5 Best Carbon Steel Woks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Carbon steel Woks are specialized pieces of Cookware made from carbon steel, a material that can handle the high temperatures used in wok cooking. Carbon steel woks have the sturdiness you need and are very heat tolerant. This Cookware is cone-shaped and can be used to stir fry meats and vegetables, and other ingredients quickly.

They come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. However, because woks are designed to be used at high temperatures, they need to be made from strong, sturdy materials such as carbon steel.

You can use a carbon steel wok for varying recipes, ingredients, and cooking methods, but it does not necessarily cover a wide range of cooking methods. Woks are mostly used in restaurants but can also be used in the comfort of your home. These products are a unique complement to your cookware set. Our guide shows our top choices of the best carbon steel Woks.

Best Carbon Steel Woks

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Here are our best Carbon steel Wok reviews.

1. Kenmore Hammond Carbon Steel Wok

Kenmore Hammond Carbon Steel Wok

Since we realize that there are many options available, we want to go the extra mile in helping you make the right choice. Made from heavy gauge1.8-millimeter carbon steel, Kenmore Hammond carbon steel wok retains and distributes heat evenly. We recommend this natural nonstick Cookware. With a solid and sturdy handle, you have yourself a firm grip.

Kenmore Hammond Flat Bottom Carbon Steel Wok also has a natural iron surface and is perfectly designed to be rust-resistant. We value safety above anything else, so we recommend this Wok for its safety and comfort.

The heat-resistant features allow for low-oil and low-fat cooking with easy cleanup. For safe cleaning, we advise you to hand wash this Wok. This carbon steel cookware is stable with all cooking surfaces/cooktops as well as induction, use on gas, electric, induction stovetops, outdoor grills, or open fire.

Why do we Like it?

  • Strong handle.
  • Even heat distribution
  • Durable carbon body build
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2. Cooks Standard Nonstick Wok

Cooks Standard Nonstick Wok

Cook’s standard flat bottom wok comes in different sizes to suit your needs. It is made from tempered glass and aluminum, giving you the extra feature of a durable surface. You can also hold a large amount of food for multiple uses. Like any other good Wok, it heats evenly/quickly and prevents hot points. When you have reliable Cookware as a brilliant addition to your set, cooking is made easier for you. With Cooks’ standard Nonstick carbon steel Wok, there is enough space for your larger food portions

The temperature-receptive design means you get the same terrific and sizzling results as cast iron, only without having to go through much trouble cleaning afterward.

Although  Cooks standard wok is not compatible with induction surfaces, it can still be used on gas and electric surfaces. It is dishwasher safe; however, we recommend you hand wash.  We love this Cookware because it is easy to clean and ready to use after a quick wash-up. No need for harsh chemicals or abrasives. You can be sure the nonstick coating helps deliver exceptional performance.

Why do we like it?

  • Durable
  • Easy clean
  • Temperature-resistant
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3. Master Pan Copper Tone Non-stick Wok

Master Pan Copper Tone Non Stick Wok

If you love authentic pieces in your kitchen, then this is what you need. Master pan nonstick Wok is another creation you would love. It also has different colors and sizes and is a brilliant choice for preparing a wide range of dishes. It works for stir-frying, stewing, sauteing, steaming, and several other cooking processes. Its nonstick feature makes it easy for food to come right off the Wok. If you do not intend to go for the usual black-colored Woks, you can get the Master pan nonstick Wok in Copper.

If there is any product that has proven its quality over the years, it is the Master pan nonstick Wok. This carbon steel cookware has proven itself a worthy kitchen tool. We like the even heat distribution that it gives to your cooking and ensuring your food heats up rapidly. It is ideal for cooking a full-sized meal for your family.

With a sturdy, riveted design, you can make delicious meals repeatedly without having to be bothered at how quickly it may have to be replaced. If you are searching for a Wok that is easy to season and maintain, we recommend  Master pan nonstick Wok. This pan comes with top-grade heat distribution and temperature control.

Why do we like it?

  • Heat resistant handle.
  • Affordable
  • Natural nonstick material.
  • High-quality stainless-steel handle
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4. T-Fal Nonstick Carbon Steel Wok

T Fal Nonstick Carbon Steel Wok

Another top choice for us is the T-fal tough-coat carbon steel wok. This carbon steel pan comes with a lid and stir fry spatula. This sleek and seasoned carbon steel pan is an easy product to maintain. Be rest assured, it is a great addition to your cookware set. T-fal allows for even heat distribution to ensure your food is properly done.

Warms up quickly and even retains heat for your meals. Built to deliver near-perfect cooking results, you can count on this kitchen tool to do the hard work. T-fal has a much stronger protective layer than the original metal and does not react to acidic foods. It is suitable for all stovetops, excluding induction. The T-fal Wok works fabulously with its helper-handle.

