5 Best Angel Food Cake Mixes (Reviews Updated 2022)

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If you are looking for some high-quality options for food cakes, then you have stumbled upon the right door. With so many options available in the market, figuring out the best ones is quite difficult. However, as the festive season is still on, grabbing the right cake choices is a must.

Therefore, to help you with your choice, we have prepared detailed product reviews of angel food cake and a buyer’s guide just for you. Check it out.

Best Angel Food Cake Mixes

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1. Betty Crocker Super Moist Fat-Free Angel Food Cake Mix

Betty Crocker Super Moist Fat Free Angel Food Cake Mix

One of the best cake mixes that are manufactured in the United States, this product is yummy and super easy to make. Betty Crocker super moist fat-free cake is made especially for people who want to sustain a healthy figure but don’t want to give up on taste.

A cake mix that just requires you to add a little amount of water, you would be ready with your delicious serving in no more than two minutes. You don’t have to keep your guest waiting and serve them in no time. The product also comes with a red spoon marking, which is a promise from the makers for its high quality and taste.

If you have this product, you can stop worrying about making, mixing, and preparing. It has no ingredients that can harm your health. Even though the product contains some amount of artificial flavor, but it is of no harm to your body in any way.

The product also comes with an allergen warning for people who may want to stay from dairy, eggs, soy, and gluten. If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, it is highly advisable not to consume this super moist cake mix from Betty Crocker.

Why do we like it?

  • Very soft and delicious
  • Contains no harmful fats
  • Comes with a guarantee of quality
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2. Mom’s Place Gluten-Free Angel Food Cake Mix

Mom's Place Gluten Free Angel Food Cake Mix

One of the easiest cakes to make, this cake is delicious and comes with a whole lot of convenience. Gluten-free angel food cake mix is what you need if you are throwing a party and want to prepare a cake that will be quick and super easy to make.

The product works great with several additional ingredients such as vanilla extract and even egg whites. If you don’t have any of these, the cake would still taste good. You can make it up with different creams and side drinks to enjoy an amazing feast.

You can even pair it up with other sweet dishes such as puddings and pies to give your guests a taste that is different but irresistible. To cater to the customer’s convenience, the cake mix has been made free of gluten. The other allergen information is also present on the pack.

Therefore, even if you or your guests suffer from an allergy, this cake mix will not harm them. Unlike other cake mixes of this kind in the market, Gluten-Free angel food cake is quite affordable due to its reasonable rates. Once your cake is prepared, dress it up with cherries, plums, and strawberries to complete the look.

Why do we like it?

  • Free of gluten
  • Free of GMO
  • Easy to make and prepare
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3. H‑E‑B Baker’s Scoop Premium Fat-Free Angel Food Cake Mix

H‑e‑b Baker's Scoop Premium Fat Free Angel Food Cake Mix

A cake mix made especially for the customers of the United States, HEB Baker’s Scoop Premium fat-free angel food cake is affordable and very convenient. If you go for this product, you no longer require to bake cakes from scratch.

As this product is so easy to make, you would get very comfortable with the ease of baking and would want to buy it again and again. For health and figure conscious customers, the product has been kept free from any fat that could harm your body in any way.

This product comes in a pack of three, which work perfectly if you have a party to throw or a large get-together coming up. Even if you don’t have a large gathering to enjoy, just one slice of this cake and a drink can make your evening complete in no time.

The product has a very soft texture that just melts away in your mouth. To prepare this cake, all you have to do is add the mentioned amount of water and wait for a few minutes. Dress it up with fruits you would prefer and dive into a heavenly taste that will keep you wanting for more.

Why do we like it?

  • Simple and easy to make
  • Contains no fats
  • Perfect for a large gathering
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4. Betty Crocker White Angel Food Cake Mix

Betty Crocker White Angel Food Cake Mix

Made for customers from the United States, this product is what you need for a quiet evening with your friends and family. Betty Crocker white angel food cake is delicious and doesn’t require you to give a lot of time to its preparation.

You no longer require bowls of creams and whipping for every single step to prepare a decent cake for your guests. All you have to do put this cake mix in a pan and add the mentioned amount of water to it.

Make sure that the water you add is exactly according to the quantity mentioned, or the taste and look of the cake may become very different than your expectations. Once done, wait for a few minutes, and voila! Your cake is no ready to be served.

To make your creation look even better, you can dress it with strawberries, oranges, plums, and cherries. The product contains some amount of artificial flavor, but it will not harm you in any way.

