5 Best Beef Cookbooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Anybody can cook beef, but not everybody can cook beef well enough. This is why beef cookbooks come highly recommended for those looking to brush up their culinary skills. You don’t have to become a master of the art, but you and your family deserve the tastiest dishes, and tasty dishes include steaks, barbecues, and raisins unless you are a vegetarian.

But here is the thing. When you scan online for good beef cookbooks, you are bound to come across so many of them all promising you quick and easy tutorials, but more than a few of them are not even worth reading. If you are unfortunate to buy the wrong cookbook, you will end up wasting your money, your time, and your beef all at the same time. To help you identify the best beef cookbooks on the internet, we have drawn up this review to help you out.

Best Beef Cookbooks

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1. Meat Illustrated Foolproof Guide

Meat Illustrated Foolproof Guide

The best beef cookbooks have recipe varieties for all types of meat, not just beef. Meat illustrated is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to improve their skills. This book has a cooking guide for meat of all kinds, such as chucks, ribs, brisket, plate and flanks, oxtails, and veals. With this cookbook, you cannot go wrong with your cooking.

Meat illustrated is both a handbook and a cookbook because it is organized according to meat types and prime cuts. It posses all the essential information and cooking techniques to spice up your cooking. You also get to try out different styles by adopting the recipes provided in each chapter. Cooking your beef is easy if you have the right information at your fingertips, and this is what Meat illustrated offers the average user.

Each chapter is arranged around primal cuts, and there are step by step guides on how to proceed alongside ingredient recommendations. If you want to increase your confidence in the kitchen, this is the book for you.

Why do we like it?

  • Information is organized on a step by step basis
  • Easy to read and digest
  • Contains an abundance of meat recipes
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2. The Art of Living Cookbook

The Art Of Living Cookbook

The Art of living cookbook is for beef lovers and chefs. This book is one of the most celebrated cookbooks ever written because it contains so much information in a single volume. The pictures are just as informative as the texts in the book. From French market cuisines to dishes served at posh restaurants, this beef cookbook has all the knowledge you will ever need.

If you have this book in your library, you don’t need to pay any tutor another dollar to help you improve your cooking. Alongside information about a variety of beef cooking styles, The Art of living also features information about some of Joe Beef’s legendary dishes such as the Foie Gras Breakfast Sandwich, Spaghetti Homard Lobster, Pork fish Sticks, and lots more.

Buying this cookbook will be money well spent because you are getting more than a beef cookbook. Rather, you get tips and recipes that will transform your cooking from an average Joe to a master chef.

Why do we like it?

  • Lovely hardcover design
  • Contains information about as many as 30 different meat sandwich toppings
  • More than 125 French recipes
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3. The Book of Steak

The Book Of Steak

If you love steak, you will love this beef cookbook. If you don’t care too much for steaks, this book will turn you into a fan overnight. Why so? Simply because The Book of Steak contains classic traditional and modern steak recipes you probably have never heard of. Are you planning a romantic dinner or a celebration of some kind? If you are, your guests deserve the best dishes, and we are sure you feel the same way too.

This book contains simple and easy to follow steps to cooking steaks and all kinds of meat. Written for all comers, it doesn’t matter whether you are new to cooking or not. The Book of Steak contains basic information such as cooking times, styles, storage tips, and primal cut varieties. Also included is information for making your own homemade sauce for your steaks or barbecues.

There is also an abundance of recipes to pick from, with an entire chapter dedicated to Irish recipes that you can try at home every other day of the week.

Why do we like it?

  • Beautiful illustrative pictures
  • Contains comprehensive storage information
  • Recipes for food for all occasions
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4. Ultimate Ground Beef Cookbook

Ultimate Ground Beef Cookbook

The ultimate Ground beef cookbook contains details about classic, timeless, and delicious meals that will excite your taste buds. This handbook provides tips on how to execute excellent cooking, Southern Style!. Ultimate Ground Beef Cookbook dwells on homemade cooking, so it focuses on cooking styles and tips for tending to your family’s dietary needs. You may not know, but there are countless ways to cook beef; let the Ultimate Ground Beef Cookbook show you how.

With over 250 recipes,  you have more than enough information to cook your family one new dish daily if you have the ingredients and the time to do so. Whether you prefer quick and easy meals or sophisticated dishes, this cookbook has got you covered. The authors have also included extra recipes and tips for preparing beef burgers, meatloaves, sandwiches, tacos, and casseroles.

