Best Canned Tomatoes

5 Best Canned Tomatoes (Reviews Updated 2021)

Tomatoes are widely consumed fruits and are used to prepare different meals like soups, salads, and ketchup. The increasing demand for the best canned tomatoes products has remained constant because it is an integral part of both local and international cuisines the world over. Tomato is rich in lutein and lycopene carotenoids that help the body function effectively and efficiently. Due to the degree of processing this fruit passes through before it is ready for the cooking pot, most people prefer to buy canned tomatoes because they are easy to use.

There are numerous branded tomatoes in the market, thereby making the search for a good product even more difficult than it should be. If you’ve had difficulty identifying good products in the market, this review is for you. Our buyer guide will help you make the right decision on the best brands to buy.

Best Canned Tomatoes

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1. Muir Glen Organic Diced Tomato

Muir Glen Organic Diced Tomato

If you want a natural and organic tomato-free from chemical fertilizer, this is the right product for you. Are you tired of chemicals that are detrimental to your health? You should seek out canned tomato sauces that act as antioxidants but yet, improve your health immeasurably.

Glen organic diced tomato is ideal for your family. The product can be found in various grocery stores across the United States of America. Muir, glen organic diced tomato is fresh and very tasty with no additives or preservatives. This natural tomato sauce is ideal for small and large families. One of the reasons why we strongly recommend this product is because it contains no saturated fat or cholesterol that could be harmful to your health. Muir glen is certified by USDA for its superior quality and safe packaging.

When you buy Muir, glen organic diced tomato, you will enjoy the rich natural flavors of tomato sauce seasoned with sea salt at a mild level, organic onion powder, and organic garlic powder.  You can cook different recipes with this tomato paste.

Why do we like it?

  • Rich flavor
  • Sweet taste
  • Brilliantly packaged
  • Fresh and natural tomato sauce
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2. Cento Plum Tomatoes

Cento Plum Tomatoes

Cento is one of the most recognized premium tomato brands popular among chefs in America. This brand is known for its premium quality in terms of ingredients and nutritional benefits. We love Cento canned tomatoes because it improves the taste of meals due to the salt and citric acid it contains. Cento Plum tomatoes are perfect for your family because of their delicious taste.

We recommend this product because the seeds are naturally grown, and each can contains 100% vine tomatoes giving you and your family that fresh tomato taste. Cento plum tomatoes stand in a class of its own among other canned tomatoes brands in the market for the value it offers. Some of its premium ingredients include Whole Peeled Plum Tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Salt, Naturally Derived Citric Acid, and Basil Leaf.

You can prepare your different recipes with this Italian brand because it is a flexible condiment that is non-discriminatory and guarantees a consistent flavor for all your dishes. In case you have not tried Cento Plum, we highly recommend that you should.

Why do we like it?

  • Rich flavor
  • Organic
  • Brilliantly packaged
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3. Fattoria Fresca Crushed Tomatoes

Fattoria Fresca Crushed Tomatoes

Fattoria Fresca is another canned tomato product that is one of the best in the market. If you are looking for fresh jersey tomatoes in the United States, we highly recommend Fattoria Fresca crushed tomatoes. This tomato sauce does not contain citric acid concentrates, water, sugar, or puree paste making it a perfect choice for your recipes.

FATTORIA is the right brand for you to stay healthy because it is free of any preservatives or chemicals, rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, and lycopene. Weighted at 1.6 pounds in 12 packs, you and your family can enjoy the rich and delicious tomato taste of Fattoria Fresca offers. We love how this product can be used to prepare different recipes such as pasta, chilis, stews with varieties of ingredients and flavors.

Fattoria Fresca is committed to ensuring that you enjoy the best-canned tomatoes in the market because the tomatoes are picked when ripe, carefully processed, and cooked with a perfect blend of spices to make your recipes unique and delicious.

Why do we like it?

  • Sweet taste with no added sugar
  • Freshly selected
  • Affordable
  • Well packaged
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4. Cento San Marzano Organic Peeled Tomatoes

Cento San Marzano Organic Peeled Tomatoes


If you are looking for one of the finest canned tomatoes in the market, Cento San Marzano is the perfect choice for your family. Cento San Marzano ensures that you enjoy 100 percent vine- ripened tomatoes in your different cuisines. Cento San Marzano is different from many other brands in the market in terms of quality because it contains only fresh and natural tomato seeds without any additives or preservatives.

We highly recommend this product because it is organic, gluten-free and BPA free. Cento ensures that you enjoy the best nutritional benefits that are hygienic to your health.  Also, San Marzano is certified by international standards; providing the highest quality tomatoes that add delicious flavors to your recipes.

