5 Best Beer Growlers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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There are several tools and accessories used by barmen and beer drinkers to serve and preserve their beer. One such accessory is called a beer growler. Beer growlers are made of glass, aluminum, or ceramic, and they make the preservation of beer possible. With a beer growler, you can store beer for a long time without running the risk of losing its quality. Buying a growler is not a difficult thing to do. What is difficult is finding the best growlers that represent value for money.

With so many beer growlers on sale today, identifying the best among the multitude represents a challenge. Buy the right one, and you have a utensil that will last you for years to come. Buy the wrong one, and you have an unwanted product on your hands. To help your case, read our beer growler review, so you never make a mistake when shopping for one.

Best Beer Growlers

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1. Stanley Classic Easy Pour Growler

Stanley Classic Easy Pour Growler

This Stanley Easy Pour growler is made of insulating materials that keep beer cold for hours. This carbonated growler is made of a stainless steel interior and a very durable exterior. The leak-proof lid prevents the risk of your content dripping out when being transported. The design structure also makes it very easy for you to carry it by hand. The idea behind this growler design is to ensure that your beer remains cold for up to 24 hours, which is a long time.

Stanley’s BPA free materials also keep beer safe and protected from contamination while in the growler. If you love a multipurpose utensil, this product will serve you well since it can also be used to store hot soup, tea, or any hot content for that matter for up to 18 hours. In terms of capacity, Stanley is also a large carrier. Its interior space can contain contents of up to 64 ounces or 4 pints of beer.

If you are going on a camping trip, that’s enough beer to last you a whole day, isn’t it? For the value it offers, Stanley beer growler represents value for money.

Why do we like it?

  • Functional design
  • Leak-proof lid
  • Keeps drinks fresh
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2. GrowlerWerks uKeg Go Carbonated Growler

Growlerwerks Ukeg Go Carbonated Growler

GrowlerWerks makes for an unbeatable camping experience if the beer is part of the menu during the trip. This uKeg growler is ideal for beverages of all kinds such as beer, soda, cocktails, kombucha, Cider, and any other beverage you can think of. We decided to include GrowlerWerks on our list because it has a very durable powder coat and a rubber foot that serves as extra protection against scratches and dents.

Growlerwerks has a streamlined cap regulator that can be used to regulate the carbonated settings. You can switch from high carbonation to low carbonation or vice versa, depending on the beverage you have in the growler. It is also easy to remove your content from this beer growler because the lid is perfectly shaped to prevent content clogging.

Serving your beer with style doesn’t have to be that hard with the right growler at your disposal. Store and lock away beer for hours, then unlock and consume it while it is still fresh with the quality intact.

Why do we like it?

  • Very efficient growler
  • Large beer carrier
  • The exterior is made of durable materials
  • Quite cheap for the value it offers
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3. Legacy Stainless Steel Beer Growler

Legacy Stainless Steel Beer Growler

This growler is a testament to the ultimate craftsmanship of Legacy designers. This utensil is as attractive as it is as effective. Legacy is a 64-ounce beer growler with a black matte finish and exquisite designs and structure for outdoor purposes. The sleek and sexy design has a very secure swing topper covered with a silicone seal to prevent leakage. And as for the bottom, it is structured to maintain balance and stability.

Legacy is great for picnics, BBQ parties, camping, hiking, and whatever outdoor events you have planned for the summer. The 4.5 diameter width and 11 inches length creates room for 64 ounces of beer. Even though Legacy is pleasing to the eye, its functionality should not be questioned. This growler is as efficient as any growler can be.

Its durability, efficiency, and functionality place it in a class of its own. Purchasing other Legacy accessories alongside this beer growler will make your next camping event a worthwhile experience. But do bear in mind that your beer will lose some of its freshness each time you open your growler, but if shut for long, freshness is maintained.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to carry
  • A low maintenance piece
  • Guarantees long-lasting value
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4. Yukon Insulated Beer Growler

Yukon Insulated Beer Growler

Yukon Insulated Beer Growler keeps beer fresh, cold, and carbonated for 24 hours. If it is hot food you wish to preserve, this piece can sustain hot temperature for 12 hours. Boasting a stainless steel leak-proof lid, Yukon’s double-walled insulation is an ideal beverage preserver.

Imagine drinking beer on the second day of your trip only to find out that your beer has lost its freshness and temperature? That’s an unpalatable experience you no longer have to deal with if you have the right storage item at your disposal. Yukon does not leak, so, therefore, the temperature remains trapped, so no condensation will occur. You may choose to empty several bottles of beer into Yukon, or you may opt for a refill at your local brewery; it doesn’t matter.

