5 Best Canned Clam Chowder (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Canned Clam Chowder is a dream come true for people who are a fan of classic American soup. Since it is a tough dish to achieve with the right amount of skills and expertise needed, the taste needs to be perfect to get that feel. The creamy, rich, flavorful, and thick texture of the soup is your single solution to taste and a deep hunger pang.

The clam chowder is rich in nutrients and taste, part of why Americans love it so much as a part of their classic soup menu. Are you one of those people who love to have clam chowder once every week or enjoy any movie with the hot, warm soup? If you don’t have the time and expertise to create that delicious creamy recipe at home, there are many canned clam chowder for you!

Best Canned Clam Chowder

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Here are our canned clam chowder reviews:

1. Campbell Condensed Clam Chowder

Campbell Condensed Clam Chowder

Campbell is a famous name when it comes to providing high quality and fresh, canned food. And their Manhattan condensed clam chowder is just one of the most admired items. With the perfect blend of creaminess and spice, this clam chowder soup is a favorite among many people.

The soup contains the main ingredients of spice, warm tomatoes, saltwater, and a great texture of creaminess. The best part about this entire dish is that it is thinned with milk to maintain the consistency and stick to the taste of clam chowder. Moreover, the milk also provides a great taste to the clam chowder.

The flavor is rich, and each ingredient can be experienced in every bite. The company has assured some high-quality standards, and the soup is enriched with vegetables, high-quality pulpy tomatoes, and celery. With such ingredients, you get a whole meal in one place.

The vegetables are fresh and rich in nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, and iron. The tomatoes give a nice touch of sweetness to balance that spice level of the Manhattan flavor. You can serve it as a starter or even a main course.

Just open the can and heat it to the desired temperature. This canned clam chowder is also ideal for your camping adventures as there are no extra ingredients needed, and spice is just managed to the creaminess. This product’s roots and recipe link it to French cuisine, which means it has a great touch of taste and originality to it.

Why do we like it?

  • Delicious
  • Follows the French cuisine
  • Easy to prepare
  • Condensed with milk for flavor
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2. Chincoteague Seafood Clam Chowder

Chincoteague Seafood Clam Chowder

This deliciously rich clam chowder is original in taste. Each can comes in a quantity of 15oz, sufficient for a portion size or even more. With delicious and fresh clams as the main part of this dish, you can enjoy the classic taste in it.

The mix of healthy vegetables is there to balance the clam chowder with the right amount of taste, color, texture, and nutrients in the product. The product is highly organic and certified to meet all quality standards. All the vegetables and ingredients such as clam used in this product are organic and do not have any artificial additives.

The company promises this product to be free from MSG, artificial ingredients, and preservatives. The best yet tastiest part of this dish is condensed and thickened with the milk to provide the color, taste, and richness. Moreover, the product also allows flexible options to moderate the creamy or spice level.

Enrich it with butter or all-purpose seasoning the balance the taste as you like. Unlike other canned clam chowders, this product is made with very simple ingredients and provides a great taste. You can enjoy the yummy healthy ingredients and make the best of the simplicity.

Eat it with any dish you like, crackers, chips, or tacos or even enjoy it as a soup; the product is extremely easy to prepare. Just heat it to the right temperature and enjoy the delicious clam chowder soup without any trouble. This clam chowder soup is also ideal for people with allergies and health conditions.

Since it is free from any additives and spices, any age group, from kids to the elderly, enjoy it.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to prepare
  • Simple and tasty
  • Does not have any artificial chemicals
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3. Bar Harbor Clam Chowder

Bar Harbor Clam Chowder

Bringing the Manhattan-style to your table, this product is delicious, promising, and great at delivering a treat for your taste buds. If you need something rich, creamy, and extremely tasty, then go no further than this product. This 15-ounce can is here to make you feel fuller and your cuisines better than ever.

This product is as fresh as it comes and is made in Maine; if you are a seafood lover, you can enjoy your comfort food anywhere in the home or even in high mountains on the campsite. The best part? Each flavor you taste in this product is all-natural, and there are no artificial flavors.

Just take out your pan and warm it to the required heat and enjoy with your salad or baked bread. Or you directly heat the can on a campfire. The BPA free lining ensures a further step when it comes to health and safety standards.

The consistency is maintained with full cram fresh milk, so it’s all clam and all chowder. The three major ingredients are water, clam juice, and high-quality quahog clams. The tomato flavor adds to the creaminess and richness of the flavor.

And not to forget, the vegetables play a great role in adding to the texture and increasing the product’s overall nutritional value. No preservatives and free from MSG, the product is free from wheat. It is highly convenient for you.

Whether you had a long tiring day at work or have last-minute guests for dinner at your home, this product can serve the whole party without emptying your pockets. The recipe followed is inspired by some of the best seafood restaurants in New York City.

