5 Best Black & Decker Blenders (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Kitchen appliances make cooking more fun. Stocking up the kitchen with the right appliances saves both time and money. Chopping fruits and vegetables and grinding spices and herbs manually can consume more time than necessary. Hence a good blender with a multi-purpose function is needed. A countertop or handy blender makes your task easy and less time-consuming.

However, finding the right blender that suits your needs and the size of your kitchen at the same time can be challenging. With so many brands out there, the task of selecting a blender suitable to your taste can be cumbersome. Read through our review on Black and Decker blenders to guide your purchase decision, and get value for your money. Black and Decker blenders come in different models, and this review helps you make a good selection.

Best Black & Decker Blenders

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1. Black+Decker PowerCrush Multi-Function Blender

Black+decker Powercrush Multi Function Blender

The Black and Decker Power Crush Multi-Function Blender has a diamond-cut stainless steel blade that enables easy grinding and blending food. The stainless steel blade is compatible with the jar shape to allow the easy flow of your fruits, vegetables, and spices to the stainless steel blade for fast blending action.

The container has a sprout molded for easy pouring. It is made of polycarbonate glass to ensure you are not consuming any harmful chemicals. The glass container has more than enough room to make mixing, blending, and grinding stress free. It can fill up to 6 cups, which makes it ideal for a large family.

A four-speed function (low, high, low pulse, high pulse) is embedded to enable easy crushing and a smooth blend of ingredients. The high-speed functionality is ideal for a busy morning schedule when you are short of time. We also like the energetic motor that makes it easy to work on both soft and hard ingredients. It also comes with removable parts for easy cleanup. These parts are dishwasher-safe, which means it would not cause any damage to your accessories.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy Cleanup
  • Suitable for all kinds of blending and crushing
  • Durable Materials
  • Suitable for a large family
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2. Black+Decker Countertop Blender BL2010BG

Black+decker Countertop Blender Bl2010bg

Be it a large, medium, or small kitchen, this countertop blender will fit perfectly. The Black and Decker Countertop Blender BL2010BG is easy to handle and comes with a perfect spout that prevents drips and spills while pouring your contents into the jar. The build material is made with polycarbonate glass to ensure the user’s safety. The Glass material also allows you to see your food while it is blending.  The texture of the blend can be supervised easily because of this transparent exterior feature. This product is very pocket-friendly, which means you get high value for your money.

The multi-level stainless steel blades improve the efficiency and the blending power of this blender. The motor and fan at the base make for consistent performance. This machine offers a straightforward option for blending, chopping, and chopping. Black and Decker Countertop Blender is safe to clean due to its removable parts; cleaning this device should not be a problem after you are done.

The 10-speed settings with a pulse feature allow you to find the right consistency when blending. It has a maximum of 550 watts of blending power and a minimum of 350 watts of blending power for continuous use.

Why do we like it?

  • User-friendly materials
  • Ideal for any kitchen space
  • Works with your budget
  • Easy maintenance with the aid of mild detergent and water.
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3. Black+Decker Crush Master 10-Speed Blender BL2010BP

Black+decker Crush Master 10 Speed Blender Bl2010bp

The performance of a blender is highly dependent on the blade. The Black and Decker Crush Master 10-speed Blender stainless steel blade ensures massive precision per grind. This blender is also very hygienic because the build materials are BPA free. In the advent that you are thinking of making smoothies, juices, or grinding spices for a large family, this Crush Master 10-speed blender with its high-capacity jar is right for you.

The measuring Lid insert is a double 1-ounce measuring cup that is perfect for making iced mixed drinks. The removable cap positioned at the center of the lid allows you to put in other ingredients while blending without interfering with the blending process. The hole in the center lets out excess air thus, preventing the contents from foaming.

It is designed with a high footer to ensure easy carriage and guard the motor against liquids left on the countertop. The stylish plastic container makes the blender easy to handle, convenient, and very portable for commuting. It blends both soft and hard ingredients with its 10-speed power.

Why do we like it?

  • Dual-purpose lid
  • Easy dissembling of parts
  • Low maintenance budget
  • High footer to safeguard the motor from spillage.
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4. Black+Decker FusionBlade Personal Blender PB1002G

Black+decker Fusionblade Personal Blender Pb1002g

This Black and Decker blender is also known as a bullet blender, suitable for individuals who run a tight schedule every morning.  Black and Decker Fusionblade Personal Blender is a good investment for individuals keeping fit and longing to quench their smoothie cravings. It is also less expensive (price-wise) and very economical. It is designed with two 20-oz blending jars; that’s a lot of smoothies, right?

The blending jars come with twist-on travel lids that preserve your beverages without spillage. The containers are also portable, convenient, and lightweight; therefore, the shelf life is prolonged, and taking beverage on-the-go guaranteed. The blade, jars, and lids have been designed for fast and easy cleanup.  What about the materials used to produce this model? They are all dishwasher safe.

