5 Best Apple Corers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Do you love eating and cooking all things apple? Whether you are a health-conscious individual who loves to eat apples or an avid cook, cutting apples is highly tedious. Well, not if you have the best apple corer.

It is the ideal tool to ease your preparation work and get the perfect seedless apple within seconds. However, choosing the right one from the numerous options in the market can be overwhelming. To ease your decision, we bring you the 5 best apple corers of the bunch!

Best Apple Corers

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1. Newness Premium Apple Corer

Newness Premium Apple Corer

If you want a simple, manual apple corer that works well, this Newness Premium Apple Corer is the best option. You can use it for coring apples, pears, bell peppers, and other veggies and fruits. It will save you time and requires minimal effort.

Its ergonomic handle makes it one of the best apple corers. You can hold the tool with an excellent grip and core the apple within seconds. Next, it is effortless to use. Just twist and push the corer so that it goes right into the apple. Once it is through, just turn and pull.

You will get a perfectly-intact apple core that you can use for planting. Additionally, the apple corer features an openable mouth that lets you remove the center seamlessly. Now you can say goodbye to the long process of removing the inside of the apple.

That is not all. Another superb feature of this tool is its sharp blade. So, whether you want to core a firm apple or a tender one, it will go right through with minimal pressure. Also, this stainless-steel blade is made to last long without bending, breaking, or falling prey to corrosion.

Once you have finished using the Newness Premium Apple Corer, you can quickly hang or place it in your drawer. The corer occupies little space and will fit just about anywhere.

Why do we like it?

  • Ergonomic handle for ease of use
  • Compact body does not occupy much space
  • Food grade stainless steel blade is dishwasher-safe and durable
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2. SAVORLIVING Apple Corer and Slicer

Savorliving Apple Corer And Slicer

What if you could get a perfectly-cut core and sliced apple in a few seconds? Your cooking time will be considerably reduced, especially when you have to chop half a dozen or more apples. That is what the SAVORLIVING Apple Corer and Slicer is here for.

You just need to push the tool through the apple, and you will get 12 apple slices in one go. The best part, its core will be entirely separate and intact. So, you can throw it in the trash or use it for plantation. Now you can say goodbye to the tedious work of removing the apple seeds.

Are you wondering how is it so quick? The SAVORLIVING Apple Corer and Slicer features 12 ultra-sharp stainless-steel blades. As soon as you push them, they slice the apple in a breeze and remove the core.

Another highlight of this apple corer is that it is the updated, durable version. Each blade is welded with a 360-degree seamless ring for stronger attachment. You can rest assured that the blades will not come off for a prolonged period.

What’s more? You can use the SAVORLIVING Apple Corer and Slicer for multiple other fruits and vegetables like pear, potato, capsicum, etc. It is easy to use and will sit in your drawer without occupying much space.

Why do we like it?

  • 2-in-1 apple corer and slicer
  • Durable, 12-blade stainless-steel construction
  • Easy to wash, use, and store
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3. OXO Good Grips Apple Corer

Oxo Good Grips Apple Corer

If you want a simple corer that does it work without any hassle, the OXO Good Grips Apple Corer is perfect. It is small and lightweight for easy maintenance but big enough to cut through the apple completely.

What makes it land in the list of the best apple corers is its comfortable handle. It has a thick rubber coating that will not slip even if wet. Additionally, it has a large hole to let you hang it on one of your kitchen-stands with ease. Next, the stainless-steel blade of the head is sharp enough for precision coring.

You just need to place the tool at the apple center, twist and push through. When you pull the corer out, it will bring the core section along. Moreover, you can remove the core from its head easily. The best part about this is its narrow head that prevents extra fruit from getting wasted.

The OXO Good Grips Apple Corer is seamless to maintain. You can wash it in the dishwasher without the fear of its blades going blunt over time.

The apple corer is also recommended by America’s Test Kitchen, which reflects its flawless performance. Another highlight of this OXO Good Grips Apple Corer is its warranty. If your product does not perform well, you can get it exchanged or repaired without extra payment.

Why do we like it?

  • Narrow head diameter ensures minimum wastage of the fruit
  • Handle offers a good grip and hole for hanging
  • Seamless usage and maintenance
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4. Norpro Stainless Steel Apple Corer

Norpro Stainless Steel Apple Corer

Do you love camping and hiking? Fruits and water are your best friends for such trips, but you do not want to waste your time cutting, right? The Norpro Stainless Steel Apple Corer is a small tool that you can carry virtually anywhere (except on a flight)! Just be careful about its head.

Do not think that due to its small size, the corer will not perform as well as its bigger versions. It is all you need to core an apple, pear, and other such fruits.

You just need to place the corer at the center of the apple, twist, and push your way down. Its sharp blade edge will seamlessly slide through, while its plastic head will provide you a slip-free grip. Twist and pull the apple corer back, and it will bring the core section along.

