5 Best Bar Refrigerators with Ice Makers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Are you looking for a very good bar refrigerator with an ice maker? If you are, we are sure that your earnest desire will be to buy a very good product that will not only serve you efficiently but serve you for a very long time. Buying a good refrigerator is one thing; buying one with a fully functional in-built ice maker is another.

With the relatively high number of refrigerators with ice maker brands today, choosing one out of the multitude can be quite tricky. But have no fear, our bar refrigerator with an ice maker review will help you make the best possible choice.

Best Bar Refrigerators with Ice Makers

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Here are our bar refrigerator with ice maker reviews.

1. Whynter UIM-155 Stainless Steel Refrigerator with Built-in Ice Maker

Whynter Uim 155 Stainless Steel Refrigerator With Built In Ice Maker

Looking for a perfect solution to ensure that your drinks are cold round the clock, then look no further than Whynter 155. This bar refrigerator with an ice maker is purposely built for the modern bar. It has a black steely cabinet that will fit right into any area of your kitchen or living room.

Whynter has long set the standard for portable home-based freezing devices, and this model delivers just what it was manufactured for. Quick action icing. The powerful compressor is very efficient. It also has a front vent, so there is no need to constantly drain the fridge of water.

We also like the large ice maker compartment, which allows you to store as much as 6 lbs of ice at a go. To make power regulation easy, once the ice compartment is full, the auto-shutoff automation is triggered.

If you are planning for a large number of guests, with this bar refrigerator with ice maker, you can produce as much as 12 lbs of ice cubes in under 24 hours. That is twice the full capacity of the ice tray.

Why do we like it?

  • Anti-drain feature to prevent leaks
  • Easy to maintain
  • One button operator
  • Low power consumption at under 120 W
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2. EdgeStar IB120SS Refrigerator with Built-in Ice Maker

Edgestar Ib120ss Refrigerator With Built In Ice Maker

EdgeStar offers you a refrigerated storage bin that traps and conserves your ice cubes for several hours before the time arrives to use them. And guess what? This unit does not require a drain line.

Standing gloriously at 25 inches, this bar refrigerator with ice baker is ideal for indoor and outdoor purposes. It works well for your indoor needs and can be kept in your kitchen or bedroom or close to your mini-bar if you have one at home.

If you like to party while on the road, you can take EdgeStar along in your RV or truck because it is relatively lightweight.

The compact ice maker is functional and serves both as a freezing compartment and a storage bin. This means that you can turn the power off to conserve energy once the cubes are fully iced and never have to worry about them melting and messing up your room.

More importantly, EdgeStar is designed to meet ADA height requirements, but you may need to hire the services of a trained electrician to help you install this unit if you are not knowledgeable when it comes to the installation of home appliances.

Why do we like it?

  • Very low noise level
  • Wide compartments for storing food, drinks, and ice cubes
  • Affordable homeware device
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3. SMETA Mini-Fridge with Built-in Ice Maker

Smeta Mini Fridge With Built In Ice Maker

SMETA is a heavy pounder that packs the power of two mini-fridges combined into one. This 50.7-pound bar refrigerator has a freezer and a storage compartment with a capacity to store 6 pounds of ice.

Experienced bartenders know that while many refrigerators can produce ice cubes, only very few are good enough to store them for several hours. This manufacturer had not only production but storage efficiency in mind when designing this fridge. The freezer will preserve your ice cubes for several hours until you need to use them.

SMETA is a power-efficient home appliance that runs on 115 Volts, so you don’t have to worry about racking up your energy bills to keep this fridge running.

We are also sure that you will like its reversible door, which can be swung open using your left or right hand.

SMETA is a complete package. All accessories are included, such as a removable ice bin, a water line, and an ice scoop.

Say goodbye to lukewarm beverages with SMETA’s powerful ice maker with a capacity to produce up to12 lbs of ice cubes every 24 hours within a 40-50 minutes cycle.

Why do we like it?

  • Durable stainless steel body
  • One of the best ice cube conservator we could find
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable temperature control
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4. Midea Compact Refrigerator

Midea Compact Refrigerator

Midea is a highly rated compact bar refrigerator with ice maker. This freestanding fridge is designed to fit into any room, but it will also hold its own in an outdoor space. Midea is portable, so much so that it can be tucked under the counter with minimum fuss.

The freezer on top is very wide and can store your items. It also has a crisp drawer that you can push to close or pull to open as the case may be.

Midea runs on Whisper technology, which is a compressor that functions with little or no noise. You’ll barely hear a sound if this bar refrigerator with ice maker is running. It is that quiet.

We also like the adjustable legs it has, which allows for easy adjustment depending on the area of your house that you place it. As for the door, it is reversible and opens to the right or the left.

