5 Best Breville Toasters (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Having freshly toasted bread with a side of cheese and chicken to make a sandwich completely changes the day that goes forward. A good toasted bread or bagel helps keep you going the entire day, whether it is combo-ed with peanut butter and jelly, cream cheese, or a half-fried egg. The Breville line of toasters is designed to help toast lovers toast bread quickly. They are simple to operate and are a great investment for your early morning meals.

If you’re in the market looking for a great toaster or wish to purchase one for your café, Breville toasters can cater to that need and ensure you get the best-toasted bread. They even help give you a range of different toast options that you can select to get either a simple white crisp to a brown crumbly texture. You can utilize the controls to get the right temperature for the bread you like.

Best Breville Toasters

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1. Breville BTA720XL 2-Slice Toaster

Breville Bta720xl 2 Slice Toaster

The Breville BTA720XL is a standard toaster with a 2-slice option per batch. The body is made out of stainless steel, and it takes 100-120 volts to power up. The toaster has three different toasting options to choose from, and the ‘Bit More’ feature is best suited for those who prefer their bread browner than usual.

The toaster’s lift and lock system are swift, and the handle is sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking off one day on its own (a common occurrence in cheap toasters). Other than that, you can toast bagels at a preset option that is given in the toaster, and you can use that to your advantage if you want your bagel extra hot and crumbly. If you bake at home, that’s even better because your bagels and bread will be fresh from the oven and into the toaster to get the perfect crust.

Lastly, the Breville BTA720XL offers you the option to change temperatures at will so you won’t have to worry about burning your bread. This allows you enough flexibility to get just the right kind of toast you want for each dish. The company also gives you a 1-year warranty with the toaster that helps you feel secure with the investment.

Why do we like it?

  • The toaster has temperature controls that give you the flexibility to get the right toast.
  • Stainless-steel body and sturdy design, which means the toaster will work well for a long-time.
  • A 1-year warranty is given with the product once you purchase it.
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2. Breville BTA820XL Smart 2-Slice Toaster

Breville Bta820xl Smart 2 Slice Toaster

The Breville BTA920XL is one of the latest toaster varieties with an auto-flowering option as well as a burst-burn quality that helps quickly toast your bread in the desired temperature. The 900-watt, two slicer toaster gives you the option to toast both bread and bagel, followed by a defrosting option to ensure you don’t have to lower the bread again. There are five settings on the Breville BTA820XL, which include the ‘Bit More’ for those people who prefer their toast well-done.

The body of the toaster is made out of stainless steel, and the company gives you a 1-year parts warranty that you can use if things go south. Fortunately, the design and make of the toaster are top-notch, so there are very few claims where a customer ends up using their warranty. There is also an

LED near the temperature controls that indicate whether the toast is done or not, followed by a beep that ensures you don’t forget your bread in the toaster.

The aesthetics of the Breville BTA820XL make it perfect for customers who are looking for kitchen appliances that look good and occupy less space. Compared to other similar products, the Breville is compact and fully automated, giving a futuristic vibe. You also have four strong grips beneath to toaster to help it stay stable when pushing out the bread on any surface.

Why do we like it?

  • The toaster has automated lowering, reducing the amount of effort for you to make toast.
  • You get three different toasting options, including defrosting and the company’s famous ‘a bit more’ for a harder crust.
  • 1-year parts warranty given by the company.
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3. Breville BTA830XL 4-Slice Long Toaster

Breville Bta830xl 4 Slice Long Toaster

The Breville BTA830XL peaks slightly towards the expensive side, but it is worth it if you need it for commercial or home use. The toaster can toast around four slices of bread in one go, so you don’t have to wait long if you have a large family. The appliance also has a specialized bagel mode that heats up bagels at the right temperature.

When you select the bagel mode, the outside heating will seem a bit off, and that is how the appliance functions, so don’t freak out about it. The company offers a user manual that states the different functions of the temperature controls and how to clean the appliance. What’s more, is that the Breville BTA930XL has an automatic lowering feature, so you don’t’ have to make any extra efforts to get toast in the morning.

The 1600-watt toaster does not heat up as it would be expected because of its cool-touch metal cast body. This helps keep you and your children safe from any unnecessary burns. The best part comes with the toasters long-form that allows you to add longer artisanal bread slices to help make subs.

Why do we like it?

  • The toaster has a bagel mode for people who like well-done bagels in the morning.
  • A long-form toaster that helps toast artisanal loaves of bread.
  • Comes with a manual to help guide you with the controls and how to clean the toaster.
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4. Breville BTA735BSS 2-Slice Power Toaster

Breville Bta735bss 2 Slice Power Toaster

This a fairly advanced toaster with six different presets for variations in toasts for white bread, brown bread, grain bread as well as rye bread. The stainless-steel toaster cuts down toasting time by half and has a capacity of two toasts per minute. The toaster also caters to thicker forms of bread and bagels because of the wide slot design.

