Best Bar Carts

5 Best Bar Carts (Reviews Updated 2021)

Bar Carts are lovely and functional furniture to have in your home. They are easy to move from one end of the room to the other due to their rollers. They also have sufficient compartments to store bottles of wines and glass tumblers. Beyond that, bar carts are portable so tucking them effortlessly into small places in your living room, dining room, or kitchen until the next time it is needed is quite easy.

As much as a bar cart will serve you well, we know that it may be quite confusing when picking a reliable cart for your home due to the innumerable bar cart brands on the open market today. Fear not because this is exactly what this review is for.  To help you make the right purchase decision.

Best Bar Carts

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1. FirsTime & Gold Odessa Bar Cart

Firstime & Gold Odessa Bar Cart

FirsTime is a versatile bar cart with sufficient space to hold your snacks, drinks, and glass cups. It has a width of 28 inches, a height of 32 inches, and a depth of 14 inches. Despite having such a very large interior space, it is still portable enough to fit into a small space in your room.

The way it is designed allows you to set drinks at every level. As for mobility, this is easy too since it has 4 maneuverable metal wheels for the four legs.

FirsTime is indeed a versatile piece of furniture because it serves as more than a drink storage hardware. You can use it as a coffee cart, a single dining table, or storage, thereby providing you with several useful options. It can also be kept in your bar or kitchen or any part of your home, and it will not look out of place due to its aesthetic and functional design.

You may have had a hard time in the past figuring out which bar cart to go for, but with FirsTime Gold Odessa Bar Cart, making a decision has never been easier.

Why do we like it?

  • It is easy to assemble
  • Serves multiple purposes besides the serving and storing of drinks
  • Modern design
  • Sleek but durable
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2. RiteSune Wine Bar Cart

Ritesune Wine Bar Cart

RiteSune Wine Bar is one home furniture maker whose designs never go out of fashion. There are so many reasons why this bar cart ranks high on our list. For starters, it is exquisitely designed with a mirrored glass so you can integrate it into your home with minimal fuss.

Secondly, this bar cart will follow the party wherever it goes in your home. Unlike conventional bars that are static,  RiteSune Wine bar cart can be transported from room to room by pushing it forward or pulling it backward. The roller wheels make this possible.

Thirdly, this bar cart is portable and will fit into your living space, be it your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. And you can use it as a storage shelf for your drinks at home or even in commercial properties like spa clubs, beauty salons, or offices.

And if you are a homemaker with a high sense of taste and fashion, you will like the shiny gold-toned frame with its luxurious appearance.

Why do we like it?

  • Can serve as storage for plates or cocktails
  • Very lightweight
  • Spacious shelves
  • A functional and decorative piece of software.
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3. FirsTime & Co Francesca Bar Cart

Firstime & Co Francesca Bar Cart

FirsTime Francesca Bar cart is the second product from the same brand to appear on our list of best bar carts for obvious reasons. Quality and comfort. We know that size matters when storing your bottles of wine and champagne, so we went for this bar cart. With a height of 32.5 inches and a width of 25 inches, Francesca has more than enough space to hold 6 wine glasses and 5 wine bottles in 5 different compartments.

It also doubles as a mini wine table where you can set your glasses and bottles to entertain your guests. So you see, when you go for this bar cart, you are not only buying a mobile wine bar, you are buying a table as well.

FirsTime Francesca bar cart is as sophisticated as wine bar carts can be with its metallic frame and gorgeous outlook. Placing it in your living room will surely enhance the room’s general look and have a positive effect on your guests.

Don’t be surprised if your guests suddenly develop a hunger for wine not long after they arrive.

Why do we like it?

  • Modern but sophisticated design
  • The build material is quite sturdy
  • Storage racks are large enough to contain very large win bottles
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4. Haotian Bar Serving Cart

Haotian Bar Serving Cart

Haotian Bar Cart is another amazing homeware for storing your wine collection. With a vintage style outlook, you can hang your glasses in style. Haotian allows you to hang 6 wine glasses and 4 wine bottles at the same time.

The topmost shelf is removable and can be used to serve food. Two of the four swivel wheels have brakes for easy maneuverability, and you can push or pull the cart as you please.

We also liked Haotian because it is made of MDF of the highest quality with a printed wooden effect meshed with a coated black powder steel frame.

