5 Best Canned Smoked Oyster (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Canned smoked oysters make cooking easy. It saves you the stress of preparing from scratch and still gives you the essential nutrients in the oysters. In addition, it enhances the taste of your dish and makes it more delicious.  The best canned smoked oysters will provide you these benefits and are safe for your health. They have a delectable taste and can be used in various recipes, sauces, portions of pasta, soups, stews, stir fry, and pizzas.

There are different brands of canned smoked oysters, so finding the best might take some time and still leave you confused. That’s why we are here, to give you the best of all. Below we review our five best canned smoked oysters. They are safe, delicious, and surely give you value for your money. Please have a look.

Best Canned Smoked Oysters

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Here are our five best canned smoked oyster reviews.

1. Crown Prince Naturally Smoked Oysters

Crown Prince Naturally Smoked Oysters

Crown Prince has always been perfect, giving unarguably the best canned smoked oysters over the years; they never disappoint. This canned smoked oyster is rich in essential nutrients like protein, iron and is a good source of omega-3. Its Versatility is top-notch! You can use it as toppings in your pizza, stir fry, in a sauce, and many other dishes

We call it the best because it is packed in olive oil. This ensures that it lasts longer. It is a ready-to-eat canned oyster that is very tasty. You can eat it right from the can by simply applying a little balsamic vinegar, and you are good to go.

Crown Prince smoked oysters come in a ring-pull can, so you don’t need to grab a knife or can opener. Instead, pull the ring and enjoy. This canned oyster is simply the best.

Why do we like it?

  • GMO-free
  • Gluten and BPA free
  • Easy to open
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2. Reese Medium Smoked Oysters

Reese Medium Smoked Oysters

Reese is easy to cook and takes no time at all. It is packed in cottonseed oil, so it stays fresh. This oyster is medium size, so it is quick to cook. The texture does not overwhelm the taste and appearance of your dishes; rather, it blends in and gives it a salty-sweet flavor. Reese will bring out the best taste in your pasta and stews but does even better in your soups.

These canned smoked oysters are so good they make your dish spectacular. A touch of it makes everything yummy! You’ll never stop at the first try, and the amazing flavor will keep you wanting more.

Reese is a trusted brand, having being in existence for 30 years. This brand produces high-value products, so rest assured that you will get value for your money. Reese medium smoked oyster is one of such products. It is as good as reviewed, so consider giving it a try.

Why do we like it?

  • Contains Omega-3
  • Lasts longer
  • Easy and quick to cook
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3. Roland Oysters, Medium Smoked

Roland Oysters, Medium Smoked

These are not just the best but the freshest. Roland contains oysters that are freshly picked from the pure waters of the pacific ocean and smoked with wood chips that give them their smoky flavor and aroma. They have a mild flavor and contain no additives, gluten, or trans fat. You can eat it raw from the can, with pasta, fresh vegetables or spread it on bread.

Roland oyster medium smoked, has no shells attached, making it neat and attractive. It relieves you of the hassle of removing them yourself. They are dark brown and have a firm texture. If you like to snack a lot, Roland will be a great option. The same is true for your family as well.

With Roland Oysters medium smoked, you get the full value for your money. In addition, this product is safe and nutritious, making it a worthy addition to your menu list.

Why do we like it?

  • Gluten-free
  • Contains no additives
  • Trans-fat free
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4. Crown Prince Mildly Spiced Smoked Oysters

Crown Prince Mildly Spiced Smoked Oysters

Crown Prince canned smoked oyster with red chili peppers is another brand we classify as one of the best canned smoked oysters. So if you prefer your oysters hot and spicy, this is the best canned smoked oyster for you. It is packed in cottonseed oil and has good protein values. Crown Pince is a good source of omega-3. Furthermore, the oysters in each can are naturally smoked and have a uniform size and color.

This product is affordable,  and we can boldly say that it is low in price but high in value. The oysters are plumy, mildly spiced, not over-salty, and have a very sumptuous visual appeal. You can use it in your pasta or rice, and your food will come out right.

With Crown Prince mildly spiced smoked oysters, you will not be disappointed. The content is tasty, healthy, and satisfying, so consider giving it a try.

Why do we like it?

  • Good source of protein
  • Easy snack
  • Contains Omega-3.
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5. Reese Large Smoked Oysters

Reese Large Smoked Oysters

If you like your oysters in large sizes, this is the best canned smoked oyster for you. The content is prepared with farm-raised smoked oysters, cottonseed oil, and salt. Although Reese oyster has a thick texture, its large size makes it a mouthful. If you add it to your menu, you are guaranteed a natural and savory taste.

This product is good for your heart health because of its Omega-3 content. The oysters are smoked with cherry wood, giving you a smoky canned delicacy.

When it comes to gourmet specialty ingredients, Reese has been one of America’s most trusted names for almost a century, and this particular product is labeled based on the United States’ dietary standard. So you have all you want in a single can for a good price.

Why do we like it?

  • Good for heart health
  • Large size
  • Perfect texture
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Canned Smoked Oyster Buyers Guide

Before purchasing canned smoked oysters, you need to take note of a few things. Finding a good dish to go with your canned smoked oysters is also important. If you like to use pasta, we recommend you go for the best pastas, or if you prefer to use it as toppings on your pizza, we recommend you use the best-canned pizza sauce to make it very tasty.

The best balsamic vinegars can be used as toppings for your ready-to-eat canned smoked oysters too. Below are things you should look out for when shopping for your canned smoked oysters.


Canned smoked oysters come in different sizes. Large, medium, and small. Your preferred size should guide you when shopping. Check the pack to see details of the sizes and pick the one best for you.

Also, know that the smaller, the easier to cook, so if you don’t want to cook much of it, you should go for the medium or petite size, but If you have enough time on your hands, then the large size is fine.

Type of oil used

There are two major oils used in canned smoked oysters, which are olive oil and cottonseed oil. Both are great choices, especially for reducing cholesterol and preserving the oyster for a good amount of time. However, olive oil is slightly more healthy and keeps the freshness for longer than cottonseed oil. Let this guide you while shopping.

Shelf life

The best canned smoked oysters can last for as long as three years if unopened. Make sure you check the label to know the expiry date before you add it to your cart. However, once it is opened, you should put it in a compact refrigerator to preserve it properly. Consume it within two to three days to get the same fresh taste.