5 Best Bottle Openers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Bottle caps can be very irritating to deal with if you don’t have a proper resource to open them. With an excellent bottle opener in your kitchen, you can enjoy beverages quickly. It can help you open beer, champagne, soft drink, or any other beverage bottle. However, this small kitchen and bar accessory is not restricted to a single purpose.

Even though bottle openers seem to be fairly simple, you can choose from a wide variety of products. Some of them comes in simple designs, while others are absolutely creative.

To help you make the right purchasing decision, you must continue reading this article. Here, you will find our reviews of the top five bottle openers along with a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

Best Bottle Openers

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1. Pop-the-Top Automatic Bottle Opener

Pop The Top Automatic Bottle Opener

Who said bottle openers have to be mechanical and somewhat boring? With Taza’s Pop-the-Top Automatic Bottle Opener, you can make the process very interesting. This gadget features a single, smart push-button mechanism that allows you to open bottles instantaneously.

If you are a beer-enthusiast and like to collect caps, this is a must-have addition to your kitchen. This little device will make your drink accessible to you without bending the caps. In fact, the cap you’ll receive will be in perfect and retained condition.

This gadget is made with stainless steel and has a brushed aluminum finish, allowing it to have a fantastic look. It is one of the most class and fun bottle opener you will ever use.

It is very different from what you’ll expect from a standard bottle opener, but that’s the product’s charm. All you have to do is place the gadget on the bottle’s top and push it down like a stamp. Its spring-loaded mechanism will pull the cap seamlessly.

You will especially like this product if you like to host parties or have a fancy bar at home. This simple yet classy product will be the best conversational striker and a prized possession to you for a long time.

Why do we like it?

  • Allows you to open the bottle most effortlessly.
  • It doubles as an excellent housewarming or bachelor’s gift.
  • Dishwasher compatible for comfortable maintenance
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2. Meyuewal 5-in-1 Multi-Function Bottle Opener

Meyuewal 5 In 1 Multi Function Bottle Opener

Bottle caps come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The problem with many bottle openers is that they are not compatible with all bottle cap types. If you love to store several beverages and all of them have different caps, you will love the Meyuewal 5-in-1 Multi-Function Bottle Opener.

When you buy this product, you get two separate bottle openers. Together, they have the capability or open jars and bottles with caps of any size or shape. Twist caps, easy-open cans, pull-tab cans, crown caps, and pull caps do not stand a chance before them.

Other than the multi-functionality and versatility of the bottle openers, the using comfort is commendable. The openers are padded with soft silicone grips allowing for effortless cap pulling. If you have long nails or have arthritis, you will especially love using this product. It will not demand a lot of pressure and effort from you.

You can get these bottle openers at a very reasonable price and in several different colors. They work fast and easily, which is why they are the perfect addition to your kitchen. Seniors and fashionistas would love hoe they’ll never have to look for someone else to open their bottles for them.

Why do we like it?

  • It doesn’t require too much effort to pull off caps.
  • Great value-for-money product.
  • It will open just about any bottle, can, or jar in your house.
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3. Norpo Can Punch Bottle Opener

Norpo Can Punch Bottle Opener

Bottle opener manufacturers have a lot of scope to get creative and get something out-of-the-box in the market. However, nothing beats the charm of a traditional heavy-duty tool. If you like how straightforward yet sturdy, traditional bottle openers are, you’ll surely love the Norpo Bottle Opener.

When you buy this simple and elegant bottle opener, you can be sure of the quality and sturdiness you get. This heavy-duty bottle opener is made of stainless steel and features a large hardwood handle. The grip space is large enough for anyone to hold and use comfortably.

Another wonderful feature of the product’s structure is its 2-in-1 functionality. While one side of the tool features a traditional bottle opener, the other features a can punch. Therefore, whether you need to tackle a bottle cap or a can cap, this tool will always come in handy.

This sharp product is an excellent product for people who love to enjoy beverages on the go. Even though the tool is large enough to be held in anyone’s hand, it is small yet sturdy enough to be carried on a camping trip.

The Norpo Can Punch Bottle Opener is the perfect purchase if you love the idea of heavy-duty and durable bar accessories.

Why do we like it?

  • Beautiful hardwood handle for sturdiness, strength, and visual aesthetic appeal.
  • Perfect for outdoor bar settings.
  • Great for people who love heavy-duty and luxurious bar accessories.
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4. OXO Bottle Opener

Oxo Bottle Opener

While some people prefer heavy-duty accessories, others like the idea of something small and lightweight yet sturdy. If you are that person, you should check out the OXO Steel Bottle Opener.

Whether you want to open a rectangular cap or a twist cap, the OXO Steel Botte Opener will come to your rescue. The sleek, curvy, lightweight, and small design allow the product to have an elegant yet sturdy build quality.

Even in its small design, the bottle opener has space to feature a non-slip touchpoint. Therefore, you can be sure of a firm grip while opening bottle caps. The mass distribution of the product is such that you will not require a lot of effort to pull caps off bottles.