You will be making the perfect choice for your family when you buy San Marzano because it contains the finest ingredients that your family will love in their meals. Weighted at 1.8 pounds, these peeled canned tomatoes will give your recipes that authentic Italian taste worth tasting.

Why do we like it?

  • Unique flavor
  • Thick sauce
  • Great value for money
  • Organic and fresh without any additives
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5. Colavita Italian Diced Tomatoes

Colavita Italian Diced Tomatoes

According to the bestseller rank, Colavita diced tomatoes is ranked second among the list of the best canned and diced tomatoes products in the industry, and it is also in the top 100 list of grocery and gourmet food items in the market. Colavita has built its reputation over the years ensuring that its consumers enjoy premium products.

Colavita is one of the finest Italian tomato products. This tomatoes have been carefully diced in large chunks to maintain  quality, consistency, and  flavor. Give your different recipes that lovely fragrance and delicious taste of red tomatoes. Colavita Tomatoes are carefully picked and packed to maintain their freshness. Weighted at 13.76 ounces per 16 packs, Colavita is the perfect choice for your family. It can be used in different recipes such as homemade pasta, pizza, baked dishes, and chili.

Colavita is one of the few canned tomatoes brands in the market that is committed to ensuring that you enjoy quality tomatoes. They come in modern and sustainable packs to ensure you enjoy the natural taste that is safe for consumption. Also, Colavita is GMO-free with no added salt. It is also Kosher OU certified ensuring that you enjoy premium tomatoes in strict adherence to international standards.

Why do we like it?

  • Natural and sustainable pack
  • Great taste
  • Fresh without any additives 
  • Great value for money
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Canned Tomatoes Brands Buyer’s Guide

Having reviewed the five different brands of canned tomatoes in the market, it is paramount to know certain information that will influence your buying decision. There are many canned tomato brands in the grocery market laying claim as being the best product that offers customers the most value for their money.  When faced with so many brands all begging for your attention and your money, the next question you should ask is how do you ascertain the best tomato brands from the rest? We have crafted the best guide to help you make an informed decision when next you shop for canned tomatoes.

Types of Canned Tomatoes

There are different varieties of canned tomatoes in the market. We have the whole peeled tomatoes, diced tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, tomato puree, and tomato paste. When buying your canned tomatoes, you have to know the interesting features of each tomato type. To begin with, the whole peeled tomatoes are less processed and versatile, while the diced tomatoes are very firm as a result of calcium chloride and don’t break easily when exposed to heat. Tomato puree is cooked and strained tomatoes, while tomato pastes are concentrated tomato juice. Cherry tomatoes are known for their sweet flavor and improve the tastes of the meals they are used for.

Before you finalize a purchase, know the different types and ensure that you only buy the type that will suit your recipe.


It is very important to only buy canned tomatoes that are fresh without any preservatives or additives. To enjoy the natural tomato taste flavor in your meals, we recommend you look out for brands that are organic, natural, and 100 percent tomato sauce.  Go through the label carefully to make sure you are buying a quality product. Organic tomato products are the best canned tomatoes because they are completely natural and gluten-free.


Don’t take the packaging for granted. In the grocery market, brands offer different dimensions, the number of packs, and weights of their canned tomatoes. Some brands have brilliant packaging while others don’t. It is very important to buy brands that offer the best and durable cans to prevent damaged tomato sauces and ensure they are fresh and ready to consume. Remember, these products pass through a very long process from the farms; the seeds are picked all the way to the factories before they make their way to the selling points. You want to make sure that you go for a safe product and pass through certified packaging standards.

Delicious taste

We recommend that you buy only canned tomatoes that are rich in flavor with varieties of ingredients. Carefully read your favorite canned tomatoes’ labels to look out for unique ingredients that will improve your recipe’s taste. Every brand has its unique style; some brands are Italian-style sauce while others are not. To get the value for your money, consider Italian-styled sauces. They are tasty, flexible, and will suit any recipe you have in mind.

Nutritional Benefits

You should never rule out this very important factor when buying your canned tomatoes in the market. Always look out for nutritional facts such as vitamins, lycopene, iron, calcium, sodium-free, and no sugar or salt added. Each of these nutrients is beneficial to your health. Calcium is for healthy bones, lycopene is an antioxidant that protects the body from cancer and heart diseases, and vitamins for boosting the immune system. Make the right decision when you want to purchase your next canned tomatoes. Great tasting products are good, but the ones that contain healthy nutrients are better.

Shelf life

The shelf life of canned tomatoes should never be ignored. Always buy products that can last long. A good brand should be able to last for at least a year. You don’t want to consume a product that is not hygienic to your health, do you?. We recommend that you buy brands with excellent packaging and no sign of damages. Once opened, canned tomatoes should be easily transferred to a container, refrigerated, and used within five to seven days.