pan also plays an important role. An oval shape pan makes sizzling and stirring easy. Pans with shallow slopy sides make it easy to transfer meals from the Pan to the plates, while Pans with a bulky mitt allow you to lift the Pan when it is hot.


The fact that a pan is more expensive than others doesn’t make it better than the rest. A study has shown that the inexpensive ones are better in texture and weight. Expensive pans tend to be heavy and have a slightly pebbly texture. The pebbly texture prevents these pans from becoming non-stick on time. Some of them get blotchy stains after searing meats. These stains do not readily affect the performance; however, it would take a while to eliminate the stain as the normal cleaning process won’t get it removed. So we recommend that you do not judge a pan based on price alone but consider other factors as well.

Large pour spout

Pans with functional pour spouts are a must-have. Pans with these spouts don’t make a mess when transferring liquids. Considering the weight and the heat a cast-iron fajita pan emits, a good pour spout is a blessing. A large pour spout reduces the chances of oil spillage and accidental burns. Safety should be of paramount importance to you when shopping for the best cast iron fajita pans

Care and Maintenance

It is better to purchase a pan that can be maintained and cleaned easily. The easiest and the fastest way to clean a cast iron fajita pan is by washing it with warm water. A clever method to remove tough stains is to heat up the Pan before washing. Make sure you only buy pans that are easy to wash. Finally, regardless of the brand you go for, avoid using a hard or metallic sponge or brush on the surface as it could peel off the coat.