5 Best Aprons (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Are you looking for an apron that is reasonable and serves its purpose? You love cooking, but that does not mean you need to sacrifice all your favorite dresses to become a chef. Let your recipes do the magic while your clothes remain in their perfectly-beautiful state.

When you actually get to buying, you will come across the different styles and fabrics of aprons. Moreover, there is much more than just its looks. From the hundreds of aprons out there, choosing the best can be confusing. To help you select, we have listed the best aprons out there!

Best Aprons

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1. Syntus Adjustable Cooking Kitchen Aprons

Syntus Adjustable Cooking Kitchen Aprons

If you want a sleek and stylish yet affordable apron, the Syntus Kitchen Apron is for you. It is a pair of plain black, 100% cotton aprons that are minimal in looks and comfortable enough. These bib aprons are long enough, from chest to knees, completely protecting your clothes from stains.

The Syntus Kitchen Aprons provide all-round flexibility that you need while working in the kitchen or other activities. Still, the cotton used in this apron is thicker than the cheaper quality polyester and is sure to last long.

What makes it one of the best aprons is its adjustable neck strap and long waist ties. You can get this with the assurance that it will fit you perfectly. Another amazing feature of the Syntus Bib Kitchen Apron is its large pockets. You get two big-size of these to store anything from a recipe card and mobile to a rolling pin and spoon.

What’s more? You can easily wash it in any machine, though bleaching is not preferred. That said, its dark black color will hide any stains that you cannot get rid of even after washing. However, you may also pick one from any of its other 9 color options.

Why do we like it?

  • A pack of two at perfectly-reasonable prices
  • Long ties and adjustable neck-straps to suit everyone’s needs
  • Fits multiple jobs and domestic activities
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2. Chef Works Women’s Berkeley Petite Bib Apron

Chef Works Women's Berkeley Petite Bib Apron

If you want to level-up your style game along with comfort, the Chef Works Women’s Apron is an excellent option. It is made from 100% cotton and is available in 6 different colors to suit your taste. What makes this apron unique is that it comes with suspenders that instantly add a chic look to it. Why work with a dull-looking apron when you can make it stylish!

Apart from smart looks, the suspenders make sure that the apron fits multiple sizes. You can adjust its buckle according to your comfort to work round the clock without any problem. Plus, its waist ties are large enough for everyone. You may choose to tie them at the back or in front for a custom fit.

What makes it one of the best aprons is its pockets. The Chef Works Women’s Berkeley Apron comes with two large pockets on the size along with two small chest pockets. You can store necessary items like spatulas, rolling pins, diaries, etc., in the bigger pouches. The smaller pockets are perfect for cellphone and pens.

That is not all. Another noteworthy feature of this apron is its double-needle stitching. It features an additional seamline to keep the apron intact even after multiple machine washes.

Why do we like it?

  • Comes with two big pockets along with 2 small ones
  • Comfortable cotton yet chic-look and tailored fit
  • Double-needle stitching for durability
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3. Caldo Daily Cotton Kitchen Apron

Caldo Daily Cotton Kitchen Apron

You certainly do not want to spend a lot on your daily apron, and the Caldo Daily Kitchen Apron is for that. It is a mid-priced apron that considers the durability aspect while keeping the cost affordable. The bib apron is long enough to cover your clothes well, protecting them from stains.

What makes it one of the best aprons is its adjustable style. The apron has a buckle on the neck strap along with considerably long waist ties. You can easily fit the apron according to your body type and also tie the belt on the front side.

Another fantastic thing about the Caldo Unisex Apron is its long-lasting material and construction. From its stitching to the buckles and straps-everything is built to last long. Therefore, irrespective of whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, you can use it every day without it wearing out anytime soon.

What’s more? The apron comes with two big pockets along with a strap to hang items. It lets you store your hand towel, mobile, spatulas, and other necessary cooking items within hand’s reach. It is a quality apron that comes in five different measurements, letting you pick the preferable one.

Why do we like it?

  • Two pockets plus a strap for storing multiple items
  • Reinforced straps and stitching for durability
  • Perfect for daily use for professionals and home cooks
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4. ARAWAK BRAVE Distressed Denim Apron

Arawak Brave Distressed Denim Apron

Denim is an all-time classic, so why not style your apron with it? The ARAWAK Brave Distressed Denim Apron is the most stylish yet functional apron you will get your hands on. It is made of quality fabric to give you a professional look while lasting for a prolonged period.

What makes it one of the best aprons is its unique cross back straps. Now you need not hang the uncomfortable aprons on your neck throughout the day. Additionally, you can adjust the size of this apron according to your fit, as it is suitable for M to XXL sizes.