So you see, there are more than enough recipes to go round. Ultimate Ground Beef CookBook will make sure of that.

Why do we like it?

  • Chapters are short and concise
  • Ideal for both amateurs and professionals
  • One of the best homemade cookbooks on sale
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5. Whole Beast Butchery Guide

Whole Beast Butchery Guide

Whole Beast Butchery is a DIY cookbook dedicated to the training of amateurs and turning them into masters of the art of beef cooking. Sometimes, the best way to pass information is not through texts but pictures. This is why Whole Beast contains more than 500 step by step pictures on how to cook your beef, lamb, and pork. Every piece of information is analyzed for your understanding, and there are pictorial data to guide you from the start of a cooking session to the very end.

In this book, the entire body part of a bull and the best parts for each dish is explained in great detail. By taking you on a journey from the elementary stage of cooking to the master stage, you can improve your cooking in a matter of weeks, if not days. You get to learn about master recipes, primal cuts, steaming techniques, meat handling, and posts more.

This book is a reference point for young cooks starting out, and if you are serious about cooking, this is one book you will not regret spending your money on.

Why do we like it?

  • The pictures are worth more than a thousand words
  • The recipes are easy to understand and replicate
  • Ideal beef cookbook for homemade dishes and restaurants
  • Consistent, instructive, and affordable
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Beef Cookbook Buyer’s Guide

These days, there are so many fly-by-night authors who wake up one morning and decide to write a beef cookbook because they know that there are so many people looking for books to improve their culinary skills. Anyone can write a book, but not everybody can write an instructive, informative, and well-structured book. If you want to avoid beef cookbooks that offer very little, if anything at all, you need to know what to look for.

In our buyer’s guide, we list and explain in great detail all you need to know about beef cookbooks. We also point out the essential features to look out for.

The Author

Information about the author is the most important thing to look for when buying a beef cookbook. While any faceless individual can publish just about any book, accomplished chefs and culinary experts would not. Simply because they know that their reputation is at stake, we are saying never to buy a book from an author who has nothing to lose. If you must buy a cookbook, make sure you are buying one written by an authority figure. Scanning through the information provided will tell you all that you need to know.

Secondly, it pays to buy a book from an author who knows what they are talking about. We are not saying that only master chefs should write beef cookbooks. After all, countless stay-at-home moms have made a career off cooking. We mean that the best books are written by authors who have a wealth of experience to share. They offer the best cooking tips and techniques. They also recommend by experience dozens of workable recipes that you can try at home by following the information provided in their books.

Table of Contents

How is the information about recipes, ingredients, and other information is broken down? Are they well arranged, or are they scattered? The last thing you want is to buy a beef cookbook with no table of content that can be used to trace the information you seek.  Only go for books with a well-structured content table for ease of information tracing.


The book you eventually buy should have as many recipes as possible. At this juncture, let us also be clear as regards the recipe. Having so many recipes in the book is not an indication that the cookbook is great. Practical recipes should be what you look for. If the ingredients required to prepare most of the book’s recipes are expensive or hard to find, the book will be of little use to you, wouldn’t it? Therefore, we advocate that you take some time to scan the recipes on offer and the ingredients required to prepare them. This way, you know you are buying a book that will be of value to you.


The best beef cookbooks are self-explanatory. By reading the texts, you fully understand the author’s information in each chapter. The step by step process for cooking every dish should be laid out for you to see. Anything less than this is not ideal.


All ingredients and steps should be listed in the order they come. If salt should come before pepper, salt should come first and not pepper. The same standard should be applied for cooking steps to avoid confusion. Listing steps and ingredients indiscriminately will create chaos in the kitchen.


The language with which the beef cookbook is written is just as important as any other detail. If you are an English speaker, buy beef cookbooks written in English. Language is also important because it influences measurement standards and as you know, getting the right ingredient measurement is an essential part of cooking. Every country has its unique semantics for weights, sizes, and measurements. A 250ml cup in Australia, for instance, is written as 284ml in Britain. In the US, this is written as 240ml. So take note.


Be mindful of the measurement standards used in the beef cookbook. Good books have standard measurements adopted throughout the book. If 1 Tablespoon is written at the start of the book, the same standard should be maintained throughout. Finding the same information written as One tbsp or 1 tbsp will create unnecessary confusion. Any book spotting different measurement standards is an indication that the book was not professionally edited. If you must buy a beef cookbook, you deserve nothing but the best. Anything less than the best doesn’t deserve your investment.