5 Best Baking Sets for Kids (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Kids are very curious and ever willing to learn new things. As your kids grow older, they pick up quite a few interests and every bit of information is valuable to them. Just in case you haven’t noticed, children are very curious about what you do in the kitchen and will surely like to have their own cookware. That is what baking sets for kids are meant for.

How you are able to come up with tasty meals is something they can’t quite wrap their young head around and they find cooking as exciting as much as building a mountain castle or preparing a doll for a summer party. Not only girls but boys too. Preparing them for a life of future responsibility should start at an early age some time in the kitchen will surely leave a lasting impression.

Baking sets for kids come in different shapes and forms but they all serve one purpose, to make baking an exciting adventure. Buying the right kind of baking sets is important if you want to stimulate your child’s interest in the culinary art. In this review, we bring to light some of the best baking sets for kids that we are sure that your kids will love.

Best Baking Sets for Kids

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Here are our best baking sets for kids designed to make baking exciting and fun.

1. Baketivity 31-Piece Kids Baking Set

Baketivity 31 Piece Kids Baking Set

Baketivity’s 31 piece baking set is an amazing collection of baking tools for boys and girls. Baking should not be only for adults but for children too. Even though they’re playing, doing so with real-life tools will stimulate their imagination in ways you cannot even begin to explain with words. With Baketivity, your child will find baking a worthwhile experience.

This baking set is the complete package. It has as part of the package, 12 free card recipes, spatulas, baking mat, measuring cups, cookie scoop, rolling pin, mixing spoon, pastry brush, a knife, and every other tool required to bake a cake or any other confectionery their little mind can imagine.

Baketivity’s baking set for kids is  highly recommended because it is suitable for your sons and daughters. There is no gender discrimination with this set and we believe that baking should not be the exclusive preserve of females because males can bake too. And if there is anything we have n iced, it is that boys take as much interest in cooking as much as girls do. So in case you have young a young son and daughter, you can buy one set for both of them rather than buying two separate sets but if you can afford two sets, why not?

Why do we like it?

  • A unisex baking set
  • A complete set of accessories
  • Every single accessory is lightweight
  • Fun and educational set
  • Ideal gift set for children of 6 years and above
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2. Jaxjoy Complete Kids Cooking and Baking Set

Jaxjoy Complete Kids Cooking And Baking Set

Jaxjoy baking set for kids is perfectly named because it makes baking and cooking a joyful act. If you review the ratings of this product on Amazon, you will understand why it has become and remains an Amazon bestseller.

Jaxjoy baking set contains all that your kids need to become a master chef in the kitchen. Every single piece in this set is designed for comfort. For instance, the chef hat and apron come with adjustable features that will fit your child’s frame. In this set there you have

An Apron, a Chef Hat, Oven Mitts, Wooden Spoon, Whisk and Cookie cutters.

With this set, you make every moment your child spends with you in the kitchen a teachable moment and you will be delighted to realize just how much she will pick up in a matter of minutes.

Might we also add that Jaxjoy is a complete kitchen wonder used not only for baking but for cooking too. Every single piece is designed for safety and included in the package is a bonus cookbook.

This set has it all and is suitable for girls between the ages of 2-4 years of age. Before your daughter gets to the age when she can handle real baking utensils,  Jaxjoy is just the set you need to prepare her for the future.

Why do we like it?

  • The hat and apron are durable and easy to maintain
  • Designed for safety per ASTM and CPSIA standards
  • Accessories are easy to use
  • Great quality
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3. Tovla Jr Kids Cooking and Baking Gift Set

Tovla Jr Kids Cooking And Baking Gift Set

Tovla is another unisex baking set for kids to make this list. We picked this set because we noticed how every single accessory in the set has been designed for ease of use and with your child in mind. Tovla baking and cooking utensils are safe and made of non-toxic materials for the total safety of your child.

When we say that this is a complete package, we mean what we say. Tovla Jr has a very stylish apron for your young chef, measuring cups and spoons, cookie cutters, nylon knives, a rolling pin, and several other items.

And what about the recipe cards included as part of the package? They are easy to master with step by step instructions to guide your child as he or she takes the first step.

At the initial stage, your attention may be required to provide supervision but within a short period, you will be delighted to notice how your child is able to cook delicious dishes contained in the recipe book on his or her own without messing up your kitchen.

Why do we like it?