With this bar cart, you get durability and style all embedded into the design. Haotian is not heavy but lightweight. Without bottles and glasses hanging in the racks, it weighs 14 kilograms, which is relatively lightweight when comparing this to what other bat carts weigh. It also has a total load capacity of 50 kilograms. That’s more than 3 times its weight.

This model has been designed to fit your home with style and to suit your sense of taste.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to set up in under 20 minutes
  • Sufficient storage space
  • Very affordable piece of homeware
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5. HOMESHOPY Industrial Bar Cart

Homeshopy Industrial Bar Cart

If you regularly host large gatherings during the weekend or at any time during the weekdays, you will need a bar cart that is durable and sturdy and one that can serve the need of half a dozen guests or more at the same time. Homeshopy is one of the few bar carts built to serve a large group.

With 3 shelves, this vintage cart with brown exteriors is a must-have. With more than enough storage space and 4 rolling wheels, 2 of which are lockable, what you see is what you get—a truly modern and functional bar on wheels.

Homeshopy has two very big handles for easier movements, and you can hang towels or napkins on them. The stemware holder can hold 21 glasses and 14 bottles of wine so, with this cart, you don’t have to keep making frequent trips to your kitchen to get more glasses when a new guest joins the party.

As if all of its functionality is not enough, Homeshopy still offers you much more when there’s no party going on. It can be used to display pictures, decorations, and flowers. This large scale bar cart offers you so much than the storing of bottles and glasses. Should you go for this cart, it will be money well spent.

Why do we like it?

  • Sturdy construction
  • Offers you so much value for your money
  • Instruction manual for assembling the cart included
  • Serves as both a decoration and functional piece of homeware
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Bar Cart Buyer’s Guide

If you have bought a bar cart before, you should know that there are so many brands offering different product varieties for sale at different prices. While this may be a positive thing since you will have abundant options to pick from, you will also agree that the possibility of making a wrong choice is also very present risk. Before you pick a bar cart for your home, there are so many factors to consider if you want to make the right choice.

To help you identify the best bar cart for your home, we have highlighted in great detail some of the most important factors to bear in mind before you make a final choice.

Size and Storage

The first thing you need to consider is your storage needs. Your storage need will determine the bar cart size to go for. How many bottles do you want to store in the cart? How many wine glasses? If you want to store as many as 10 or more bottles at once, you will need to go for a much bigger cart. The same thing will go for the storage of several bottles.

The more bottles you wish to store, the bigger the cart should be.


How is the bar cart assembled? Is there a need to drill holes into the frame, or does it come with fully drilled holes?. Most bar carts come with the latter, so all you have to do is follow the instruction manual when assembling the pieces. You also need to find out if the product comes with a manual in the first place.

Most manufacturers include an instruction manual but don’t just assume that the bar cart you have in mind has one. Do your findings.


The cost of the cart should rank high on your list of factors to consider. Bar carts are priced differently based on their sizes and build materials. Some carts command a higher price based on their sleek designs alone. Products from brands like FirsTime are a little bit more expensive because of their brand name and their furniture’s multi-functionality.

To avoid the temptation of buying impulsively, make sure you have a budget and stick to it before you start shopping for a bar cart.

How do you plan to use it?

This is a very fundamental question to ask yourself. Do you want to set up a full bar, or you want a cart to hang a few bottles? If you plan to set it up as a sideboard, you need to consider the space in your room. When it is not in use, where do you plan to keep it?

Your kitchen, your dining area, or your living room? Answering these questions will help you make the right shopping decision.

Style and Decorative details

Long gone are the days when home furniture was designed strictly for functionality and nothing more. Today, designers produce carts that serve as storage homeware and as a decorative piece to beautify the home.

Before you buy your next bat cart, consider your home’s current outlook and imagine how the cart will fit into pre-existing designs. Is your home spotting a modern design or a traditional one?

Consider your home’s outlook before anything else. You need a bar cart that will fit in, not one that will stand out.

Build material

The last but not the least factor to consider is the durability of the bar cart. How sturdy is it? Is the frame thin and rickety? Does it have the stamina to hold heavy bottles of wine and glasses?

The last thing you want is to buy a bar cart that will fall apart under the weight of your bottles. One way to evaluate a cart’s durability is to check its overall weight and the total weight capacity it can carry. Then check the average weight of your wine bottles and glasses. After doing that, add their weight together to get the total combined weight. Then do a quick comparison to get a near-perfect evaluation of the bar cart’s capacity.