That is not all. When you pull out the fruit corer, you can remove the fruit core with a mere push. Yes, the tool has an in-built plunger that can let you eliminate the unrequired core without dirtying your hands. Moreover, its narrow head prevents wastage of fruit and removes only the seed section.

What’s more? The handy Norpro Stainless Steep Apple Corer is as reasonably-priced as it is efficient.

Why do we like it?

  • Its small size makes the tool portable
  • Comes with an in-built plunger to effortlessly get rid of the core
  • Ergonomic design makes the tool easy to use
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5. KitchenAid Spiralizer Attachment: Corer, Slicer, Peeler

Kitchenaid Spiralizer Attachment Corer, Slicer, Peeler

Whether you want to eat them without cooking or need them for a recipe, apples require considerable effort for preparation. Not if you have the KitchenAid Spiralizer Attachment, though. It is one of those all-rounder tools that is a must in your kitchen.

The tool comes with 5 different blades that can let you core, slice, peel, and spiralize multiple fruits and vegetables. Moreover, it offers two sizes of corer, slicer, and spiralizer blades. Isn’t that a lot in one attachment!

Another superb thing about this attachment is that all its blades feature premium stainless-steel construction. So, you can rest assured of its flawless performance and longevity. Moreover, they are also dishwasher safe and perfectly-easy to maintain!

That said, this tool has some downsides, with the major one being the requirement of a power hub. You cannot use this super-useful tool without a standard mixer or any other power hub to operate this attachment. The next downside is that this tool is a tad bit pricier than most hand corers.

Despite the price, it is an amazing addition to your kitchen. If you love cooking with fruits like apples, pears, etc., or preparing vegetable noodles and pasta, this tool is for you! Get one piece of the KitchenAid Spiralizer Attachment to substitute corer, peeler, and slicer!

Why do we like it?

  • Multi-purpose tool that saves time and effort
  • Perfect for cooking preparation
  • Built to last long
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Apple Corer Buyer’s Guide

Apple corers are not complicated tools, but you must still look for a few features before buying one. You may want a tool that offers more than just one purpose of coring, or you may just want a simple corer.

Additionally, you will have to ensure that you buy a quality product that lasts long. After all, you do not want to waste your money on a kitchen tool, even if the price is low. To help you pick the best of the lot, we have outlined a few factors you must consider while purchasing an apple corer.

Functions Offered

When you start looking for an apple corer, you will come across many tools that offer multiple functions. It can be a fruit corer with a slicer or one with a peeler and slicer. You will also find several options that can perform other jobs like spiraling, etc.

While all these tools are handy and undoubtedly attractive, you may not need them. So, you must not get carried away with these fascinating options if you already have other tools for the same.

Apart from that, you also need to cross-check the prices. A multi-purpose tool will likely be more expensive than a mere apple corer. So, if you already have the other instruments, opt for a simple corer.

Easy of Usability

Though all the apple corers will perform their job, they may not be equally easy to use. You are purchasing an apple corer to ease your cooking or preparation, not to make it further difficult. Therefore, make sure to learn about the usage of the tool before you make your final decision.

If you choose a simple apple corer, it is likely easy to use. You just need to twist and push it to insert and the same way back to remove. However, these too may come with several additional features.

While one may have a plunger to remove the core, the other may have an openable mouth for the same. You may also find some that require you to remove the fruit core with your hand. Thus, you must choose the one you feel the easiest to use.


You need to ponder over the apple corer size you choose as it will further ease your task. If you get a large one, it may be simple to use but will result in wastage of fruit more than required.

On the contrary, if you choose one with a narrow head, it may increase your work. You may have to push it multiple times to eliminate the core section completely. Resultantly, it will take extra effort and leave the apple brown-colored due to air exposure.

Thus,  you need to choose a medium-size apple corer. Also, you must decide whether you want a portable one or not. If you get a small apple corer, you can easily carry it with you on your hiking trips.

Quality and Durability

Irrespective of the size and design, you need to ensure that you get a quality apple corer. It may not be too expensive, but you cannot buy a tool that will last only a short while. Doing this will be a waste of money.

If you purchase a quality apple corer, it may be slightly pricey, but it is sure to last long. Thus, it will save you from the trouble of getting a new one for a long time. Also, quality corer will have sharp blades that will make your coring work even quicker.


Another essential decision that you must make is choosing the type of operation. You may opt for an electric apple corer or a manual one. While both have their distinctive pros and cons, you must choose one according to your purpose.

If you usually use plenty of apples in your cooking or for juicing, you may opt for an electric one. An electric apple corer is fast, efficient, and requires minimum effort. However, it is certainly pricey, difficult to maintain, and also requires power.

On the other hand, a manual apple corer lets you have complete control is easy to use and maintain. Furthermore, it is also quite reasonable, does not require power, and you can carry it for hikes and picnics.