Best Baby Spoons

5 Best Baby Spoons (Reviews Updated 2021)

The transitioning from shifting a baby’s nutritional dependence from breast milk to solid foods takes time and patience. It is one of the significant early milestones in a baby and their parents’ lives. While embarking on this transition, using specialized baby spoons facilitates a smooth process.

However, much like any other baby product, choosing the safest product for your child is of utmost importance. To make the selection process more comfortable for you, we have compiled a list of the best baby spoons and a buyer’s guide for you. Read this article to make an informed decision.

Best Baby Spoons

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1. Oxo Tot Infant Feeding Spoon with Travel Case

Oxo Tot Infant Feeding Spoon

As a parent, you must know how important it is to have a spoon dedicatedly put in a diaper bag. Always having certain things in a bag ensures that you will never forget to put essentials when you’re in a hurry to go out. The Oxo Tot Infant Feeding Spoon is such a product for you.

Feeding a child on the go is not very simple. In most cases, parents have to resort to using a steel spoon while traveling. Such spoons are neither safe for your baby’s gums nor comfortable to feed with.

This eight-inch compact spoon is made of stainless steel, but it features a soft silicone tip, which is very safe to feed your baby. It is durable and gentle at the same time. The tip feels comfortable to children’s gums and teeth when they bite on the edged silicone tip.

The spoon’s handle is very soft and comfortable to use. It is angled so that you do not have to twist your wrists in an uncomfortable position to reach your baby’s mouth perfectly. Another great thing about this product is that it has a small portion size, which is optimum to feed babies who have just started eating solid food.

Why do we like this product?

  • Soft tip made of food-safe silicone.
  • Comes in a handy travel case.
  • Features an ergonomic handle for easy feeding.
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2. Munchkin White Hot Infant Safety Spoons

Munchkin White Hot Infant Safety Spoons

While feeding solid foods to a child, one of the biggest concerns of every parent is the food’s temperature. Providing hot food is dangerous for your baby’s gums, developing teeth, and palates. Their raw gums are extra sensitive to temperature. Therefore, the Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons’ hidden feature is optimum for new parents.

The spoons feature a temperature sensor that turns white when the food to too hot for a baby. You can get these spoons in many different colored silicone tips. However, if the temperature is over the 110o F mark, the tips will turn white to ensure your child’s oral safety.

The soft tips of the tapered spoons are extremely gentle on the gums. You also do not have to worry about your child biting too hard on the spoons since they will not damage soft gums. The spoons are made of BPA-free and phthalate-free materials.

Feeding your child is easy with these spoons because they feature a long handle. You can place your baby on a high chair and feed at ease. Maintaining these spoons is also convenient since they are dishwasher safe.

Why do we like this product?

  • The tip of the food senses when the food is too hot for a baby
  • Dishwasher-safe construction
  • Extra soft handles and silicone tips; comes in different colored designs
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3. Olababy Silicone Soft-Tip Training Spoon

Olababy Silicone Soft Tip Training Spoon

The Olababy 100% Silicone Soft-Tip Training Spoons are unlike the general baby spoons you will find in the market. They have a singular design that sets them apart from their competition. These spoons are made to set the babies on to feeding themselves.

The great thing about this product is that instead of looking like spoons, their green and circular shape look more like leaves. Therefore, kids will naturally be inclined to pick them up and put them in their mouths. Since the spoons are coating with soft silicone throughout, babies are sure to enjoy holding and biting on them.

The spoon’s heads are completely flexible, which allows you or the baby to scoop food from any angle. This flexibility and softness also work as a safety measure to ensure that your baby doesn’t end up with a cut and bleeding gums.

Since these spoons are designed to train your children into feeding themselves, they can result in some mess. As you hand over a spoon full of food to a baby, they are likely to throw the food around. However, it is a great way of accelerating the weaning process as the child learns to eat by themselves.

Why do we like this product?

  • Encourages self-feeding
  • Comes with a flexible tip that allows food to be scooped at any angle
  • Ergonomic, thick, and soft handle that can be held by babies
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4. Grabease First Self Feed Baby Spoon

Grabease First Self Feed Baby Spoon

If your baby is old enough to willfully want to grab a spoon and feed themselves, you will require a safe spoon for them to feed themselves. Self-feeding spoons should also be comfortable for a baby to hold. With this product, you get both of these functions and more.

Letting your child feed themselves is a tricky thing to do. You need to make sure that the handles are not sharp enough for them to poke themselves in the nose of an eye. This spoon and form set has short and rounded handles similar to pacifiers. Therefore, even if your child shoves them near their face, they will not prick themselves.

The other worrisome thing is that a baby is likely to put an entire small spoon in their mouths. This can cause them to choke or hurt their delicate gums. However, the Grabease spoons come with a safety barrier that is a pacifier-like platform between the spoon or fork and the handle. Therefore, the complete spoon or folk can never fit inside the child’s mouth.