The product is not only simple to prepare but has a delicious taste too. Although, as the product has been made for US customers only, it is important to check all the ingredients that it comes with.

Why do we like it?

  • Available as a pack of 3
  • A one-step process to make and bake
  • Super delicious
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5. Betty Crocker Super Moist Fat-Free Cake Mix Angel Food

Betty Crocker Super Moist Fat Free Cake Mix Angel Food

A perfect product for any kind of social gathering, party, or celebration, Betty crocker super moist fat-free cake is what you need to impress your guests with. It has especially been made to serve a large gathering without worrying about the quantity or the number of people.

This cake mix can be prepared in a few simple steps without worrying about whipping for hours or spilling cream just before your guests arrive.

With no fats in the product, you can be tension free as this delicious cake will not harm your body in any way. Therefore, this product proves great for fitness freaks too. However, make sure to check the allergen information on the pack before you serve children, especially.

The product contains wheat, eggs, and soy, which could be harmful to some of your guests. The steps to prepare the cake would be mentioned on the pack. All you have to do is add a specific amount of water to the cake mix and wait for the mixture to rise.

In just one step, your cake would be right in front of you, ready to be gorged upon or dressed up your way. Use strawberries, cherries, plums, and other fruits to make it even prettier.

Why do we like it?

  • The product is free from fat
  • Contains allergens such as eggs, wheat, and soy
  • Takes just a few minutes to prepare
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Angel Food Cake Mix Buyer’s Guide

A type of cake mix that contains egg white and some whipping agent; Angel food is a very popular form of dessert in the United States. As there are a plethora of options and products provided in the market these days, looking for the right product that fits you and your requirements is a bit difficult.

To buy a perfect angel food cake, you require to adhere to some of the guidelines that will also make your hunt easier. For the sake of your convenience, we have provided below a descriptive list of all the factors that you can check on before jumping to a decision. Read below to know more!


Even if you buy a quick cake mix such as an angel food cake mix, you should check the kind of ingredients present in it. As there are so many companies serving their products with angel food cake banner, it is hard to tell which of these would have the safe constituents.

There could be some ingredients such as eggs, gluten, soy, or even wheat, which can be harmful to you or your family if you are even slightly allergic to them. Therefore, it is highly advisable to inform and check before serving your guests.

These cake mixes usually contain artificial flavors too, which don’t harm your body but the people you are serving them to be informed about the same. Another reason to check for ingredients is that you get to decide what kind of cake you want to eat.

For instance, you get vanilla flavored, chocolaty flavored, or even strawberry flavored cakes that taste delicious. So, check the flavors before bringing the product home to enjoy it even better.

Preparation method

Even though the cake mixes that you will come across would most probably require a one-step process only, you should still check the method. Since you would buy these products for a quick process, you should always know how to exactly prepare the cake.

There could be some cake mixes with very distinct methods, despite them being quick. If the method doesn’t seem convenient or quick to you, you can choose several other options available that will just require you to add water and wait for a few minutes.

You could also go for a product that requires you to whip some cream along with adding water. This could take a little more time than the previous method but is not at all difficult to conquer. Even if you are a newbie to cakes and baking, this preparation method shouldn’t be a problem for you.


If you are going to buy an angel food cake, it is important to check how many people the cake mix would serve. As cakes can be useful for several occasions, if you have a mix ready that serves a large gathering, it will save a lot of time and energy.

However, make sure to check the serving that you need.

If you want a cake mix that should just serve you or a few more friends, buying a big pack can be a waste of money. As these products tend to expire quickly, buying them and saving them for months would not be the wisest step.

Expiration date

Checking on the expiration date is very important if you want a cake that is safe for you and your family. A cake mix is a processed product that may get deteriorated quickly once its expiry date is crossed. Make sure to cook it a few days before it expires to enjoy the best taste and quality.

A check on the expiration date would also ensure that the product would last for a required amount of time. You could be saving it for a bigger occasion or gathering, and therefore the expiration date should assist you with it.


Lastly, as a customer, you should know exactly how to store your angel food cake so that you can enjoy its best quality flavor without it getting harmed due to external factors. The pack should mention whether it should be stored in a dark room or requires sunlight.

The pack would also be mentioned whether it should be stored in a cool environment such as a refrigerator or should be left outside at room temperature only. As these processed foods are very vulnerable to even the weakest chemical reactions, you should keep a very close check on their storage information so that the quality doesn’t get harmed.

Additionally, in case you have opened the pack and have used only some amount of the mix, make sure to seal it properly before it goes bad and unusable for the next time.