5 Best Burger Press (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Making the best burgers involves the use of the best burger presses. The ingredients you use to make the burger are as important as the tools you use, and a burger press ranks as one of the most important tools for burger making. Many people assume that any flat utensil can be used in place of a burger press, but this is not the case. The best burger press is purpose-built for burgers and helps to flatten and shape your burger just the way you like it.

With that being said, the task of choosing a good burger press is quite tricky these days as there are so many burger press brands on offer. Different manufacturers have multiple presses, all sold at different prices and which can confuse the average Buyer. In this buyer review, we will highlight some of the best burger press brands, and beyond that, we will explore some of the important features to look out for when shopping for a press for your burgers.

Best Burger Press

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Here are our best burger press reviews.

1. Cuisinart Cast Iron Press

Cuisinart Cast Iron Press

Culinary Cast iron Press has a wood handle for easy handling. The Press itself is made with Cast iron, which helps in pressing burgers quickly and with minimal effort. This Press is ideal because it is very effective in ridding your burgers of unwanted fat and oils. Cuisinart is also very easy to use because the cast material heats up quickly and retains heat for a considerable period.

Once it is well heated, the ridged surface on the Press will create charred marks on your burger that you will find quite pleasing. Even in a hot state, Cuisinart is easy to move safely because of the wood handle. As you know, wood is not a conductor of heat, so no matter how hot the Press gets, the heat will not be transferred to the handle, which makes for a perfect and safe handling

Weighing 3 pounds in weight, Cuisinart is also easy to carry. The durable cast iron is of the highest quality and will serve you for several years.

Why do we like it?

  • Durable quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety features in place
  • This product comes with a 1-year warranty
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2. GPYG Burger Press

Gpyg Burger Press

GPYG is a hamburger patty maker and burger slider for hamburger enthusiasts. This three in one press kit will aid in the making of burgers of different sizes and thickness. It has a small top base for small burgers and patties and a debatable indent press for creating a hole in your burger. Then there is a bottom base of a bigger size for stuffed hamburgers.

GPYG is made with high-quality premium iron that is non-sticky. This heavy-duty Press is free of harmful BPA plastic, so you do not run the risk of contaminating your food with harmful toxins and effluents. The non-stick coating also allows you to remove the bottom of the base from the burger after executing a press.

This burger press is also very easy to use in just three simple steps. The first step is to press the meat. In the second stage, you stuff the burger with the meat and other essential ingredients, and then for the third stage, you seal the burger with the Press, and it is ready in less than 5 minutes. GOYG is easy to clean also with soap and water. If you prefer machine wash, GPYG is dishwasher safe.

Why do we like it?

  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • It makes done markings on your burgers
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3. Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press

Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press

Third on our list of the best hamburger press is Weston Burger Express. This product has a Patty Ejector and is four and a half inches in diameter. Weston is an ideal press for homemade burgers and also great for making crab cakes and sausage patties. Made with non-stick aluminum, you can flip as many burgers as you want in less time with this Press.

We like the structural design of Weston, which sets it apart from other Burger presses. The attached spring plunger holds the patty tightly for a short time, after which it pops back open so you can remove it with ease. Weston’s package also includes 500-1000 cleaning sheets to keep your press waste free before you wash with water and soap.

You can adjust the thickness of your patty using Weston, and just so you know,  the quality promised is guaranteed and backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Why do we like it?

  • Helps in making consistent burgers that don’t fall apart after leaving your grill
  • Consistent heat transfer from the Press to the burger
  • Good handle grip
  • Extra paper sheets make cleaning much easier
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4. The Burger Iron Burger Smasher

The Burger Iron Burger Smasher

Good chefs know that to make good burgers, they need to squash them very well with a tool that allows maximum contact. The Burger iron is one tool that is built solely for burgers. This Press has a round 6-inch footprint suitable for both home and commercial use. The Press is flat with a very smooth bottom that will fit standard kitchen pots and pans. The build material is made with heavy-duty stainless steel and has the right weight.

The Burger Iron will not rust even when it comes in contact with water. Its polished stainless steel coating will make sure of that. This Press will not change the taste of your ingredients either. The BPA free materials are safe and devoid of harmful elements.

Are you a professional chef or just a homeowner looking for a burger tool of convenience?  Try The Burger Iron, and you will be glad you did. This product is easy to use and offers long-lasting value.

Why do we like it?

