5 Best Canned Pizza Sauce (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Pizza sauce is an essential ingredient in almost every kitchen. The thick creamy red tomato sauce is ideal for pizzas and provides a great taste to the dish. Even if you have been settling for the marinara sauce until now to be used in your pizza, you should understand that pizza sauce and marinara sauce are not the same.

While marinara sauce is more on a tomato puree side pizza side is a deep taste of tomato cooked to get the perfect taste and color. Moreover, freshened with herbs, the pizza sauce is spicy, tasty, and creamy to satisfy your dough for the best results. Sure, there are several recipes through which you can make your pizza sauce at home, but the canned pizza sauces are also a great timely and affordable option.

Best Canned Pizza Sauces

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Here are our Canned Pizza Sauce Reviews:

1. Dei Fratelli Pizza Sauce

Dei Fratelli Pizza Sauce

The Dei Fratelli Pizza sauce is one of the best pizza sauces in the town. With a smooth, mild flavor, the sauce is creamy and rich in taste. The mild and smooth flavor has a great aftertaste and gives a good look to the pizza.

The Dei Fratelli Pizza sauce has a great seasoning with herbs and flavors in it, and the aroma gives a sense of fresh tomatoes. You won’t even realize the product was canned and not fresh. The instant flavor gives a taste of Italian pizza sauce, which is what makes your pizza tasty and delicious.

Made from homegrown tomatoes, the sauce has a natural taste. The sea salt enhances the flavor and does not make the taste extra spicy or salty. While the product has a blend of magical herbs, the taste is unexplainable and unique.

To maintain the richness and authenticity of the flavor, the sauce does not contain any additional water. Since there is no water, the tomatoes do not go stale, and the sauce has a particularly greater shelf life. Moreover, the product is GMO certified, making it a great choice for people who are unconvinced about the quality of canned foods.

People on a strict natural diet can use this sauce, and it is also suitable for vegans and kosher certified. The overall taste of pizza with the sauce becomes sweet, and the only matter of concern is that this product contains a lot of sugar. The high sugar content may be a factor of concern for many people.

Moreover, just because it says pizza sauce does not mean you cannot use it with other food items. This sauce’s specialty is you can use it in your pasta, tacos, and even salads. For tomato lovers, this product is a must-have in the kitchen.

And the best part about this product is that it comes in a twelve-pack, which is great for family use.

Why do we like it?

  • Non-BPA can lining
  • Certified to meet quality standards
  • Suitable for people on a vegan diet.
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2. Pastorelli Pizza Sauce

Pastorelli Pizza Sauce

What’s the point of making homemade pizza if you are going to compromise on the sauce’s quality and settle for something lesser than the best? Since you will try acing pizza at home, you need reliable topping partners that serve well in gathering some genuine praises. And with any basic ordinary sweet pizza sauce, you cannot achieve so.

Don’t worry, the Pastorelli Pizza Sauce solves your troubles and has one of the most authentic Italian flavors you can ever find. The sauce tastes rich and has a smooth, even texture. You won’t find any lumps even so it’s made of real and fresh tomatoes.

With a magic recipe that has been ruling around the Pastorelli family for years, the sauce has a magical taste that is ideal and serves to the core of your taste buds. The main ingredients include olive oil, herbs, and some delicious spices. With simple ingredients and olive oil, you can be sure that you are not settling for any unhealthy option as olive oil is one of the most authentic and healthies oils.

And let’s talk about the magic ingredient now; the product has a rich, zesty flavor because of the Pecorino Romano cheese, which adds a great flavor to the sauce. You don’t need to add any extra seasonings or not even need to manage the spice level because it is all taken care of by professionals in the kitchen. The only bad news is that vegans cannot consume the product because of the cheese.

The twelve pack of cans are a great source of supply. Even if you eat pizza, you are sure going to last a long time as each can weighs 8 ounces and will cover up your pizza sauce needs for a long time.

Why do we like it?

  • No preservatives added
  • Gluten-free
  • BPA free can lining
  • Spicy and delicious
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3. Don Pepino Pizza Sauce

Don Pepino Pizza Sauce

This product has been making its place one of the most sought-after pizza toppings ever since the 1950s. The recipe has been in the generation for decades now, and the taste and quality speak for the authenticity and richness of the recipe. A must-have in most of the households in the USA, this product is great for your pizzas, salsas, tacos, and anything that could use a little richness of tomatoes.

With a whopping quantity of 14.5 ounces in each can, the product comes in a pack of twelve, all delicious and laden with flavors. For a large family gathering, you can open up a single can, and it will be pretty enough for your whole dinner. Moreover, you can also store the leftover and not worry about the quality going stale.

The sauce is completely cholesterol-free but does contain a little corn oil. The only matter of concern in this product is the corn oil for some people since it is rich in saturated fat and may cause some issues for diabetic people. The plus point is the product does not contain any traces of sugar, which is a great thing considering you can enjoy the savory and spicy flavor of the product.

To maintain the authenticity and provide the whole essence, the product contains tomato seeds too. While it is not a big concern for many people but some may find tomato seeds, not a good option and may put it off. However, there are no serious damages due to tomato seeds.

