5 Best Artichoke Hearts (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Are you constantly on a search for delicious yet healthy food options? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the perfect place. Artichoke hearts are popularly known for the innumerable health benefits they provide. Finding quality grade artichoke fresh artichoke hearts can be tricky, especially all year round.

Then why not go for some canned options? Canned artichoke hearts are loaded with the same amount of nutrients with a delectable taste. With this article, we aim to deliver to you the best-canned artichoke hearts that are available in the market.

Best Artichoke Hearts

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1. Reese Petite Artichoke Hearts

Reese Petite Artichoke Hearts

The Reese Petite Artichoke Hearts are yet another exemplary candidate in canned artichoke hearts. They have a Peruvian descent and provide a delicacy that is simply supreme. The importance of consumption of artichokes has been emphasized since time immemorial.

Artichokes have been considered to be the food prepared by god himself, making it a divine delicacy. All the beauty and benefits of the vegetable aside, the very first step of cleaning it can be highly taxing and time-consuming. Therefore, the modern option is to go for the canned variant.

Being a mom or a health-conscious individual, you might get a bit skeptical about opting for canned goods. But with Reese Petite Artichoke Hearts, you can keep your worries aside. These artichokes are prepared in the healthiest possible manner and deliver the most amazing taste.

You can use it straight out of the can and pop it in your mouth, or you can toss it in a yummy salad. You can also use it for other instant recipes to give it a healthy edge.

Reese artichoke hearts come with a promise of health and freshness. Every can is prepared with strict abidance to set standards to deliver to you the best product for consumption.

Why do we like it?

  • Great Peruvian taste
  • Adherence to quality standards
  • Most trusted canned variant
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2. Roland Foods Quartered Artichoke Hearts

Roland Foods Quartered Artichoke Hearts

The major concern that arises with canned vegetables is the freshness and quality of the product. Since canning requires preservatives, it can result in the deterioration of the quality of the vegetable. But it is simply not the case with this product.

The Roland Foods Quartered Artichoke Hearts are popular because of the way they are delivered to the customers. The artichokes used are handpicked, fresh hearts, which are sliced into four quarters. They make the most appetizing meal that you would want to go back to.

The preservation is done to perfection. Roland Foods have ensured that the color, tenderness, and freshness of the artichokes are not compromised in the process of canning.

With every jar, you are delivered a vegetable as good as picked from the farm. It is a perfect choice for people who opt for food items by their presentation.

These artichoke hearts are ready for consumption. You can use them in salads, prepare a delicious dip, or simply serve it on the side. They are not just good for domestic consumption. The professionalism maintained in the quality makes them a great choice for restaurant dishes as well.

Every can is prepared and sealed under expert supervision and maintains the required food safety standards.

Why do we like it?

  • Gluten-free
  • Easy to prepare
  • Professional grade preparation
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3. Kirkland Signature Artichoke Hearts

Kirkland Signature Artichoke Hearts

The reason this product has made to our review is because of the amazing standards that it has set. It qualifies all the benchmarks set by the experts along with other great qualities enclosed in a jar. Every bite you take of this product will leave you wanting more.

Kirkland Signature Artichoke Hearts are one of the best-canned variants available on the shelf. This product comes in a value pack of three at a very reasonable price. If you are addicted to its delicious flavor, you don’t have to worry about running out of it. There is ample available for everyone.

This product wins the hearts of the consumers by its professional-grade taste as well as style of preparation. People often complain about canned goods lacking in flavor. However, this is not the case with Kirkland Signature Artichoke Hearts.

These artichoke hearts are jam-packed with flavors, and every bite will leave a tsunami of flavors in your mouth. The preservative and marinating agent used in canning is olive oil, which is yet another healthy option. The preparation is such that you can easily slice it and toss it in a pan, and it is ready to be cooked.

Why do we like it?

  • A great choice for heart patients
  • Can be consumed raw
  • Cooks instantly
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4. Reese Grilled Marinated Artichokes Hearts

Reese Grilled Marinated Artichokes Hearts

By this time of this detailed read, you must have gotten familiar with the superior quality of artichoke hearts manufacture by Reese. This is yet another product from this brand that is equally great and delicious in taste.

The Reese Grilled Marinated Artichokes Hearts provide the promised Peru flavors but with a special touch. The taste and flavor of these artichoke hearts have been enhanced by grilling and marinating them to perfection. Just the sight of the jar is enough to make you drool!

With the extra punch of taste, you get the best of fresh and tender artichokes, picked from the farm. They are loaded with antioxidants and make a perfect choice for people looking for healthy yet flavorsome food options.

The quality, as well as quantity delivered in each can, is enough to serve to someone who prefers regular consumption. You can never be left unsatisfied with the quality of food being delivered by Reese.

Despite falling in the preserved food section, every can is packed with nutrition, ready to give a joy ride to your taste buds.