Although the Breville BTA735BSS comes with a slider to lower the bread, it is easy to use and can withstand the strongest hand. The toaster also comes with an LED light to help determine the temperature at which bread is being toasted at. The stronger the LED lights up, the browner your bread is going to get.

What’s more, is that the toaster has an option to ‘lift and look,’ which gives you the flexibility to check your bread slices in between the heating process. The toaster can also be easily cleaned as it comes with a front crumb tray that can be taken out, cleaned with a wet towel y cleaned and then inserted back. You can clean the outsides of the toaster the same way.

Why do we like it?

  • The toaster comes with six different presets for different kinds of loaves of bread.
  • Easy to clean as it comes with a crumb collecting tray that can be pulled out, cleaned, and inserted back.
  • The innovative one-touch feature of the controls makes it easy and fun to use.
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5. Breville BTA840XL 4-Slice Smart Power Toaster

Breville Bta840xl 4 Slice Smart Power Toaster

This is the most expensive toaster on the entire list, but it has the features that help create the perfect toast according to your preference. The 1800-Watt toaster is capable of toasting four slices at a time and has an intelligent, one-touch control system that helps reduce the effort you have to make in the morning. The automatic lowering system installed for bread works the same way.

The company wishes to ensure their customers are given the appliances to reduce their problems and not increase them. This is the reason the company has installed a LED light that helps you determine the temperature of the toast you make and how brown you want it to be. The toaster also makes a ‘beep’ sound where you can take your toast out. The cool, metal casted body is not only sturdy but helps keep your hands safe from harm.

The company gives you a 1-year warranty that you can utilize. The push buttons that are given include the feature to defrost bagels and bread slices as well as artisanal loaves of bread, followed by the lift-and-look feature that ensures your bread is exactly as you need it. The compact design and the grip underneath make the Breville BTA840XL one of the best Breville toasters in the market.

Why do we like it?

  • A powerful, 1800-Watt heating system that toasts your loaves of bread quickly and creates a crisp crust that tastes perfect.
  • Auto-lowering system helps reduce the effort it takes to toast bread.
  • Has a cool, metal-casted body that maintains regular temperatures outside while the toaster is operational.
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Breville Toaster Buyer’s Guide

Early mornings can be slow and lazy. When you wake up, you want things to be easy and not want to put in so much effort to make breakfast. Breville products are specially aimed at reducing the effort for people to toast their bread where the machine takes care of everything.

Finding the right Breville toaster in the market will require you to first list down your requirements. Are you a patient person, and if so, would you like a toaster that toasts quickly and has the capacity to toast four slices of bread at a time? Once you list down your requirements, there are the things you will look at to ensure you get the best toaster from the market.


The number of slots in the toaster means you get more toasts in less amount of time. Breville toasters come in both 2-slots and 4-slots, which is why it depends on your requirement. If you are someone who has a large family to feed in the morning, a 4-slots toaster will be perfect for you similarly, if you are someone who can’t wait for as much and want things done quickly, then a 4-slots toaster is perfect for you.

The benefit of owning a 4-slots toaster is that you save time and effort, but it is also slightly expensive than a 2-slot toaster so choose wisely. Another feature that you can look into while looking at slots is the long-slot toaster that is able to cater to artisanal bread of all types. Breville toasters are also designed to hold wide bread that requires wider slots to be toasted, so you get the best of all three worlds in one.

Metal Toasters

Metal toasters have the benefit of lasting long-term because they have a higher resistance to falling apart at high temperatures. The only downside is that they heat up faster than plastic, which is why make sure you get a metal toaster that has cooling metal casted body. This will ensure that your toaster does not heat up in especially if the toaster power cross 1500-Watts.

Another benefit of owning a metal toaster is that they have real aesthetic property to them. Since a toaster’s primary function is to toast bread and bagel, it is likely to remain idle throughout the day. All of Breville toasters have a metal body. Hence, they look aesthetically pleasing inside the kitchen.

Automatic Lowering

The automatic lowering function of Breville toasters makes your life easy and ensures that you get through your early mornings with freshly toasted bread. It is quite common for manual lowering handles to take damage over time, and some even start breaking. With automatic lowering, the machine takes care of everything, and all you have to do is insert your favorite bread or bagel.

Temperature Controls

Breville toasters come with preset settings for temperatures, which are labeled to make it easy for you to make toasted bread with a single touch. However, if you have a more hands-on approach, you can use the temperature slider to control the temperature given to the toasts to get your desired bread. You can reach the desired crusty bread, and this flexibility is what makes Breville toasters one of the best in the world.