5 Best Bread Machines for Sourdough Bread (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Are you considering bringing a change in your kitchen items and planning to introduce a bread maker that can provide you with a sourdough whenever and however you want? Then you have come to the right place. The smell and the feeling that spreads across the kitchen when bread is baked can be hard to describe in words, and the bread makers can help you make the tastiest and freshest sourdough bread, an experience you might not have had previously.

It may look like making sourdough is a very tough job, but with the help of recipes and with a bread maker you can rely on, even the tasks which may seem hard will be easily completed. So here we have some bread makers who are the best in the market and have rave reviews.

Best Bread Machines for Sourdough Bread

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Here are our best bread machines for sourdough bread’s reviews.

1. Cuisinart Sourdough Bread Maker

Cuisinart Sourdough Bread Maker

The Cuisinart sourdough bread maker comes with a solid construction of its exterior by stainless steel so that durability is ensured while maintaining a great look. If you desire a bread maker that does not compromise its durability and is also available at quite a cheap price, then you are at the right place.

The low price does not mean that you get any reduction in its features; it provides you 12 pre-programmed settings, three settings for the crust, and a delay timer that provides an impressive 13 hour delayed time. In addition, the loaf options that are installed in this machine are capable of preparing 1, 1.5 & 2-pound loaves, which creates such convenience that sometimes even expensive bread makers cannot provide.

Why do we like it?

  • Power failure backup
  • Removable lid, pan, and paddle
  • Stainless steel construction
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2. Breville BBM800XL Bread Machine

Breville Bbm800xl Bread Machine

The Breville BBM800XL is not your average bread-making machine. Instead, this machine comes with an automatic fruit and nut dispenser that assists in releasing ingredients at the right time, that is, during the kneading phase so that they are incorporated evenly inside the dough. Apart from this feature, this item has a unique kneading paddle that is collapsible, thoroughly mixes all the ingredients, and then collapses before baking starts to minimize the hole at the baked load base.

Furthermore, this product comes with a set of 13 automatic settings installed, as well as three different crust colors, and can provide four different sizes of loaves. Another benefit that you will receive by purchasing this product is that it comes with 46 amazing step-by-step recipes of the basic, crusty loaf, sweet, jam, and many more, and a custom recipe chart will be provided.

Why do we like it?

  • Fruit and nut dispenser
  • Four loaf sizes
  • Collapsible kneading paddle
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3. Crownful Bread Machine

Crownful Bread Machine

The Crownful bread machine offers many advantages for its customers, and it is for this reason, this product has been able to make a place in the hearts of its customers. This item comes with 12 pre-programmed settings that include quick bread, sweet bread, dough, cake, and many more. Another attractive factor about this machine is its large capacity and versatility. The machine has two loaf capacities that are 1.5 and 2.0 lb. This machine also has a five-layer stretch bread pan, sure to which the bread becomes baked evenly.

Another feature of the machine is that it provides a delay timer that has a maximum time delaying capacity of as much as 13 hours, and along with it also comes the keep warm option that helps to keep the bread warm for an hour, just in case if you have power shortage in the middle of the process. Apart from all these features, it also has a 10-minute power interruption system that has been built in to ensure fresh bread at any time.

Why do we like it?

  • Two loaf capacity
  • Five-layer stretch bread pan
  • Built-in power interruption system
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4. Hamilton Beach 29885 Bread Maker

Hamilton Beach 29885 Bread Maker

The Hamilton Beach 29885 bread maker is a product of Hamilton Beach, which has carved a reputation of their own in the market by making products that won customers’ hearts every time, and this machine has also lived up to their reputation. This machine has 14 settings: gluten-free, rise and artisan basic, whole grains, and many more. In addition, this product provides three loaf sizes, provides three shades of crust, and comes with a delayed start choice option.

The exterior of this product is made of stainless steel. The design of this item is a nonstick interior sleek design and an interior pan that is made out of stainless steel that can be lifted out for bread removal and the cleaning of the machine. Other accessories will be provided and a measuring cup & spoon, kneading paddle, and paddle removing tool. Everything is safe for dishwashing.

Why do we like it?

  • Delay start option
  • Sleek Design
  • Stainless steel interior pan
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5. Breadman BK1050S Bread Machine

Breadman Bk1050s Bread Machine

The Breadman BK1050S comes with 14 amazing baking functions that include whole wheat, white rapid, sweet bread, gluten-free, jam, low carb, bake only, and many more. This machine provides you with three crust settings as well. Another benefit that you use by purchasing this machine is that it produces loaves in three sizes: one, one-and-a-half, and two-pound sizes. Furthermore, the delayed start option provides you with a delayed limit of as much as 15 hours to put the items in the baker and bake them at any time till 15 hours.

Apart from all these benefits, there is a one-hour option of keeping warm so that any ingredient that requires to be kept at a warm temperature does not become obsolete. In addition, there is a window on the top of the bread maker that allows you to check the process without lifting the lid.

Why do we like it?

  • 14 Baking functions
  • Keep warm option
  • Window at top
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Bread Machine for Sourdough Bread Buyers Guide

The bread machines take the experience of baking to the next level. All the things are done automatically. All you have to do is measure the number of ingredients you are using, press a few buttons, and your sourdough bread is ready to eat after some time. There is no hard work like it was done previously on mixing, baking, etc. Although making sourdough bread is not difficult, it does require some time and concentration of people. Some of the machines are exclusively for banana bread, some are gluten-free, and some are for pizza dough.

Although there are some certain things that you must consider before buying a bread machine for sourdough bread which is as follows.

Loaf Capacity

A loaf is a molded mass of food that describes the quantity of food to be prepared. In making bread, initially, you have to find out how many people you have to feed. Many bread machines consist of different loaf sizes for sourdough, but the maximum size depends on different brands. You can also add extra water or flour to the bread machine to bake the loaf well. But it must be considered that you cannot bake a 2-pound loaf of sourdough in a machine with a capacity of 1-pound.

Machine Size & Weight

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of bread machines having different sizes and different weights. For example, larger machines are difficult to move around and store when not in use but come with more options for sourdough bread making. In contrast, smaller machines are easier to store and can be moved anywhere but are available with fewer options of bread making.

Loaf Pan Shape

If you want to bake sourdough bread in an oven, you have to choose the size and shape of your loaf pan, or you can also make loaves by hand. Every bread machine consists of a loaf pan which gives the same shape to every bread. Some bread machines also consist of a rectangular or vertical loaf pan.

Kneading Paddles

Sourdough bread machines with a low budget consist of a single kneading paddle compared to higher prices. They come with a set of two paddles and are preferred. Kneading paddles are used to make holes in the loaf for the production of fresh bread.

Pre-programmed Settings

Bread machines of today are capable of making different styles of bread. The simplest machine gives settings for wholegrain, loaves, french bread, and many more. All of these settings are pre-programmed for the best output of the product. The advanced sourdough bread machines comprise of those features that can save your time and effort.

Crust Control

Bread machines consist of settings by which you can control the medium of the crust. That is, you can choose to keep the crust either light, medium, or dark. This feature is unnecessary for baking a regular loaf, but it can be used when baking special loaves.


Today, many companies make bread machines, but you cannot randomly choose one, as we discussed. The prices of bread machines can vary from $100 to $150. Some bread machine brands price their bread machines less than $100 but are not for long-term use, whereas the brands with higher prices are for longer-term and are provided with a warranty.