Best Brew Kettle Sets

5 Best Brew Kettle Sets (Reviews Updated 2021)

Looking to brew beer but don’t know which brew kettle to get? Don’t worry because brew kettles are not common among general populations. However, if you decide to brew your beer and ensure the taste it according to your preference, finding the right brew kettle can be a hassle. Who doesn’t like tasting a glass of cold, freshly brewed beer where the dew just drips from the glass and into your mouth, right?

The right brew kettle can help boil your beer to perfection and last a long time without a damaged exterior and interior of the brew kettle kit. You should opt for a brew kettle depending on beer consumption at your home or if you have a lifestyle that requires a lot of beer to be consumed. It takes time to brew it, but the result is worth wait hence, here are some of the best brew kettles sets available.

Best Brew Kettle Sets

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1. GasOne Stainless-Steel Brew Kettle

Gasone Stainless Steel Brew Kettle

The GasOne brew kettle is known for its high-quality stainless-steel that can withstand long-term beer brewing without developing mold. It is easy to clean and provides amazing heat conduction that is necessary for the whole brewing process. The slim look may fool you into thinking the brew kettle has less space for beer, but this bad boy can handle up to 40-quarts of beer in one go, which is more than enough for an entire family for a week.

The Tri-Ply quality of the brew kettle makes it strong and durable against high pressures and ensures the brewing process occurs without disturbance. It also ensures that no air can pass through to the inside with rubber seals that help keep the steam inside. The brew kettle comes with a sealing lid that ensures the brew kettle keeps the moisture intact while being boiled.

That’s not all because you can use the pot for cooking crawfish or even crabs if you aren’t brewing beer. The company gives several accessories along with the brew kettle, including one stockpot, one brew thermometer as well as sealing tape that can be an extra precaution if you’ve filled the kettle. Apart from the 40-quart capacity, GasOne also offers the same brew kettle at 32-quarts and 64-quarts.

Why do we like it?

  • The high-quality stainless steel ensures that no mold occurs and is durable enough to handle high-pressure brewing.
  • GasOne brew kettle is easy to clean and provides good heat conduction due to the steel interior and exterior.
  • Comes with sealing tape, which helps keep the brewing process going while ensuring the pressure is contained.
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2. Bayou Classic Steel Brew Kettle Set

Bayou Classic Steel Brew Kettle Set

The Bayou Classic Steel brew kettle is strong enough to hold 10 gallons worth of freshly brewed beer and cook your favorite seafood if not being used as a brewing tool. The stainless-steel property is extremely important because brewing beer can affect chipping away at the walls of the container, but that does not happen with the Bayou brewing kettle. You can use it for a lot of different recipes other than just brewing beer.

This includes cooking lobster, crawfish and making soup (a very large bowl of soup). It is quite easy to clean and maintain, which helps keep the mold from growing and keeps the beer safe and healthy for your friends. The sides have two strong handles to help you pick the cauldron up and place it wherever you wish.

The brewing kettle is also cheap to purchase compared to other brewing kettles in the market. Although it is missing a pressure gauge, you get a lid and sealing tape to keep brewing beer at high temperatures without the lid opening’s trouble. The company offers you a 1-year warranty.

Why do we like it?

  • A multi-purpose kettle that can be used to brew beer as well as cook food.
  • Strong, stainless-steel body that is easily cleaned and stored in a kitchen cabinet.
  • Pressure lid that can tightly shut to provide pressure steaming to food and to brew beer.
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3. Bruman Boil and Chill Brew Kettle Set

Bruman Boil And Chill Brew Kettle Set

The Bruman brewing kettle is a commercial-grade brewing tool that can hold 20L of beer in one go. With a full pot, the temperature can rise from 30 degrees to 100 degrees in 70 minutes, which is impressive considering the kettle’s size. This is because the bottom has an aluminum layer, which allows for the heat to spread evenly and ensure the pot’s content reaches boiling point quickly.

Also, two nozzles are added to the sides of the brewing pot. Each one is designed to take in and take out the brewed beer without having to open the lid on top. The pressure gauge also helps you keep the pressure in check, and the temperature rod given alongside the set can be inserted to check the temperature of the boiling brew before shutting it tight. You also have a tap in front that can be used to take out the freshly brewed beer directly from the pot and into a safe bottle/ container.

The Bruman’s unique quality is in its side nozzles that can be used to insert water and take away the boiled water without opening the lid. This is especially useful when you try to cool the contents of the brewing kettle. The container itself can withstand high temperatures and pressures and has handles that remain cool even in high temperatures.

Why do we like it?

