Best Beer Glasses

5 Best Beer Glasses (Reviews Updated 2021)

If you are a lover of beer, you will attest that beer served in beer glasses is a lot more enjoyable than beer served in any other kind of cup. Beer glasses come in all shapes and sizes.  From sterns to pilsners. Buying any model that suits your taste is not the challenge, however. The main challenge is buying glasses of good quality that will last you for several years. Since different brands are selling glassware, finding the right beer glass to buy isn’t so easy.

Some glasses are so fragile; they crack at this slightest touch. Others begin to lose their appealing look after you wash them a few times. To avoid any of these situations, we have created this review to help you identify the best beer glasses for your home bar.

Best Beer Glasses

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1. Joyjolt Callen Beer Glasses

Joyjolt Callen Beer Glasses

Joyjolt is a classic beer glass for men who love to drink their beer cold. This pilsner beer glass comes in a package of four. That is one for you and three others for your friends. Made with thick glass, your beer will never go wrong with Joyjolt. With its 1.75oz heft, popping this beer glass into your freezer for an ice-cold beer shouldn’t be a problem. Its 7.25-inch tall frame also ensures that you pour a larger volume of beer at one serving.

We also like Joyjolt, and one of the main reasons it made our list is its very comfy wide grip of 2.75 inches for easy handling. This eliminates the possibility of the glass slipping off your fingers. And after you’re done, you can always place it in your dishwasher for onward maintenance.

Finally, Joyjolt has a 12oz room at the top for foams to settle. No one likes their beer to spill out from the top, but with its nicely shaped head, your beer can foam but not spill out.

Why do we like it?

  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Nicely packaged
  • Easy to clean
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2. Bavel Large Can Shaped Beer Glasses

Bavel Large Can Shaped Beer Glasses

If you love large can shaped tumbler glasses, you’ll love Bavel. The beer glasses in this package is meant for any drinking occasion. Are you having a special occasion and beer will be served, or is it a case of some friends coming together and enjoying a pint or two after a hard day’s job? Bavel beer glasses is a kitchenware for real men.

This set comes with 4 beer glasses of 20 ounces, each with smooth contours shaped like a beer can. The way it is structured at the head ensures that your content doesn’t spill, neither does it lose its aroma. This is a beer glass ideal for an ultimate beer drinking experience. Bavel boasts a very thick exterior and interior for longevity. You can use this large beer glass for years and never have to worry about seeking replacements.

As for the fear of your order getting to you with one or more of the sets broken, dispel that from your mind. Each set is packaged and placed in a foam bag to avoid breaking. However, if anyone is broken when you receive your order, you can always have it returned and demand a replacement.

Why do we like it?

  • Its extra-large size takes in more volume
  • Easy to hold
  • Very sturdy
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3. Bormioli Rocco Heavy Large Beer Glasses

Bormioli Rocco Heavy Large Beer Glasses

Bormioli Beer Glass is a large standard glass with a very large handle for comfortable handling. This extra-large 17.25-ounce drinking set allows you to enjoy your favorite brewed beer at once. If you have always disliked drinking with small glasses because of the number of times you have to pour your content into your glass, then this is the glassware for you.

Bormioli has a very heavy and sturdy bottom for stability. Even if the table you place it on is slippery, this glass will hold its own in comfort and style. Bormioli is a stern steeped in German traditions with a dapper design for your enjoyment. What’s more? You can use these beer glasses for more than beer drinking, though. Bormioli can also be used as a coffee glass, tea glass, or as a general traditional drinking mug.

This set of 4 is also very easy to maintain as it is easily washable by hand or with a dishwasher. Regardless of how many times you wash it, it does not lose its form or shape.

Why do we like it?

  • Ideal for formal and casual use
  • Exotic design
  • Sturdy industrial build
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4. Du Vino Nucleated Pilsner Glasses

Du Vino Nucleated Pilsner Glasses

Du Vino USA Made Nucleated Pilsner beer glasses guarantees an ultimate drinking bout for you and your buddies. First and foremost, the designer etched the glass’s bottom to ensure a steady stream of bubbles floating from the bottom to the surface. This beer glass is also designed to have a lovely head for beer aroma and flavor retention. Although it spots a casual design, USA Made Nucleated Pilsner still looks elegant. Its thick base allows it to balance on any surface you place it, and its slender hourglass shape makes handling much easier.

While other beer glasses may hide the color of your brew, USA Made exposes it for all to see, which is a great way to spice up your thirst and those of your guests even before the drinking session gets into full swing. USA Made comes in a pack of four beer glasses, so there are enough glasses to go round. If you expect more guests at your home regularly, buying two packs isn’t such a bad idea.

