Best Blender For Hummus

5 Best Blenders for Hummus (Reviews Updated 2021)

Making hummus in the comfort of your home should not be a difficult task if you have the best blenders for hummus among your kitchen appliances. Blenders best suited for it have blades that are razor sharp with unique shapes. Since we want your hummus preparation to be very stress-free, we decided to scan the internet on your behalf.

Below, we compile a detailed review of some of the best blenders for hummus. Please do have a look and pick a model that best appeals to you.

Best Blenders for Hummus

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1. Blendtec Top Classic Fourside Jar Blender

Blendtec Top Classic Fourside Jar Blender

So you want to enjoy the best hummus in your home, and you do not know how to go about it? We bring you Blendtec Top Classic four-side blender with a 75oz container capacity to provide you and your household with as much hummus to satisfy your collective cravings. Blendtec has 6 preprogrammed cycles and 10-speed variations.

The speed variations broaden the texture options that you have. The great thing about Blendtec is that you can do much more than just make hummus with it. You can also make smoothies, shakes, soups, crush ice, make milkshakes and juice in the same container jar.

The patented blade is 80% thicker than the average blender blade, so do not worry yourself about the blade going blunt because it won’t.

Why do we like it?

  • Sold with a 2-year warranty
  • Blends in large batches
  • Sturdy blades
  • Premium quality materials
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2. Cuisinart CSB-79 Hand Blender

Cuisinart Csb 79 Hand Blender

We understand that it is not every day you come across a hand blender that falls under the category of the best blender for hummus but trust us when we say that this hand blender is an excellent device to have in your home.  It is lightweight and offers the kind of versatile performance not common with hand blenders.

This Cuisinart CSB uses an ultra-smart 2 stick speed blender to crush and whip your hummus to shape. It has whisk attachments and a one-touch operational button that delivers a precise blend at a feverish pace. You don’t have to remain standing for a long time for your hummus recipe to be ready. All this hand blender needs is but a minute or two.

Although it is meant for professional use, who says you can’t order it for your home to get professional results? With Cuisinart CSB, you can’t go wrong.

Why do we like it?

  • The powerful 200-watt motor
  • Comes with a measuring beaker
  • Durable feature
  • Offers variable 2-speed control
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3. Hamilton Beach MultiBlend Blender

Hamilton Beach Multiblend Blender

Homeowners, professional cooks, and baristas who do a lot of cooking and processing will tell you for a fact that Hamilton Beach is one of the top brands as far as kitchen appliances are concerned. For hummus preparation, this is one of the best blender for hummus you can go for. It comes with a good chopper that has 4 functions: blending, grinding, smoothies, and shakes. Just like with all the other blenders in this review, we selected blenders with versatile features.

The container jar is 48oz capacity with a 24oz vegetable dicer attachment. As for the blades, they are powered by a 700-Watt electric motor that will blend your vegetables and slices just the way you want it.

Alongside the jar is a strip spoon for stirring thicker ingredients and mixture.

Why do we like it?

  • Shatterproof jar
  • The jar is dishwasher safe
  • Parts are made with BPA free material
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4. Oster Blender Pro 1200 Blender

Oster Blender Pro 1200 Blender

Are you looking for a blender that will allow you to make tasty hummus without qualms? We introduce you to Oster Pro 1200 24-ounce blender. This blender has smart settings with 7-speed levels and 3 pre-programmed settings to expedite your hummus preparation. Oster’s blades work in a dual direction because of its technology.

The blades have extra blending power for chopping and grinding, so not vegetables, spice, or nut is too hard for Oster. The 3.5-inch blade system also allows the ingredients to flow down when in operation for faster results.

Oster has a 16 inches power cord that allows you to blend your hummus far away from the wall socket with a maximum of 1200 Watts motor power for best results.

Why do we like it?

  • The 6-cup is dishwasher safe
  • Smart pulse function
  • Durable blades
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5. Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 9-Speed Multipurpose Hand Blender

Mueller Austria Ultra Stick 9 Speed Multipurpose Hand Blender

Here is another hand blender from the stable of Mueller Austria. This 500-Watt blender has an immersion blade that is specially designed to provide you with coarse results. The blade is made with heavy-duty copper. They will not break nor go blunt. Even the whisk attachments in the package are made of high-quality stainless steel materials that will stand the test of time.

Mueller Austria also has a milk frother attachment just in case you prefer your hummus to froth at the top. Rated as a bestseller hand blender, this model has 9-speed cycles, so feel free to choose a speed cycle that will give you the kind of texture you want for your hummus.

Let us also point out that you can use this blender to process your baby’s food, make milkshakes, or prepare juice.

Why do we like it?

  • Sophisticated design
  • Copperplate motor for extra durability
  • Comes with a manual
  • Durable and user-friendly attachments
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Blender for Hummus Buyer’s Guide

In the first section, we reviewed five of the best blenders for hummus. In this second section, we want to review some of the features that every good blender should have. If you prefer a conventional blender that will work for general ingredients, you can order a Nutribullet blender with razor-sharp blades or a personal blender of convenience. However, this guide will focus on the features that blenders best suited for hummus should have.


When shopping for the best blender for hummus, make sure you pay attention to the durability of the build material. Very good blenders have stainless steel bodies. Even the ones that have plastic on their exterior are made with tough and premium plastic. The last thing you want is a blender that will fall apart after a few weeks or months. The durability of the electric motor and other moving parts should also be taken into consideration. Hummus requires several blending sessions, just like the best stand mixers, before getting the results you want. So don’t leave anything to chance.

Electric Motor

The power of the electric motor also matters a great deal. If you want your hummus always to come out right, you can’t afford to settle for just any blender. The best option for you is a 500-1000 Watt motor. If you wish to use it solely for food processing, you will require a 7-cup food processor or an 8-cup food processor with a much powerful motor.

Size and Capacity

When discussing size and capacity, we want to focus on two things. For size, we are referring to space the blender will be kept. Before you order any of the best blenders for hummus reviewed above, make sure that you have the space for it. The last thing you want is to buy a blender that is too big for your available space. Then, for the capacity, hummus blenders have different capacities. There are blenders with different oZ capacities. Let the one you buy be determined by your needs.

If you live alone or have one or two other occupants in your house who like hummus, you can order a blender with a 24-32oz capacity. However, if your household is large, make sure the capacity is above 32oz; otherwise, you will end up blending hummus in several batches, which will be time-consuming.