5 Best Bagel Slicers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Are you particular about the thickness and shape of your bagel slices? Do you think cutting bagels into half every morning is a challenging task? Whether you love some bagel and cheese daily or you own a bagel shop, getting two smooth halves is undoubtedly tough. Well, not if you have the best bagel slicers! It is the ideal tool to slice bagels perfectly, within seconds.

Apart from being quick and hassle-free, these slicers also help you avoid any cuts or injuries when in a hurry. That being said, how do you find the best bagel slicer from the hundreds of options in the market? Selecting one can be intimidating, and we completely understand that. Therefore, we bring you a list of the 5 best bagel slicers. Additionally, we have also outlined the features to consider while buying a bagel slicer.

Best Bagel Slicers

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1. Hoan The Original Bagel Guillotine Universal Slicer

Hoan The Original Bagel Guillotine Universal Slicer

If you are looking for the smoothest-performing bagel slicer, the Hoan Bagel Universal Slicer is perfect for you. It is the most convenient kitchen tool that you will ever come across. All this bagel slicer requires you to do is place the bagel in the stand and push down the blade. It is as simple as that! Within a few seconds, you will get even halves of the bagel as if they were professionally cut.

Another feature that makes it one of the best bagel slicers is its safety quotient. While cutting, you need not hold the bagel or even the stand. Rest assured, this tool eliminates cuts and wounds even if you are in a hurry. Moreover, its two acrylic walls shield you from the piercing blade.

What’s more? Its large triangular shelf lets you cut varying sizes of bagel. Additionally, you can use the Hoan Bagel Slicer for slicing multiple other types of bread and food items as well. These include buns, rolls, muffins, and more. You get all of this at quite reasonable prices.

Apart from its seamless functionality, this bagel slicer also stands out because of its quality construction. Its non-stick Xylan-coated blade ensures you get even, mess-free slices. Furthermore, the blades and frame are significantly durable.

Why do we like it?

  • Additional covering eliminates chances of cuts and wounds
  • Precision ground serrated cutting edges ensure mess-free slices
  • Top-quality product at reasonable prices
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2. Ironwood Gourmet Bagel Miter

Ironwood Gourmet Bagel Miter

Are you looking for a kitchen tool that is durable and aesthetically-pleasing at the same time? The Ironwood Gourmet Bagel Slicer features acacia wood construction that is simply eye-feasting. Its gorgeous wood tones are sure to add flair to your kitchen while making your work effortless.

Quite different from other slicers, it is actually a bagel holder that comes with a knife slot. You can easily place the biggest of bread pieces in this slicer as it is considerably large. Once set, you just need to drive the knife through and align it with the pre-cut knife slot. Voila! You will get a perfectly-sliced bagel each time.

Apart from its looks, what makes it stand among the best bagel slicers is its durability. Irrespective of the number of times you drive the knife through, the quality wood is sure to last long. Plus, it also eliminates the chances of falling and breaking.

That is not all. The Ironwood Gourmet Bagel Slicer also includes a convenient handle. So, you do not have to bring your hand anywhere near the cutting area, thus, maintaining safety. Additionally, this wooden bagel slicer is easy to clean. You only need to wash it with warm soapy water, and dry it before storing it!

Why do we like it?

  • Offers aesthetics along with top-notch functionality
  • Comes with a convenient handle that eases usability
  • Effortless maintenance and lasting materials
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3. Tablecraft FirmGrip Bagel Knife

Tablecraft Firmgrip Bagel Knife

If you are habitual to cutting the bagel with a knife, why not opt for a safer alternative? The TableCraft FirmGrip Bagel Slicer is relatively more reliable. It features a unique design where a sharp, stainless-steel knife is present at the center with plastic panels on the sides.

The careful placing is done so that you can slice the bagel exactly from the middle every time. Additionally, it minimizes the chances of an injury as your hand never comes in contact with the sharp blade.

Another excellent feature of this handy tool is its ergonomic handle. It features a patented non-slip grip which makes using the slicer a piece of cake. Once you insert the blade into the bread, you can conveniently turn it around with this handle. Thus, you will get two perfect halves quickly, without any safety issues.

You can use this highly-reasonable slicer to cut multiple types of bread effortlessly. So, whether you yearn to have baguettes, buns, or English muffins, it got you covered. Moreover, the TableCraft FirmGrip Bagel Slicer is also easy to maintain as it is dishwasher safe.

To top it all, the compact size of this kitchen gear lets you neatly store it in a small drawer!

Why do we like it?

  • Stainless steel blade ensures precision cutting
  • Comes with a patented FirmGrip ergonomic handle
  • Small, budget-friendly cutter for multiple food items
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4. Larien Products 5400 Commercial Bagel Slicer

Larien Products 5400 Commercial Bagel Slicer

If bagel is your go-to bread or you run a bakery, getting a commercial-grade slicer is the best option. The Larien Bagel Slicer 5400 is a quality tool that uses the guillotine method to cut a bagel. You just need to place the bread piece in the base and push down the upper section over it.