Why do we like it?

  • Suitable for all occasions
  • Nice hourglass figure
  • Sturdy base for stability
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5. Luxu Pint Glasses British Beer Glasses

Luxu Pint Glasses British Beer Glasses

The British have a very long history and beer tradition, and they do love their beer. If you want to enjoy your beer in a British style, we recommend Luxu Pint glasses. Whether you buy them for home use or your bar, this glass will serve you well all the same. Luxu spots an elegant design that will add an appealing look to your furniture. The way these pint glasses are shaped also makes stacking easy once you are done washing them, and it’s time to put them away in your cupboard.

Losing your beer’s aroma and flavor will not happen with this product; rather, it enhances it. You will also love how it is packaged in the box so expect your package to come in good condition.

Might we also add that Luxu beer glasses are not only meant for drinking beer but also for all kinds of liquor? From gin to tequila, Brandy to Scotch, this glassware will serve you well into the future. For a low price, you can get four sets of glasses in one pack.

Why do we like it?

  • Affordably priced
  • They do not consume too much storage space
  • Perfect artwork
  • Sturdy packaging
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Beer Glasses Buyer’s Guide

Before you make your move to buy beer glasses for your home bar, take heed, so you don’t buy sets that offer you very little value in return. The quality of beer glasses can’t be judged by mere observation alone. There are several features you need to look out for when shopping for beer glasses. In our buyer’s guide, we point out the essential features to bear in mind when choosing from the long list of glasses you will find online and in shops.

Read our beer glasses buyer’s guide carefully, and you will never go wrong on your next purchase.

Know the different types of beer glasses

Beer glasses come in different shapes, and names and no single one is better than the other. Each type has a long history behind it and originates from different countries. The type you buy should be a choice only you can make but with personal considerations in mind. Examples of popular beer glasses found in many homes include

Mugs, Stern, Pilsners, Goblets, Tulips, Weizen, Snifter, Stanfe, Flute, and Pints.

As you can see, there are so many glass varieties to choose from, and each glass is suitable for a specific type of beer. However, buying beer glasses solely for a particular flavor doesn’t make much of an economic sense because that will entail buying different types of beer glasses. To avoid spending unnecessarily, we advise that you buy beer glasses that can be used for all occasions and all beer types. However, if you have the resources to buy different beer glasses, then you are free to do so.

Number of glasses in the package

Some packages come with one, two, four, or more sets of glasses. We recommend that you choose a brand that offers more glass sets per package. Not only is this a great way to save money, but it will also ensure that you have uniformity all around. There nothing wrong with drinking beer in a different glass to those of your other guests but using the same beer glass adds further gloss to the drinking experience. The more glasses in the package, the better.

The Glass Quality

The quality of the beer glasses is another thing to look at closely. Very good products are made of high-quality glass that passes through excessive testing and treatments in the production line before they are packaged and released to the public. A good glass cup is thick and sturdy. Thickness ensures that it doesn’t crack after a few months of use. There is nothing as unappealing as drinking beer from broken beer glasses.

Glass Shape

The shape of the glass is another important feature because it affects how foams settle at the top. A very good head keeps the volatile compounds at the top, so when you drink with very good beer glasses, the aroma of the beer is a lot stronger than with a beer glass with a head that is not so good. The glass’s shape also helps to retain much of the flavor of your beer, including all the spices and hops that the beer contains.


Do you go for a large glass or a small one? The choice is yours but consider comfort when making the choice. One reason why beer enthusiasts prefer large glasses is because of comfort. Unlike other types of alcoholic beverages, beer is consumed in more volume, so the journey to the mouth region will be done several times. Having to fill up a beer glass after every drink can be tiring hence the need for a large-sized beer glass. If you are a heavy drinker, we recommend a large size.


Handling is just as important as size. Some beer glasses have handles, while others don’t. Buying beer glasses with a handle is ideal for easy handling. Without a handle, the possibility of the beer glass slipping off your hands is high, especially under melting ice conditions when the exterior region you hold is wet and covered with evaporated ice.


After every use, you’ll have to wash your beer glasses before you put them away. You don’t want to go for a set that is hard to maintain, do you?  This is why you should only buy glasses that are easy to maintain either by hand or using a dishwasher. Glasses with handles are also ideal because you can hold them with one hand while you wash the interior with the other without the fear of them slipping off your hands and breaking.


Before you buy your beer glasses, be sure that you have the space for them. If you don’t have too much space in your cupboard or your kitchen cabinet, consider buying smaller sized ones that you can easily stack, one on top of the other (this will depend on the glasses’ shape). Making good use of your space is only possible if the beer glasses allow for it.