Best Budget Coffee Grinders

5 Best Budget Coffee Grinders (Reviews Updated 2021)

Are you a coffee lover who drinks quite a lot of coffee every day of the week? If you are, you probably need a coffee grinder to help you grind your coffee beans with ease. Unless you brew coffee for several other people, you don’t necessarily need something too fanciful. Just one of the best budget coffee grinder there is that costs very little.

Buying a coffee grinder requires close attention to detail because many grinders are on sale today at online stores, supermarkets, and malls. These grinders are either burr or blade grinders, but they offer users different levels of performance. In this review, we bring to your knowledge some of the best budget coffee grinders you can afford on a very lean budget. Although they are quite cheap, they still offer quality and will last for years.

Best Budget Coffee Grinders

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1. Bodum Bistro Blade Grinder

Bodum Bistro Blade Grinder

Bodum Bistro is an electric coffee grinder with a black exterior. This grinder is a blade grinder powdered by a 150W electric motor. The stainless steel blade cuts coffee beans to size until they are smooth textured. Bodum Bistro coffee grinder has a bean capacity of 34 oz worth of coffee beans, which means you can brew coffee in a single grind for two or three people.

The device has a very compact shape and is lightweight. Rather than have the electric cord dangling about, there is a cord storage where you can roll up and store the cord when the grinder is not in use. It also has a pulse and continuous grind feature that allows you to effect one grind per action or a continuous grind with a single push control button.

For user safety, Bodum Bistro comes with a red safety button that is programmed not to start the engine unless the lid is in place. If a budget coffee grinder is what you are looking for, Bodum Bistro is one of the best budget coffee grinders to buy.

Why do we like it?

  • Very sharp grinding blades
  • Convenient storage feature
  • Affordably priced
  • Advanced safety feature
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2. HadinEEon Electric 200W Grinder

Hadineeon Electric 200w Grinder

From the stable of HaddinEEon comes this high-performance budget coffee grinder for home use. HaddinEEon is one company known for its energy-efficient and precision grinders. Still, we chose this model because it is relatively cheap and affordable for those who desire a coffee grinder but lack the funds to procure a sophisticated one. This HadinEEon model has a stainless steel blade and a plastic bowl.

Instead of operating the machine through multiple buttons, this coffee grinder uses a one-touch control button for grinding. We are sure you will like this low-budget budget grinder because it can grind more than coffee at once. You can grind nuts, grains, and sugar with this blade grinder. Spotting a white color, HaddinEEon will complement other appliances in your kitchen, and through the clear lid on top, you can view your beans as its being brewed.

There is a safety switch attached to this system and an inbuilt overheat system to prolong its operational life. With the 200W motor, grinding 9 tablespoons of coffee is easy in no time.

Why do we like it?

  • Does not burn your coffee
  • The BPA free materials ensure that the taste of your coffee remains unchanged
  • Very easy to clean
  • Minimal noise level when in action
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3. KRUPS F203 Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder

Krups F203 Electric Coffee And Spice Grinder

Some of the best budget coffee grinders are designed for comfort, which is exactly what KRUPS offers you. This device is both a spice and a coffee grinder proven to be a reliable kitchen companion, and both previous and current users will testify to that fact. The blades in this grinder will crush your coffee beans until it has a uniform consistency within seconds. KRUPS is very easy to use as it comes with a single push-button for ultimate grinding action.

To prevent your content from spilling out and messing up your cabinet and kitchen floor, the protective lid has a seal all around it. As for the bowl, we like its spacious size of 3 oz for easy brewing. If you don’t have sufficient space on your countertop or cabinet to keep a bulky grinder, KRUPS will be your best bet. Its compact size ensures that it does not take up too much space wherever you place it.

Like all coffee grinders, always make sure that the lid is in place before you switch on the engine.

Why do we like it?

  • The Oval design ensures texture uniformity
  • Ideal for grinding coffee, herbs, nuts, grains, and spices
  • It has an and sleek design
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4. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill

Are you tired of coffee grinders with electric motors that have very short life spans? Do you want to cut down on your monthly energy bills? Perhaps it is time to go the traditional way with your coffee grinding. We introduce you to Hario Ceramic grinder. Hario is a Japanese word that translates to “The King of Glass” in English. This grinder is an inexpensive means of grinding coffee. For coffee lovers who drink coffee several times within a 24-hour cycle, this grinder will serve them well.

Hario is a hand grinder with a lever positioned at the top of the bowl. To effect a grind, all you have to do is to move the lever clockwise or anti-clockwise as you wish. The reinforced hexagonal adapter ensures that your coffee is perfectly brewed. Not only that, it further reduces the wear and tear of the blade.