The interior is well organized, with spacious storage racks for your bottles and cans as well as a roomy drawer for stocking food.

Midea is perfect because it is smaller than a traditional fridge but yet, larger than a mini-fridge.

Why do we like it?

  • The manual defrost setting makes it easy to clean
  • Interior lighting for adequate illumination
  • Maximum temperature control
  • It has built-in beverage holders
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5. RCA RFR441 Stainless Steel Fridge

Rca Rfr441 Stainless Steel Fridge

RCA stainless steel refrigerator is a freezer that functions on low energy consumption. It has a reversible soft line door for smooth access. The interior is also designed for comfort. It has a food rack, a bottle rack, and a dairy rack. This model is also a removable food shelf, a drip test, and an ice cube tray.

RCA bar refrigerator with ice maker has a modern design that offers you all you require for a functional homemade bar. It is easy to operate, and you can easily regulate temperature levels by using its adjustable CDC thermostat.

As for its exterior, RCA has two flush designs, so you have the option of either picking the stainless steel color or the black color.

Standing at 83 pounds, this refrigerator is ideal for your kitchen, bedroom, dormitory, or home bar. Never run out of ice for your beverages and exotic wines when there is an ice tray just a stretch away. Once you fill-up the ice trays and turn on the power, your ice cubes will be ready in a matter of hours.

Why do we like it?

  • The portable size will make it fit into a corner in your home
  • This refrigerator is energy efficient
  • A quality fridge at an affordable price
  • The tempered glass shelves make it easy to gauge the temperature of your drinks
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Bar Refrigerator with Ice Maker Buyer’s Guide

If you have had the misfortune of buying an inefficient refrigerator in the past, we are sure you will not want to make the same mistake again. With so many bar refrigerator with ice maker brands out there, we know that many of them promise buyers so much but deliver very little in terms of quality.

Here, we have identified the major factors to bear in mind when shopping for a bar refrigerator with ice maker.


One of the first things you should do before you place an order is to measure your indoor space. By this, we mean the space where you plan to keep the bar refrigerator with ice maker. The dimensions to measure should include the height, the width, and the depth of the space.

By so doing, you limit the risk of buying a fridge that is too big for your room.


How much ice can the bar refrigerator with ice maker produce in a day? How much ice do you need? These questions are very important considerations to take to heart before you acquire one.

If you read through the specification as laid out by the manufacturer, you should determine the production capacity of the ice maker. If speed is essential to you, you may choose to buy a refrigerator with super-fast freezing modes.


The ice production capacity of the bar refrigerator with ice maker should not be the only thing to worry about. The storage capacity is also important. Production capacity is different from storage capacity. For your refrigerator to perform to its maximum production capacity, the ice trays will have to be emptied and stored in a storage compartment.

The best refrigerators with Icemaker can store more ice cubes than they can produce.


If the refrigerator will be stored in a visible area in your room, you need to pick one that will fit right into the room’s general design. If you plan to place it in your home bar area or kitchen, consider buying one with a design that blends well with the other appliances in the area.

Stainless Steel designs fit right into any indoor space. Black and white refrigerators with ice makers are cool on cabinets.


You also want to go for a product that is easily accessible. Modern bar refrigerators have reversible door designs that allow you to open to the left or the right. But when making a decision, consider the storage area and make sure no impediments are standing in the way of access.


Although filtration is an optional feature, it is still a nice feature to have. Some bar refrigerators with ice maker have filters that eradicate contaminants from the ice before it freezes up. Using safe ice cubes for your beverages is a no brainer.


To avoid wetting your floor, make sure you check the anti-drain feature on offer. Traditional models require a drainage extension, while modern devices do not. To save yourself the extra cost of installing drainage, consider buying one that works well without a drainage extension.

Temperature Settings

Most portable refrigerators have a similar temperature setting range, but you still have to make sure that the one you are looking to buy will meet your unique needs. For the best effect, think of the average temperature you will want the device to run at, then search for one with that temperature level as its default setting.

Even if you plan not to change the temperature setting frequently, it is still advisable to go for a refrigerator with a wider temperature range. You never know; you may have an emergency get-together planned that will require ice cubes at short notice.

Energy Efficiency

Since your refrigerator may likely run 24 hours daily, you need one that is energy efficient. This is why the temperature conservation capacity of the device is an important feature to examine.

With a reliable storage capacity, ice can be locked in, thereby preventing temperature loss. Furthermore, to control energy consumption, make sure you pick a certified model by Energy Star or a reputable rating agency.


Last but not least, of factors to consider is the price you are willing to pay for the bar refrigerator with ice maker. Bear in mind that popular brands known for their efficiency command a much higher price. Set up a budget based on your pocket and the features you want, then pick a model that falls within the budget.