You can lay out a portion of these delectable artichokes on a plate and have them as a healthy snack. You can also use it in salads or serve it as a healthy side with a meal.

Why do we like it?

  • Unique Peru style
  • Smoky and hearty flavors
  • Follows high standards of preservation
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5. Native Forest Whole Artichoke Hearts

Native Forest Whole Artichoke Hearts

The best is always saved for the last. The Native Forest Whole Artichoke Hearts are a good finish to this detailed review. This product is the reason why one should go offbeat and try newer items off the shelf. This product not just delivers quality; it is also great in taste.

The Native Forest Artichoke Hearts carry the lip-smacking Peruvian flavors that will leave you craving for more. The most amazing quality to notice here is the preservation of the whole artichoke heart.

Unlike other brands where quartered or diced vegetable is delivered, Native Forest brings you the whole artichoke!

This does not compromise the taste and flavor of the product. You will be delivered the same smoky and robust tastes that you expect from a Peruvian delight. The standard of preservation and packing has been maintained to absolute perfection.

It is a product that provides a perfect balance between taste and health.

This is the most natural version of artichoke hearts that you can get in the canned form. You can consume it without any worry. Use it in a dip, salad, or a proper meal; it is as versatile as it can get.

Why do we like it?

  • Kosher certified
  • Gluten-free
  • Yeast-free
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Artichoke Hearts Buyer’s Guide

You might be a skilled chef when it comes to artichokes, but you must be aware that to get a perfect dish on the plate, you need quality raw materials. Buying canned artichokes can be tricky. You need to be aware of certain basic qualities to look for before making a purchase. You cannot risk buying a subpar canned food item, as it can be harmful to your health. Below you’ll find a few things to keep in mind before buying canned artichoke hearts.

Preservatives used

As mentioned earlier, people are often very skeptical about canned goods. The primary reason for that is the preservatives being used.

Often, to increase the shelf-life of the product, the manufacturer might add extra preservatives. These chemicals can be harmful to you as well as your family’s health. Especially if you are a regular consumer of such canned products, these chemicals can prove to be highly damaging.

Therefore, it is necessary to read the product label carefully before making the purchase. Read what ingredients are being used for the process of preservations. Do brief research about whether they are good for your health or there are any side-effects associated with regular consumption.

Preparation Method

When it comes to fresh vegetables, assuring the quality of the same in canned form can be difficult. You might be promised something else and delivered something absolutely different. It is, therefore, necessary to know about the method of preparation.

In some preparation methods, the manufacturer achieves the highest standards of safety. But the quality and nutrition of the product itself get compromised. You need a canned artichoke heart that is not just safe to consume, but it also delivers the nutrients of a fresh artichoke.

The method of preparation is often mentioned on the product label, or you can find it on the manufacturer’s website. See if the product is being delivered by maintaining a balance between safety and health.


If you are a regular consumer of artichoke hearts, then this point might hold a significant value for you. You don’t want to buy a super expensive can that gets exhausted in just two servings.

All the products mentioned in the review come in value packs that are available at affordable prices. You can choose any quantity depending upon your daily consumption needs.

The artichokes are also available in different cuts. Some companies sell quarters, some sell diced, some sell sliced, and some sell as a whole. You can either get a mix of all these, or you can opt for the specific variants depending on what you want to use them in.

You can choose them according to your meal or as per your serving preference. The taste delivered by all the variants is the same.

Ease of preparation

The artichoke hearts are beautiful vegetables to look at. But when it comes to even clean them up, the entire task appears to be quite herculean. This is precisely why most people prefer to buy canned versions of artichoke hearts.

But what benefit will it fetch if you are required to make the same effort even after opting for a canned variant?

It is necessary to read the preparation instructions before making the purchase. You might just want to consume it raw with salad, or you might be looking for something to go with a hit meal. Depending on your style of cooking, you can opt for the artichoke can.

Another thing to consider here is the flavor being offered. Some people like to jazz up their salads with dressings. Therefore, they choose fresh veggies. If you prefer dressing, then you wouldn’t want the artichokes to have a very bold flavor that overpowers the entire salad.

The same can be applied to meal preparation as well. Depending on your palette, you can decide whether you want to go for bold, robust flavors of mild and fresh ones.

Water or oil-based

When you buy a can of artichoke hearts, you will see that they are soaked in some kind of liquid. This liquid is either oil or water. Not every person is comfortable with any one of the liquids.

If you like the flavor of the oil, then you can opt for a jar that uses oil for storage. In oil also you will find different options. The most popularly preferred choice is that of olive oil. Olive oil not just adds delicious Mediterranean flavors but is also a very healthy option.

If you are not fond of any type of oils, then you can choose a water-based can. The flavor offered in a water-based can might be different from that of oil, but the quality delivered will be absolutely the same.