5 Best Cacao Powders (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Cacao Powders have been around for a long time and consumers who do not want to drink coffee or tea substitute any of these for Cacao powder. Today some of the best Cacao powders have become an ever-present beverage in many homes. This organic beverage is rich in key vitamins and can be drunk at any time of day. For this reason, the demand for Cacao has steadily increased, prompting sellers to advertise their products as the best among the rest.

If you want to add Cacao powder to your menu list, you need to go for a product that offers value for money. Even though different brands claim such a status, finding the best cacao powders requires a careful search that should not be rushed. In our Cacao review, we provide you with key information that will simplify your choice.

Best Cacao Powders

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1. OMG Superfoods Organic Cacao Powder

Omg Superfoods Organic Cacao Powder

OMG Superfoods is one cacao brand that leaves no room for doubts. This product is 100% pure and organic and has been certified by the USDA. With such a certified seal of approval, you know that what you are buying is a product that actually contains the richness and value promised. Containing natural calcium, potassium, and iron, OMG is a Vitamin C rich Cacao powder that will flow well with your snacks and baked foods.

Taking a cup in the morning before rushing out to start your day will energize you because of its key and active agents. OMG has a very rich and smooth texture that dissolves quickly. You can take it with warm or hot water; however, you want it. If you prefer cold water, this Cacao powder will not be out of place either. The 8oz container has an attractive covering, and the contents are free of additives fillers, or sugar.

If you are a vegetarian or you like Kosher menus, you can add OMG to your menu list and still maintain your strict dietary habits. Milled under low temperatures, this cacao brand is a trusted product worth every penny.

Why do we like it?

  • It is rich in fibers and iron
  • Every single ingredient is organic and pure
  • It has a lovely flavor
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2. Navitas Organic Cacao Powder

Navitas Organic Cacao Powder

Nutritionists have long espoused the value of consuming gluten-free food and beverages, and Navitas Cacao powder falls into the category of brands that provide consumers with gluten-free products. This powder is sourced from cold-pressed organic cacao beans that were fermented naturally. It is considered a superfood because it contains flavonols, which are antioxidants, essential vitamins, and minerals as well as fibers.

The cacao beans, which forms an essential part of this powder, comes from Peru and is of the highly sought after Criollo variety regarded as one of the most nutrient-rich seeds in the world.  Navitas Organic powder is a perfect alternative to processed cocoa drinks but a much healthier substitute. It is GMO and gluten-free and ideal for vegan and kosher diets.

This powder does not require additional sugar since it already has a sweet flavor. However, if you must add sugar, make sure you do so sparingly; otherwise, the content will become too sweet for comfort.

Why do we like it?

  • Bold and delicious taste
  • An alternative to cocoa beverages
  • It can be drunk hot, cold, or warm
  • It is a natural detoxifier
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3. Hershey Natural Unsweetened Cacao Powder

Hershey Natural Unsweetened Cacao Powder

When drawing up our list of the best Cacao powders, we put every drinker’s needs into consideration, including those who prefer low sugar beverages. Hershey’s Unsweetened cacao powder contains all the rich ingredients that a good cacao product should have, except for a sugary flavor. This powder will complement your desserts and snacks just the way you like it. It has an incredible taste and texture, and the mere fact that it has little or no sugar means you can make it a stable diet as part of your daily menu.

Hershey contains six 8 -ounce cans of powder, all packaged in airtight containers for extended preservation. The cans are resealable, so after taking as much content as you want, you can seal it up to prevent air from ruining its freshness. Hershey is made with organic ingredients, and it is gluten-free. This versatile beverage can be consumed at any time of the day.

If you are looking to cut down on your calorie intake or watch your weight closely but still want to enjoy a beverage with a nice flavor, Hershey Natural Unsweetened powder is your best bet.

Why do we like it?

  • Well packaged product
  • It can be consumed over breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • All the ingredients are fresh and organic
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4. Aduna High Flavanol Premium Blend Cacao Powder

Aduna High Flavanol Premium Blend Cacao Powder

Some of the best Cacao powders originate from Africa because the continent is home to some of the world’s most nutrient-rich cocoa trees. Aduna High flavanol cacao powder is one of the few products to earn the EU claim of heart seal because of its component elements, which aids blood circulation and artery elasticity. Aduna is rich in potassium and magnesium, which are essential minerals for bone strengthening. If you have long struggled with high-quality protein sources and will like to increase your protein intake, you might want to switch to Aduna for the rich protein it contains.

Blended under Eu compliant regulations, every batch of this cacao powder is tested carefully to ensure superior product quality. The flavanol cacao used in brewing this powder is sourced from selected trees in the region of Ghana. A country regarded as the cocoa capital of the continent. Aduna is one of a kind, and the price at which it is sold is quite surprising, to say the least, when you consider the value it offers.

