5 Best Canned Black Beans (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Black canned beans are a great source of proteins and rich energy nutrients. For people who are not impressed with the plain red beans, which taste a little bland, black canned beans are a great choice. Not only are they soft and tasty, but they can also be used as a part of various food items, thus provide a unique salty taste and rich aroma of health and taste.

Since black beans’ applications are so wide in the culinary world and if you are a fan of fancy and delicious meals, you must understand it, canning them and sending them to different parts of the world is a necessity. While canned food such as black beans makes life so much easier, providing instant taste and energy can be damaging to health if not handled properly. In order to provide you the healthiest and tastiest collection of canned beans, we have combined a list of black canned beans for you.

Best Canned Black Beans

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Here are our canned black beans reviews:

1. Bush’s Organic Black Canned Beans

Bush’s Organic Black Canned Beans

Bush’s canned beans are surely the top customer choice and which is why it makes to the top of many customer’s preferences. Bush’s canned beans are fresh, contain high-quality products, and have a taste of freshness to them. With the common misconception of canned food being stale and not taste as good as fresh, Bush’s canned items have changed the entire perception.

Weighing 1 pound each can, this product comes in a pack of 12 cans enough to feed a family for a week (provided daily beans consumption), or even if you are someone who lives by themselves and likes to spend a minimum on tasty food, then this is the choice for you. The main ingredients in this product include water, sea salt, organic black beans, and that’s it!

The simple taste makes this product a top candidate on our list; you can enjoy it with your salad or brown rice or even plain, and the taste is not bad. Add into your soups, sides to your steak or even morning breakfast dips; the options are just endless. The simplicity of this product’s taste and make ensures the taste remains as close as possible to natural and organic beans.

The product is gluten-free and serves high on energy. A half-cup serving which is enough to make up a portion size, has only 110 calories, 7g of plant-based protein, and a rich 5g of fiber. This product is a good choice for people who love to work out and only eat healthy food items.

Moreover, it is free from dairy if you are lactose intolerant.

Why do we like it?

  • Simple taste
  • Perfect for soups and stews
  • Does not have any chemical or additives
  • Great taste and organic beans
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2. Goya Black Beans

Goya Black Beans

Simple, delicious, Goya black beans come in a package of 8 cans in a single purchase. The total weight is 7.7 pounds, which makes this quantity enough for days for the whole family. Like our top candidate, the black beans are made with a simple recipe and a very basic taste.

The only ingredients are black beans, water, and salt. The specialty of this product is that its simple taste opens the variety of options for this product. Add it to your rice, mix it with your stew or even your soup, and you are in for a treat.

With a great texture that allows you to enjoy the richness of original flavor and nutrients in a bean, you can enjoy the deep flavors without getting too many calories. The product is strictly vegan and is GMO certified, which makes it assured of all quality standards. Whether you have diabetes or have high blood pressure, the controlled amount of salt and calories in this product makes it a good choice.

Naturally fat-free, the beans are rich in protein. One distinctive quality of this product is that it allows great pairing and seasonings to Mexican dishes such as Mexican burgers, burritos, enchiladas, and Mexican salads. The company has paid close attention to customers who wish to buy beans in bulk; thus, the product is great to be used in restaurants.

You can also use them as a garnish to your salads or sides with your steak; the thick and shiny texture makes the overall presentation of the food amazing. Pair them with some sweet or savory items and enjoy the food rich in protein black canned beans.

Why do we like it?

  • GMO certified
  • No preservatives added
  • Free from fats
  • Organic and tasty
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3. S&W Black Beans

S&w Black Beans

As the name suggests, this product does not require additional seasonings to give you the taste of delicious blacked beans. If you just started your journey to a healthy diet and try to make a positive change in your diet, this product is ideal for you. Weighing 8.7 pounds and eight cans total, you can purchase this product if you need beans in bulk.

The main ingredients used to prepare this can of black beans are organic black beans, water, and sea salt. The simplicity of the product makes up for any additional need for spices or seasonings. However, if you are a fan of spicy foods, you can opt for all purpose seasoning to make up for the spice level.

With a high rich texture that not only provides a great garnish to your salad and serve as an attractive color to your steak, but the taste and value for money are also on point. The beans are highly organic and obtained from natural sources only. The can linin made from BPA material is a plus point to prevent any harmful additives and chemicals in the product.

However, the flavor is too basic to be eaten separately, but as part of your other dishes and food items, this product will surely bring a great time for your taste buds. People who are careful with their sodium intake should stay away from this product since it is rich in sea salt; other than that the product is ideal for any age group and health issues. The best feature about this product is that even after months of storage, the product is tasty and fresh as new.

