Best Casserole Dishes

5 Best Casserole Dishes (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Casserole is a staple diet for many people, and in many homes, it is almost impossible to go a whole week without consuming casserole a few times. Casserole is easy to prepare and takes less time than many other menus; that is why many people eat them every so often. If you prepare casserole often in your home and want your dish to come out right every time, you need the best casserole dishes. Preparing your casserole with just any cookware may work for you, but believe us when we say that you are not getting your ingredients’ full potential.

Casserole dishes made with enameled cast iron or steel are the best because they are specially suited for this type of menus. If you want to buy very good casserole dishes, you need to be very careful, so you don’t end up with the wrong dish or an overpriced version that offers very little value. In this review, we have compiled a list of five of the best casserole dishes and reviewed each of them. Take your time to skim through, and we are sure that you will identify a very good dish for your casserole recipes.

Best Casserole Dishes

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1. Bruntmor Enameled Cast Iron Casserole Dish

Bruntmor Enameled Cast Iron Casserole Dish

Bruntmor casserole dish is a standard dutch oven dish made with cast iron and covered with enameled porcelain. This 6.5-quart dish has very large loop handles and a self-basting ridge on the lid. The cast iron offers superior heat distribution and retention all around to ensure that your food is protected in and out of the fire. The porcelain exterior is another thoughtful design that improves its looks.

Bruntmor casserole dish is ideal for baking as well as a food service vessel. You can use it to prepare your food in the kitchen, and it will serve you just well. You can also use it to serve food on your dining table, and it will not be out of place with other utensils on your table. The shape, color, and design detail are ideal for casual dining settings.

We also like the food-grade materials used in constructing Bruntmor. It is safe and free of PFOA or PTFE materials. Even when it is exposed to intense heat, the contents are safe and will not be contaminated by materials flaking into your food. Bruntmor serves a dual purpose, which makes it a valuable piece of cookware.

Why do we like it?

  • The lid is secure to prevent heat escape
  • A casual but elegant look
  • Very easy to clean
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2. Pyrex Easy Grab Casserole Dish

Pyrex Easy Grab Casserole Dish

Pyrex is a glass casserole dish with a glass lid for covering the top and protecting the contents you put inside it. Although it is a medium-size 2-quart dish, it has a deep chamber to accommodate a significant volume of contents. This dish is versatile cookware because it can be used for baking and serving food. The long handles on both sides of the dish make it very easy for you to carry the dish, especially when it is loaded with food, and you have to be careful, so you don’t spill the content.  The handle is designed to prevent heat, so even when the dish is hot, the handles stay cool.

Pyrex is very functional because it will sit well in your freezer as well as it would in your oven. Preserving your food just got easier with this multi-functional dish. The glass material is non-porous, so it will not absorb food odor or flavors. It is also anti-stain, which makes it very easy to wash. With just soap, water, and a soft sponge, Pyrex casserole dish will be as good as new once again.

When cleaning this dish, avoid using a metal sponge or a metal utensil to scrape off particles, not to ruin its look. This versatile dish is a great addition to your kitchen for the cooking, storage, and serving value it offers.

Why do we like it?

  • It is dishwasher, freezer, and oven safe
  • Made with a tempered glass of the highest quality
  • The glass body makes it relatively easy to clean
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3. Hompiks Casserole Porcelain Dish and Bakeware Set

Hompiks Casserole Porcelain Dish And Bakeware Set

We decided to include this set by Hompiks for those looking for something more than just a dish for their casserole. This set right here has 3 pieces of pans and dishes for all your baking and storage needs. The baking pan is 11×8 inches, and it will accommodate your dough and pastries. You can also use it to prepare your lasagna and many other food items of choice. As for the casserole dish, there is so much you can do with it. You can use it to prepare roasted meat, bake brownies and lasagnas, prepare grating and desserts, and so much more.

Hompiks units have the right size to suit your baking requirements. The units in this set are made with environmentally friendly materials with quality glaze and ceramic. They have long-lasting features, so no matter the intense degree of heat they are exposed to, they will not fall apart. As for the handles, they are designed with double-ear features and coated with a non-slip covering to prevent slippage.

Hompiks is a great set for your home. You can also offer it as a gift to a loved one. It has long-term value so expect this set to play an active role in your meal preparation for a long time to come.

Why do we like it?