Just mix with cold or hot milk in a cup of warm or cold water to enjoy this beverage. Add little sugar if you so wish, and let your tastebuds be the judge.

Why do we like it?

  • it is easy to prepare
  • Premium quality that meets international standards
  • Contains no additives or preservatives
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5. Now Foods Organic Raw Cacao Powder

Now Foods Organic Raw Cacao Powder

Now Food organic powder is another product on our list whose key ingredient is sourced from Peru. This raw powder contains flavonols and polyphenols. Rather than passing through machine driers, Now Foods Organic powder is sun-dried under natural light conditions. Each pack contains 12-ounce Cacao, which is enough to accommodate the needs of 3-4 people. We decided to include this product in our list for cacao drinkers who prefer raw cacao powders to processed ones.

This product retains all its valuable nutrients because the cocoa beans are left to ferment naturally to bring out their rich, natural flavors. The producers do not add sugar or any other unhealthy ingredient that may affect its organic compounds. As for Now Organics’ flavonols and polyphenol components, be rest assured that you are getting both nutrients in their rich and unprocessed state.

Now Foods is USDA certified for its gluten and GMO-free ingredients. This Cacao powder will complement other natural recipes in your menu list.

Why do we like it?

  • Processed under natural conditions
  • All nutrients are preserved in their natural state
  • Well packaged
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Cacao Powder Buyer’s Guide

Many people confuse Cocoa with Cacao even though they are sourced from cocoa trees. Cacao is the natural variant in its raw form and is preferred by those who do not want to consume highly processed cocoa powder. When shopping for Cacao powder, you need to examine the quality of the product you are buying. Many sellers sell their powder at different prices, so you want to make sure you don’t pay too much for a product of low quality.

In our buyer guide, we review some of the essential product features to bear in mind when evaluating a product’s quality through the reading of buyer reviews and product descriptions. Here are some of the details to consider when next you shop for cacao powder.

Gluten-Free Powder

Check to see if the product has gluten-free information. If it does not have it, we will recommend that you don’t buy it but go for something else. The best cacao powders are gluten-free and devoid of preservatives. These are the type of products you should be looking to buy. Also, avoid packages that contain the information “ground chocolate” because they are low-quality products.

Cocoa-only Products

The best cacao powders contain cocoa only and nothing else. Suppose you see several other ingredients and artificial ingredients as part of its makeup. In that case, that should indicate that the product is full of preservatives and extra additives that diminish the value of the powder. Avoid buying such a product. Only go for brands that offer 100% cocoa and nothing more.

High-Fat Content

Very good cacao powders are rich in fat contents. Except you are trying to avoid fatty foods, a product with at least 24% fat will have a nice flavor that you will find quite satisfying.

Check for Certifications

If the product has a seal of approval from major national and international health agencies such as the USDA and the EU, that is a product you can trust. Only brands that process and package their cacao powder under strict conditions have such certifications.

Organic vs. Inorganic

Some people argue that inorganic powders are just as good as organic ones, but that is not true. Organic cacao powders taste better because they contain rich properties that some inorganic products may not have. Furthermore, organic powders can replace other chocolate beverages because they are raw and taste better. Organic powders also contain fewer calories than inorganic powders, so you may want to bear that in mind. Before you buy any product with an organic seal, make sure you do your findings to be sure that what is being advertised on the package is offered in the product.

Nutritional Value

You will have to read the product information to evaluate the nutritional value of the cacao powder.  Some of the nutrients to look out for are calcium, magnesium, potassium, and antioxidant properties. A product containing these nutrients is worth your investment, and consuming it will help in flushing out harmful toxins that may complicate your health.


There is sweetened and unsweetened cacao powder, so make sure you buy the one that suits your preference. But overall, cacao powders have a bitter taste and a dark in color. Using this in place of chocolate products will make the taste of your beverage much stronger but not in an overpowering way. If you want to lose weight, Cacao powders are good additions to your menu but bear in mind that it may take you some time to adjust to the taste.


Your recipe should also influence your choice whenever you are shopping for cacao powder. If your recipe demands fruits, it will be ideal to go for the unsweetened variant since the fruit juice will sweeten your beverage. If your recipe already contains an active sugar agent, an unsweetened powder will serve you better. However, if there is little or no sugar in your recipe, do well to buy the sweetened version, but remember that you may need to add milk or sugar or both to spice up the taste.


Last but not least is the packaging, which plays a key role in preserving the powder’s freshness. We recommend that you buy a product whose containers have a resealable seal that can be closed properly after taking out some of its content. Proper packaging also ensures that the cacao powder is not exposed to contamination when transported from the factory to the final point of sale.