This incredible kitchenware can take high heat. It is perfect for various functions, from professional, home to camp use. Like any other good quality product, its riveted silicone handle has been designed for comfort and safety.

Why do we like it?

  • Tough
  • Highly effective
  • Affordable
  • Sleek finish
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5. Souped Up Carbon Steel Woks

Souped Up Carbon Steel Woks

Right from the stables of souped-up recipes, this is a brilliant creation for your kitchen. With a fastened steel handle, it provides a firm and sturdy grip. This carbon steel wok is a top choice. It is lightweight and responds to heat alterations quickly and evenly. We want you to experience the best of your home-made dishes.

Accessories are great features for any Cookware, and Souped-up carbon steel wok comes with its own carefully and beautifully designed accessories. They include a lovely wooden lid and a stainless-steel spatula. The handle is one that will not get hot during use. It has a very thoughtful and sleek finish to get you started on your cooking right away.  It also has easy-clean elements that speed up your cleanup process. Despite the many options, our buyer guide can help you narrow down and weigh your various options. It is highly affordable and recommended.

One other top feature is that it can be carried easily, and unlike many woks, this has a longer handle for easy grip. It helps in getting food and oil to sit on the sides. So, wherever and whatever cooking space you find yourself in, do not forget to have fun with your meals and make wonderful memories.

Why do we like it?

  • Long and sturdy handle
  • Lightweight
  • Non-stick.
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Carbon Steel Wok Buyer’s Guide

We all know making good food brings a home together, whether it is a family event or a community gathered for some healthy dishes. Your best options are to get some of the great carbon steel woks. A world without good food is not one that is considered vibrant and cheerful.  Not all woks are created the same. A good wok is one of the most adaptable pans in a kitchen. Beyond being the best choice for a stir fry, it is also the ideal Cookware for deep-frying and steaming. The best carbon steel woks come in different sizes, colors, make, and brands, as well as differing features.

Now that you have a little more understanding of how this kitchen Cookware works, what are the top highlights you need to look out for when buying a carbon steel wok pan?

General Information

The first thing you need to bear in mind as you commence your search is the maintenance requirements. Although Woks are sturdy and durable, they need regular maintenance to keep their shape and form. When properly cared for, a good carbon steel wok will end up with a practically nonstick surface.  The good thing about these woks is that you can explore various cooking methods, especially with the right guide.

Carbon steel woks have pure iron elements to trap and distribute heat evenly. So when shopping for a Wok, the maintenance requirements are vital and should be one of the foremost features at the back of your mind.


The types of carbon steel woks that can work for you are Cantonese-style woks with two smaller handles on both sides. Your other alternative is to get yourself a Northern-style model with a much longer handle and sometimes a smaller helper-handle on the reverse side. These large handles ease flipping and stir-frying, while the shorter handles make your Wok easier to lift. Carbon steel material gets blacker when you use it, and that is a good thing. The black cover you see means that the surface is getting nonstick with constant use.  So whichever option you go for, make sure it is one that fits your requirement.


There are several options of carbon steel woks you can choose from. Although it can be a tough decision to make most times, we recommend a flexible feature to help make your decision process easier. Consider a wok carbon steel pan that can best suit your needs and personal preferences. It must also have an easy lift and not be too heavy to carry around. The smaller the number of people you are catering for, the more portable your carbon steel wok pan should be. The size also helps you factor in storage space as you also want your kitchen to look neat and tidy each time you put your Cookware away.

Cooking Top or heat source

Every piece of cooking utensil you purchase ought to have flexible functions. Carbon steel woks are not exempted. More importantly, consider your heat source. Some Woks do not do well with induction burners so, if you have an induction burner, avoid such models. On the other hand, some work well with any surface. A Wokthat works well with your current heat source may seem like a good idea, but what if you eventually go for a different burner? We recommend a Wok that can work well for all heat sources, be it Gas stoves, induction burners, or Campfires,


We certainly do not want you running to the store to replace any of your Cookware set just a little while after purchase. Seeking replacements soon after your recent purchase is not an ideal situation to find yourself and you and may end up piling more expenses you did not plan for. This is the reason why you should look out for a Carbon steel wok that is strong and durable. In terms of durability, appearance should count for less. If you look only at the finishing (which is equally important), you may not get the best pick. Woks with simple designs, easy-to-use features that are sold at affordable prices are your best bet.

Cleaning process

How much work and energy are you willing to put into your cleaning process? Not much we believe! That is why it is usually wise to opt for a carbon steel wok that is light, easy to carry around, and affords you an easy and seamless cleaning process. You save time, energy and can still get a good cleaning for your Cookware. With these listed guides, you are on your way to some good cooking.


Lastly, make sure you have a budget in mind before you commence your search for the best carbon steel Woks. Resist the temptation to pay an exorbitant price for a Wok. A durable and ergonomic Wok is all you need to cook great meals for your family.