  • Two separate nozzles for taking in water for cooling and taking it out.
  • Temperature gauge that helps keep the temperature in check and ensure the brew is according to your taste.
  • Includes a mesh screen, ball valve, and a filtering wort that is both hygienic and useful for brewing the best beer.
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4. Anvil ANVkl7p5gl Brewing Kettle

Anvil Anvkl7p5gl Brewing Kettle

The Anvil ANVkl7p5gl is a brewing machine made out of stainless steel followed by a sealing lip that helps keep the pressure built up inside the container. This pressure helps with brewing beer or cooking food to perfection. The body is both durable, easy to clean, and mold-free, which is important if you wish to use the brewing kettle for a long time.

The induction capable tri-ply bottom helps keep the temperature consistent and spreads it out over the entire surface. This allows for the content of the container to receive equivalent heat from all sides because the effect follows through to the top of the kettle. However, the handles given for holding the brewing kettle are made with cooling metal and keep your hands free from burns.

The temperature can also be controlled as the company has designed a thermometer in the middle of the brewing kettle. This allows you to cook or brew the beer according to your personal recipe and give it the desired heat. Lastly, the brand Anvil is well known for their kitchen products, which is why they provide their customers with a 1-year warranty for each product they sell, which means your investment will be safe.

Why do we like it?

  • The brewing kettle is easy to clean and store.
  • The tri-ply bottom helps maintain temperatures to ensure the beer is brewed right.
  • 1-year warranty
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5. Brewsie Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle Set

Brewsie Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle Set

The Brewsie brew kettle set has the hearts of many homebrewers who like to create their own stock of freshly brewed beer. The brewing kettle is made with fully polished stainless steel, which is both durable and makes it easy for you to clean after using the set. The entire set comes with several accessories that include the top lid, a false bottom followed by a thermometer, and that helps keep the temperature on your desired levels.

The overall capacity of the BREWSIE Stainless steel brew kettle is 32QT, but it also comes in two other variations, which include a 40QT and 64QT set. These sets are perfect for people with large families or for commercial purposes where brewing beer helps make business. The unique feature of the BREWSIE, however, lies in its dual filtration ability that quickly brews the best beer you will ever taste.

It also helps increase the overall efficiency of the brew kettle at boiling temperatures. You can always use the thermometer to set the temperature according to what you desire. With the BREWSIE, you can let go of the worry of having to work too hard because it works better than most ordinary home brewing kettle sets.

Why do we like it?

  • It can be used to cook food items as well as brew beer.
  • The thermometer present is super accurate and helps indicate the temperature from 30 degrees onwards.
  • The dual filtration system of the BREWSIE helps increase the efficiency of the brewing process.
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Brewing Kettle Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking to brew your own beer and starting out as a novice, you will have to do a lot of research regarding the topic and how to go about the ingredients. Brewing beer isn’t easy, and operating a brewing kettle can sometimes be dangerous. However, when you find the right one and know your basics, you can experiment with the pot and ensure you get the best brews after you practice a few times.

In short, brewing kettle sets can be tricky since not many people know how to brew beer, but if you’re looking to buy one from the market, you need to look at a few things. The following things can help save you from unnecessary expenses and going in the wrong direction while purchasing your first set. Just make a list of your own requirements, and once you read ahead, the right brewing kettle will start visualizing in your head.

Kettle Size

The kettle size is important while searching for a brewing kettle because you need to understand how much beer you can brew in one sitting. You can figure this out by counting the number of people the freshly brewed beer will be available to and how many days it will last. If you feel you need a larger container, keep looking till you find the maximum sized container you can find.

The kettle size is also important in terms of building the pressure needed to brew beer. This makes the decision twice as hard to make, right?


The thermometer of the brewing kettle lets you see what temperatures the brew reaches. You can also take manual control of what temperature you wish to brew the beer in and what kind of pressure you wish to build in it. The higher the temperature goes, the more pressure builds up, which can risk the lid coming off.

This is the reason why people prefer buying brewing kettles with a thermometer and pressure gauge so that they don’t reach dangerous temperatures and waste all their efforts.

Water Inlet

Water outlets provide a way for the beer to cool down quickly and acts as a coolant. The water outlets are also handy when you have shut your lid airtight and want to insert water into the kettle. You no longer have to open the lid and insert water for boil but connect a pipe to the inlets and open the valve.

Stainless Steel

The stainless-steel part of the brewing kettle is important because it helps increase the sturdiness of the kettle as well as helps you keep it for long term use. Stainless steel does not get marks easily, is beautiful to look at, and helps maintain the boiling temperature inside while ensuring the pressure buildup stays inside.

Since brewing beer is work that requires patience as well as a clear understanding of metal pots, finding a stainless-steel brewing kettle will ensure your risks fall to half. What kind? Well, the kin where either your recipe doesn’t work or your kettle explodes.