Best Appetizer Trays

5 Best Appetizer Trays (Reviews Updated 2021)

Is your house the get-together hub of your crew? Whether you have one guest or all your friends, you cannot compromise on your hosting duty. However, that does not mean you will need to appoint chefs for cooking and serving. Just get a few appetizer trays, and consider your work cut to half!

If presented well, your already succulent food will look 10 times better. Here are the 5 best appetizer trays to help you choose from the plethora of available options.

Best Appetizer Trays

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1. Gibson 3-tier Rectangular Appetizer Tray

Gibson 3 Tier Rectangular Appetizer Tray

Do you want to make your small get-togethers look like high-end tea parties? The Gibson 3-tier Rectangular appetizer tray is just what you need to add grace to your table. It features white ceramic trays that look exquisite with about any dining setup.

The black stand features matte metal rock construction that adds to the overall look of the tray setup. Plus, it is quite strong as each tray can hold up a considerable amount of weight. Now you can get elegance along with quality and durability—all in one!

The best part about these appetizer trays is that you can use this set to serve plenty of assortments simultaneously. These are spacious and versatile, perfect for serving cupcakes, sandwiches, cookies, candies, and much more!

After the party is over, you can stack-up the trays to keep them aside without occupying much space. Also, you can disassemble the rack within minutes for compact storage. Therefore, it is quite a space-friendly option when not in use.

That is not all. You can use these trays for serving purposes without the stand as well. Also, these trays are considerably easy to maintain. You can easily wash them in the dishwasher and use them in a microwave or oven without any problem!

Why do we like it?

  • 3-tier appetizer tray set looks chic and has a large capacity
  • White trays can be used separately for multiple purposes
  • Hassle-free assembly and disassembly
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2. Masirs Collapsible Party Appetizer Tray

Masirs Collapsible Party Appetizer Tray

Multi-tier appetizer trays can lift-up the food display within seconds. What if they could be stored in the minimum space and come at budget-friendly prices? The Masirs Collapsible party appetizer tray set is perfectly-handy and relatively affordable.

Appetizer trays that are arranged in multiple levels look super-grand, adding style to any party. However, the problem arises in their storage when not in use. Not anymore! The Masirs appetizers tray set is collapsible with the mere twist of a knob. Isn’t that wonderful?

The set features ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material construction, which is robust and highly durable. Do you think the plastic may be harmful? The ABS material does not have any toxic carcinogens and, thus, is perfectly safe for use.

The Masirs appetizer trays can hold up a considerable amount of appetizers. So, you need not buy multiple different sets. Plus, you can also gift the tray set to your friends and relatives, as it makes for the perfect gifting option.

What’s more? The trays are white and will easily match all your crockery sets. Moreover, they will look simple yet sophisticated for all types of gathering. Be it for birthdays, office parties, or family barbecues—it is the ultimate savior!

Why do we like it?

  • The best inexpensive option
  • Large holding capacity
  • Does not require assembly
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3. Prodyne Appetizer Tray On Ice with Lids

Prodyne Appetizer Tray On Ice With Lids

Are you looking for appetizer trays to serve chilled food items? Some eatables such as fruits, veggies, shrimp, etc., taste best when chilled, and the Prodyne Appetizer Trays are just for that. They are ideal for keeping your food fresh throughout the party.

These unique trays come with an ice section at the bottom, with 3 food trays above. These trays make for a total of 5 compartments to store different items simultaneously. The bottom tray, on the other hand, is meant for storing ice cubes or crushed ice.

The upper-compartment trays are designed to have ventilated bottoms so that the ice chills can flow through. Further, these trays also have lids to maintain the coolness of the food for a prolonged period. Needless to say, your food will remain dust-free for hours.

What’s more? The look and construction of the Prodyne Appetizer Trays are superb as well. It is made with crystal clear acrylic material that is durable and BPA-free. Thus, it is completely safe for storing edible items.

Apart from that, the transparent material ensures that your tray suits your dining setup, irrespective of other cutlery colors. So, whether you are hosting an indoor luncheon or an outdoor cocktail party, the Prodyne Appetizer Trays are idyllic!

Why do we like it?

  • The ice section at the bottom keeps the appetizers chilled
  • Lids make it a perfect food storage option
  • Features BPA-free materials
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4. Elama Condiment Appetizer Set

Elama Condiment Appetizer Set

Do you love entertaining your guests with multiple tasty treats? If yes, the Elama Condiment Appetizer Tray set is just what you need. It is a round bamboo tray with 6 ceramic serving bowls spacious enough for all sorts of assortments.

The white ceramic bowls are sure to add an aesthetic touch to your dining setup. They feature a fine, smooth texture with exquisite geometric designs. Each bowl sits adjacent to the other, perfectly adhering to the shape.

The best part about these appetizer trays is that you can use them individually for multiple purposes. You can use the 6 bowls to serve items ranging from sweets, candies, and dry fruits, to sauces, roasts, and more.

That is not all. You can also bring the bamboo tray to varying uses. It can be a chopping board for your veggies and cheese or the perfect appetizer tray for mixed items. The tray is wide enough to display roasted items, small bowls of sauces, sandwiches, and much more.

