5 Best Canned French Onion Soups (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Would you like to purchase the best canned french onion soup that can be a perfect addition to your day and is a perfect choice for you and your family? If yes, then you have arrived at your destination. French onion soup is a classic dish that is the life of every French restaurant. Due to incredible word-of-mouth regarding its taste, it has become an increasingly popular product worldwide.

It is that type of dish that can be thoroughly enjoyed when working from home or spending time with your family on the weekend. Whatever the reason may be, this dish is sure to lighten up your smile and brighten up your day. But sometimes, having to make it at home might put a dent on your happy day as having to work while spending time with family can prove to be a boring team. So we are here with our top picks of the best canned french onion soup.

Best Canned French Onion Soup

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Here are our best canned french onion soup reviews.

1. Knorr Canned French Onion Soup

Knorr Canned French Onion Soup

Knorr, a name that most people are familiar with since their childhood, after providing us with one of the best quality noodles that no other company or brand has been able to provide, brings you the canned french onion soup. Just like their other products, the reviews for this product are extremely rave, with people praising how amazing this product tastes alongside the outstanding quality that this product brings along with it.

The knorr canned french onion soup provides a delicious blend of the toasted onions and fat of beef that the non-vegetarians will find amazing. One more amazing fact about this product is that it is very easy to make. Just add water to the dry soup mix, then whisk it a little and then heat it. Another feather to its call is that it does not come with any artificial flavors, and you can purchase it in bulk as well, as it is shelf-stable if you want to store it for the long term.

Why do we like it?

  • No preservatives
  • Easy to prepare
  • Can be stored long term
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2. Lipton Canned French Onion Soup

Lipton Canned French Onion Soup

Another well-known brand that is truly considered a globally renowned brand in tea-making, Lipton, now brings you one of the finest quality canned french onion soup that the market has to offer. A majority of the consumers were just satisfied after finding out that it was a product of Lipton, and rightly so, because, throughout all these years, Lipton has never compromised on the quality and taste standards of its products.

Apart from being a high branded product, it comes with a lot of benefits as well. It is a soup and due mix that comes with a classic mushroom flavor. The best quality about this canned french onion soup is that it will prove to be a savory base alongside burgers, meatloaf, and many other recipes. One more advantage of purchasing this product is that it is a dry product and can be stored for the long term to purchase in bulk quantities.

Why do we like it?

  • Preservatives free product
  • Good quality
  • Long term usage
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3. Campbell’s Canned French Onion Soup

Campbell's Canned French Onion Soup

Campbell’s French onion soup promises you that you will have an experience of a lifetime while consuming this product. With a vast experience of providing quality products to customers with very high demand, Campbell’s is a no new name to the market that does not compromise the quality and taste standards of the product. This product is one of the finest ones that they have provided to their customers throughout the years.

The proof of the quality and taste standards of this canned french onion soup is such that it has been crafted with high quality sick of bed and onions, therefore not backing out an inch on the quality or taste of the product. Another applaudable feature of this product is that the can in which the product is packed is a recyclable one, keeping in mind the environment. One more benefit of this product is that it is very easy to make.

Why do we like it?

  • High-quality ingredients
  • Recyclable can
  • Low weight product
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4. Progresso Canned French Onion Soup

Progresso Canned French Onion Soup

They bring you their eagerly awaited product, the canned french onion soup from the world of Progresso. This will cater to a large section of customers as it is a gluten-free product. Another good thing about this product is that all the ingredients that have been used in the making of this product are completely organic, such as beef, water, and onion. Due to all of these factors, Progresso has become a trusted brand for canned french onion soup.

Another very interesting feature of this product is that the taste of the product, many of the customers who utilized this product, were in awe of its taste and came again to repurchase the product due to this factor. This may be since artificial flavors are not used in the making of this product. Another great benefit that this product provides is that it is low fat so that this fact puts an end to all your weight gaining worries.

Why do we like it?

  • No artificial flavors
  • Low-fat product
  • Gluten-free
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5. Wolfgang Canned French Onion Soup

Wolfgang Canned French Onion Soup

Life is all about having a perfect balance and eating food that provides good health to your body along with a great taste. So with Wolfgang canned french onion soup, look no further. This product has been made with the finest quality ingredients while maintaining the quality that is on par with the premium quality restaurant soups, that is sure to delight up your mood and make your day a memorable one.

Another very attractive feature of this product is that it is made out of completely organic vegetable ingredients used, keeping in mind their vegetarian customers. Being a product that has vegetable ingredients, it is sure to give you a healthy meal. Wolfgang has been serving its customers for decades and has built a loyal following due to its tasty and healthy products that always leave customers wanting more.

Why do we like it?

  • Organic ingredients used
  • Great taste
  • Inexpensive
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Canned French Onion Soup Buyers Guide

Canned French Onion soup is such a dish without which your day is not complete. From having a joyful time and your family organizing a little get-together with your friends, this product will prove to be your wonderful companion. Although sometimes it can be an effort to prepare this item at home, we have come up with purchasing canned french onion soup from our best sellers.

But even while purchasing it from outside, some things are to be kept in mind to have a product that is, in every aspect, the one you asked for. These things are as follows.

Number of Servings

French Onion Soup is considered a meal that you take for taste and for being a healthy meal. Therefore, there are a lot of sellers of this product in the market. Still, you have to find a product that comes with the quantity that you desire. For example, if you wish to take this product for you and your spouse, you will have to ask for a larger quantity. In contrast, if you are purchasing it for yourself, you will probably ask for the one with a lesser quantity. Material of the can should also be considered as this directly affects the nutritions of the product. Be it meat, sauce, beans, tuna, or tomato; the material affects them all.

Recipe & Ingredients

Most people want to know while purchasing a canned french onion soup are the ingredients that it was made with. This product is considered amongst the most health-providing products of today, so make sure to check that all ingredients used in the making of this product are completely organic before purchasing.


The one thing that most people are concerned about while going for purchase is the price of that product. The same thing applies to when we are considering purchasing canned french onion soup. Sure the quality of the product matters, but to go for purchasing this product, the first thing you should consider is whether the product is coming within your desired range or not. If yes, then start checking all the other factors.