5 Best Broiler Pans (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Cooking meat in an oven can be tricky sometimes without the right tools to do it. First of all, you need a good recipe, some side dishes to go with the meat you are cooking, and a working oven to give it the heat to create the perfect texture and heat. Most oven use is done through standard roasting pans but if you’re a fan of eating meat with less oil, consider purchasing a broiler pan. The biggest benefit you will get from investing in a broiler pan is that it expands the range of flavor you can get through your meat by broiling it.

Broiling is another form of roasting that focuses heat directly on the meat and preserving the texture and taste while draining the oil from it on to the lower pan. Broiler pans come in two pieces and are shallower than other pans you have used until now. There are plenty of broiler pans present in the market, and here are the best ones out there.

Best Broiler Pans

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1. Whirlpool Porcelain Broiler Pan

Whirlpool Porcelain Broiler Pan

The Whirlpool Porcelain broiler pan’s design is made to allow air to pass through the meat while inside the oven, allowing for the meat to cook properly. The set comes with two pans, the roasting rack, and the container. Both of the pans are made with strong porcelain, which is both durable and allows the meat to be cooked properly.

The non-stick surface coating allows your meat to not stick to the pan when sitting under direct heat. The air circulation softens the meat, and as it cooks, the texture of the meat becomes according to what you desire while preserving the flavor. Any spices that you apply to the meat are kept well intact as you take the first bite.

When you take the broiler pan out of the oven and remove the top surface, you will find lots of juices that have been collected in the pan. You can use the juices in another dish or simply drain them in the sink. The 14-inch Whirlpool Porcelain broiler pan is also dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about using your hands.

Why do we like it?

  • The broiler pan is big enough to hold two steaks.
  • The Whirlpool Broiler pan’s design helps keep the air flowing inside the oven to cook it from all sides evenly.
  • Good quality porcelain is used to make the broiler pans highly durable to the test of time.
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2. Granite Ware 2-piece Broiler Pan

Granite Ware 2 Piece Broiler Pan

The Granite Ware broiler pan set is a product of ingenious design and planning and is perfect for oven use. The broiler pan’s body is made with carbon steel, while the surface is made from porcelain that gives the broiler pan a natural non-stick quality. The good thing about this is that the non-stick porcelain feature cannot be scraped out if you have a strong hand while washing dishes.

The broiler pan’s unique feature is seen in the holes on the bottom that help all the juices reach the second container underneath. These holes don’t only act as drains but also provide convection throughout the broiler pan for the meat to be evenly cooked. The carbon steel is very conducive to the heat in the oven, so you can rest assured the meat will be tender and great in taste.

The broiler pan can also be used for roasting the meat since it is made to have a 2-in-1 feature, so you don’t have to invest extra in buying a roasting pan. The broiler pan is also dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the pan afterward. However, make sure you don’t drop the pan because the porcelain surface can break upon impact.

Why do we like it?

  • Porcelain surface allows for a naturally non-stick quality.
  • The 2-in-1 feature allows you to use the pan for roasting as well.
  • The upper safe has holes that help drain the meat well while providing even heat on all sides.
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3. Nordic Ware Non-stick Broiler Pan

Nordic Ware Non Stick Broiler Pan

The difference in the Nordin broiling pan is that the holes for draining the juices are on the side instead of the bottom. However, this in no way reduces the great broiling quality of the Nordic Ware broiling pan as it is capable of broiling poultry, fish as well as vegetables and can preserve tastes well. The company has a 75-year history in American kitchenware and has earned its status as a quality supplier of pans.

The core of the pan is made from carbon steel and is capable of withstanding high temperatures while ensuring your choice of meat is evenly cooked. Two layers of aluminum allow the pan to quickly and easily provide heat to the bottom surface of your meat. The holes on the side drain away all the juices and keep them in the second container underneath.

This makes the food not only healthier but also safer to eat for people who have a high cholesterol problem. Furthermore, the broiler pan is dishwasher safe to make life easier as you can clean the pan and get it ready for the next time you use it. With the Nordic Ware broiling pan, you can broil beef, chicken, fish, or pork.

Why do we like it?

  • Carbon steel core allows for an even spread of heat to cook your meat well.
  • Drains all juices in the second container.
  • Quality kitchenware with a 1-year warranty by a company that has operated for over 75-years.
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4. Norpro 274 Stainless Steel Broiling Pan

Norpro 274 Stainless Steel Broiling Pan

The Norpro 274 measures 16.5 inches, which makes it a large broiling/ roasting pan that can handle all types of meat in the oven. The pan’s design gives the meat a tender touch and cooks it to perfection while the holes underneath drain away all the juices to ensure you get a healthy meal. The pan is perfect for individuals who are learning to cook their meat in the oven and wish to try broiling for the first time.