  • Helps to secure a consistent shape for all your burgers
  • An ultimate tool for both professionals and amateurs
  • Rustproof quality
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5. Mountain Grillers Burger Press Patty Burger Maker

Mountain Grillers Burger Press Patty Burger Maker

Are you looking for a cheap and affordable burger press for your kitchen? Mountain Grillers is one of the best burger press brands you can go for.  No longer should you make a mess of your kitchen while making shapely burgers. Mountain Grillers allows you to make all kinds of burgers. Studded burgers, perfect shaped burgers, or regular beef burgers; you name it. The package has 40 wax papers to clean the Press’s bottom before you send it for a thorough wash.

Mountain Grillers Press is also referred to as a multipurpose press because it can secure mushrooms, onions, dried tomatoes, and cheese with ease. You also have the luxury of choosing your preferred size. You may pick the gourmet, quarter pounder, or half-pounder or even go for all three if you so wish. With Mountain Grillers, there are no limitations, only possibilities.

When you are done with your cooking, cleaning a utensil has never been easier. Simply decouple this burger press and throw it into your dishwasher if you don’t want to wash it by hand.

Why do we like it?

  • Different size options
  • Very easy to remove burgers from the mold
  • You will not leave a mess behind with this Press
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Burger Press Buyer’s Guide

Many homeowners who love to spice up their menu with tasty burgers every so often know the value of owning a burger press. Still, unfortunately, not everyone can spot a very good press beyond face value. A burger press may be pleasing to the eyes, but aesthetics counts for nothing when evaluating a press’s quality. In fact, some presses may look unappealing but perform better than the good looking ones. With so many burger presses to choose from, how then can you point out the best burger press in the market?

Read our Buyer’s guide to know the factors and features to look out for before you spend money on a burger press.


When it comes to quality, no other feature is as important as the material of the Press. If the material is durable, every other feature will only serve to complement it. There are different types of materials used in manufacturing burger presses. We have plastic presses, iron presses, and aluminum presses. Of these three, plastic is the least desirable because it is fragile and not ideal for cooking. Iron and aluminum are very good options, but of the two, aluminum is the better option. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat, and it doesn’t affect the taste of your burger. Beyond that, aluminum is also very easy to maintain.

Non-stick coat

Check if the burger press has a non-stick coating. The best burger presses have a non-stick coating. This feature is essential because it prevents your food from sticking to the bottom of the Press. Non-stick coated presses are also very easy to clean, and their surface does not peel.

Patty Size

What is the size of the patty you will often prepare? Be sure of this before you buy a burger press. The last thing you want is to end up with a press that is either too big or too small for your burger. Also, consider the weight and thickness of your patty when making this decision.

Patti Type

Besides the size of the patty, the patty type should also be considered. There are several burger patties in the market. Common burger patty types are the popular 3 in 1 patty used in making stuffed burgers, regular burgers, and sliders. Consider buying a burger press that is suitable for the patty you will use often.

Number of Patties the Press can handle at a time

If you have a large family, you may want to go for a burger press that can make many patties at a time. Some presses can handle between 2-6 patties at once. Such a burger press will save you a lot of time if you prepare burgers for many people.


All Kitchen utensils should be easy to clean, not just your burger press. The best burger press should be one that is easy to maintain. This is why you should only go for non-stick burger presses with durable exteriors because they are easy to clean with just soap and water. To further reduce the stress of cleaning, you may want to look for a dishwasher safe model. Once you are done with the burger press, you just place it inside the dishwasher and let the machine do the rest.


Purchasing a product that has warranty coverage is advisable. Some burger presses have between 1-2 years warranty, while others have a lifetime warranty. Consider buying from a manufacturer who attaches a warranty to the product in case the model you receive is defective. If it is, you can return it and get a replacement.


Consider buying a burger press that has an ergonomic handle. Since you will likely hold it several times during your cooking session, protecting your hands as you do so is very important. Wood handles are very good because wood is very durable and is not a heat conductor, so it will never get hot no matter how hot the bottom of the Press may be. In addition to that, wood does not melt nor emit harmful toxins, unlike plastic handles, so your food is safe from chemical contamination.


The best burger press does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. This tool is quite affordable and will only cost you a few dollars. Though some models with very durable materials may cost more, please do not succumb to the temptation of paying over the top for them. The price of the burger press you go for should match its functionality and durability.