Another feature that makes Hario a homeowner’s delight is its slim shape and lightweight. You can carry Hario in your bag wherever you go and not even feel the weight at all. Hario offers a traditional but yet effective way to enjoy coffee.

Why do we like it?

  • The storage bowl has measurement readings
  • Adjustable grind mechanism to suit your style
  • Durable body and accessories
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5. Chefman Electric Burr Mill Grinder

Chefman Electric Burr Mill Grinder

Chefman is the only burr grinder to make this list since all the others listed so far are blade grinders. Burr grinders are more expensive than blade grinders; that is why only very few brands sell theirs cheaply. Buying Chefman for your home will be quite the steal of the year because this is one grinder that will not disappoint.

Chefman is an electric grinder with a black exterior. With this device, you can perform 17 grinding actions. The storage bowl is large enough to contain coffee beans suitable for 2-12 cups. Working with several buttons tends to make grinding cumbersome, which is why the manufacturer has only included a single button for easy control.

Included in Chefman’s package is a cleaning brush to help you remove debris and leftover coffee beans before you wash the bowl and burrs. This machine has a 110 motor and an anti-heating system to protect it from overheating.  To make this product even more attractive, the manufacturer is offering buyers  a1- year warranty.  If anything goes wrong with your Chefman grinder, you can always return it and demand a replacement.

Why do we like it?

  • Customized design
  • This grinder is an aroma preserver
  • Has the capacity to meet the demands of up to a dozen coffee consumers
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Budget Coffee Grinder Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know about some of the best budget coffee grinder brands in the market, a little more information is required if you want to get the very best grinder your money can buy. As you already know, there are so many brands out there all sold at different prices. Even the same seller may have multiple coffee grinder on offer, which makes the whole buying process a tricky endeavor.

In our buyer guide, we highlight the features to look out for and the factors to consider before you open your wallet to finalize the purchase of that grinder that has caught your eye.

Blade or Burr Grinders

The two main types of grinders are classified based on their grinding mechanisms. Blade grinders are cheaper than burr grinders, which is why four out of the five grinders that we reviewed are blade grinders. Blade electric grinders are operated using a manual power button, and the more you grind the seeds, the smoother they become. On average, blade grinders make a lot of noise when the blades are in motion. Besides the noise, another downside to using electric blade grinders is that they may burn your coffee beans if used for an extended period.

To avoid burning, we recommend that you pause every thirty seconds before pushing the power button for another grinding session. Another option you have is to go for the hand blade grinder, which uses a lever. Using a hand grinder takes effort; however, your beans will not be exposed to electric generated heat that will burn them. Furthermore, you can always enjoy your coffee even when there is no power in your home.

Burr grinders, on the other hand, are highly-priced because of the value that they offer. They grind coffee beans into dust in ways blade grinders cannot. Burr grinders are also of two models; flat burrs and conical burrs. Flat burrs use two parallel blades to crush coffee beans. Conical burrs, on the other hand, use bars that are conical shaped to grind coffee.

Any of the two types will serve you well but bear in mind that you will have to pay a much higher price for any of them.

Size/Style Adjuster

You need to examine the number of buttons the grinder has and if they are enough to brew coffee effectively. Step-less grinders offer the user different grinding styles, especially for espresso shots. But the downside to using grinders with so many buttons and grinding styles is that they are complicated gadgets to master. Unless you know which button is for which style, you may end up ruining your coffee beans. Single-button budget coffee grinders may not offer much in terms of style, but they are easy to use and do not complicate the grinding process. If you are a new user, we recommend that you stick to single button grinders.


What does a doser do? A doser is a component used to quantify the amount of coffee sufficient for the portafilter. This accessory is used as a measurement guide to evaluate the quantity of bean ideal for several espresso shots. If you are buying your best budget coffee grinder for private use, you don’t really need one with a doser, as this feature is mainly used in cafés and coffee bars.

Grind Capacity

There is a maximum amount of coffee beans you can grind at a time based on bean weight and the grinding bowl’s storage capacity. While the storage size can serve as a measuring guide, the best way to calculate bean volumes is through the weight. As a general rule, do not fill up the bowl with beans but leave extra room for circulation. If the bowl is full, the blades or burr (depending on the type of coffee grinder) will not rotate well enough or even at all, thereby compromising grind quality.


Last but not the least of things to consider is the price. Most of the best budget coffee grinders you will find are valued based on their motor size, general size, and grinder class (blade or burr). In most cases, highly-priced grinders are better because they have advanced features that cheaper versions don’t have. However, you can still get a good machine at an affordable price. If you use an espresso machine, make sure the grinder’s price does not exceed 50% of the espresso machine’s value. Also, note that in some cases, performance and price are not mutually inclusive.