Why do we like it?

  • Great and firm texture
  • Organic ingredients
  • Great combination with salads and soups
  • Covered with salt needs
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4. Eden Organic Black Canned Beans

Eden Organic Black Canned Beans

The product weighs 1.16 pounds and comes in a packaging of 12 cans. If you are not looking for bulk quantity and want something suitable for each meal, this product must grab for you. The basic ingredients in this product are organic and natural black beans, water, and Kombu seaweed. Sure the ingredients are on a slightly different side, but this makes this product completely organic.

The seaweed provides a salty taste to the canned black beans, and there is no need for additional salt seasoning. Made up of genuine turtle beans, this product is a must-buy for anyone switching towards 100% natural sources. The beans are naturally grown and harvested in the USA, making them as fresh as they come.

The real flavor of this product, which is highly unique and a treat to your taste buds, comes from the Kombu. The product comes with zero trans-fat and saturated fat, which makes it ideal for diet conscious people. There is no reason to look beyond this product for people who control their sodium level and even fitness enthusiasts.

The can linings are BPA free which adds another score to the product. The nutritious and low-calorie black beans have great taste and equally great texture. An extremely healthy option for people with health issues or any sodium emergencies, the Kombu flavor allows it to be a great pairing for Japanese dishes.

Lastly, for people who do not like much flavor in their food, this product has fewer flavors and great natural touch to it.

Why do we like it?

  • Light on flavor and salt
  • Amazing taste for simple use
  • Low calorie and high in protein
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5. Goya Black Bean Soup

Goya Black Bean Soup

This candidate on our list is surely going to provide some great treat to your taste buds. This product’s weight is 1.15 pounds, and the entire package brings each can of only 15 oz. this makes it an ideal choice for everyday meals and smaller uses. Controlling the portion size and keeping up with your diet plan, the Goya black bean soup has many ingredients.

You are made with genuine black beans, olive oils, soybean oil, water, tomato paste, onion, and delicious bell pepper. The carefully chosen ingredients add to the product’s taste and give a great solution to people who love creaming rich in texture and thick beans. If you are too lazy to add any other seasonings or pair them with any dish, then this can of beans is standalone to make your taste buds happy.

The product comes with zero trans-fat, thus ideal for people who follow a strict fitness regime. Due to the oil richness and tomato paste, the product can be consumed as soup or even eaten as regular beans. You can also make it a wonderful part of your steak sauces or stew since the opportunities are just endless.

Rich in fiber, iron, and potassium, this product is an excellent choice for vegetarians. One better advantage of this product is that it is ideal for your camp side trips as all you need is to open the can, heat the ingredients, and enjoy the product’s taste and aroma.

Why do we like it?

  • Tasty and made with delicious flavors
  • It can be taken as soup.
  • Easy and instant food
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Canned Black Beans Buyer’s Guide

Various factors govern the choice of canned beans you buy for yourself and your family. One important thing to note is the role of personal preferences. Since canned beans are made with different flavors and varying seasonings, it is really important to choose the flavors you find most suitable.

Other than taste and flavor, the quality and freshness of the beans are a constant factor.


It depends on the use and requirement of a family; the size of canned black beans is an important factor since the whole point behind eating canned foods is to get enough quantity for instantaneous foods without having to waste or store the leftovers. The canned beans range from as minimum as 15 oz. to larger sizes that serve a greater number of people.

If you need fewer portion sizes, then there is no point in buying large cans and storing them later.


The choice of ingredients in canned black beans impacts the overall likeliness or dislike towards the product. With black canned beans, the ingredients are simple and sometimes even more. The simple ingredients are for adding extra seasoning to cater to a wide range of audiences, and if you opt for canned black beans that have already seasonings and ingredients into them, then the options are somehow limited.

Salt and water are the basics, but with some canned black beans’ companies to cater to low-sodium tolerance, they are manufacturing beans without salt.


The type of black beans does not seriously impact the taste; however, you can observe a texture difference. If you strictly adhere to the origin of the food, you may want to look at the type of canned black beans you are purchasing. Other than that, the type of black beans is governed by the origin of the growth and does not have a serious impact on the taste and quality.

Vegetarian vs. Non-Vegetarian

This is an important constraint for people who are strictly on a vegan diet. While the beans are made and mixed with various non-veg items such as animal fat, pork, or bacon, it narrows down the vegetarian choices. The market now serves various vegetarian options for blacked beans as well. And it is usually mentioned on the product.

Moreover, suppose you are a strict vegan. In that case, you may need to consider the BPA free tin lining and only organic ingredients in the beans since not many companies pay close attention to serving organic food options.