Best Canned Anchovies

5 Best Canned Anchovies (Reviews Updated 2021)

Haven’t tried anchovies since that one bad pizza experience? Well, you probably had some mediocre ones because the good-quality anchovies have a delicious and mouth-watering taste. Nowadays, these tiny fishes are showing up in all of the usual places, including tapenade, pizzas, Caesar dressings, and many more.

Now the real question is, which canned anchovies are the perfect choice for you? Due to their Popularity, many suppliers are selling these delicious fishes. Therefore, finding the best canned anchovies is quite a challenge. But you don’t have to fret; to help you out, we have reviewed some of the best canned anchovies that customers can get their hands on.

Best Canned Anchovies

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1. Wild Planet Wild White Anchovies

Wild Planet Wild White Anchovies

If you are looking for full-flavored and mouth-watering canned anchovies, no other product can beat Wild Planet Wild White Anchovies. This product is available in different flavors and comes in different sizes. In addition, it is quite affordable; a pack of 12 4.4-ounce anchovies can cost up to $38. This item comes with dimensions of 8.9 x 7.9 x 2.5 inches and weighs about 4.37 ounces.

Wild Planet Wild White Anchovies are canned in extra-virgin olive oil or water; no other product can compete with Wild Planet’s value, nutrition, and flavor. These delicious anchovies resemble sardines, and you can enjoy them in various ways. These anchovies are small and delicate fish with a mild flavor.

Why do we like it?  

  • Lightly Salted and Packed Fresh
  • Affordable Pack of Delicious Anchovies
  • Rich with Flavor and Nutrition
  • Multiple Uses
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2. Crown Prince Flat Anchovies

Crown Prince Flat Anchovies

Second, on our list is Crown Prince Flat Anchovies. Being second does not mean this one is not worth buying; in fact, these anchovies are more delicious and inexpensive than the above one. A pack of 12 Crown Prince Flat Anchovies can cost up to $16, which is shockingly inexpensive. With a weight of 2.05 pounds, this item has dimensions of 4.19 x 0.88 x 2 inches.

Crown Prince Flat Anchovies are hand-picked and hand filleted in pure cold-pressed olive oil. These anchovies are caught in Morocco and are Keto certified, non-GMO verified and friend-of-the-sea certified. It contains 145 milligrams of omega-3 per serving. Furthermore, you can use them on pizza, in sauces, salads and many more.

Why do we like it?  

  • Durable Packaging
  • Non-GMO and Keto Certified
  • Product of Morocco
  • Canned in Cold-Pressed Olive Oil
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3. Roland Foods Flat Anchovy

Roland Foods Flat Anchovy

You can complete no seafood list without at least one Roland Foods product. If you have consumed other Roland Foods products, you surely know they are quite healthy and delicious. Regardless of their high quality, Roland Foods Flat Anchovies are quite inexpensive. A 14-oz can of these anchovies only costs about $10, which is surprisingly cheap.

Roland Foods Flat Anchovy comes with dimensions of 6.81 x 4.69 x 1.57 inches and weighs about 14 ounces. This product comes in different sizes and has two styles; Spain and Morocco. These wild-caught anchovies are canned in pure olive oil and processed into skinless flat fillets. No more additives; these anchovies are a great source of protein. You can use them in salad dressings and sauces.

Why do we like it?  

  • Recipe Inspirations
  • Rich with Flavor and Protein
  • Canned in Pure Olive Oil
  • Multiple Uses
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4. Agostino Recca Whole Anchovies

Agostino Recca Whole Anchovies

Agostino Recca Whole Anchovies are available in different sizes. Due to their delicious and mouth-watering taste, these are the best anchovies you will ever have. Agostino Recca Whole Anchovies comes in a can filled with brine and salt. Although these fresh anchovies are quite salty, we recommend packing them with pure olive oil for overnight to reduce saltiness.

Agostino Recca Whole Anchovies are quite affordable; a pack of 800 grams only costs up to $25. In addition, this item has dimensions of 6 x 6 x 3 inches and weighs about 2 pounds. This product is a fantastic source of omega-3 and protein. The versatility and flavor of these fishes are incredible; you can use them with sauces, salads, pizzas, and many more.

Why do we like it?  

  • Rich with Flavor
  • Multiple Uses
  • Delectable Taste
  • Great source of Protein
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5. Wild Planet Anchovies

Wild Planet Anchovies

Last but not least, we have another Wild Planet product. The ingredients used in this item are fresh anchovies, sea salt, extra-virgin olive oil, and water. With a volume of 4.37 ounces, these anchovies can cost up to $8, making them the most inexpensive product on our list. You can use these flavorful anchovies with salads, pizzas, sauces, and many more.

Wild Planet, 4.38 Ounce Anchovies comes with dimensions of ‎ 4.29 x 2.52 x 1.18 inches and weighs about 4 Ounces. This seafood comes with a very mild and delicious flavor of the sea. No other product can compete with the value, nutrition, and flavor offered by Wild Planet. These mouth-watering anchovies resemble sardines and can be enjoyed with pizza, sauces, Ceasar salad, and many more.

Why do we like it?  

  • Mouth-watering Flavor
  • Very Mild Flavor
  • 19 Grams Protein
  • Rich with Omega-3
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Canned Anchovies Buyer’s Guide

As you can see, a variety of canned anchovies are available out there with different specifications. That’s why selecting the best product is not an easy task. To get high-quality anchovies, you have to consider some things, like, origin, price, and many more. To help you out, here is a complete guide for you to keep in mind while buying canned anchovies that will suit you best.


The country from where the anchovies are caught plays an important role in taste. Because these fishes are not that rare, you will find that every country has its own brand. Italy and Sicily are quite popular because of their top-quality and delicious anchovies. The origin and other crucial information will be mentioned in the package label, and it will be best for you if you check them out before buying.

Olive Oil or Water

Anchovies are canned with either olive oil or water. The anchovies that are canned with water have their original taste with no extra flavor to them. While cooking, you will need some extra oil for these types of anchovies. On the other hand, if you are buying canned anchovies packed with high-quality and pure olive oil, the flavor will be enhanced. If you follow a strict diet, we recommend buying water-preserved anchovies.

Other Ingredients

Canned products mostly come with some extra preservatives. These preservatives are used to retain the quality of an item for a long time. However, these preservatives are quite harmful to the human body. Therefore, we recommend buying canned anchovies that are free from preservatives and additives. To keep this factor simple, buy canned anchovies that are properly sealed and have salt and olive oil to keep them fresh. If you are a pizza lover, check out our top 5 BBQ sauces for Pizza and canned pizza sauce.


As mentioned above, make sure your selected product is free from added preservatives. When you do this, ensure that the can is properly sealed so that your anchovies don’t get spoiled. The container that is used for packaging is an important factor to pinpoint. A lot of materials are used to make these containers. Once you buy canned anchovies, we recommend storing them in a re-sealable glass container to keep them fresh.  To know more about fishes, take a look at our articles about how to defrost fish? And does fish sauce go bad?