Best Carbon Steel Pans

5 Best Carbon Steel Pans (Reviews Updated 2021)

Carbon steel pans (also referred to as French steels) are made from cast iron components. Carbon steel pans have the same durability and heat tolerance as cast iron, and they heat up quite fast. The carbon component makes these pans durable and strong but also more delicate and less flexible. A flawless balance.

Although this cookware has many benefits, it may however not be very ideal for all cooking situations. Frying pans are usually some of the most common types of carbon based cookware, but there are other cooking utensils like pots, sauce pans and roasters with the same material feature.

You can use carbon steel pans for varying recipes, ingredients, and cooking methods, but it does not necessarily cover a wide range of cooking methods. These carbon steel pans are mostly used in restaurants but can also be used in the comfort of your home. For those moments when you are in the mood to cook hearty meals, you can as well rely on your effective and strong carbon steel pans. These products are an exceptional complement to your cookware set. Are you looking to upgrade your cookware set with one of these amazing pans? If you answered that in the affirmative, then you have come to the right place. Our guide shows our top choices of carbon steel pans. This guide will help you make an informed decision.

Best Carbon Steel Pans

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1. Debuyer Carbon Steel Pan

Debuyer Carbon Steel Pan

While we understand that there are very many options on the market to pick from, we also would love to help you make the best decision you possibly can. We do not want you just to imagine the experience of enjoying a great carbon steel pan; we want you to live it out. That is why we recommend the Mineral B carbon steel pan from De Buyer. This cookware is a 100% natural nonstick pan with a solid metal handle. This carbon steel pan has good heat conduction and transfers heat swiftly into food. Debuyer is an ideal choice for broiling or frying.

Debuyer carbon steel pan also has a natural iron surface. This surface is hardened with nitrogen and designed in such a way that it is rust-resistant. We always want to prioritize safety when considering purchasing cookware for our homes. As such, this steel pan comes with an extra-long and solid metal handle for easy grip.

We love the fact that this carbon steel pan is naturally nonstick after seasoning (on medium heat), further extending its shelf life. This carbon steel cookware is consistent with all cooking surfaces/cooktops, such as induction, gas cookers, electric cookers, induction stovetops, outdoor grills, or over open campfires.


Why do we Like it?

  • Strong handle.
  • Non-stick after seasoned.
  • Versatility
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2. Bk Cookware Carbon Steel Pan

Bk Cookware Carbon Steel Pan

It is said that laughter is the brightest when food is the best. Getting to that point will bring you a certain comfort level when you have a reliable and sturdy carbon steel pan as a companion. With the BK cookware black carbon steel skillet, you have a stronger and more durable option as compared to a traditional grey carbon steel pan.

BK cookware black carbon steel also comes in different sizes and colors. This cookware has been designed to build a natural nonstick patina layer, especially after constant use. The temperature-receptive design means you get the same terrific and sizzling results as cast iron, only without having to go through much trouble.

How about those full days when you wish to get up early and get your errands completed on time? You certainly do not have time to scrub so hard to get your pan clean. This carbon steel pan is made with those needs put into consideration. With a thin silicone wax layer that is simpler to remove than a thick coat of grease, it is ready to use after a quick wash up. BK carbon steel provides an exceptional grilling and searing experience for you.

Why do we like it?

  • Durable
  • Easy clean
  • Temperature-resistant
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3. Matfer Bourgeat Carbon Steel Pan

Matfer Bourgeat Carbon Steel Pan

If you are looking for an all-round functional and versatile carbon steel pan, this is the cookware product you need. The Matfer Bourgeat carbon steel pan is another creation you would love. It comes in different colors and sizes and is a superb choice for searing meats, frying omelets, grilling fish, and preparing a wide range of dishes. This pan works for stir-frying, stewing, sauteing, steaming, and several other cooking processes.

Careful! You might get a burn! Just kidding! With the heat-resistant and sturdy handle, there is no going back to “oohs” and ouches. This Is an 11.88-inch carbon steel pan that is just right for you. The Matfer Bourgeat kitchen pan also has a high-rounded lid to minimize or even eliminate hot splashes (depending on what you are cooking). This carbon steel pan gives even heat distribution to ensure your food heats up rapidly, cooking it evenly.

When considering your purchase for the best carbon steel pan, you need to evaluate its durability, and this cookware is not left out. With a sturdy, riveted design, you can make delicious meals repeatedly for years and never have to worry about replacing it too soon. If you are searching for a pan that is easy to season and maintain, we recommend Matfer Bourgeat Kitchen pan. This pan comes with top-notch heat distribution and temperature control, enabling vitamin and nutrient preservation in your food.

Why do we like it?

