5 Best Bread Machines (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Who doesn’t like homemade bread, right? From the way the bread smells to the way it tastes in your mouth, homemade bread takes every meal to a whole new level. However, making homemade bread takes a lot of time, and if you’re caught with work 9 to 5 every day, you will tend to just go and buy bread at a local store. Sounds a bit sad, but what if we tell you that you don’t have to put in a lot of time and effort that you would usually put in making bread but still get the perfect dough to bake? That’s right, and all it takes is making a little investment in a bread machine.

All you have to do is add the ingredients used to make bread in the machine and let it take care of the rest. The bread machine will not only mix but knead the dough to perfection, and all of this is done quicker than if you were to do it. The best part is that you can make different variety doughs from the same bread machine, ranging from artisan loaves of bread to white bread and oat bread. The review below is all about picking the best bread machine.

Best Bread Machines

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1. Hamilton 2lb + 12 Settings Bread Machine

Hamilton 2lb + 12 Settings Bread Machine

The Hamilton Bread Machine is an exceptional product that focuses on creating the best tasting bread dough for you to bake. The company sells the bread machine in two different variations: the 12 settings system and the 14 settings system. The bread machine’s overall capacity can hold per batch is 2 pounds, which is enough for a family of four.

With the Hamilton bread machine, you can select what type of crust you would like and the size of loaf you prefer. There are three settings mentioned in the manual: the dark, medium, and light crust settings, each perfect for an early morning breakfast. The machine’s overall look is quite compact, and the bread machine has pre-set timers and custom time options that you can use to get your bread made the way you desire.

In addition to all that, you get a non-stick pan followed by accessories that include two kneading handles and an interior pan. The pan is removable and is dishwasher safe, which makes it easy for you to keep the machine clean. The entire process only has three steps to follow, which include adding the ingredients, setting the timer, and starting the process.

Why do we like it?

  • The bread machine has a 12-setting feature that has pre-sets of famous bread types.
  • Two pounds worth of dough per batch through the bread machine.
  • The bread machine has a large display that tells you the time and the heating.
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2. Moosoo 25 feature Stainless Steel Bread Machine

Moosoo 25 Feature Stainless Steel Bread Machine

The MOOSOO 25+1 feature bread machine has a more digital approach and adds a futuristic feeling to how bread is made. Using the touch panel, you can select any one of the 25 programs that include Whole wheat, French bread, and Gluten-free bread pre-sets. Simply add the ingredients and wait for the bread machine to work its magic.

What’s more, the MOOSOO bread machine has a 10-15 minutes power interruption feature where you can get fresh bread anytime you want, even if the power cuts automatically. You can experiment

with all the 25 recipes by downloading the 25-recipe pdf from the company site. The bucket inside the bread machine can handle 2 pounds worth of dough and is both non-stick and designed to preserve the dough’s soft texture once kneading is done.

The maintenance isn’t high either. All you have to do is clean the accessories (including two kneading paddles, two measuring spoons, and hooks) in a dishwasher, and they will be good as new. The high-quality bread produced by the bread machine will impress you, and the first bite will be extraordinarily guaranteed to provide reassurance as to the investment is a great one.

Why do we like it?

  • Digital touch panel that is both easy to use and has 25 featured bread types to choose from.
  • 10-15 minutes power interruption backup, so you always get fresh bread at the end.
  • Free, 24/7 after-sales service
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3. Cuisinart CBK-200 Bread Machine

Cuisinart Cbk 200 Bread Machine

The Cuisinart is a relatively expensive bread machine, but its bread properties are endlessly obsessed over by bread makers all around the world. With a menu of over 16 different breeds to choose from, each with its custom load size and custom crust, you get the flexibility to experiment. With the Cuisinart CBK-200, you will also get an exclusive low-carb followed by a gluten-free menu where the dough is made exactly to your specifications.

All you have to do is add the ingredients, work around the settings of what kind of bread you like and just start. The uniqueness of this bread machine is in the convection current feature you get where the crust of the bread you make is given the proper heat to form the best bread color. This ensures that your guests or family find the fresh bread appetizing and tasty to eat.

The company gives you a 3-year warranty upon purchase of the bread machine, which is one of the reasons why it is so expensive. Upon any power failure, the bread machine has a backup option that lets it operate for 15-20 minutes, so the bread you were making is finished. With so many features involved, the Cuisinart CBK-200 is a bread machine to look-out for in the market compared to other options.

Why do we like it?

