Best Black Kitchen Faucets

5 Best Black Kitchen Faucets (Reviews Updated 2021)

A kitchen faucet is one of the most used tools in the kitchen. This is because most times, there is quite a lot of cleaning and washing to be done. Of all the colors available, a black kitchen faucet is one of the most common faucets to find. Black is a durable color, and besides that, black also adds artistic value to the outlook of a kitchen. If you plan to buy a kitchen faucet, we are sure that you will desire will be high-quality piece kitchenware.

However, if you scan online platforms, you will find dozens, if not hundreds, of black kitchen faucets so numerous, you will have a hard time choosing the right one. To help you avoid the risk of choosing the wrong one, we have drawn up this review to guide your choice as you shop for one.

Best Black Kitchen Faucet

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1. Soka Black Kitchen Faucet

Soka Black Kitchen Faucet

Soka black kitchen faucet is a DIY kitchen tool that is so easy to install on your own. You do not need a plumber to help you set it up. This faucet has a pull-down sprayer with a commercial-style handle and a deck plate arc. Soka ‘s sprayer is retractable, so you can direct water flow to any direction you please. Unlike normal faucets that are static and you have to take your utensils towards the water, Soka black kitchen faucet solves your kitchen needs due to the easy access it provides.

The ABS nozzle is of high quality, making it difficult for particles and dirt to block it. As for the flow quality, Soka will give you a long-lasting, consistent power flow. This faucet also has a 3-mode spraying function. It has a stream and spray function, which allows you to flush your sink with a powerful water flow. Then there is the pause and spray, which lets you stop water flow abruptly as you multitask. Lastly, the spray mode is meant for rinsing your utensils.

This black kitchen faucet has a thoughtful design and is ideal for both home and commercial kitchens.

Why do we like it?

  • Premium quality build materials
  • Very easy to install
  • The black color is attractive
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2. FORIOUS Black Kitchen Faucet

Forious Black Kitchen Faucet

Forious is another pull-down sprayer faucet to make our list. This easy to use kitchen faucet is fingerprint-resistant, so rest easy knowing fully well that all those stain marks you hate to see on your faucet’s exterior will not be a common sight on Forious. This faucet is a single hole mount faucet with a single copper handle for easy maneuvering. Built with SUS 304 steel with lead-free materials, this is one black kitchen faucet that will last long and serve you well.

Forious has undergone over 500,000 testing cycles to ensure stability and extended service. Should you go for this tool, know that you are buying a reliable and trustworthy item from a renowned brand. We also like the installation technique required to install this faucet. The hose is easy to connect through just one deck place fixed into a single hole or three holes, depending on the kitchen sink type you have.

How about the water flow quality? Well, Forious has three stream mode settings, namely the Stream, Sweep, and Spray settings. With a flow rate of 1.8 Gallons per minute, what you see is what you get. Quality flow from a quality faucet.

Why do we like it?

  • Built with eco-friendly materials
  • Sleek design
  • Anti-leak features
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3. GIMLI Black Kitchen Faucet

Gimli Black Kitchen Faucet

Sprayer faucets seem to be the design in vogue these days as homeowners seek out utensils and tools that serve their purposes and improve their homes’ outlook. GIMLI has come out with a black kitchen faucet of their own that will stand its ground compared to other branded faucets with the same features in sticking to that trend. This particular GIMLI model is lead-free and offers you several functional choices.

Boasting a contemporary brass exterior and a matte black finish, GIMLI will modernize your kitchen’s look all on its own. The powerful double function drop-down feature makes your cooking and cleaning easy. Never go another day with a dirty kitchen sink simply because your faucet has refused to work.

GIMLI is a two function sprayer. The spray has a forceful flow that wipes off the residue from the hose, sink, or utensils. The stream mode is ideal for filling up your bowls and pots with water.

Why do we like it?

  • Very easy to use because of its 360 degrees high arc swivel spout
  • This faucet is easy to clean
  • It comes with a five-year warranty and a reliable customer support channel
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4. ArofaPull Down Kitchen Faucet

Arofapull Down Kitchen Faucet

Gooseneck designs are nothing new, but Arofa’s pull-down faucet takes this design to a whole new level. This 360-degree rotation faucet can handle even the most difficult flushing requirement. It has a delectable design that will not complicate the general physical make up of your kitchen. Its sprayer design is modern and is properly sized. Arofa is also built to fit all types of sinks. For buyers who may have little or no handyman skills, they don’t have to worry because there are DIY videos that can be watched to fix this black kitchen faucet in under 20 minutes.

