Best Canned Crab Meat

5 Best Canned Crab Meat (Reviews Updated 2021)

Crabmeat is considered a fancy dish in all South Asian Cuisine and the Mediterranean world of flavors. If you are a diehard crab and its tasty fleshy meat, you must be buying crabs over crabs to make up for your appetite. Anyhow, we understand the trouble to go through to buy fresh seafood every two days, especially when you can’t live without it.

This is where canned crab meat comes to save you. With so many cooking options and adjusting to various cuisines, canned crab meat is a new popular canned food item. But how would you settle on one option when there are many? Read our best-canned crab meat guide.

Best Canned Crab Meat

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Here are our canned crab meat reviews:

1. Bumble Bee Crab Meat

Bumble Bee Crab Meat

The bumblebee canned crab is widely recognized worldwide for its great taste and extremely reliable quality. The manufacturers extract the complete meat from the crab’s body and pack it with zero additives to give a live and fresh taste. The crabs put in the can are caught live and steamed to perfection.

You won’t find any raw lump or an uneven taste because the cooking and packing conditions are kept under great attention. By the looks of it, the meat is extremely flaky and serves as a great option for any dish from anywhere throughout the world. Adaptable to various cuisines, you can make something sweet as crab cakes to something savory as crab soup with it.

Not only this, but the product also serves well for dips and sauces and falls under the range of highly affordable canned items too. The customers admire this product for the make and taste, which fits well, especially with the Mediterranean cuisine. Ideal for gym trainers and fitness enthusiasts, each can only contain 40 calories per serving and high on protein.

Free from MSG and any harmful additives, it can contain the whole lump of meat or some broken pieces to ensure you get the crab meat from the legs. The whole meat supply ensures the whole taste and makes it a great option for sushi and casseroles. There are many reasons to love this product, and the most important one is its versatility and flexibility with a variety of cuisines.

You can enjoy it as it is with any sauce or seasonings or make it a part of any dish. The product does not have any artificial flavors added to it, so it is great for people with health conditions.

Why do we like it?

  • Organic
  • Free from artificial flavors and additives
  • Tasty and fleshy
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2. Premium Lump Crab Meat

Premium Lump Crab Meat

This product from Handy canned foods has kept us hooked with its packing. The compact yet practical size is smart and looks attractive. It is not all about the looks, but the taste and the whole process are promising too.

With the ability to give you a feel of dining in a fine seafood restaurant, this product is known for its luxurious feel and original taste. The premium lump crab meat is fine, free from any bones, and refined with extra care. Checked under black light to remove any sharp pecks and bones, this product from Handy is a dream come true.

The body meat from crab is a large lump that can be used in various dishes as you like. Whether you want to make a crab cake, a crab soup, and a crab salad, or want to stuff your vegetables with the crab meat, the options are just endless. Achieving taste to the finest, the product is made by steaming lice crabs.

This ensures maximum flavors. The live streaming also allows all the extraction from the shell into the meat and ensures that the whole flavor is absorbed to the maximum capacity. Keeping up with the claim of providing a completely shell-free product, the customer reviews speak for authenticity.

The taste is wholesome, and the product has a great shelf life. With no additives added, the product is plain fresh crab meat, ready to host any type or flavor or all-purpose seasoning. Combine with any cuisine you want, and the taste of original crab is felt to the core.

Why do we like it?

  • Tasty and shell-free
  • No artificial flavors and additives
  • Fresh and pasteurized
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3. Reese Fancy Crabmeat

Reese Fancy Crabmeat

The Reese fancy 15% leg crab meat is one of the most recommended on our list. The leg meat gives extra texture and a unique flavor to the whole product. Rich in nutrients in high vitamins, this product is as fresh as a live crab, and there are no harmful additives added.

If you are looking to cut some carbs and extra calories, then a simple can of this crab meat will do the job. The can contain only 80 calories and has 18 grams of protein per serving. With an easy preparation process, the cooking time is just a few minutes. Heat it to the desired temperature and mix it with any cuisine you like from anywhere in the world.

As per the manufacturers, each can have only 1% of the fat per can, which is very slight compared to the nutrients and health factors involved. The 15% leg meat makes it a great choice for your salads and sushi roll-ups. The whole meat is checked for any bones and shells under the black light to ensure 100% safety.

The vitamin D in the can is a great addition to the nutrients group, and you can enjoy the taste with health all in a single can. The price of this product is slightly on the higher side, and when it comes to quality, the Reese fancy crab meat is the ultimate customer choice. Free from any preservatives and harmful chemicals, this product is good for day-to-day use and fancy family dinners.

Why do we like it?