  • 3-year warranty
  • Convection current feature gives the perfect crust color for your loaves of bread
  • Sixteen pre-programmed menu options for you to choose from.
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4. Elite Gourmet EBM8103B Bread Machine

Elite Gourmet Ebm8103b Bread Machine

If you like freshly baked artisan loaves of bread, then choosing the Elite Gourmet EBM8103B is the best decision you will ever make. It helps create the best-tasting bread and helps mix, kneads, rise and bake your bread to perfection. The bread machine has a capacity for over 2 pounds of dough and has 19 pre-programmed menu options to choose from.

The bread machine also has a 15-hour delay timer that helps to keep the bread warm if an emergency comes up and you cannot take the bread out. You can also manage how many ingredients get to go in and what quantity you have to add in order to get the best tasting bread. What’s more is that you can adjust the settings with a manual override and get the kind of crust, shape, and loaf size you prefer.

The accessories you get with the Elite Gourmet EBM8103B include a measuring cup, a spoon, two kneading handles, a kneading blade to help cut the dough as well as a metal hook. All of these accessories are dishwasher safe, and you can use that to clean them quickly. The bucket you get for holding the bread is also non-stick, so you won’t see any wastage of fresh-risen dough on the walls.

Why do we like it?

  • The black exterior looks classy in the kitchen.
  • You get 19 pre-programmed menu options to choose the kind of bread you want to make from.
  • You get three different weighing options to choose either the 1lb, 1.5lb, or 2lb bread to make.
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5. The CROWN Automatic Bread Machine with 12-in-1 Menu

The Crown Automatic Bread Machine With 12 In 1 Menu

If you love bread, there are hundreds of options to choose from, and if you love making bread, you will have to learn how to knead it well. With the CROWNFUL Automatic Bread Machine, that process is done for you with 12 pre-programmed menu options. Some of these options are in-line with the kind of lifestyle you have, i.e., one kind of bread you can go with is the gluten-free option. Similarly, the CROWNFUL can handle 2 pounds of dough per batch and gives you the option of turning your crust into three different colors.

Manually, that means you will have to set the time duration and the heat to be provided to the dough, but with the CROWNFUL, the machine does it for you. The bucket is non-stick, where you can add all the ingredients of the desired bread you want and get the results you like. The bread machine also has a delay timer of 13 hours in case someone doesn’t pick up the bread in time, so it still remains fresh and hot to eat.

In a situation where there may be a power failure, the CROWNFUL can remain powered for 10-minutes as a backup so that it gives you a chance to take your bread out in one piece. You also get a 1-year warranty with the machine followed by lifetime support with a 24/7 hotline that is given to you upon purchase. Customer satisfaction, as the company puts it, is their top priority.

Why do we like it?

  • Thirteen hours delay timer that keeps the bread fresh and ready-to-eat.
  • It comes with seven different accessories that help assist in making bread.
  • The company offers a 1-year warranty and has a dedicated 24/7 hotline that you can call.
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Bread Machine Buyer’s Guide

Making bread at home isn’t easy, and it becomes hard to manage a recipe if you have never tried it before. A bread machine cuts down the time it takes for you, as an individual, to make bread in half and lets you enjoy fresh and warm bread that is both healthy and nutritious. Since all the ingredients you need to put in are in your hand, you can choose what to put in and make with the menu options each bread machine gives you.

When we talk about the things you must look at in a good bread machine, a lot of things come to mind. We have compiled a list of features that you must look out for before making up your decision to buy a bread machine.

Loaf Capacity

The more dough you use, the larger your loaf of bread is. In order to get the best loaf size, you must check the capacity of dough the bread maker can handle. With the desired capacity in check, you can measure the number of ingredients you need to add and then make the bread.

Most bread makers have a capacity of over 2 pounds, which is more than enough for a family of 5. However, this shouldn’t stop you from making a smaller loaf as they are far moister than larger loaves. It used to depend on the technique used, but as of now, the machine will do your job for you.

Machine Size

When you take into account the size of the machine, you are taking into account how much space it will take in the kitchen. The look and feel of the bread machine will ensure your kitchen aesthetics do not change a lot with the addition of the bread machine. In addition, if you decide not to use the bread machine, measuring the size of it will ensure you can store it away easily or not.

Loaf Pan

The difference between using a machine and using your hands to make a loaf of bread is most visible here because when it comes to making the bread via hands, you can shape the loaf according to what you want. With a bread machine, you have to mold the loaf of bread according to the pan size, width and shape are.

There aren’t many bread machines out there that give you custom-made loaf pans that can help you create different crafted bread. That is the reason why you will have to enjoy the bread as it is. Besides, isn’t it all about how the bread tastes and not looks?