You get all of this along with ease of use and longevity. Both–the ceramic bowls and the bamboo tray feature quality construction that is not fragile enough to break easily. Plus, they are dishwasher safe and, thus, easy to maintain.

Why do we like it?

  • 6 ceramic bowls offer considerable assortment storing capacity
  • Each piece out of the 7 items can be used individually
  • The set is stylish yet durable
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5. Partito Bella 4 Bowl Condiment Appetizer Tray Set

Partito Bella 4 Bowl Condiment Appetizer Tray Set

When it comes to serving, the more space you get, the merrier it is! The Partito Bella 4-bowl appetizer trays are for such gatherings where you want to serve stomach-filling appetizers. These bowls have a capacity of 12 ounces each, making for considerably deep containers.

If you want to serve your guests in stylish appetizer trays, look no further. These bowls feature white ceramic construction that has a smooth finish and looks simply graceful. Furthermore, the black stand holds the bowls together, making it easy to move from one place to another.

These bowls are quite useful for serving varying sauces as well as dry food items. You can use it for candies and nuts or delicious items like cheese sticks, ice-cream, fruits, and other finger foods.

Another exciting element about this set is that you can use its bowls individually as well. You may use it for a high-end party or to serve snacks for daily use. With its graceful look, the Partito Bella Appetizer Tray set will fit in any dining setup.

The porcelain square bowls are relatively easy to maintain. You can also use them to heat your food in the microwave. Plus, they are also dishwasher and freezer safe!

Why do we like it?

  • Stand and bowls make for unique food presentation
  • Durable materials
  • Stack-up the bowls to minimize storage space when not in use
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Appetizer Trays Buyer’s Guide

You will surely agree that the eating experience gets a notch higher if the food looks appetizing. What better option than appetizer trays to present your daily snacks beautifully? That said, you must know that you will need to consider several aspects while choosing the most optimum one. It must meet your purpose, along with having the right size, material, and price. Does that sound intimidating? Do not worry! Our appetizer trays buying guide has everything you may need to know to choose the best option.


The primary factor that you need to weigh upon is the material of appetizer trays. They can vary from plastic and acrylic to porcelain and ceramic, and numerous others. So, which is the most optimum option for you?

If you want a highly durable tray that also looks classic, bamboo is the best option. It is virtually indestructible. However, if you wish to uplift your style game, you can opt for a ceramic or porcelain one. Still, you must know that these will be comparatively pricier.

You also have other options, such as BPA-free plastic and acrylic, which are quite cost-effective. Moreover, they are mostly transparent or white, perfectly fitting your dining setup.


Another essential factor that you must compare is the size of the appetizer tray. You can get your hands on multiple bowls or sections of 4-5 ounces each, which make a single setup. Alternatively, you can choose large, one-piece trays and platters for placing multiple items side-by-side.

While choosing the size, you must also compare the price and material of the different options. Needless to say, the largest capacity at a minimum price is the wisest choice. However, the material can make a considerable difference here, as explained above.

Apart from that, you can base the tray size decision on your purpose. Do you want a large breakfast tray or one for serving snacks for your daily tea and coffee sessions? Another question to consider is whether you require it specifically for parties or your partner and kids?


How many sections would you need in a tray? Though ‘the more, the merrier’ may sound best, you must know that it also reduces the overall storage space. For example, you can serve more items on a flat tray than in a tray with multiple sections.

Apart from that particular point, a section-type appetizer tray does not have any cons. in fact, it is among the most superlative options. Why? You can serve multiple items without one mixing with the other. Plus, if you want to serve sauces, dips, creams, etc., sections are downright necessary.

That said, you can get options of trays with varying numbers of sections. It may range from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 or even 7. Therefore, you can serve 7 different types of items on the same tray!


In this article, you get 5 different styles of appetizer trays available in the market. It can be one with an ice section in the bottom to keep the food chilled or another with 6 compartments. Other styles include multi-tier or multi-storeyed trays that look oh so graceful or bowls with stands that are easy to handle.

The buying decision depends upon your specific purpose. If you want to serve sauces, ice-creams, or other liquid items, bowls or section-type trays are the better options. Alternatively, if you have to serve dry food assortments like sandwiches, roasts, cakes, etc., you can opt for large trays.

Apart from that, you must decide if you want lids or not? Additionally, you need to think if you prefer space or looks, functionality or price, etc.

Quality and Durability

When you choose the material, you are not just looking at its price and looks, but also longevity. If you select wooden platters, they are downright durable, but it may not be the same with porcelain and ceramic ones. The latter are quality products, but also quite fragile.

Another option that you may have is choosing the quality of plastic. Most trays made with plastic will be durable, but of course, the better the quality, the longer the life. So, even if you are choosing BPA-free plastic trays, make sure they are of premium quality.


While you need the best quality appetizer tray that will last long, you may not want to spend a fortune. The good news is there are many pocket-friendly options at your disposal that are also highly functional.

That said, you can only decide whether a product is correctly-priced if it meets all your requirements. These range from lids and material to space and functionality. In this article, you get multiple budget-friendly options, allowing you to purchase more than one set at affordable prices.