If your bar’s aesthetics are of utmost priority to you, you will never stop praising this bottle opener. Not only is the quality premium, but also very beautiful. It is made of die-cast material of the highest quality to increase the product’s durability.

This is the perfect product for professional use since it will allow you to open most bottles beautifully and quickly. If you have any heavy-duty bottle opening job at hand, be sure to hand it over to the OXO Steel Bottle Opener.

Why do we like it?

  • It makes a perfect gifting option since it comes in a gift box by default.
  • Durable, heavy-duty, rust-proof construction.
  • Beautiful satin chrome finish to enhance your bar’s visual appeal.
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5. Westmark Germany Hermetus 3-in-1 Resealer Bottle Opener

Westmark Germany Hermetus 3 In 1 Resealer Bottle Opener

Don’t assume that bottle openers can only be used for opening bottles to allow you to have a quick drink. With creativity and a good deal of thought, bottle openers can serve several purposes. The Westmark Germany Hermetus Steel 3-in-1 Bottle Opener proves that.

Like all traditional bottle openers, you can open most bottles with the product. However, the catch is that it can also reseal bottles to preserve carbonation. Therefore, this is the product for you if you don’t like the idea of a flat drink of gulping a carbonated drink quickly.

You can open both twist caps and metal crown caps with this bottle opener. To seal the drinks in a proper manner, the resealer features a rubber surface. This allows for the creation of an air-tight seal to preserve your drinks.

Another important thing to note about this convenient bottle opener is its maintenance ease. You can put this opener into a dishwasher at ease, without the fear of interfering with the mechanics. Moreover, you can put bottles in the fridge with this opener sealing the top, and you will take a fresh-like bottle out.

The bottle opener’s ergonomic design allows for easy handling. This is one of the most efficient and comfortable to use bottle opener you can ever invest in. That is especially so if when you prefer drinking only half a drink at a time but do not want to waste or spoil the rest of the drink.

Why do we like it?

  • 5-year warranty.
  • Incredibly easy to clean and maintain.
  • Wonderful product for people who like to relish their drink over a long period.
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Bottle Openers Buyer’s Guide

As you can see from the above-given list, bottle openers come in various shapes and sizes. All of these products serve specific functions. Therefore, when you invest in a good bottle opener, you must be aware of the functions you might require to be fulfilled.

Before you settle on the bottle opener you want to buy, it is best to give the action a thought. You will not believe the number of things you should consider before you invest your money in a small kitchen or bar accessory. Given below are some top considerations you shouldn’t neglect while making an informed decision.


Bottle openers can serve from one to over five functions at once. While some products will help you only open specific bottle caps, others can help you punch holes in caps, reseal bottles, or open various bottle cap types and sizes. Whichever opener you choose to buy depends on your regular usage requirements.

If you only drink small cans of twist cap bottled soft drinks, you can invest in an inexpensive bottle opener serving your specific purpose. However, when you’re looking for a professional bottle opener, you might want to invest in an opener allowing you to conduct several functions.


The majority of good-quality bottle openers are made of stainless steel or other sturdy metal alloys. The built material makes a significant difference in the purposes fulfilled by the product and the product’s overall efficiency. Needless to say, the sturdier the material, the better the performance.

You can find some plastic-based bottle openers. You can opt for them if you rarely use bottle openers and do not want to invest in an expensive one. You must also note the materials used to construct the bottle opener’s handles. Silicone or soft-plastic handles allow for easy handling, while heavy metals might be hurtful to use.


Bottle openers are essentially kitchen and bar accessories. They are used to make specific functions more convenient. Therefore, it’s natural for you to invest in a bottle opener that is convenient to use. There’s no point in investing in a product that requires too much effort to use.

Investing inconvenient options such as electric/automatic bottle openers or the ones with proper weight distribution are great. Some bottle openers are designed in a way that they do not hurt people with weak or recovering hands.


Most bottle openers are small. However, some modern designs can be huge. The bottle opener’s size changes its portability. You might not feel the requirement of monitoring the opener’s size if you always keep it inside. However, if you like going outdoors, you will appreciate a small bottle opener.

Size is a matter of preference. The smaller the bottle opener, the lighter it will be. Therefore, it might not be as sturdy. However, big bottle openers might not be easy to carry on a camping trip.


As you already know by now, bottle openers are convenient bar and kitchen accessories. Therefore, they play a crucial role in accentuating or destroy your room’s aesthetics. Whether you own a rustic- or a modern-style kitchen or bar, you can choose the bottle opener t suit your visual needs.

If you browse in-depth, you can also find some funky bottle openers in the market. From playing card-shaped to pirate-shaped openers, creativity knows no bounds. However, it is best to invest in a traditional heavy-duty product since most of these funky products are not sturdy.


Considering the wide variety you have to choose from; bottle openers are available at several price points. While you can choose a cheap plastic product, you can also buy a traditional-looking hardwood opener. The choice is yours to make according to your budget and will.