5 Best Bench Scrapers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Bench scrapers serve special purposes like no other, and that is why bakers can’t do without them. Sometimes called a bench knife or a dough scraper, this utensil has a very flat piece of sharp steel blade with a handle. If you want to be able to divide your dough with precision, you need a bench scraper that is sharp and easy to use. Today, only very few bench scrapers possess the right qualities due to the countless substandard scrapers sold to unsuspecting buyers.

Many of the scrapers sold online are either not sharp enough, or their ergonomic design isn’t right for your baking. What then do you do in light of these challenges? Your only way out is to rely on expert opinions to help you make the right choice from among the multiple scraper brands available online. This is what this review is for.

Best Bench Scrapers

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1. ALLTOP Bench Scraper & Stainless Steel Chopper

Alltop Bench Scraper & Stainless Steel Chopper

ALLTOP is kitchenware essentially designed for the splitting and cutting of your dough. This multi-purpose utensil is also ideal for measuring, scraping, chopping, and crushing dough. It has a very durable handle with grip features for easy handling. This makes it easy for you to handle even if your hand is covered with flour and other cooking ingredients. ALLTOP is a multi-purpose cutter suitable for bread, pizza, cake, and all kinds of pastries you will ever make.

This pack comes with a set of 2 scrapers, and the wide blades they have are ideal for perfect and accurate cuts. Handy for the scraping and transferring or even for mixing, this baking instrument can do no wrong. ALLTOP is also very easy to maintain either by hand wash or with a dishwasher, and to save your investment in case the product you receive is faulty; the seller offers buyers a 12-month warranty for this product.

If you have a scraper that isn’t serving you well enough, ALLTOP is a perfect replacement at an affordable price.

Why do we like it?

  • Very strong stainless blade for smooth cutting
  • It has a measuring guide on each side of the blade for inch marking your dough
  • Relatively easy to maintain
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2. Norpro Stainless Steel Scraper and Chopper

Norpro Stainless Steel Scraper And Chopper

Norpro is a bench scraper that can be used for different functions on your kitchen table. Although many will call it a dough splitter, this tool does more than that. With an integral handle boasting a round shape, Norpro allows you to cut and chop with ease. If you prefer a bench scraper that aids in measuring your dough before you cut, this is one of the best scrapers in the market to go for.

You can cut and crush just about any pastry with this piece of utensil. Brown rolls, pastries, jelly rolls, browns, rice crisps, and dessert bars; you name it. This bench scraper does them all. We also like the blade’s quality that Norpro has, which allows you to slice and dice with just one swing of the blade.

As for handling, we know that your safety is paramount when baking, which is why we’ve gone for bench scrapers that have rubber handles with grip features. Even when you are chopping veggies that require several swings of your blade, this scraper will rest comfortably on your hand from start to finish.

Why do we like it?

  • Cheap and affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate measuring guide on the blade
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3. Chef Pomodoro Multi-Purpose Bench Scraper

Chef Pomodoro Multi Purpose Bench Scraper

Now, the best chefs use the best tools, and that is why their meals come out with nice tastes. Great chefs know that their ingredients’ quality and application are just as important as the quality of tools they use to cook and bake. Chef Pomodoro is a heavy-duty bench scraper for large scale baking. This 6-inch stainless steel scraper is one hell of a chopper for working your dough to perfection.

Designed for a natural grip, it has a contoured handle designed to rest comfortably in your hand as you cut and chop away. To get accurate measurements, this tool helps to measure dough from inches to centimeters and all the way down to millimeters. Do you prefer imperial or metrics? Chef Pomodoro is one of the best bench scrapers for these purposes.

This multi-purpose tool is made with high valued materials and will last for years before the need arises to seek a replacement. It is durable, useable, sustainable, and dishwasher safe.

Why do we like it?

  • A Money-back guarantee protects your investment
  • Sturdy handle
  • Serves different purposes in your kitchen
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4. Nana Home Bench Scraper

Nana Home Bench Scraper

NanaHome is a complete kitchenware set consisting of a scraper and a plastic bowl scraper, making it a 2 in 1 scraper. Many bakers sometimes complain that their bench scraper is too rigid either due to the ergonomic designs or their weight. Well, NanaHome is called a flexible bench scraper because it is lightweight and easy to handle.

It has a plastic handle with wide curve edges for either cutting dough or transferring dough from one place to the next. This cutting and lifting tool will not slip from your hand even if your hand is wet. It also has a measurement conversion chart as part of the package for quick reference when you are not so sure if you’ve gotten your measurement right.

