Best Bags For Restaurant Delivery Services

5 Best Bags for Restaurant Delivery Services (Reviews Updated 2021)

No matter how good the dining experience at your restaurant is, the delivery service has to match up. This is where the delivery bags come into play. They determine the quality of your food after a significant amount of time.

Do you know how to pick the perfect delivery bags? It’s tricky; they have to be durable, water-resistant, and insulated, among other things. We have created a comprehensive guide to help you select the best bags for restaurant delivery services.

Best Bags For Restaurant Delivery Services

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1. New Star Foodservice Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag

New Star Foodservice Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag

Pizzas are one of the most frequently ordered items by customers. Not only do they have to be delivered hot, but you also have to ensure that the toppings are in place. The New Star Foodservice insulated bag is specially designed to help you transport pizzas.

These bags are insulated to retain the heat. They are very comfortable and easily portable with their dual straps. You get an additional ID window to hold menus, business cards, coupons, and other important items.

The dimensions of the bags start from 20”x20”x5,” and they are equipped to hold 18″ pizza boxes. The bags are also extremely resistant to external environmental pressures. You can employ them to deliver hot pizzas even during rain, snowfall, and sleet.

They have received rave reviews from other customers due to their durability and ease of usage. Your job as a restaurant delivery service is made simpler due to their size, shape, and compartments.

This brand is quite well-known and reliable with its 15 years plus service in the USA. The material used in the bags is heavy-duty and water-resistant. You can pick the color and size according to your requirements.

Why do we like it?

  • Collapsible, space-saving storage.
  • Economical
  • Sturdy
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2. KIBAGA Premium Insulated Food Delivery Bag

Kibaga Premium Insulated Food Delivery Bag

The Kibaga food delivery bags are premium quality, all-purpose bags. They are made of a thick material to provide great insulation, which helps keep the food hot or cold, as per requirement. They are also fit for a variety of uses, from food delivery to picnics to shopping.

You can easily store them due to their foldability. The design is straight, which is ideal for placing them on flat surfaces. The size 23″x14″x15″ is categorized under XL, and this provides you enough room to store multiple items at once.

They also are easily portable with strong and sturdy straps. You may usually face problems due to weak zippers. So, these bags come with strong zippers that can handle a great deal of pressure.

Nylon is used on the exterior, which makes them water-resistant. Due to the premium quality material used in the bag, they are very durable. They are also fit to endure adverse weather conditions.

You may use them for both commercials as well as personal purposes. The design is quite simple and classy. The wide straps of the bags ensure that even if they are heavy, it’s not uncomfortable for you to carry them around. The material used does not add any extra weight.

Why do we like it?

  • Spill-free
  • Easy to clean.
  • Large storage capacity.
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3. BlueVoy Insulated Food Delivery Bag

Bluevoy Insulated Food Delivery Bag

Bluevoy insulated food delivery bags are designed to help transport food with maximum insulation. They are made with 1680D polyester, which is commercial grade material. These may be a little expensive for you, but the quality and size make up for it.

Apart from restaurant food delivery, you can also utilize them for grocery shopping, parties, and BBQs. They provide double insulation with 10mm PE foam lining. Professional caterers also happen to favor these bags.

These bags come with YKK#5 zippers and zipper pulls, which are industry leaders in terms of quality. This will give you a smooth opening and closure experience. They also claim that the zippers don’t snag. This is great as you will likely face this issue with most bags.

You can use these bags for carrying large food containers, owing to their enormous size. The dimensions 23″x14’x15″ allow you to store and carry a great number of food items. You can clean them with just a few swipes using a wet cloth.

The BlueVoy bags are a great choice for restaurant delivery services. You can even use them to store many small takeout containers and up to 4 full sizes, 4″ steam table pans at once.

Why do we like it?

  • Super sturdy and strong.
  • Very versatile.
  • Premium quality material, aluminum, and polyester.
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4. Freshie Insulated Food Delivery Bag With Cup Holders

Freshie Insulated Food Delivery Bag With Cup Holders

The Freshie insulated bags are ideal for restaurant delivery services. You can transport not only solid food items but also drinks and beverages quite easily. The large cup holders can carry bottles, containers, beers, and cups all at once.

With the other bags, you might need to carry the drinks separately. With these bags, however, you don’t have to worry about spilling the drinks, even though the compartments are on the exterior. They are quite sturdy and shock-proof.

In addition to the interior compartment, even the drink holders are insulated to retain their original temperature. None of the customers like their steaming coffee, cold, right? These bags are also quite durable and water-resistant.

You can use them even during unpleasant weather as they are made of polyethylene foam. The interior has an additional aluminum foil lining. You can clean them with ease, in practically no time, even on the job.

The zippers run smoothly due to the premium quality material. The wide and durable straps ensure that the weight of the bag does not pose a problem for you. What makes this one a winner is that you never have to make two separate trips to deliver food to a customer’s doorstep.

Why do we like it?

