5 Best Cake Decorating Kits (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Baking a cake is more fun when you have the right tools to work with. Cakes have become an ever-present snack at social events because of their taste and nice decorative features done with decorative cake kits. The best cake decorative kits have all the necessary tools in a single package to make cake baking an enjoyable experience.

If you want to buy a cake decorating kits, you need to watch for low-quality or incomplete kits. Sadly enough, many decorating kits sold to buyers online are some of the worst kits ever, leading many to lose their money. In this cake decorating kits review, we show you all you need to know about kits, and beyond that, we review 5 of the best cake decorating kits money can buy.

Best Cake Decorating Kits

ImageBest Cake Decorating KitsRating
Rfaqk Cake Decorating Supplies Kit1. RFAQK Cake Decorating Supplies Kit99%
Docgrit Cake Decorating Kit2. Docgrit Cake Decorating Kit96%
Kootek Cake Decorating Supplies Kit3. Kootek Cake Decorating Supplies Kit92%
Kobson Cake Decorating Supplies4. Kobson Cake Decorating Supplies89%
Puroma 70 In 1 Cake Decorating Kits5. Puroma 70-in-1 Cake Decorating Kits85%

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Here are our best cake decorating kits reviews.

1. RFAQK Cake Decorating Supplies Kit

Rfaqk Cake Decorating Supplies Kit

RFAQK is a decorating kit essentially meant for beginners. If you are new to cake baking and do not have much experience designing cakes, you might want to go for this decorating kit. RFAQK contains 150 pieces of decorating kits of different shapes and sizes, which serve different purposes. From a cake leveler to a Russian Angled Spatula, this kit has it all. 150 might seem like many tools, but this why RFAQK represents value for money because it contains all the accessories you will ever need to decorate your cake.

Is it wedding cakes you are looking to bake, anniversary cakes, birthday cakes, or cakes for any social occasion? You know that the event in question determines the cake’s design. RFAQK has the right kits to pull off that design you have always had in mind. Contained in the package is also an Ebook that provides direction and inspiration. The turntable stand in this kit is one of the best we’ve seen, and the numbered icing tips is easy to use because it has a pattern chart that allows you to measure the patterns you draw on the cake’s surface.

A cake baking tool shouldn’t be exclusively for professional bakers. You can design your own cakes at home if only you have the right tools at your disposal. RFAQK is one of the best cake decorating kits to buy.

Why do we like it?

  • A complete set of tools with every required asset included
  • The Ebook contains user instructions and recipes
  • The tools are relatively easy to use, even for beginners
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2. Docgrit Cake Decorating Kit

Docgrit Cake Decorating Kit

Docgrit is a highly sought after kit not only because it has all the required decorating tools used by bakers, but these tools in question are easy to use. If you are looking for tools that will not give you stress when working on your cake designs, Docgrit is one kit to consider. This kit has a total of 85 pieces of different tools. When you open it, you will find 2 silicone piping bags, 3 icing smoothers, 6 muffin cups, an icing tip guide and a 12 numbered icing tip, and many more tools of convenience.

This kit is classed under kits for beginners, but that does not mean that only beginners can use it. All it goes to show is that the tools are easy to use even by unskilled hands. The revolving Turntable has a nonslip base, which allows your cake to rest comfortably on it without the risk of slipping off and turning into a ruined heap on the floor. All the tools in the kit are also made from BPA free materials, so your health and safety is assured.

All the tools are made with steel or plastic, which are great materials to work with and easy to maintain. Docgrit is one kit that is designed with the user in mind. Decorating a cake doesn’t have to be hard, and Docgrit will see to that.

Why do we like it?

  • Tools are made with quality materials
  • Safe and easy to use tools
  • Easy to maintain
  • Practice tools are included to help you sharpen your skills.
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3. Kootek Cake Decorating Supplies Kit

Kootek Cake Decorating Supplies Kit

Kootek is a cake designer’s delight. This kit set has an icing smoother, a silicone piping bag, disposable pastry bags, a coupler, and a turntable, among many other tools. With the Turntable, you can make an 11-inch cake that we are sure your guests or kids will love. The tools in Kootek are ideal for creating different professional designs on top of your cakes and along the borders roundabout.

Creating candy lettering and garlands has never been easier. We also like the Turntable’s nonslip base that can be turned clockwise or anti-clockwise, which allows you to create beautiful designs with ease. What about the piping bags? Well, they are reusable just in case you don’t want to dispose of them just yet, but if you do, the bags are large enough to accommodate all your waste, so you don’t make a mess of your kitchen or baking area for that matter.

If you are looking for the best cake decorating kits to buy, would you not rather want to buy a kit with more than enough tools that will serve you well for a lifetime? Kootek supplies kit offers users real value for their money and will do the same for you.

