5 Best Cangshan Knives (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Named after a mighty mountain located in Southern China, Cangshan is a Chinese company that manufactures high-quality kitchen tools. Since Chinese products are often assumed as low quality and cheap products, Cangshan is changing perspectives when it comes to durable kitchen knives.  The company has made its place in one of the top candidates in the cutlery world with its high-quality knives.

If you are one of those people who haven’t been able to find the right sharpness of a knife for your kitchen, then Cangshan is here for you. The cutlery world of Cangshan offers a wide range of knives made in different series, ideal for your everyday use to special cutting needs. The products are affordable and stylish to the core; if you are looking for the ideal Cangshan knives for your kitchen, this guide is for you.

Best Cangshan Knives

ImageBest Cangshan KnivesRating
Cangshan Ts Series1. Cangshan TS Series99%
Cangshan W Series2. Cangshan W Series96%
Cangshan S Series3. Cangshan S Series92%
Cangshan N1 Series4. Cangshan N1 Series89%
Cangshan V2 Series5. Cangshan V2 Series85%

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Here are our Cangshan Knives Reviews:

1. Cangshan TS Series

Cangshan Ts Series

This Cangshan TS series 17 pieces knives set with a block is a treat to look at. You are sure to increase the professionalism and smartness of your kitchen with this cutlery set. The black and silver knives paired with a dark wooden block are ready to cut their way through a fine cutting and cooking experience for you.

Made with great thought and a smart approach, this set can be summed up to provide the finest cutlery experience. Highly affordable yet extremely stylish, and not to mention, the product’s high quality makes it extremely desirable. The 17 piece set includes every knife you could desire.

From bread knives to steak knives, boning knives to kitchen utility knives, anything you name, and this product has got it covered for you. With the extra thought and goal to serve you the best, the set also has some useful extras. This includes sharpening steel and kitchen shears and the gorgeous Cangshan walnut block to hold all your cutting items in a place.

The distinctive feature about this Cangshan product is that the blades are made up of high alloy Swedish steel and a smart design. As contrary to other German steel, the Swedish Steel can cut precisely and give fine results up to 5 times more. If you want fine cutting and professional results, then this product is ideal for you.

Widely used in a professional kitchen, the Cangshan TS series is making its place in the cutlery world like nobody else. And now to the gripping part, the handles are well balanced and made to provide a smooth experience without straining your wrist. They are good looking and better at working even than they look.

Why do we like it?

  • A complete collection for all kitchen needs
  • Comfortable to use
  • Sharp ad excellent results
  • Provides a great balance
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2. Cangshan W Series

Cangshan W Series

We knew our list would be incomplete without this simple and smart Cangshan set from the W series for the minimalist in you. The attractive cutlery set is a six-piece knife set with basic items from the list. You will get less but essential knives from the cutlery world of Cangshan with this smartly crafted knife set.

The items included in this set are a chef’s knife, carving knife, serrated knife, a bread knife, along with a beautiful wooden holder to accompany them and grace your kitchen; the wooden holder is made with various holes to keep your knives dry and free from rust. The walnut color makes your knife set standout in your professionally equipped kitchen.

If you are not a fan of complex knife sets, then this item can cover your needs. The delicate yet minimal set of 6 pieces can fulfill your basic needs. From mincing garlic, boning meat, cutting loves, chopping veggies, and everything, this W series can do it all.

Like other Cangshan knife sets, the blades are made up of German steel, which makes them ideal and durable in the long run. The only considerable factor with this set is that you will have to pay close attention to the maintenance. The items are not dishwasher friendly; thus, keep great care to prevent cuts while washing them by hands.

The W series’s unique quality is the wooden handles, which are pretty to look at and provide you an excellent grip, so your knife doesn’t slip over slippery surfaces such as tomato and cherries. However, be careful of the wooden handles drying out; the company recommends placing food-grade mineral oil on them.

Why do we like it?

  • Basic everyday set
  • Ideal for starters
  • It is fairly priced for a decent function.
  • Comfortable grip
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3. Cangshan S Series

Cangshan S Series

The Cangshan S Series 12 pcs knives are a must-have for any mediocre kitchen with basic to fancy recipes. If you are a fan of following master chefs and replicating delicious desserts and food items, you must have this knife set. With an ability to provide extra precise results and carving for your centerpiece, you must have this product.

The 12 knives included in this set are carefully selected to cover up the basic to professional needs, and if you are not a fan of buying 22 or greater pieces of knives, you must settle for this product, and you will be thanking us later. The knives present in this set include hollow edge carving knife, chef knife, hollow edge Santoku knife, bread knife, nikiri knife, boning knife, serrated utility knife, paring knife, peeling knife and honing steel. The whole series is made up of German steel.

The block material is Acacia Wood, which ensures that all your knives are kept rust-free and safely held in order. The wooden block prevents knives from losing their sharpness and quality over time. The smartly curated handles provide a strong grip and comfortable cut the desired pieces and get what you want.