  • Heat resistant handle.
  • Affordable
  • Natural nonstick material that ultimately promotes healthy living
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4. Lodge Carbon Steel Pan

Lodge Carbon Steel Pan

Now that Carbon steel pans are making their marks in kitchens globally, there are varying options available. Another top choice for you is Lodge Carbon steel pan. This carbon steel pan comes with a lid and stir fry spatula. This sleek and seasoned carbon steel pan is an easy product to maintain. Lodge is a great addition to your cookware set. This pan, while cooking, allows for even heat distribution to ensure your food is properly done.

It is highly recommended because it warms up quickly and even retains heat for your lovely meals. We advise that during the first few times you use this pan, a little extra oil may be required to season it into shape. It also allows for a wide range of cooking methods and processes. You may need to hand wash, dry immediately, and then rub with some cooking oil for easy care.

This incredible kitchen addition can take high heat. It is perfect for various functions, from professional, home to camp use. Like any other good carbon steel product, this pan is pre-flavored and ready to use. With Lodge, you stand to enjoy the full value of benefits that you pay for.

Why do we like it?

  • Tough and well-made
  • Highly effective
  • Brilliant heating properties
  • Sleek finish
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5. Cuisinart Chef’s Carbon Steel Pan

Cuisinart Chef's Carbon Steel Pan

The Cuisinart stainless carbon steel pan is also one of our top choices. It is an amazing cooking piece for your kitchen. There is nothing as relieving and as seamless as a lightweight carbon steel pan. This Cuisinart chef’s pan is no exception. Its versatile and dynamic material heats up quickly enough. Its triple-riveted steel handle provides a firm and sturdy grip, extra support, and balance when lifting and pouring whatever sumptuous meal you are about to dish.  This way, you can move hot food from one distance to another without having to worry about the pan slipping out of your hands. This pan will give you amazing bonus points on your cooking!

Another great feature of Cuisinart chef’s carbon steel pan is its clean finish and classic looks. It is great for classic cooking techniques and is also dishwasher safe, so maintenance will not be a problem. This is one product that is equally varied and suitable for all stovetops. Thoughtful finishing to get you started straight away, this is an invention that develops a naturally nonstick layer over time. Such an inventive component makes it perfect for frying fish, making omelets, and getting a perfect flame.

It also has easy-clean elements that speed up your cleanup process. We are sure if you go along with the manual and some tips from our buyer guide, there will be less of a mess created in your kitchen. For storage purposes, this nonstick carbon steel pan has a plan! It comes with hanging holes, creating an easy and compact plan for storing your pan and other items in your cookware set. So, if you enjoy cooking for your family, either for small or large events, then this is a Carbon steel pan that is just the ideal tool for you.

Why do we like it?

  • Lightweight and quick heating.
  • Safe for oven use.
  • Non-stick.
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Carbon Steel Pans Buyer’s Guide

We know that there is a huge difference between cooking just for the sake of it and cooking with passion, creativity, and love. As they say, no one is born a great cook; you learn simply by doing. Carbon steel pans are designed to help you achieve great cooking. Whichever route you decide to take, we have decided to make the journey easier and as stressless as possible. We have come to recognize that cooking is an art that demands attention and patience. The best carbon steel pans come in different sizes, colors, brands as well as varying features. There are also different types ranging from Mild or low-carbon steel to High and Ultra-high carbon. It is also crucial that you consider the cost and other personal requirements of yours before you pick a pan for your home.

You also need to bear in mind that because carbon is made for high-heat cooking, you may need to find a safe way to keep your space a bit cool or leave the space for a little while during your cooking sessions. The good thing about carbon steel pans is that you can also make good use of them in open spaces. This is so that you do not lose out on the great cooking experience you are willing to create for yourself and your family. Carbon steel pans include pure iron for better heat retention and even distribution. It features beeswax finishing, so it is entirely resistant to oxidation and rust.

Carbon steel material gets blacker when you use it, and that is a good thing. The black covering you see means that the surface is getting nonstick by the day. Now, to the crux of the matter;

What are some of the top features you need to look out for when buying a good and sturdy carbon steel pan?


Whether you are catering for a large family or one that is small and tight Knit, there are varying options of carbon steel pans that can well suit your needs. The size you choose should be down to the number of mouths you cook for.


Every piece of cookware you purchase should have flexible functions. Carbon steel pans are not excluded from this equation. You want a steel pan that you can use to fry, roast, and perform different cooking functions. Versatility saves you the extra cost that would be spent on different cookware for other important functions.

More importantly, examine your preferences and be sure it can be used for various cooktops before picking it out.


You need a steel pan that will last you for years. Some of the best carbon steel pans end up becoming family heirlooms passed on from parents to their children. Although we are not saying that should be the case with your next purchase, however, we recommend that you evaluate the quality of the construction material closely. The best carbon steel pans are crafted with high-grade materials that will stand the test of time. If the build materials are good, the pan will likely last for several years.