5 Best Canned Beets (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Beet is a vegetable that contains a lot of health benefits. This vegetable is grown in many parts of the world, and it can be eaten as it is or be part of your favorite dish. However, not everyone has access to freshly harvested beets, but there is no need to worry; there are other healthy options available in the market, such as canned beets.

Many companies manufacture canned beets, and they are easily available. However, lack of information is often disastrous for customers, which is why we have listed below the best-canned beets that customers can get their hands on.

Best Canned Beets

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Here are our canned beets reviews:

1. Libby’s Slice Beets

Libby's Slice Beets

These sliced beets by Libby come in a can that weighs roughly fifteen ounces. The beets are freshly harvested; they are thoroughly cleaned and then packaged. This product contains no additional preservatives, all the flavor in preserved, and it has that vibrant purple color. The ingredients of Libby’s sliced beets are water, beets, and salt.

The Libby slice beets come in a recyclable can; it has a BPA-free lining and is safe for the environment. The can is also capable of keeping the beets fresh for a long time. These Libby slice beets come in a package of twelve cans, and the cans are safe to store. In addition, these sliced beets come processed and ready to eat.

Libby’s sliced beets are a quality product, and this food item contains freshly harvested beetroots; it has the natural color and flavor and comes in cans that are BPA-free and safe for the environment. In addition, these sliced beets are ready to eat; they contain natural ingredients and are also storable.

Why do we like it?

  • Naturally harvested
  • Environmental friendly cans
  • Ready to eat
  • Healthy
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2. Del Monte Canned Sliced Beets

Del Monte Canned Sliced Beets

The Del Monte sliced beets come in a package that contains twelve cans, and each can weigh around 8.25 ounces. These sliced beets are also freshly harvested; they contain all the natural flavor and are rich in nutrients. You can eat these canned beans independently, or you can mix them with seafood or grilled chicken.

These Del Monte sliced beets are handpicked and freshly harvested, they contain no preservatives or artificial flavors, and all the ingredients are natural. The ingredients of these canned beets are salt, sugar, water, and of course, beets. These beets have a nice crisp texture, and they can be stored for hours.

The Del Monte canned sliced beets are one of the best-canned beets you can get your hands on. These canned beans are free of preservatives and natural flavor; they have a crisp texture and are made of natural ingredients. These beets are also handpicked and freshly harvested.

Why do we like it?

  • No preservatives and artificial flavor
  • Nutrient-rich
  • Crisp texture
  • Storable
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3. 365 by Whole Foods Market Canned Beets

365 By Whole Foods Market Canned Beets

These canned beets come in a can that weighs 1.07 lbs. the beets are sliced before they are packed. These canned beets are free of fat, contain little sodium, have no salt, and are sugar-free. These beets are natural, their flavor remains unchanged, and you can add them to your favorite dishes.

The can that carries these beets is also durable, as it can keep them fresh and edible for a long time. These beets are ready to eat, so you can open the can and devour them. These canned beet has a Non-Gmo certification; it contains no artificial flavor or preservatives and has a nice texture.

These canned beets are high-quality products; they are made of quality ingredients, contain no preservatives, and are ready to eat. These canned beets also come with a Non-Gmo certificate, and they have a rich flavor and a smooth texture. The can that these beets come in is also durable and capable of keeping them fresh.

Why do we like it?

  • Ready to eat
  • Non-Gmo certified
  • Free of fat
  • Sugar-free
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4. Goya Foods Sliced Beets

Goya Foods Sliced Beets

Goya is a popular brand in the market and is known for producing quality products. These Goya sliced beets are impressive, they are low in calories, and they contain no saturated fat or any other form of fat. These canned beets come in a can that weighs roughly fifteen ounces. These Goya foods sliced beets come in a pack of 24 cans.

This pack of sliced beets weighs 360 ounces, and these beets come ready to eat. These Goya canned beans are healthy; they are full of nutrients and contain no additional artificial flavors or preservatives. These canned beets can be used as a side dish, or you can add them to your favorite dishes.

These Goya sliced beets are full of flavor and taste. They retain their natural freshness and contain no artificial flavor or preservatives. These canned beets are also ready to eat; they are full of nutrients. These sliced beets are low in calories and contain no type of fat.

Why do we like it?   

  • Natural product
  • Ready to eat
  • No artificial flavor
  • Low in calories
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5. Lieber’s Whole Beets

Lieber’s Whole Beets

The Lieber’s canned beets are not sliced or chop; they come in a can with a total weight of fifteen ounces. This can of beets can serve three people; its ingredients are salt, water, and beets. These whole beets are nutrient-rich; they also contain no preservatives and are safe to eat.

This Lieber’s whole beets come ready to eat; you will not need to prepare them before consumption. These whole beets also come in sturdy cans that ensure that the beets are fresh for a long time. These whole beets are also rich in fiber, folate, and iron. The lieber’s whole beets are also safe to store.

These canned whole beets are extremely healthy, they contain lots of nutrients, and all their ingredients are natural. These Lieber canned beets come ready to eat, the can they come is also high-quality, and they can serve three people. These canned whole beets also contain no preservatives and are safe to eat.

Why do we like it?

  • Nutrient-rich
  • Healthy
  • Serve three people
  • Storable
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Canned Beets Buyer’s Guide

If you are not a farmer, then consuming freshly harvested vegetables daily can be tough for you. The good news is there are alternatives available in the market, and canned beets are one of them. When it comes to canned food, options are unlimited, as there are quality products available in the market, such as canned crab meat and canned sardines.

However, we know customers find it hard to decide, especially when there are so many options available, which is why we are here to help them out. Below we have discussed some factors that customers must consider before they buy canned beets. Try out canned tuna.

Natural Flavor

Before you buy canned beets, ensure that they are made of natural ingredients and retain their original flavor. However, it might be difficult for consumers to judge the taste and flavor of the beets, so they should try to collect some feedback. Always try to invest in canned beets that are freshly harvested. Check out canned corn.

No Preservatives and Artificial Flavor

Canned foods are usually made of several ingredients, and not all of those ingredients are healthy. Before investing in canned beets, thoroughly read the ingredients and ensure no preservatives or artificial flavors. Always stay vary of products that contain preservatives, as they can be harmful to your health.

Ready to Eat

Most canned food in the market comes ready to eat, however customers still need to ensure that the product they invest in comes processed and ready to eat, because that way they will save a lot of time and energy. Try out canned chili.