The pocket design of the ARAWAK Brave apron is like no other. It has two large storage pockets on the front with a Kangaroo-style hand pocket right behind it for comfort. Additionally, you also get a handy towel strap on the side and a mobile pocket on the chest. To top it all, there is also an earphone strap for those of you who love some music while cooking.

When it comes to stains, the apron is machine washable plus you can tumble dry it. However, make sure to wash it separately for the first time to prevent color bleeding.

Why do we like it?

  • Multiple large storage pockets, hand pockets, and towel stand
  • Suitable fit for both male and female chefs
  • Cross back straps for functionality
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5. Women’s Pinafore Square Apron

Women’s Pinafore Square Apron

Are you looking for an extra-comfortable apron that will keep your clothes clean without compromising your comfort level? If yes, this Women’s Pinafore Square Apron is perfect for you. It is made with 70% cotton and 30% line blended, resulting in a super soft material to wear through the day.

That said, it is still thicker than polyester fabric and is sure to last long. Apart from the material, what makes the Pinafore Square Apron one of the best ones is its super convenient design. It does not come with any straps and ties. You just need to put on the two sides, making it easy to wear and take off.

What’s more? The apron has two grand pockets to store all the essential items while carrying out your kitchen chores. Plus, it is a large bib apron, covering your chest as well as knees to protect your beautiful dresses from stains.

You can use this apron for several activities, including cooking, gardening, painting, etc. Moreover, it comes in 8 different sizes from Small to XXXXX-Large, so you need not worry about the size. Just put it on like a t-shirt and enjoy your work. To top it all, the apron comes in 21 different colors!

Why do we like it?

  • Comfortable material as well as design
  • Two large pockets, deep enough for storing multiple items
  • Multiple size and color options to suit everyone’s style
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Aprons Buyer’s Guide

While choosing a good apron, you do not just consider its appearance and length. It is something that you may have to wear for several hours every day. Therefore, you need to think about the comfort level, adjustability, type, and so much more.

Have you picked your favorite from the 5 best aprons? We understand it can be confusing to pick one even from a handful of options. That is why we bring you a list of things to consider while choosing the best aprons. Read on, and you will surely be clear about what you need by the end of the article!


The primary aspect that you must look into while buying an apron is its fabric or material. Cotton is the best choice for looks, comfort, and versatility and most quality aprons come in this fabric. However, you may not want it if you have to deal with a lot of water work round the day.

Whether it is dishwashing or other similar activities, a cotton or polyester apron is not a good choice. For this, you may pick rubber or nylon aprons as they are waterproof and durable. However, they may be considerably heavy, and therefore, uncomfortable. The same applies to leather.

Type of Apron

If you want an apron to use at home, a bib apron is the best choice. In this article, you got 5 different bib aprons options as they are perfect for most professional and home cooks. However, there are other types of aprons for varying jobs.

These include a bistro, server, and 4-way aprons that are mainly for servers and chefs. Next, tuxedo, cobbler, and disposable aprons are for professional workers in the hospital and housekeeping lines. These include some that are short while others that are extra-long covering the legs. If you are looking for a decent apron for the kitchen or other house activities, a bib apron is the best choice.


Another significant aspect of an apron is the number of pockets. Whether you are in the kitchen, gardening, or doing any professional or domestic job, you need some items at hand. Having pockets in your apron lets you keep your brushes for painting, spatulas for cooking, and hand towels within reach.

The best apron would be one that has plenty of pockets for all your needs. It includes big pockets for the heavy stuff along with small ones for your cellphone, pens, etc. Some aprons also have a towel strap, which is perfectly handy.

Adjustable Straps

Most aprons available in the market are made for both males and females, thus offering a universal size. However, some may not fit you the way you like. The best option is to get an apron that has adjustable straps and ties to fit you easily. It will also be suitable for other members of your family when they choose to cook.

Such aprons come with a buckle that you can loosen or tighten to fit your body. Plus, the ties are extra0long, so you can either tie them at the back or in front. Another option is to get an apron that you can put on like a t-shirt. However, make sure it is of the right size.

Ease of Wash

The best part about aprons is they protect your clothes from getting dirty. The worst—they get dirty and need to be washed regularly. However, most aprons are easy to clean and maintain. Make sure to pick an apron that is machine washable, so you need not worry about staining it.

Another option would be to get one of a dark color. So, even if your machine cannot remove the stain, it will not be quite apparent, and your apron will look clean.

Comfort and Durability

Though an apron may not be too expensive, you surely do not want to buy one every other month. Therefore, you need to consider the built quality as well as material durability to ensure it can last long. Most cotton and denim aprons are durable enough. Still, you must pay attention to their stitching quality.

While looking into all the above-stated factors, make sure you do not forget about your comfort. There are aprons with a strap around the neck and others with a cross-back-strap style. Pick the material, style, and size that is convenient enough for you.