And last but not least, you do not need a can opener to use this product. The easy lift lid is simple and does not take much time or effort. Just open the can as you like and enjoy the delicious tomato sauce.

Why do we like it?

  • Cholesterol free
  • Tasty and has a long shelf life
  • No additives or preservatives
  • BPA free can lining
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4. Muir Glen Pizza Sauce

Muir Glen Pizza Sauce

Our list of canned products is always incomplete without an organic product.   And the reason is the wide audience, which is only satisfied by the word organic. The Muir Glen pizza sauce is organic to the core.

The company’s products are known for years for their quality and lasting taste. With no preservatives and harmful additives added to retain the taste, the product is as natural as it comes. The sauce is MSG-free, and to maintain the strict quality standards, it is free from BPA lining in the can.

The product does not contain any additional sugar, which makes it a great choice for those who would love to enjoy tomatoes’ natural sweetness, although, to some, it may be disappointing. Moreover, the natural herbs are a great addition and add to the product’s aroma and fragrance. You will enjoy baking and love the rich tomato texture, which will be ideal for your product.

The customers of Muir Glen pizza sauce enjoy this product and admire the rich, creamy texture. The product does not contain water, which is also a plus point since water may damage the consistency. Made from 100% pure tomatoes, the flavors are all-natural, and you will feel each spoonful as a treat for your taste buds.

Grown and made in the USA, the taste is completely organic, which makes up the smooth sauce. Although some people may complain the sauce is on a spicy side, it gives a great flavor to your pizza.

Why do we like it?

  • Tasty and original
  • Made from 100% pure tomatoes
  • Ideal for children and elderly
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5. Ragu Pizza Sauce

Ragu Pizza Sauce

There is no pizza sauce like the Ragu pizza sauce. A common name in canned products is the Raju pizza sauce is famous in all of Asia. However, a bit on the pricy side, but this product is worth the investment.

Usually, the Ragu sauce comes in a glass jar with a capacity of 14 ounces, which is great for several uses. Once you open the lid and spread it over your pizza, the rest of the sauce can be placed in the refrigerator without losing its essence. The airtight lid is a great save when it comes to multiple uses.

The investment in this sauce is pretty wise as you get everything from taste, color, richness, texture, and a homemade pizza sauce style. Made from 100% fresh tomatoes, the sauce does not contain any artificial flavors or harmful additives. The simple and tasty ingredients of this sauce are olive oil, spices, and fresh ripened tomatoes.

The Ragu sauce does not contain any sugar and preservatives to retain the taste or provide the aroma. Since everything is natural, the product does not contain fake sweetness but is only enriched with the original tomato flavor. Enjoy it over your pizza, salsa, pasta, steaks, and everything that could use a little richness of the tomato.

Even though it says pizza sauce on the jar, the option doesn’t have to limit, since the product is tasty and a great burst of tomato and natural smartly picked herbs and spices. The low sugar content makes it ideal for people with any health issues, and you can give it to your kids and elderly.

Why do we like it?

  • Tasty and flavorful
  • It can be used for various servings.
  • Homemade tomatoes
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Canned Pizza Sauce Buyer’s Guide

It is quite safe to say that pizza sauce is one of the first items to be packed and sold in cans. The reason behind pizza sauce being so famous and tasty in cans is because brands learned to maintain quality and preserve the original taste. While all pizza sauces in a can or even glass jar look the same, the color does not speak of the taste and quality.

Especially when you are a frequent user of canned pizza sauce, you do not want to compromise on quality and taste as it’s about pizza, one of the most favorite dishes.


Most of the pizza sauces contain a great amount of sugar; while tomatoes are already sweet, there is no clear point of extra sugar in a pizza sauce. However, some people prefer the extra sweetness on their pizza to opt for the sugary pizza sauce. If you love spicy and natural flavors, then do not opt for pizza sauces that have processed sugar in them.

As your whole pizza will taste sweet because of the sugary content added to it. Another common ingredient in pizza sauce that many people don’t prefer is water. The purpose of water is to play with the consistency.

The water may thin the consistency to the required density, but it also alters the purity and taste.


The texture is important with canned pizza sauces. The canned pizza sauces are either thick or chunky or may be smooth and runny. As the whole point is the taste, a thick pizza sauce provides a greater taste and richness of the tomatoes while a thin pizza sauce might be more in quantity but does not has as much taste like a thick one.

Moreover, thick-crusted pizzas, thick sauce is ideal at it can retain weight, but if you are making thin pizzas, you cannot balance the weight with a thick sauce.


It is better for people looking for a healthy and natural taste to choose an organic pizza sauce. The organic pizza sauce is made all-natural from growth to packaging. The tomatoes are grown in a pesticide free environment, and no preservatives are added.

Even though it could be on the expensive side, but is an investment worthwhile.

Expiration Date

Anything that contains tomato has a limited shelf life. Unlike dry products such as canned beans and black beans, a pizza sauce has a rather lower shelf life, and you may not want to hoard a bunch of cans only to throw them away later.