  • Gender-neutral colors of blue and white
  • Easy to understand recipe book
  • Quite cheap
  • Suitable for kids who are adolescents and older
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4. RISEBRITE Real Kids Baking and Cooking Set

Risebrite Real Kids Baking And Cooking Set

RISEBRITE makes baking not only a learning process but one that is also fun and engaging. We call this one a family set because it has more than enough items to be used by several hands at the same time. With 22 items in all and a recipe book, baking does not have to be an individual but a family affair.

RISEBRITE’s apron and hat are made of reinforced polyester and designed to last. They are machine washable and dry quickly. As for the hardware, they are made of lead-free silicone materials. We understand that washing utensils after baking is an important chore that is why we went for a baking set that is easy to maintain.

The plastic and silicone materials react well with water so sticky flour, butter, sugar, baking soda, and other baking ingredients are easily washed off in no time.

If you are looking for a baking set for kids that help children improve their baking skills, RISEBRITE is most certainly a good option.

Why do we like it?

  • It makes baking and cooking fun
  • All items are made from materials of premium quality
  • Items are easy to assemble and disassemble
  • A perfect gift for boys and girls
  • 5 different recipe cards
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5. MasterChef Junior Set

Masterchef Junior Set

This list will be incomplete if we fail to include one of the most popular baking set for kids brands. MasterChef is a set for aspiring chefs. If you go for this set, just have it at the back of your mind that your child will be using it for years to come because the recipe book contains planned recipes for all ages.

As your child grows older and more aware, he or she will make the transition from the simpler recipes to the more complex ones. From baking pancake towers to making stuffed French toast, MasterChef has all the information your child will ever need to sharpen his or her skills.

MasterChef’s recipe book contains three different recipes and a blank recipe card to encourage your child to develop his or her own unique recipe after mastering all 3 recipes included.

The measuring spoons, mixing bowl, spatulas, and cutting board all have a non-slip silicone grip that prevents slippage when held by hand. The apron has a professional look to make your child appear like a real master baker in the making!

Who knows, your child may just be the next star to participate in the next season of MasterChef’s junior Tv series right from the comfort of your home after mastering all three recipes and coming up with a unique recipe that will excite the audience. Learning and playing can be done at the same time and this set aid such an endeavor.

Why do we like it?

  • The perfect set for cooking and baking
  • Ideal for different experience and age levels (6 years and above)
  • The recipes are easy to master
  • Durable items
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Baking Set for Kids Buyer’s Guide

Buying kitchen utensils for your kids is unlike buying one for your adult hands. While adults go for sets that serve their purpose and nothing more, baking sets for kids ought to do more. They should not only help them bake properly but to do so in a fun way.

Bearing this in mind, there are certain features you should look out for when shopping for baking sets for kids. You don’t only want to buy quality sets, you also want to buy the right sets. Here is a complete buying guide to help you pick the best baking gift set for your child.

Cooking Set/Baking Set

You may have come across different sets all bearing the same or different names online. Baking sets and cooking sets are sometimes used interchangeably. Names may look confusing but they may represent the same or different things depending on what they contain. Some brands produce sets strictly for cooking or for baking while others couple suitable baking and cooking items in a single package.

The most essential thing to look out for when buying a baking set for kids is to check the items in the package. If you see items such as a mixing bowl, roller, Spatula, measuring cup, mixing spoon and a knife then the package is suitable for baking regardless of the name it is called.


Baking sets for kids are not as expensive as the ones for adults but they cost money all the same. The number of items in the package as well as the quality of the said items determines the price at which they are sold. Baking sets of top brands also command a higher price. To ensure that your child gets your money’s worth we advise that you go for a set that contains as many items as possible.

Some brands include between 9-22 or more items in their sets. The more items the package contains the better it will make for an ultimate baking experience.

Plastic or Wooden sets

Do you go for plastic or wooden sets? This should depend on your child’s age. Wooden sets are heavier but may last longer. Plastic on the other hand is lighter but comes in brighter colors. Some baking sets come with a mixture of both wood and plastic.

Another less common material is steel though they are more expensive. At the end of the day, you should be looking for a set that your child can handle with ease and one that will not pose any form of risk to him or her. We recommend that you stick to plastic sets but if you must go for a combination of both wood and plastic or even steel, you will have to make sure that you supervise your young baker while he or she is busy in the kitchen.


Picking the right colors is also another thing to take note of but it depends on the build material of the accessories in the set. If you are going for steel or wood sets color will not matter. However, if you are going for plastic sets then you will have to pick the right colors.

When picking colors, consider the sex of your child. Girls are attracted to pink while boys prefer colors like red, green, or black. If you have both sexes at home, you may decide to go for gender-neutral colors like blue.