At the end of the day, what you should be looking for is a growler that protects your content and conserves its temperature for a day or more, and this is what Yukon provides. It is also relativity lightweight, so it is very easy to carry.

Why do we like it?

  • Compact and portable
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Long-lasting temperature conservation
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5. DrinkTanks Vacuum Insulated Beer Growler

Drinktanks Vacuum Insulated Beer Growler

Looking for a low budget beer growler that can still serve you well? Look no further than DrinkTanks Vacuum insulated beer growler. Just like with all the other growlers that made our list, this product is made of stainless steel for durability and safety. It is called a vacuum growler because the cap has a seal that ensures a very tight sealing. When you close it, your beer will never leak out, neither will it lose its taste or carbonation.

With DrinkTanks, quality meets quantity to give you the best of both worlds. While other growlers offer conservation benefits for 24 hours or less, this growler offers value for longer. It can keep your beer cold for 45 hours; that’s almost two days. And as for hot beverages like tea, DrinkTanks can maintain the hot temperature for 25 hours; that’s more than a day.

So you see, not many beer growlers offer users this level of quality. So what do you have in mind for your next camping trip? Beer, soup, coffee, or tea. It doesn’t matter because DrinkTanks has got you covered. Its unique steel passivation protects your contents from contamination of any kind. It is just as safe as it is as effective.

Why do we like it?

  • It has a double bail closure for extra security
  • Easy to wash
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Perfect for outdoor activities
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Beer Growlers Buyer’s Guide

What is there to look out for when shopping for a beer growler? Is it the size, the build, or the aesthetic design? What are the essential features every good beer growler should have? In this buyer’s guide, we point out all the features to look for when looking for a good quality growler.

The Material

The number one thing to look out for is the material. Growlers come in different styles. We have ceramic growlers, stainless steel growlers, and glass steel growlers. The material is important because it influences the price and the value of the growler. Glass growlers are great, but the only downside with glass is that it is fragile. A slip is all it takes, and the growler is ruined or disfigured. Ceramic growlers are more durable, but they are also quite heavy. As for stainless steel, they offer you all the good features you’ll like. They are not as heavy as ceramic growlers and not as fragile as glass growlers. Stainless steel is also very easy to maintain, and the materials it is made of protects your food and drinks from contamination.

All three are good materials, but stainless steel offers more value than the other two.


Even though you are looking for quality, you don’t want to spend all you have on a beer growler, do you? Where you buy the growler will influence the price. Not only that. The size, material, and design are other price influencing factors. Before you commence your search, make sure you have a budget for it and only go for a growler that meets your needs, nothing more.


Is there a warranty attached to the product? You may want to check that out as well. Growlers who have warranties may command more in terms of price; however, they protect your investment, especially if you are ordering a glass growler. Should the product arrive in a defective state, you can always return it and ask for a refund or demand a replacement.


Most growlers’ standard capacity is 64 ounces, but we have beer growlers that can carry more or less content. If you have large gatherings often, you may want to go for a large growler. For a not so large population, a standard-sized growler is fine. At the end of the day, the capacity you pick should be one that meets your needs.


Although capacity and size go hand in hand, we choose to discuss this separately. There are static growlers that can contain more than 64 ounces of beer. These extra-large growlers are found at beer pubs and cafes. For personal use, you don’t need such a large growler. However, you still need one that can carry the standard 64 ounces. But what you have to bear in mind is that the growler’s capacity impacts the size as well. Growlers that can carry more beer are bigger in size. Before you decide on the one to buy, consider the capacity along with its size. You will want something that you can easily carry on your trip and can store effortlessly in your cabinet or at any place in your home.


How convenient is the growler? The best growlers have a bottle shape with a cap that is airtight. Some have handles, and others don’t. Some are small shaped, and others are large. Some growlers are just meant for storage and not for transport, while others serve both purposes. So there are so many things to consider when discussing convenience. Bear all these things in mind when next you shop for a beer growler.


Beer growlers from top brands cost a lot more. They are made with better quality materials and boast ergonomic designs. If you choose to go for any top brands, be prepared to pay top dollar for their products. If they’re offering warranty protection, their product will cost even more.

Effect on Taste

A good beer growler will not change the taste of your beer. The taste should remain the same when you pour it out, just like it was before you poured it into the growler. Normally, the material the container is made of is responsible for this. Many will argue that stainless steel is the best, but going for steel products that have corrosive or BPA elements will ruin the taste of your beer. BPA free steel products have safe and anti-corrosive coatings that protect your contents from contamination.