Why do we like it?

  • Instantaneous clam chowder soup
  • Delicious and natural
  • Free from preservatives
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4. Alehouse Clam Chowder

Alehouse Clam Chowder

Something different and unique for your taste buds. If you have been tired of the typical clam chowder taste but are too hooked to the clam chowder creaminess, you may enjoy this little variation. The Alehouse Canned Clam chowder comes with the fish tale ale.

The product has beer in it. Who could imagine that? It’s all about innovation and serving the taste buds at best. And the excitement doesn’t end here.

With a beer in the right proportion to treat your taste buds, the soup also had bacon in it. Sadly, this product is not for vegetarians, but if you enjoy meat, then there is no need to go anywhere else. This product comes in a pouch, which adds more time to its shelf life.

The product is good for around four years and the taste will as it was made today. This is because of the airtight pouch that keeps the ingredients fresh, and since there is no can so you can also be worry-free from BPA can lining. The three main ingredients in this product are potatoes, clams, and fish tale ale.

Vegetables, clam juice, and yummy seasonings are also an important part of this beautiful dish. Easy to make, you can enjoy it with your salad or pieces of bread. You can also add butter for extra taste or may like to add tomato puree as you like.

The options are just endless, and with a product as good as this, there is no reason not to try it.

Why do we like it?

  • It has bacon and beer in it.
  • The quantity is enough for three servings.
  • Tasty and easy to make
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5. Progresso Clam Chowder

Progresso Clam Chowder

This last candidate on our list is one of the top picks, and we will tell you why. This product comes in the size of 18.5oz each can is a pretty great quantity. You can enough portion size for a full meal and have some leftovers too; the product also remains fresh and tasty after being refrigerated.

This soup is ready to serve, making it effortless, but with the taste, you will enjoy it as it was made a few hours ago. High on creaminess and taste, this is one of the best-canned clam chowder in the market. The taste is so great and creamy that you can easily pair it with your bread and salad.

You can also have a clam chowder party with the authenticity and classic taste this product offers you. This product also makes a distinction from the other candidates on our list because of its unique ingredients. The combination of potato and other vegetables is something extraordinary.

The potato is added with their peel, giving a nice texture and color throughout the product. You can also enjoy the additional servings. The aroma and warm taste are here to make your winters better, and the best part is it is not thinned with water.

With enough milk to maintain consistency, this product is rich in taste, and every bite is resourceful. You not only satisfy your taste buds, but your gut also feels happy with the after taste. It is also gluten-free, does not contain sodium to unsafe levels, and MSG-free.

Ideal for people with health conditions, this product is simply organic and tasty.

Why do we like it?

  • Great taste
  • Ready to eat
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Free from any chemical preservatives
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Canned Clam Chowder Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking at the best-canned clam chowder buyer’s guide, then probably you failed to fight your urge to enjoy clam chowder at the best convenience. While the clam chowder at restaurants is served fresh and hot, the cast options in canned clam chowder have kept foodies like us hooked.

Before we get all salivary talking about clam chowder and our stomach starts grumbling asking for yet another can of clam chowder, here are few factors to keep in mind when you find the clam chowder for you. These factors are just general, and you need to narrow them down to your personal preference.


This is the most important factor because, without the right ingredients, you can enjoy the clam chowder. Imagine someone who does not eat bacon or does not like potatoes, any options that serve either of the two ingredients is a huge no-no for them. On the other hand, many clam chowders are condensed with milk, which adds to the creaminess.

But if you are looking for dairy-free clam chowder, you might want to opt for water-based clam chowder. Also, it is necessary for people with health conditions to look at natural ingredients and low levels of sodium.


While ingredients and flavor are the same things but many companies promise what they don’t deliver. If you need flavorful clam chowder, you must read the ingredients and each class’s nutritional level. One better option is to read reviews about a company before opting for their canned clam chowder.


Do you want a single serving or a party for the entire clan? Of course, it’s not wise to open a can of clam chowder, heat the whole product then refrigerate the remaining. What’s the point of buying canned food if you have to manage the leftover too?

There are various clam chowder canned sizes on the market, and you can choose the one that suffices your portion need. If you are making for more people, it is better to buy a larger can than several small cans, or if you are alone for dinner, then there is no point buying bigger cans and continuing it for days.

Manhattan Style or England Style

The Manhattan-style clam chowder has tomato-based sauce while the England style clam chowder has a white sauce in it. While Manhattan flavor is sweet and tang because of tomato, it also has a higher spice level. If you are not a fan of tomato, then England style clam chowder is your best bet.

Moreover, you can also add the creamy richness to the Manhattan-style clam chowder or add the tomato flavor to the England style clam chowder.