The Norpro 274 broiling pan is made of stainless steel, which allows for both durability and conductivity for heat. However, the catch is that the company does not provide a non-stick surface or porcelain layer, which is why your meat is always at the risk of sticking to the pan. This could be taken care of by oiling the surface, but that beats the purpose of broiling.

Nonetheless, the broiling pan is a cheap alternative to the expensive ones in the market and can cook for a family of four. The non-carbon look makes it appear like a traditional dish, but it works well with all types of meat, so the effect of that can be neglected. Overall, the broiling pan weighs 2.8 pounds, so it’s easy to carry around.

Why do we like it?

  • Made from stainless steel, which is both conductive and durable.
  • A cheaper alternative to the other broiling pans.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
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5. Range Kleen Oven Broiler Pan

Range Kleen Oven Broiler Pan

The Range Kleen line of porcelain broiling pans are made to create wonderful, tasty dishes and can handle all types of meat. This heavy-duty broiling pan is capable of withstanding high temperatures, and its stainless-steel core provides conductivity through all sides of the meat. The porcelain surface ensures non-stick properties, which reduces the amount of effort it takes to clean it at the end.

The broiling pan can handle temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, which ensures your meat is thoroughly cooked due to that heat reaching all sides. This is due to the spaces given in the middle that help drain the juices to the second container. The pan is also easy to clean and can fit into your dishwasher.

Customers who have tried it state that the broiling pan provides a great steaming effect that separates it from the other broiling pans. The pan can easily fit into an electric oven as well as in the dishwashing basin, so you won’t have to worry about that. After all, the benefit of great tasting meat outweighs any problem the Range Kleen broiling pan may send your way.

Why do we like it?

  • Can handle temperatures of around 1000 Fahrenheit.
  • Non-stick, porcelains surface is strong and durable to handle the meat.
  • Easily drains the juices from the meat because of the design.
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Broiling Pan Buyer’s Guide

Cooking the perfect meat for an occasion is what these broiling pans are made for. However, finding the right broiling pan means you need to list down why you need it in the first place. Some broiling pans are great with meats and vegetables but might not have non-stick properties that make cleaning them difficult.

Others may have all that you need but end up being too expensive to invest in. In order to get the best product from the market, you need to clear the requirements in your head and start looking. One thing, however, must remain consistent, and that is the long-term usage of the pan and the materials it is made from to achieve that.


Finding a broiling pan that is either made of porcelain or has non-stick properties makes it easy for you to manage the broiling pan after you’re done cooking your meat. While in the oven, the meat is prone to sticking to the pan if it is well-done. If that happens, you have to scrape it off the pan and into your plate.

This ruins the appearance of the meat, which shouldn’t be the case. Since The grease is drained, the meat is prone to burning, but a non-stick pan helps keep the surface oily enough to keep it from sticking or burning.

Pan size

The size of the pan is important because you need to know whether it will fit inside your oven or not. Electric ovens are relatively smaller, which makes it impossible to fit in larger broiling pans. However, knowing the measurements of your broiling pan makes it easy for you to use it.

The pan size also matters because the larger the pan, the more meat you can fit on it per oven session. It can be hectic to have to cook for your guests if there are multiple sessions involved. This also reduces the freshness of the meat that has already been cooked.

Second Container

Knowing the size of the second container as well as the materials it is made from allows you to determine whether it will be able to keep up with the surface container. Both containers work in a balance even if the second one has to collect meat juices. It also helps understand how much space you need inside your oven for the broiling pan to fit completely.

Cooks Evenly

A quality broiling pan will ensure your meat is cooked evenly from all sides because while in the oven, the heat the meat gets is only from the top. This allows for juices to settle on the bottom layer and then get drained for a healthier result. However, this could also mean the meat can be cooked improperly, which can be a big waste.

Instead, simply ask for a test of the broiling pan so you can see for yourself if the meat is cooked evenly. This means the texture along with the taste should be according to your preference.

Pan Materials

If you understand what types of materials were used to make the pan, you will understand how to handle it better. Since stainless steel pans with an aluminum coating are more conductive than usual pans, you can choose to purchase them over poor quality pans. The materials also ensure if the broiling pan will last a long time or not, so keep a close eye on both carbon core broiling pans and stainless-steel.