With the help of these spoons, you can encourage your child to play and learn. Another great thing about this set is that it comes in a pouch that you can put in a diaper bag. Therefore, you can make travel fun, safe, and well-fed for your child as well.

Why do we like this product?

  • Allows your baby to feed themselves.
  • Feature short and rounded handles that are safe to be held and played with by a baby
  • Comes in a special pouch, which you can put in a diaper bag while you travel
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5. Avanchy First Stage Baby Spoons

Avanchy First Stage Baby Spoons

Not all baby spoons last for a long time. Therefore, you will end up buying spoons for a growing toddler. At this stage, it makes no sense to feed them with silicone tipped baby spoons since toddlers will only play with the spoon’s flexibility instead of eating. Therefore, you can use the Avanchy baby spoons at this stage.

These spoons have a small portion size. Therefore, they are perfect for toddlers to feed themselves. They will not be able to scoop too much food in one go, increasing the possibility that they will be able to chew safely.

The Avanchy First Stage Baby Spoons are made of stainless steel and feature silicone coating on their handles. We cannot recommend using this spoon to feed babies since the hard tip can hurt their delicate gums. However, if your child is old enough, using these sturdy spoons is perfect.

Children can grab onto the soft silicone handles at ease. They are textured to attract children. Moreover, they do not allow the handle to heat up. Therefore, your child can feed themselves safely. You can also buy a matching fork to complete the set. These spoons have such a design and quality that they can be used for many years.

Why do we like this product?

  • Eco-friendly spoons that are not only great for your child but also for the planet
  • Durable yet comfortable stainless-steel and silicone construction
  • It can be used to encourage self-feeding in older toddlers
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Baby Spoons Buyer’s Guide

Getting the right baby spoon is crucial to determine how well and comfortably your child gets solid food. Baby spoons come in several shapes, sizes, colors, and utility. Therefore, you will require some guidance on how to choose the right product according to your and your child’s requirements. To make the purchasing process simpler for you, we have made this comprehensive buyer’s guide. Choosing the right baby spoon is dependent on several dynamic factors. Keep all the following points in mind before you invest in the baby spoon that you’re going to trust your child’s feeding with.

Your Child’s Age

As mentioned earlier, baby spoons come in several shapes and sizes. While some spoons are ideal for babies, others are ideal for toddlers who are learning how to feed themselves. Each spoon is designed for a specific age’s requirements.

All baby products are generally marked with the age that they’re appropriate for. Most self-feeding spoons are ideal to be used by children over the age of three. Babies younger than that should only be fed by soft and flexible long-handled safety spoons.

Construction Material

A baby spoon is used to feed your child. Naturally, the materials that it is made of is crucial to note. Make sure that you do not use stainless-steel or any hard material spoons for younger children because they can hurt your child’s gums and developing teeth.

Most good baby spoons are covered with food-safe, BPA-free silicone, or soft plastic. If your baby bites any of these materials, they will not hurt their mouth. Best quality spoons are primarily made of stainless steel that has a thick silicone coating. This allows the spoon to be durable while being soft enough for a baby.

Handle Length

Most parents like to use spoons that have long handles. Long handles allow you to feed the baby comfortably as they sit on a high chair. They allow you to have more control over the spoon’s direction while ensuring that you’re not too close to the baby.

As the child grows and begins to learn self-feeding, you will want to use a small handle spoon. These spoons are convenient to be held by a baby as their hands are close to their mouth. This prevents the spoon from getting imbalanced in their tiny hands.

Handle Quality

The handle’s quality and construction is important thing to note, especially if your baby has started trying to feed themselves. It is important that the handles are sturdy, soft, and comfortable to hold. Ergonomic handles make it easier for a baby to grab the spoon and feed themselves.

Handle quality also plays an important safety role. Make sure that the handles are durable and sturdy enough to be safely handled to a child with warm food. Flexible tips are amazing, but flexible handles make a mess as they keep drooping and facilitation food dropping.

Portion Size

One significant thing that sets baby spoons apart from regular spoons is their portion size. Babies cannot fit too much food into their mounts, and good baby spoons acknowledge that. Most baby spoons have shallow tips that carry only as much food as the baby can eat safely.

Regulating a spoon’s portion size also helps in regulating your child’s overall diet. Some pediatricians recommending smaller spoons for babies whose diets need to be reduced due to health issues.


All baby products should be extremely safe to use. Some things that ensure safety in baby spoons are flexible and soft silicone tips, blunt edges, lightweight design, and non-choking features. Safety is especially important to note when your child is self-feeding.

Make sure that the spoon you hand over to a baby is small yet not swallowable, flexible, yet sturdy.