The Black and Decker Fusionblade Personal Blender’s uniqueness is unlike most personal blenders because the fusion blade is not for making smoothies only, but for crushing ice, blending soups, and mixing beverages. The multi-functional purpose of this blender makes it stand out from other types of blenders. Operating it is quite simple and straightforward. The on/off button gives you full control over your blend consistency.

Why do we like it?

  • It is safe for a dishwasher
  • It is made with long-lasting, durable materials
  • The light weightiness makes it easy for commuting.
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5. BLACK+DECKER BL1220SG Blender

Black+decker Bl1220sg Blender

The Black and Decker BL1220SG comes with a unique design of its own, the lid!! The lid comes with two compartments; the ingredient slot and the pour spout. The hinged ingredient slot allows you to pour in liquids or solids while blending. It also acts as an air control device that prevents the content you are grinding from foaming. We love this blender because it locks in the right amount of air. The hinged recloseable pour spout allows you to pour out the contents with the lid attached. This spout is excellent for gauging the content, especially when sharing your smoothies among friends and family.

Another amazing feature of this product is the functionality of the jar’s overall design and the blades. They have been combined perfectly to ensure a consistent flow of the ingredients towards the blades. The 4-tip Quadpro blade technology ensures that ingredients are crushed to the tiniest bits. The four-speed functions also allow for smooth blending and wonderful ice crushing. If ease of use ranks high on your list of priorities, you will like the blender’s removable parts. Overall, the Black and Decker BL1220SGeases up cooking and fulfills all your dreams, be it exercising, honing your culinary skills, or easy tiding up.

Why do we like it?

  • Perfect pour spout for spill-free pouring
  • Multi-functional lid with hinged ingredient slot and hinged re-closeable pour sprout
  • The unique overall design that fits the need of your home.
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Black and Decker Blender Guide

The preparation time needed in cooking a meal makes many people shy away from putting on their apron. Chopping, grinding, and pounding takes a lot of time and energy; however, armed with the right kitchen appliances, the preparation time can be slashed massively. One of the cooking appliances you so desperately need in your kitchen is a blender, as it saves you a lot of time and energy.

There are several things to consider before purchasing a blender. We have taken the pleasure to review some of the most important things to look out for before you buy one. Armed with this knowledge, you can never go wrong while shopping for a blender.

Know the different types of Black and Decker Blender

Black and Decker’s blenders come in different varieties. Model, shapes, sizes, and functions usually vary. However, this is not a criterion to determine that a particular type is better than another. Each has been designed specially to suit a peculiar need. With varieties of blenders to choose from, it is crucial to choose a blender based on your immediate needs and consideration.

Your immediate need might include;

To curb unnecessary spending, it is, therefore, advisable to shop for a blender after you have put all your needs into consideration to avoid shopping for a replacement in the nearest future. However, if you feel the need to buy different types of blenders for specific purposes, please feel free to do so.

The Speed of the Blender

The speed of any blender must be factored in before a purchase is effected. The speed capacity of blenders are mainly two; high-speed blenders and conventional blenders. Based on this classification, the function of these two kinds of blenders varies. A traditional blender cannot perform a high–speed blender function. When it comes to tasks like crushing chunks of food or spice into powder, crushing ice, or making a creamy smoothie, the high-speed blender does it more perfectly than the conventional blender. A high-speed blender also saves you a lot of time during your busy mornings or tight schedules.

With this information, make sure to cross-check the speed capacity of the blender. It is easier to blend all food items at a go with a high-speed capacity blender.

Types of Blade

The quality of the blades is another factor. It is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a blender. A diamond-cut stainless steel blade should be the standard for any blender you buy. A diamond cut stainless steel blade does not only improve performance but also makes operating the blender easy.

Stainless steel blades also guarantee durability and hygiene, while the diamond cut blades make it easy to cut and grind food fast. The combination of these two materials adds convenience to your cooking. Therefore, if you are looking for a blender that crushes food and at the same time turns softer ingredients into a creamy paste, it is advisable to look out for a diamond-cut stainless steel blade blender.

The Lid

Forgetting to examine the lid of the blender may cost you in the end. The lid is responsible for preventing spillage on the countertops while the device is in action. It is also responsible for providing airtight benefits.

Lids that come with removable caps perform two functions. Firstly, the cap is used as a measuring cup to measure ingredients. Secondly, the cap could be taken off to allow excess air escape.

Most blender jars are designed to ensure a continuous flow of the ingredients gravitating towards the container’s center where the blade is situated. Without a tight-fitting lid, the process becomes painstaking as most of the contents will spill out. The taste, flavor, and texture of the blend may also be ruined in the process.

The Built Material

The material the container is made up of is another thing to consider. The jars of blenders come in glass, plastic, or stainless steel. While some materials are heavier than others, the heavier ones are more stable than lighter ones. Each of these materials has its downsides. However, for durability and functionality, a polycarbonate glass jar is highly recommended.