The safe beveled blade is so sturdy that it will not bend, break, or rust. Your dough will also not stick to the blade because of its smoothness and shape. Cleaning this bench scraper is also very easy. After use, wash with soap and water and hang to dry.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Precision cutter
  • The measurement chart prevents you from making mistakes
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5. Chef’n Pastrio 3-in-1 Bench Scraper Set

Chef'n Pastrio 3 In 1 Bench Scraper Set

Take your baking to the next level with Chef’n Pastrio 3in1 bench scraper set. This 3 set scraper has an attractive red color that makes your cutting and chopping fun. Contained in the package are a metal scraper, a bowl scraper, and a plastic scraper. The metal tool allows you to execute clean dough cuts. The plastic version is ideal when cutting on sensitized surfaces, while the bowl scraper is mainly for gathering your ingredients with ease.

All three scrapers are made of BPA free materials and are easy to maintain by hand or machine wash. Chef’n Pastrio bench scraper is designed for both newbies and professionals of the art. Spotting a classic design and a sleek shape, this non-sticky set of tools works perfectly well on any surface. The shape of the handle is worth commenting on. We like the way it is shaped. Even if you have very slender hands, you can still handle any of the scrapers comfortably. Their plastic handles have thin lines on both sides, and the measuring lines on the blade are coated with bold ink that will not fade on time.

Why do we like it?

  • The 3 scraper sets represent value for money
  • The attractive color and design will complement your other kitchen utensils
  • Different scrapers for different surfaces
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Bench Scraper Buyer’s Guide

A bench scraper is much more than a blade used to cut dough to sizes. If all you need is a cutting tool, then a knife will suffice. A good scraper does more than that, though; it helps to measure your dough cutting accurately and lift your dough from the cutting mat to the frying pan or wherever you wish to place it. A knife can’t do these, can it?

This is why when next you shop for a scraper, you need to look out for one that can perform so many tasks at the same time. Finding a good scraper is not an easy task, though, and this is why many have ended up with kitchen knives instead of bench scrapers. If you don’t know what to look out for, you might make the same mistake. In our buyer’s guide, we highlight all the necessary features to look for when shopping for a bench scraper.

Here are the features and factors to consider when buying a bench scraper.

The Size

The size of the bench scraper is important. The average bench scraper sold in the market is 6 inches in length with a height of 3-4 inches. Since there are different sizes to choose from, you have more options. Before you buy a scraper, consider your needs first, then pick one that satisfies that need.

All bakers work with dough, but their needs are different. If you bake on a large scale regularly, you will need an above-average-sized scraper that will enable you to loft more dough. If you bake just for your consumption or your family, then a 6-inch bench scraper will serve you well. Avoid buying a scraper that is hard to use.


When evaluating the materials used in making bench scrapers bear in mind that there are two major materials in play. Metal and plastic. Some scrapers have both. As for the handle, you will find scrapers with wooden, silicone, rubber, metal, or plastic handles. It is up to you to decide which handle you prefer. If you must go for metal handles, make sure you buy one that is made of stainless steel and has anti-rust properties.

A very good handle should also have grip lines embedded in it. A grip or anti-slip feature, as it is sometimes called, is very important. With your hands wet or covered with dough, a handle with a slippery exterior may slip off your hands and cause injuries. Furthermore, it is quite tiring when you need to hold the handle tightly to avoid it slipping away. These are some of the things to consider when evaluating the quality of the bench scraper handle.

Blade Sharpness

The sharpness of the blade is another feature to pay close attention to. Bench scrapers for cutting and chopping should have very sharp edges to ensure a smooth cut. Striking the same spot more than once will ruin your measurement. Also, if the quality of the blade is inferior, it will go blunt in no time. A good blade should be sharp and wide for cutting as well as for lifting dough. Good quality stainless steel blades last long, and they do not rust.

Measurement Marks

Even the most experienced bakers rely on measurement marks to get their measurements correct. Your scraper should not only serve as a cutting tool but so as a measuring tool too. Only go for a bench scraper that has measuring marks printed on the blade bottom. The ink used to mark the blade also needs to be bold so it doesn’t fade after using it a few times.


The weight of the bench scraper is determined by the size, blade length, and handle. There is no golden rule when it comes to choosing bench scrapers based on their weight—each user to his own. What we will say, though, is that you only buy what you are comfortable with. If you work with thick dough, you’ll need a heavy-duty scraper with heavier and longer blades. The weight of the blade you go for should be something you can easily lift and drop several times without your hands feeling sore. When shopping for one, your comfort and ease of use should be at the back of your mind.


Bench shapers are relatively cheap. For under $15, you can get a very good scraper. However, high-quality scrapers may cost more, but the good thing is that they are quite affordable. The ones sold by top brands are more expensive, but here is the caveat. Even though price tends to determine quality, this is not a guarantee that a highly-priced scraper will always be better. There are cheaper versions that work better than expensive models. Don’t let price the major determining factor but consider other factors and features highlighted in this guide before making a final decision.