The set also comes with a kitchen scissor, which is ideal for cutting vegetables and any other use you desire. The item is reasonably priced and made with keeping the basic kitchen uses in mind. Don’t doublethink and make this product a part of your kitchen.

Why do we like it?

  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Professional to starter level
  • Has all the necessary knives
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4. Cangshan N1 Series

Cangshan N1 Series

Finally, the Cangshan 6 pcs block knife is a great way to get a pretty and professional start. We admire the make and beauty of this series from Cangshan. Especially for people who don’t like to mess up with their kitchen theme and prefer to stay on a subtle side, this knife set is a must buy.

The six smartly curated pieces include a bread knife, chef’s knife, Santoku Knife, Serrated Utility Knife, and Paring knife. Made of up German Steel, the blades are high quality and provide great results for precision cutting. The German steel is also known to provide extra strength and durability in the long run.

The block material is made up of walnut, so your knives are secured and flaunt perfectly in a great wooden shade. Ideal for every kitchen, big to small, this product is great for a head start. Not too less, not too much, this set is here to cover up your needs.

The minimalistic design and special handles entice many buyers and not forget National Sanitation Foundation approves the product. With the smooth and sturdy handles, you are sure to get a great grip over the cutting procedure. Since the design is on a modern side, this set is on a bit pricier side, but we think it is justified with the make and model, we think it is justified!

Why do we like it?

  • Identical and smart knives
  • Attractive to look at
  • Cover up all basic needs
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5. Cangshan V2 Series

Cangshan V2 Series

Once you buy this product, you are covered for your cutting needs till eternity. We are not boasting, but the fact is this 22 piece cutlery set comes with everything you could need in your kitchen. Made of up German Steel, a high-quality material that can cut through anything and everything, this Cangshan product is known as a master knife set.

Ready to chop pork ribs, large meat pieces, and thick bread, or give a nice julienne cut to your vegetables, this knife set is eager to help you in your fine cutting experience. You will get everything you desire, and the size ranges are enough to cater to all the needs that may arise in a kitchen. The smart knives are named after each specialty.

And you will get everything from a chef’s knife, bread knife, hollow edge Santoku, peeling knife, paring knife, tomato knife, eight steak knives, vegetable cleaner, hollow edge carving knife (for the artist in you), serrated utility knife, and to name a few. With this product, Cangshan has ensured to meet all your cutlery needs in one place. And the past part?

This master chef cutting set is extremely affordable. The set also comes with diamond-coated sharpening steel, which is there to maintain the sharpness and quality of your knives. The knife blades are made up of X50Ce15MoV German Steel, which is extremely reliable in the long run.

Not to mention, the handles are made with a strong grip and enough hold to give you a smooth cutting experience. One of the best selling points of this product is the grip and control over the cutting experience.

Why do we like it?

  • Affordable cutlery set with a complete range
  • Comfortable to use and grip
  • No rusting
  • Exceptionally sharp and fine
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Cangshan Knives Buyer’s Guide

Even though you may not have paid much attention to how a knife impacts the quality and make of food in your kitchen, there are several factors at play. Without a perfect collection of knives, your food looks messy special when you are going for fine dishes like chow mien or any other Chinese. If you need a knife to cut even slices of bread, then little rough edges ruin the entire presentation.

Moreover, stale and rough knives are harmful as compared to sharp knives. Yes, the chances of getting cuts and injuries with a rough knife are much greater than sharp and smartly made knives. With Cangshan knives, you get a great grip and smooth operation.


The range of selected knives is a great factor. It all depends on your needs. Whether you need a knife set with minimalistic range for everyday needs, there is no point in spending more money on many pieces.

But if you want a more professional outcome and love to play with various cuisines, then we shouldn’t recommend you settling for lesser pieces. After all, the Cangshan has various series with knife sets as minimum as five pieces and as many as 22 pieces. You are sure to get something that fits your needs.

German Vs. Swedish Steel

With Cangshan knives, you get these two options. While German steel is more commonly used in many Cangshan sets, this is not where the company has stopped its options. The Swedish Steel in the dome of the Cangshan series, such as the TS series, is a great pick. When you need a knife for better edge and precise uses, the Swedish Steel has a clear edge.

However, the truth is both types of steel are great and work amazingly; it all narrows down to your preference. If you are going for smooth and fine experiences, opt for German steel; otherwise, Swedish Steel will give you an edge.

Santoku Vs. Chef’s Knife

Santoku knives are the Japanese equivalent of chef’s knives, but they are more appropriate for vegetables than for heavy-duty, general around-the-kitchen use. The western and eastern equivalents are both flexible and can be used for different cutting tasks, while each one excels in particular aspects.


Sure, this has got to be our last concern for choosing the right set of knives for you. But with so many choices on the Cangshan series, you get an opportunity to match your knife set with your theme of the kitchen and cutlery choice. The Cangshan series has many knife sets in different colors and makes.

Everything from the handles, blades to the wooden block has multiple options, thus providing a diverse choice for their customers.