5 Best British Cookbooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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With the new year just having passed, you must be on the lookout for new recipes. Fortunately for you, there are no better cookbooks out there than the British versions of home cooking recipes. They have essential tips and tricks on cooking for different types of people, including vegans, vegetarians, meat-eaters, etc. Needing help in the kitchen isn’t as embarrassing as it seems because everyone goes through it at one point.

With the events of the last year and things slowly getting back to normal, the one thing that kept people occupied was cooking. If you are one of those people, chances are you are on the lookout for new recipes. Good for you because we have several recommendations that you can purchase, and all have delicious recipes, including some food items that can be made in an instant!

Best British Cookbooks

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1. The British Table: A New Look British Cookbook by Colman Andrews

The British Table a New Look British Cookbook By Colman Andrews

This is a classic British cookbook found in almost every household in Britain. The book has several dishes passed down and refined for centuries, with the new and old converging into one form of cooking. The author has ensured that the recipes mentioned in this cookbook are authentic and easy to make so that you don’t wander around the kitchen aimlessly.

For starters, the cookbook has around 150 recipes inside that are split region by region to ensure each delicacy’s authenticity. You will find old dishes like fish pies followed by pickled walnuts and different kinds of pastries inside the British Table cookbook, which you can utilize. If you are a seasoned chef, you can even add your twists to the recipes to make them according to your liking because there is no hard and fast rule.

One thing to like about this cookbook is that several recipes mention old British desserts that are a favorite of just about anyone in the world. This British cookbook combines art with culinary heritage, from different exotic cakes to the taste and elegance of mere ice-cream. Overall, the British cookbook is a must-have if you wish to create British-styled cuisines.

Why do we like it?

  • Focused on British-styled desserts with several tips and tricks on how to make them tasty.
  • Has around 150 recipes that you can choose and experiment from.
  • Old traditional cooking ways are mixed with contemporary styles to make a completely new form of cooking.
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2. The British Baking Book: The History – British Cookbook by Regula Ysewjin

The British Baking Book The History British Cookbook By Regula Ysewjin

The British Baking Book is an old grandma’s favorite and includes 100 recipes of the most delicious desserts and baking items known in existence. It introduces the readers to the world of baking and its basics and takes them through the history of baking in Britain. The author aims to make the reader understand the context of the greatest baking items ever created in history.

You can learn a lot about how to bake the perfect cakes as well as custards, tarts, and pies. The recipes have been handed down and hand-picked by the author themselves, and in their opinion, they depict the authenticity of British baking genius. The entire book takes you through a story that compels you to read and research the different kinds of baking items that exist.

From Dorset apple cakes to simple Scottish oatcakes and the recipes that evolved due to the mix of different cultures. If you are a baker with a knack for history, this British cookbook is a perfect find for you, especially when desserts like the Yorkshire curd tart and the Victorian Sandwich cake is in question.

Why do we like it?

  • Gives the reader 100 authentic, British-styled dessert recipes.
  • Takes you through a history lesson of British baking genius and brings context to each dish.
  • Has both exotic and easy to manage recipes that you can bake at home.
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3. The Official Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea British Cookbook by Downtown Abbey

The Official Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea British Cookbook By Downtown Abbey

If you’re a tea lover and prize your afternoon tea, you’re more British than you think. The Downtown Abbey Afternoon tea British Cookbook is all about the different kind of brunch food items you can make for the treasured British tradition of an afternoon tea. The cookbook is built on the idea of having both sweet and savory dishes, and therefore, you get to enjoy different kinds of British cuisines.

Some of them are classical favorites, such as the Battenberg Cake as well as the Bakewell tart and simple sandwiches. The cultural aspect of this is found throughout the book, where the author praises the British empire’s genius for coming up with delicious treats. The book has around 60 recipes in total, each one with its separate pages and instructions that guide you through step by step.

This book is a little different than the previous books that took historical context. However, the book does intermingle the old with the contemporary food recipes to form hybrid recipes that you can opt to make or bake. Only experimentation can lead to perfection in the kitchen, as they say.

Why do we like it?

  • The British Cookbook has around 60 classical and contemporary British recipes to choose from.
  • Compact and full of tips, the book is a 166-page delight to read for those who are obsessed with the culinary arts.
  • Perfect British recipes for afternoon tea sessions.
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4. Great British Cooking: A Well-kept Secret British Cookbook by Jane Garmey

Great British Cooking A Well Kept Secret British Cookbook By Jane Garmey

This book is an amazing find for people around the world who love to cook and are willing to try out exotic forms of cooking their food. Suppose you understand the significance of the British empire and their culinary art. In that case, you will consider the book ”Great British Cooking” as sacred as the Bible simply because the book provides the basics to all forms of recipes in the British arsenal.