The stainless-steel commercial-grade blade slits the bagel into two clean pieces. Moreover, it comes with a Xylan plus coating that is meant to last long. Even if the blade goes blunt after prolonged use, you can get the SmartBlade Plus replacement blade cartridges for smooth functioning.

What’s more? Despite its extra-sharp blade, your fingers are completely safe while using this bagel slicer. That is because this tool features see-through guards made of unbreakable Lexan resin. Furthermore, you need not hold it as it comes with a stable wide base that is made from high-impact Lexan resin.

The Larien Bagel Slicer 5400 is an NSF-certified unit, perfectly secure to use for food items. Thus, you can rest assured that it does not contain any harmful chemicals. Therefore, despite its comparatively high prices, the equipment is completely worth buying. You cannot expect such a professional performance from other similar products.

Why do we like it?

  • Lexan resin guard ensures safety from the sharp blade
  • Commercial-grade quality provides professional performance for a prolonged period
  • Uses certified materials for food safety
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5. Eon Concepts Bread & Bagel Slicer

Eon Concepts Bread & Bagel Slicer

There are times when you want to slice bagel or other bread types in varying thicknesses. The Eon Concepts Bread and Bagel Slicer is ideal for such times as it comes with an adjustment tool. You can place the divider according to your desired slice-thickness requirement before cutting it.

When you get this kitchen gear, you must pull down its base to start using it. Once you finish slicing the bread, fold it back for compact storage. The bagel slicer features environmental-friendly material—ABS resin, considering its use with food. Additionally, it is relatively durable and can withstand harsh temperatures.

What makes it one of the best bagel slicers is that it comes with two anti-slip rubber mats. You can paste these mats at the bottom to enjoy slip-free, seamless cutting. Another excellent quality is its wide range of uses. From bagels to bread and pastries to vegetables and cheese, you can use it to slice multiple food items.

Apart from that, this pocket-friendly option is also simple to use. After you pull down the base and choose your desired thickness, you can fix the bagel on the tool. Slide a knife through the pre-gapped section to get perfectly-straight cuts!

Why do we like it?

  • Lets you choose between five different slice thicknesses
  • Multi-purpose tool for a bagel, sandwich bread, toasts, etc.
  • Comes with a complimentary recipe e-book
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Bagel Slicer Buyer’s Guide

Instead of struggling while cooking, you must enjoy it, and that is what the best bagel slicers do. They make your daily work effortless by letting you get perfectly sliced bagel pieces. That being said, from the varying styles and designs, you need to pick one that suits your work the most. It requires considering multiple features and aspects of usability.

You must weigh upon the quality of the product and features offered corresponding to its stated price. Additionally, you need to determine whether you just want it for slicing bagels or other items as well. These, along with a few more factors together, make for the best bagel slicer. We have taken the time to list all the necessary aspects for you to run a thorough comparison while choosing!

Size and Design

The prime aspect that you need to think about is the design of the bagel slicer. It speaks about most of its components, such as usability, size, and, resultantly, ease of storage. The most common one that you will find in the market is the bagel guillotine. It requires minimal effort and provides smooth performance, given, the product features quality construction.

Other designs that you might come across include a bagel base made of varying materials like wood, plastic, etc. These are good and easy to use, except they require a separate knife. A yet another style is where you can use the slicer as a knife, with the exception that it has guards. Thus, it is comparatively safer than bare knives.

Convenience and Versatility

While choosing the style of a bagel slicer, the convenience of use is highly important. After all, you are purchasing the best bagel slicer to ease your daily slicing work. Though the guillotine method of cutting seems the easiest, this factor greatly depends on your personal choice. You may find the knife-like slicer more convenient or even the bagel-base that comes with a knife-sliding gap.

Apart from convenience, you also need to check the tool’s versatility. Yes, you are buying a slicer, especially to cut bagels, but what if it can cut other items as well? Most bagel slicers have broad bases that let you place different kinds of bread, muffins, and even cheese and vegetables.

Material Quality and Durability

Even if you are picking a budget-friendly slicer, you do not want it to last only a few months. The best bagel slicer features top-notch quality, irrespective of its material. More so when it comes to the blades. You can ensure this attribute by checking the brand reputation and the product reviews. Plus, if it has certifications, you must look no further.

If you choose a quality bagel slicer, it will automatically be durable. Still, you can compare the different materials to confirm this point. The most common slicers that you will see feature wooden, metal, and plastic bodies.

Safety Quotient

One of the essential aspects of the best bagel slicers is their safety feature. If it does not fulfill this attribute, it is not for you. Holding the bagel and cutting it with a bare knife is the most unsafe way. That is primarily why you are looking for a safe slicer.

Make sure the blades of the slicer that you choose are covered with a shield or guard. Moreover, its design should be such that you do not need to bring your fingers close to the cutting area. The best option for this is getting a cutter that has handles along with blade shields.