  • Safe under high temperature
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Stackable features to conserve space in your kitchen
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4. Le Creuset Heritage Rectangular Casserole Dish

Le Creuset Heritage Rectangular Casserole Dish

Le Creuset is a household name for kitchen products, and their items are some of the best culinary pieces on the market. If you are looking for a very good casserole dish that will satisfy your cooking and serving needs, consider this 4-quart dish with indigo color. Most dishes are round, but this one is rectangular. While a rectangle shape may seem quite odd, you only need to see it first hand to appreciate the design.

The base material is stoneware, but it has an enamel covering that will prevent damage caused by heat exposure and sharp utensils. The styling pattern of its design is also luxurious. Spotting a classic French look, this casserole dish is an attractive vessel to serve your meals if you don’t want to use it for your casserole preparation alone.  It is 15.6 inches in length, 5.3 inches in height, and 10.1 inches wide. That is enough interior space to contain your casseroles.

Cooking with Le Creuset will not take your time because it heats up very quickly. It is also very flexible, so you can use it to microwave cold food.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy release of contents
  • Anti-scratch and anti-stain features
  • Dishwasher safe
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5. Rachael Ray Cucina 3-Piece Casserole Dish Set

Rachael Ray Cucina 3 Piece Casserole Dish Set

Rachael Ray is a 3 piece casserole dish set with a lid spotting an Algarve blue color. If you want to save a few bucks on your purchase, consider this set. Buying a single dish may not be such a bad idea, but investing in this set with 3 units is a smarter way to save money. In this set, there is a 1.5-quart baker, a 2-quart dish baker, and a lid. That means this set offers you two dishes instead of one for your cooking and baking comfort. In terms of durability, we are sure that you will like the dishes’ solid stoneware material, which makes them less susceptible to cracks. Even when they are exposed to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, they maintain their form.

Rachael Ray is best described as an oven-to-table dish because it is also suitable for food serving. The flared handles they each come with make it very easy for you to carry them while loaded with food. Each dish’s base is also flat, so the possibility of it tumbling over when you place it on your dining table is zero.

This versatile round dish is ideal for both homeowners and professional chefs. They are oven safe of up to 550 degrees and have long-term value. This set is a money saver both in terms of the number of dishes in the set and the extra durability feature.

Why do we like it?

  • Versatile bakeware and serveware
  • The lid offers even more heat protection when in the oven
  • Allows you to bake two meal batches simultaneously
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Casserole Dishes Buyer’s Guide

Whenever you decide to go shopping for a casserole dish for your kitchen, there are more than a few factors you need to pay attention to. Picking up any cookware for your casserole will not suffice if it is the quality that you are looking for. The best casserole dishes make the preparation of delicious casseroles an everyday reality, not a remote possibility. With so many casserole dishes on sale today, there is a likelihood that you may end up with a dish that is either unfit for a casserole or one that is not good enough. To help you identify very good casserole dishes, we highlight some of the features to look out for.


The first thing you want to look at is the size of the dish. Picking the right size is important as you would not want to choose a dish that is too small or too big. Dishes come in different sizes, such as 4 quart, 5 quart, or 6 quarts. Then you have dishes that a 2-1 quart size. A 4-quart dish is large enough and is by far the most popular size. At the end of the day, the size you buy is up to you, but make sure you first measure your oven’s size before placing an order for the dish.


You also want to consider the shape. Common shapes are rectangular and square shapes, with the round shape the most common of the three. Some dishes have oval shapes too. The shape you choose should be up to you.


Casserole dishes are quite weighty because most of them are made of cast iron and stoneware to withstand oven heat. However, you don’t want to buy a dish that is too heavy. A weighty dish will place your hands under much strain.


The color is another important feature not to overlook if you want to use it to serve food. There is no general rule to pick the right color, but we recommend that you consider your kitchen and dining area’s general look when making a choice.


The material of the dish is by far the most important feature to pay close attention to. The best casserole dishes are constructed with durable materials like stainless steel and cast iron. Of the two, cast iron is the best because it retains heat for longer and is tougher. A combination of cast iron and stoneware ensures that the dish can withstand heat. Porcelain stoneware also has anti-scratch features too. Before you make a final decision, take your time to review the casserole dish’s build materials you wish to buy. Furthermore, you can also read the reviews posted by previous buyers to gain more insight.


Last but not least are the handles. Going for a large handle is not enough. You also want to make sure that the handles have anti-heat features. Anti-heat features ensure that the handles stay cool even when the dish itself is hot. The best casserole dishes have non-slip handles. Going for a non-slip feature is a smart choice, so you don’t run the risk of spilling your food when your hands are wet.