The gooseneck of this faucet serves two purposes. The first one, being its artistic value, has already been stated. The second one has to do with the anti-clogging value it offers. Due to its shape, it will be difficult for debris and food particles to clog the hose through which water flows.

And just like the other faucets on our list, Arofa is a multi-functional faucet with three spray modes for washing, rinsing, and streaming.

Why do we like it?

  • Its artistic design is a breath of fresh air
  • The retractable feature simplifies usage and makes for easy movement
  • All accessory parts are made from high-quality materials
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5. OWOFAN Kitchen Faucet

Owofan Kitchen Faucet

The last but certainly not the least on our list of black kitchen faucet is OWOFAN. The Matte 900BR model is a commercial-grade faucet ideal for homes and restaurants. This faucet has a solid brass exterior with a single handle lever and a pull-down sprayer. Featuring an industrial spout for a powerful flow, OWOFAN is a high-quality kitchen faucet for those who are serious about getting a reliable faucet that will last and stand the test of time.

OWOFAN has just the perfect height for you, standing at 15.7 inches with a flexible sprinkler, you can rotate it 360 degrees towards any direction in your sink. We like OWOFAN because it is easy to use but difficult to clog. The way the spray holes are shaped makes it hard for debris to block water outlets.

And as for the flow settings, you can easily switch from the spray mode to the stream mode or vice versa with the attached 2-flow multifunction spray. OWOFAN is a DIY kitchen faucet that can be installed in under 25 minutes.

Why do we like it?

  • Compact size that will fit into any kitchen sink
  • All accessories, including the hose and mounting ware, are included in the package
  • The multi-functional switch ensures a seamless switch of settings
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Black Kitchen Faucet Buyer’s Guide

Are you planning to replace your old and worn out kitchen faucet with a black kitchen faucet that will complement other utensils and tools in your kitchen? Do you know that modern kitchenware not only offers functional value but artistic value as well? What do you look out for when searching for a black kitchen faucet to buy? To answer these questions correctly, you will need to have access to the right information. With the right information, you will be able to choose rightly when next you go faucet shopping.

Our Buyer’s guide places all the relevant information at your fingertips to help you make an informed choice. Here are some of the things to bear in mind.

Holes in your Kitchen Sink

The number of holes in your kitchen sink is the first thing you should investigate before buying a black kitchen faucet. If you end up buying a faucet with fewer or more holes than your kitchen sink, you will not be able to use it. Kitchen faucets should have the same number of holes as the kitchen sinks they are installed on. For instance, traditional faucets with hot and cold taps often have three holes for water flow with additional holes for hanging the attached sprayer. Most kitchen faucets have two or three holes, but there are others with a single hole.

Whatever the case, make sure you check your sink before you buy any faucet for your home.

Handle Type

What type of handles do you prefer? Rotational handles or static handles? More than a few kitchen faucets have one or more handles for mixing hot and cold water. Some one-piece faucets have handles on both sides for easy use. However, single-handle faucets are easier to use and manage. Faucets with a lever are also ideal because you can turn them on with your elbow when your hands are greasy or covered with food particles. Any type will do but go for one that you like.


There is a reason why many manufacturers design their black kitchen faucets with sprayers. This popular feature offers more value to the user, unlike faucets that do not come with sprayers. If you have a sprayer faucet in mind, we recommend that you buy one with a pull-down multi-functional sprayer head. But make sure that the sprayer head’s quality is top-notch; otherwise, you have to buy a new head soon after when the old one wears out and falls off.

You also can go for a pull-up or a pull-down sprayer, depending on your preference, but at the end of the day, the faucet’s quality is the most important thing.

Water Filtration

To safeguard your family’s health and safety, we recommend that you only buy a black kitchen faucet with an inbuilt filtration system. Such a system cleans and filters water before it flows out. Your safety and the health of your family is something that should be taken seriously when shopping for any home tool of any kind.

Appearances count for less

The look of the faucet matters but not as much as its quality. Picking your faucet based on looks is a mistake you should avoid making. The last thing you want is to compromise quality by going for a tool that is pleasing to the eye but offers little functional value. When shopping for faucets, be practical about it. Styling is important but should not take the number one priority over functionality.


Have a budget before you go looking for a faucet to buy. With so many options out there commanding different prices, you may be swayed by the cheap prices or sleek design features you see and end up buying a faucet that is overpriced. Quality and durability should influence your decision above everything else.

Spot Height

The height of your faucet also matters. But choosing a height is something you can not do in isolation. To make this decision, you need to consider the height of your cabinet or sink. Also, consider to what extent the faucet will extend to the sink. If the faucet is too tall, it may cause water to splash and wet your floors anytime you use it.