  • Spacious
  • Leak-proof
  • Special drink compartments.
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5. Homevative Thermal Insulated Food Delivery Backpack

Homevative Thermal Insulated Food Delivery Backpack

When the food delivery bag is loaded, it can be quite a task to carry it by hand, especially while climbing stairs. The Homevative food delivery backpack stands apart from its competitors in this regard. You can easily carry these bags on your shoulders instead of holding the straps by hand.

The wide straps reduce the pressure on your shoulders and elevate the ease of transportation. The bags are made using heavy-duty polyester, which makes them quite durable and sturdy. The 16″x14″x10″ dimensions make the bags quite large.

Apart from having the right size, they come with two insulated cup holders. They are located on either side, which makes them functional. You just have to reach back with your hands to retrieve the drinks.

They can carry up to 9.70 gallons at once, which is great and justifies the pricing. Your work is made easy due to the reflective strips both at the front and sides of the bag.

The interior, as well as the exterior, is water-resistant, which makes them a top pick amongst bags for restaurant delivery services.

Why do we like it?

  • Backpack design.
  • Good Volume plus compartments.
  • Receipt window.
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Bags For Restaurant Delivery Services Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the right bag for restaurant delivery services is not very tricky. There is an array of different bags out there, suitable for different needs. Picking an appropriate bag for restaurant delivery services is indispensable since the quality of your service determines the volume of your customer base.

Keeping food warm and safe from any damage such as rain is the basics of delivery rules. Insulated food delivery bags serve this purpose. From pizzas to beverages, they are fit to assist you with everything. Read further to make an informed choice.

Types Of Exteriors

Insulated delivery bags come in two types of materials, vinyl and nylon. Vinyl bags are not breathable, and hence they do not let the steam escape. As a result, moisture remains confined inside the bag, ruining the packed food.

On the other hand, nylon bags are breathable and let the moisture escape. Therefore, safeguarding the quality of your food. Evidently, nylon bags are better for you and the goodwill of your restaurant. However, if you are a bit short on the budget and deliver within proximity of the restaurant, you can opt for vinyl bags too.

Types Of Interiors

Again, the interior of these delivery bags is available in two options, nylon and PVC. Picking a nylon interior is preferable since it is a breathable material. It is also water-resistant. These qualities keep the boxed food from turning soggy or inviting harmful bacteria.

A PVC interior, while not as breathable as nylon, is immensely easy to clean and maintain. It does not absorb any moisture and doesn’t let substances leak. However, we recommend it to restaurants, only if they deliver food to short distances. For providing rich-quality food to customers at their doorstep, nylon interior is the best.

Types Of Closures

No matter how fine your delivery bag is, if it is not securely packed, the food will spill. Thus, decent closure is required in bags for restaurant delivery services. They keep the food locked in place and allow nominal movement.

The hook-and-loop closure (velcro) consists of a hook, the rough side, and a loop, the smooth side. This kind of closure is very easy to use and least time-consuming. However, if not of the best quality, they are bound to deteriorate with usage and time.

The zipper closure is super easy to use, and it doesn’t break if used properly. The last type of closure is the side-release buckle. It is used to design many safety belts in various fields, and so it is bound to be very secure.

Kinds Of Foam Insulation

Foam insulation is found between the inner and outer layers of the delivery bag. It is responsible for maintaining the temperature of the packed food by reducing heat conduction. There are two major kinds of foam insulation, open cell and closed cell.

A closed-cell is a better insulator and is more expensive than open-cell foam. It is also heavier and stiffer. Open-cell foam, on the other hand, is lighter, cheaper, and easier to compress.

For your restaurant, we recommend open cell foam because even though it is cheaper, it is considerably better than closed-cell foam for transporting food.

Types Of Insulation

Predominantly, there are three types of foam insulation, PU (polyurethane), PVC, and polyester. PU has an open-cell design, so it is breathable and doesn’t trap smell. It is extremely flexible, resilient, durable, and lightweight. However, it is a little expensive.

PVC foam insulation is cheaper and is available in hard and soft forms, the latter being ideal for food delivery. This is easy to clean because it is resilient to oil and grease. However, it is only a semi-open cell foam. Polyester foam insulation is lightweight, cut resistant, breathable, flexible, and durable. Justifiably, it is the most expensive option.

Types Of Configurations

There are two types of configurations for delivery bags for restaurant delivery services. Top loading and end loading both are suitable for efficient food delivery.

Top-loading bags are best for catering operations as they make the transportation of staked products easy. They close from the top and are excellent to hold beverages, take out containers, deli trays, and multiple other things.

The end loading bag is mainly built to transport pizza boxes or other boxes that can slide into it. Both options are adequately spacious, and we recommend that you buy both of them in case you deliver a multitude of items.

Other Requirements

Various other features may make your chosen delivery bag more efficient. Delivery bags may contain metal racks, which provide additional space and security for the pizza boxes, but they may make the bag bulkier.

Some bags also have ID windows, which can be used to hold coupons, cards, or menus of your restaurant. Wrist straps and reinforced handles make it easy for the delivery person to hold it, and reflective strips make it safer for the person to drive through traffic. You must ensure that your bag is strongly stitched and has a hardboard bottom or storage loops.