5 Best Boxed Cake Mixes (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Many cake lovers say that boxed cake mixes are the greatest invention by humankind. Everyone loves cakes, whether it is red velvet, vanilla, or chocolate. But, not all of us have the time or the knowledge to bake a cake like a pro. Though these boxed mixes spark a lot of debate, it’s tasty, convenient, and reliable.

With these cake mixes, you can unabashedly live without baking ingredients, stand mixers, and measuring cups. Thanks to boxed cake mixes, kid’s birthdays, and family get-together have become easier to host.  Buying a boxed cake mix takes a lot of trial and error.

To supplement your quest for the best boxed cake mix, here’s presenting you our five favorite options!

Best Boxed Cake Mixes

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1. Betty Crocker Super Moist Red Velvet Cake Mix

Betty Crocker Super Moist Red Velvet Cake Mix

With Betty Crocker’s red velvet cake mix, your tummy and taste buds will be in for a burst of flavors! The reason this red velvet cake mix is so popular is that it is moist and rich. You will also find the cake to have a well-balanced sweetness, and it hits the right flavor profiles.

Besides, making a red velvet cake from scratch is not an easy attempt. This boxed cake mix is a flavorful and easy solution for all red velvet cake lovers. The best part of using this boxed cake mix is that you don’t have to use messy and unconventional dyes.

That tempting, bright red hue in the cake can even attract people who are not fond of red velvet. Oil, egg, and water – that’s all the extra items you need to prepare the cake. These additional ingredients are easy to find in any kitchen pantry.

Despite being a boxed cake mix, it makes you feel like a professional baker. You can opt to make an easy sheet cake, poppable cupcakes, intricately layered cakes, and a decorative and festive bundt.

Thankfully, the cake mix box carries all the baking and preparing directions at the back. It also mentions useful information such as the pan size and baking time.

Why do we like it?

  • Rich and moist taste
  • Offers value for money
  • It comes in various pack sizes.
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2. Duncan Hines Classic Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix

Duncan Hines Classic Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix

Do you find a chocolate cake irresistible? In that case, get ready to bake one every day once you bring this boxed cake mix home. It’s hard to spot the taste difference between the Duncan Hines cake and a cake made from scratch.

It’s also a common misconception that the foods that come out of the box cannot offer a divine experience. Duncan Hines offers a wide array of cake mixes that yields toothsome and tasty flavors. The dark chocolate fudge cake happens to be one of their bestsellers.

You can forget to buy a chocolate cake from outside once you start using this boxed cake mix. All you have to do is add some water, pour a bit of oil, and break a couple of eggs. Stir up all these ingredients along with the mix, and pop them in the oven.

If you prefer cupcakes over cakes like us, you’ll be contented to know that this cake mix can deliver two dozens of them. We want to take a minute to praise its extra fluffy and light texture. There’s nothing like a fluffy chocolate cake that melts the minute it enters your mouth.

What’s more, this Duncan Hines cake mix is all set to make your mornings sweeter too. You can also prepare yummy chocolate cake waffles with this mix.

Why do we like it?

  • Light and fluffy texture
  • Decadent chocolate taste
  • Easy preparation method
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3. Simple Mills Vanilla Cake Almond Flour Mix

Simple Mills Vanilla Cake Almond Flour Mix

Who said eating cake always has to be guilty? This Simple Mills Vanilla Cake Almond Flour Mix offers a delectable dessert option for all health-conscious people. This cake mix helps gluten-free cakes to get rid of their tasteless and boring tag.

People with specific dietary requirements will surely be impressed by the nutritional value and the taste of this cake. For preparing a gluten-free cake from scratch, you’ve to source all kinds of unusual flour. But this mix already contains almond flour, so no more flour buying.

Are you not a vanilla cake fanatic? This boxed cake mix will turn you into one in the first bite itself! The taste of this cake is hearty, yummy, and everything that indicates deliciousness. This cake mix uses coconut and almond flour to deliver a delicate gluten-free dessert experience.

People who follow a low glycemic diet will find this cake mix to be suitable. As a bonus, this cake mix is non-GMO, grain-free, paleo-friendly, dairy-free, and vegan-friendly! This cake mix sounds like it just came out of a fitness blogger’s profile.

We couldn’t help but notice all the positive reviews this cake mix has gained. The ingredients in this cake mix are almond flour, coconut flour, baking soda, arrowroot, organic coconut sugar, sea salt, cream of tartar.

Why do we like it?

  • Healthier cake alternative
  • Perfect amount of sweetness
  • No artificial flavors
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4. Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Mix

Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Mix

If you want to surprise your little munchkin on his/her birthday, this Pillsbury Funfetti cake Mix is your best pick. Pillsbury has unique flavors like traditional yellow, strawberry, perfectly pumpkin,  cinnamon swirl, cherry chip, pineapple, dark chocolate, lemon, etc.

This Pilsbury Funfetti Cake Mix has everything you would like in a  tasty and warm cupcake. It is a white cake with just the right hint of sweetness. The real taste and fun experience come from the rainbow sprinkles, which can awe both adults and children.

What’s so special about the sprinkles? The sprinkles maintain their color and shape and do not bleed. You’re going to find the same aesthetics you are expecting while cutting the cake. For the best experience, pair up the confetti cake with the brand’s vanilla frosting.