  • Tasty and pure
  • The leg meat adds extra taste.
  • Great shelf life
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4. Consul Crab Meat

Consul Crab Meat

Another brand from the top picks of the canned crab products. This product is known for its taste and high quality. This product is slightly different from the other candidates on our list because of the ingredients.

The product contains crab meat, salt, water, sugar content, a touch of citric acid, sodium acid pyrophosphate to maintain the product’s great color and texture. To maintain the original product’s taste and texture, the crab meat is mixed with these smartly curated ingredients to bring the best crab taste to your palette. Moreover, sodium metabisulphite is a preservative in this product, which is a no-no for certain people.

Even though this product is not popular among organically driven people who don’t like to add preservatives to the food, it is still one of the best choices when it comes to canned crab meat. This product gives you a taste of dining in a fine seafood restaurant with its smart choice of ingredients and freshness of the crab meat. This product’s quality is proved by the fact that it is directly imported from London and serves as a rich source of protein and vitamins.

The crabs packed in this can are handpicked, and only a certain size and weight of crabs are deemed suitable for this process. Giving a sense and feel of your home taste, the ingredients are wisely picked. It can contain the whole lump with some parts from the leg meat to add extra texture and taste.

Combine with various choices such as crab cakes, salads, sushi, and any food items from the cuisines all around the world, this product is ideal for someone who loves to experiment with their palette and try out new recipes.

Why do we like it?

  • Ready to eat crab meat
  • Ideal for multiple food options
  • Gives a bold taste to your taste buds
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5. Chicken of the Sea Canned Crab Meat

Chicken Of The Sea Canned Crab Meat

Finally, this canned crab meat is from one of the world’s tastiest and finest crabs as approved by the chefs. The canned meat is obtained directly from the swimming blue crab, and the chefs worldwide admire the crab for its natural taste and flavor. Once you buy this can of crab meat, you will understand why it comes highly recommended.

Rich in flavor, texture, authenticity, and everything that serves your taste buds in the best way, this product is one of the top picks on our list. The product has a great texture and will give your taste buds a sweet lasting taste. The crab meat is juicy and succulent, which means you can enjoy the taste to the core without worrying about ruining your love for the crab.

Even though it comes packed in a can, the taste and feel of the meat are fresh to the core, and you won’t even notice that it was packed for months in a can. Enjoy it as a part of your appetizers or your main course or even desserts; the options are just endless. With an ability to blend with any cuisine from the world, the promising flavor delivers some serious kick to the taste buds.

The product remains fresh long after it has been opened and placed in the fridge, and there are no harmful chemicals or additives added to the product. Certified by the NFI crab council for its taste and authenticity, the product is sustainable and does not contain any harmful additives. Ideal for people with health conditions, you can enjoy it as you want.

The can lining is BPA free which makes it another great reason to be admired by people who love to eat organic.

Why do we like it?

  • Rich in omega three fatty acids
  • Contains a lump of tasty crab meat
  • Flexible with wide food options
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Canned Crab Meat Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right canned crab meat is a tough bet, especially when you are not used to playing well with different ingredients and testing with different tastes on your taste buds. Since canned crab depends on personal preference majorly, you can easily consider some factors to make you get to your preferred crab meat easily. As per our list of top 5 crab types of meat in a can, we have chosen based on the popularity, authenticity, customer reviews, and the taste of the product.

Type of Crab Meat

When it comes to the type of crab meat, it is clearly evident by the looks. All the famous and top brands in the canned crab meat industry place large lumps of crab meat followed by some tiny lumps from the crab legs. If you observe discontinued meat and shreds of crab meats, then this isn’t the ideal choice in terms of quality.

The poorly executed packing may mean that the meat is not from the same crab or might even have some shell in it, which could cut your tongue. The jumbo lump in a can usually has the highest price on the market and is also one of the best-canned crab meat choices.

Fat Content

Some crab meat comes in as low as 1% fat content. While seafood is bound to have some fact but larger crabs have greater fat to meat ratio. In such cases, it is recommended that you check the can’s back to read through the ingredients carefully.

The fat content is usually mentioned at the back and can help you make easier decisions. Crabmeat with higher fat is not suitable for people who love to stay fit on a diet or someone with heart conditions.


It is known that crab meat is not the healthiest food option. Sure it is a treat for your taste buds, but it is not as effective to your health. But with a certain class of crabs, you can get greater nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and protein. You can check the content on the back of the can for a better idea.


Mostly crab meat comes with few or zero ingredients, but some companies use preservatives and sodium to retain the taste. While organic food companies don’t go for any ingredients, you can always choose the product. The products without preservatives usually have a shorter shelf life but are good for your health.