Why do we like it?

  • Made with safe food-grade materials
  • Very easy to clean
  • Packed in an attractive package
  • Great value for beginners
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4. Kobson Cake Decorating Supplies

Kobson Cake Decorating Supplies

When we speak of making an economic choice, Kobson is a perfect example of what an economically prices tool kit should look like. Rather than invest separately in decorating tools, why not invest in a single kit that has every single tool that will meet your needs? Kobson kit supplies contain 460 pieces of baking set tools. That number sounds too good to be true, but yet, it is. There really isn’t any decorating tool you can think of that you will not find in this Kobson package.

This kit has all that is required to cater to the needs of newbie and professional bakers. The 3 spring foam pans are of three different sizes to match different cake sizes. You can make 3 layer cakes or as many-layered cakes as you wish with this supply kits. As far as durability goes, Kobson is made with high-quality food-grade materials that comprise plastic, steel, and silicone materials.

Buying this kit is a great way to save money because it is on the cheaper side, and you will not have to spend extra cash on tools that you may need, but the kit you own might not have. Kobson as them all.

Why do we like it?

  • A complete set of tools
  • Tools are of different sizes and varieties
  • The cake pans are leakproof
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5. Puroma 70-in-1 Cake Decorating Kits

Puroma 70 In 1 Cake Decorating Kits

If you prefer kits that have tools with measurement markings, you might want to go for Puroma. This supply kit’s tools are easy to use because many of them, including the scale lines, have 5.5 inch, 9 inch, and 11-inch measurements. What makes Puroma a great decorating kit is because it allows for left and right-handed use. Quite thoughtful of the manufacturer, isn’t it?

While other tool kits are discriminatory, Puroma affords you simplicity and functionality at the highest level of cake baking. The Turntable is so large that it can hold cakes as wide as 11 inches. And when you are done with your decoration, the platform can be easily removed for onward cleaning. Puroma contains 70 pieces of decoration tools that will serve you for a long time.

The tools are all nicely arranged in a durable and attractive package. To prevent the loss of any of the tools, make sure you only bring out the ones you need at every moment in time. You may even try placing stickers on them and numbering each tool so you can easily account for them.

Why do we like it?

  • The items made with steel have anti-rust properties
  • The Twist couplers are reusable
  • The Turntable is ergonomically designed for comfort
  • Very affordable kit
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Cake Decorating Kits Buyer’s Guide

Unless you are a professional cake baker with years of experience, you will need all the help you can get whenever you are looking out for cake decorating kits. There are so many kit brands today that offer different types of kit products to buyers.

Some have less than 50 tools, while others can have as many as 100 or more tools. It would help if you were looking for a decorating kit containing many good quality tools.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you want to buy a cake decorating kit.

Reusability and Versatility

If you want a kit that will last you for many years, you need to buy one with tools that have reusable value. Such tools will ensure that you don’t go searching for replacements after every use. Disposable bags, for instance, are tools that can have reusable value. The same goes for the piping bags and the spatula the kit contains.

You also want to make sure that some of the tools have versatility value. Meaning that you can use them for baking different types of confectionaries. Although, at some point, you will need to replace some of the tools in your kit, however, buying a kit with as many reusable tools as possible is a smart way to save money.

Materials Quality

Check to see if the tools are BPA free and made with high-quality materials. Some of the best cake decorating kits use food grade materials only. Kit materials may be made with metal, silicone, steel, or plastic, or a combination of some or all of these materials. What you should be looking for are two things. Firstly, you want to go for materials that are durable and will last long.

Secondly, you want to go for materials that will not contaminate your food as they wear and tear with age. Metal and plastic tools are some of the best, while the former is more expensive than the latter. Having a kit that combines these materials is also a good idea.

Number of Accessories

The more accessories the kit contains, the better. A kit that contains 100 pieces may offer more in terms of value, but this is not the case for everyone. Why so? Simply because a kit that contains tools you do not need will offer you no value when there are packages with less that satisfy your needs. While a decorating kit with more accessories is a good thing, we advise that you go for a kit that has just what you need. Numbers matter but not as much as functionality.


How much should you pay for a cake decorating kit? That decision should be yours alone to make. For starters, make sure you have a budget at hand before you commence your search. Since there is a wide range of decorating kits to choose from, you will definitely find a brand that is sold at a price that you can afford. 

Kits are priced based on the number of accessories that they have and their quality. Some brands also cost more because of the value they offer to the user. We recommend that you only buy the best cake decorating kit that meets your needs in terms of durability, functionality, and affordability. Paying over the top for a kit is not a wise investment decision and should be avoided at all costs.