This incredible confetti cake scream “happy birthday” like no other boxed cake mix. Along with having a near-perfect taste score, it also bears a minimal price tag. This boxed cake mix is available in a pack of two.

It takes way less time to prepare the batter from this cake mix than a home-made cake. The box also suggests some ingredient substitutes for an eggless cake. With one pack, you can make as many as 24 cupcakes.

Why do we like it?

  • Moist and delicious flavors
  • Candy bits for a colorful look
  • Moderate pricing
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5. Miss Jones Baking Organic Vanilla Mix

Miss Jones Baking Organic Vanilla Mix

This boxed cake mix will leave you wanting more. Miss Jones Organic Vanilla Cake Mix delivers a spongy and flavor-filled cake mix. The reason this boxed cake mix is our favorite because it’s not overwhelmingly sweet. By Having only two gms of sugar per cupcake, this cake mix is a standout.

It’s also impressive how this brand has earned Today’s Best Taste Awards in 2016 and 2018. Whether you want to bake loads of cupcakes or layer up cakes, this boxed cake mix won’t disappoint. With an organic boxed cake mix like this, you can bid adieu to troublesome from-scratch cake preparation.

A few people claim that this boxed cake mix is better than “from scratch” cake recipes. The brand takes pride in offering a non-trans fat, no-hydrogenated oil, GMO-free, and an organic cake mix. All those who suffer from peanut allergies can enjoy this cake since it is peanut-safe.

The honest and straightforward ingredient list includes baking powder, wheat starch, wheat flour, and cane sugar. It also contains sea salt and natural vanilla. If you bake cake often, you’ll be happy to hear that this boxed cake is available in packs of 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to use a boxed cake mix
  • All organic ingredients
  • Apt for dairy-free and vegan eaters
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Boxed Cake Mixes Buyer’s Guide

Most of us have spent hundreds of dollars on baking ingredients and tools, only to understand that it’s not our cup of tea. However, buying a boxed cake mix is altogether another challenge. Visit the eCommerce or retail grocery outlets, and you can spot a row full of boxed cake mixes.

This variety is good, but it makes the job of selecting one cake mix pretty tough. Though you are aware of five fantastic boxed cake mixes, you still have to consider a few things about them. This buyer’s guide section will help you select the best so that your next party is perfectly sweet!


The brand plays a crucial role in the quality of the cake mix. Brands like Miss Jones and Simple Mills represent the healthier cake mix category. On the other hand, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, and Duncan Hines are more go-to options for all kinds of boxed cake mixes.

A few brands also offer matching frosting options along with cake mixes. A matching frosting makes it easier for non-professional bakers to prepare the entire cake without any hassle. Most of the brand on our list has garnered impressive reviews from users.

It would be best if you refrained from buying boxed cake mixes from brands that have negative reviews.

Flavor & Ingredients

When it comes to picking boxed cake mixes, flavor and ingredients should be your topmost priority. The ingredients in your boxed cake mix can make or break the whole taste. Besides, flavors are a matter of personal preferences. We enjoy traditional yellow cakes, but you might prefer something chocolatey.

Also, most of the brands have typical flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and traditional yellow. It’s not essential that you can find your favorite flavors in all brands. Many of you will also be looking for a healthy dessert experience.

In any case, opt for cake mixes with natural flavors. It’s also a good idea to buy a product that includes organic elements. On an important note, if you have any food allergies, it’s best to check the box’s ingredients thoroughly.

Healthy Or Not

You are underestimating boxed cake mixes if you think that cannot be healthy. Nowadays, most boxed cake mixes brands are offering gluten-free and sugar-free options. Simple Mills and Miss Jones are some of the brands that put their full focus on catering to health-conscious cake consumers.

Also, if you follow a vegan diet, there are many options for you out there. For instance, Simple Mills contains organic and gluten-free elements only. A few people also prefer checking the calorie and sugar count before purchasing the box.

Preparation Process

Most of the boxed cake mixes follow the same preparation method. Also, the preparation method is not challenging. However, there are a few boxed cake mixes that allow you to substitute ingredients during preparation.

For example, the Pillsbury cake mix allows people to substitute eggs with greek yogurt. You can also replace oil with apple sauce. The preparation method should be thoroughly mentioned in the packaging.


Even though you want to prepare a birthday cake, a mix that lets you prepare more than that is be better. There are boxed cake mixes that are apt for baking cakes and cupcakes. If you are picking a cake mix for making cupcakes, always check the number of cupcakes it can yield.

Believe it or not, a few boxed mixes also allow buyers to prepare chocolate cake waffles. Other uses of box mixes include bundt cakes or sheet cakes that are suitable for layering. Make sure that the box contains the cooking time for each type for your convenience.


Last but not least, you also have the price to consider. Note that the organic and gluten-free boxed cake mixes tend to cost more than the usual ones. Sometimes, buying in a pack of two, three, or six can also save you a reasonable sum.

If you are looking for a boxed cake mix to serve a large gathering, you may not be willing to buy a pricey one. If you are looking for cost-effective options, a brand like Betty Crocker and Pillsbury would be ideal.