Previous customers have found the book easy to read and grasp as well as comprehensive to read. You can go through an entire recipe in 15-minute time and remember it because of how the recipes are written. Both savory and sweet dishes are mentioned in the book, which means you get to experiment with both hands till you find what you are looking for.

The best part of the book is that the parts you can experiment with these classical dishes are highlighted. You can do this to customize the dish to your taste, which the author, James Garmey, addressed at the beginning of the book. Lastly, the book is about 100 years old, which makes it one of the oldest British recipe books in existence and, likewise, increases its authenticity.

Why do we like it?

  • You can read through an entire recipe in 15-minutes and remember it thoroughly.
  • The recipes may be old, but they are authentic, seeing as though the age of the book is close to 100 years since when it was published.
  • Includes cooking both savory and sweet food items so you can satisfy your family, your friends, and most of all, yourself.
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5. Traditional Cooking of the British Isles British Cookbook by Annette Yates

Traditional Cooking Of The British Isles British Cookbook By Annette Yates

This book takes into account the different ethnicities present in the British domain and separates the dishes into their respective ethnic tribes. It also includes certain hybrid dishes that took hold of the British kitchens, and so the Traditional Cooking of the British Isles cookbook is a great book to have while you experiment with British recipes. They’veThey’ve all been put together neatly for you to try at home and also have space for you to add your own special touch to these old recipes.

From baking to cooking savory food, you can find recipes that talk about food items like the Lancashire Hotpot and the Bara Brith – all of which are less popular in the contemporary culinary world. Even so, the recipes in the book are absolutely delicious and need a steady hand to pull through with them. You will be making your family extremely happy with the recipes.

Besides, this cookbook has its own online database that you can opt for to open up the same recipes. The author expands on the recipes that were created as back as 1500 AD with 100 recipes to choose from.

Why do we like it?

  • Includes recipes from Ireland, England, and Wales, which allows you the unique chance to keep experimenting with three different types of cuisine.
  • Easy to understand and use at home kind of recipes.
  • Over 100 British recipes to choose from, which gives you plenty of time to be busy and getting the cooking right.
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British Cookbook Buyer’sBuyer’s Guide

Buying the right cookbook means you get to decide what kind of food you will be experimenting with and feeding to your family. If you have a strong affiliation with classical British savory foods and desserts, we suggest you go with buying yourself a British cookbook that can aid in your quest. If nothing else, these cookbooks can provide you with valuable insights and context into how a recipe was made and where it comes from.

All of this can be really interesting to a true culinary artist. However, if you are someone new, looking to find a cookbook that you can rely on for food, there are certain requirements you need to take care of. They all should align with your own need for a British styled dish, which is why the following are characteristics you should look out for in the perfect book.


The number of pages in the book defines how long it will take you to go through it and also gives a hint at the type of book it is. If you already know the number of recipes mentioned and the book has several numbers of pages apart from that, this means the book likely has a story format. Such books prioritize the context of what leads to what recipe.

If you are someone who loves reading lots of stories, consider buying a book with several pages; otherwise, just buy books that have the number of pages in terms of the number of recipes there are. It will also cost you less if you do so.


The number of recipes mentioned in a book determines the value it has and allows for you to set an expectation in your mind. The book will be a lot more expensive to buy, but the good side is that it will last you a long time till you master all the recipes mentioned. Similarly, the expectation you set allows for you to decide how many times you will try each recipe, when and where they will be used, etc.

The types of recipes mentioned will determine what kind of ingredients you need to purchase as well. If your book has more savory food items mentioned than desserts, go for ingredients that help you cook savory dishes.


Books can be published in several different ways now and cost accordingly as well. If you are someone who disapproves of the use of paper while owning a kindle, you can simply purchase the book on your kinds and use it there. If not, then the booking form is costly.

Another platform that can be used is an internet site where the pdf version of the book is available for download for a premium charge.

Genuine Recipes

One thing you must always look through while buying a recipe book is the number and quality of resources there are. If you are someone who is experienced in reading cook books, you will be able to spot the fake ones from the real British cookbooks. It is also important to know if the recipes you are trying are from the British isle or are they simply poor adaptations.